Is Zija International a Scam? The Zija MLM Under Review!



Is Zija International a scam or not? I’ve seen this question being asked around social media and MLM circles. It’s yet another network marketing company in the mega popular health and wellness niche, but does it have anything different to offer, and can members make any decent money?

Before we get right into the review, first I’d like to say congrats for finding your way here. I say this because you’re obviously one of the smart people that does some research first before jumping on board with something, and that’s wise.

Now read on and discover the truth about the Zija International MLM scheme…



Is Zija International a ScamCompany Name: Zija International

Founder: Kenneth E. Brailsford

Price To Join: $41.90 To Join

My Rating: 3/10



~ Zija International Reviews ~



I’m still in awe at just how many businesses are opting to go the MLM distribution route in the modern world. MLM schemes seem to be growing like mushrooms in the virtual forest these days. And so many operate in the super saturated health niche.

Reading product reviews is the very best way to sort out the worthwhile stuff from the bad stuff. It’s the reason I write so many reviews of training programs and make money schemes on my website. I created this site to help people locate legit ways to earn an income – particularly online – and reviews help us all to make the best choices.

There are so many reasons I really like the internet, but best of all is all the money making opportunities worldwide that it provides. We’ve never lived in such an accessible world as we do today, and it’s all because of cyberspace.

The downside is that so many con artists also know people are looking online for ways to make a dollar. They then create bogus schemes designed to fleece people of their cash, so we always have to remain wary and watch out for these online scams.

I always like reviewing MLM schemes and recently Zija International appeared on my radar. I decided to take a deeper look into it and write a review on it.

So let’s see if Zija International is really worthwhile or not.


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What Is Zija International All About?

As I said, Zija is yet another MLM company that has products and a business opportunity in the very saturated and competitive health and wellness niche. It was founded in 2005 by Kenneth E. Brailsford and has seen continued growth since that time.

It’s yet another network marketing scheme that operates from a headquarters in Utah, USA, where so many MLM companies tend to set up operations because of more favourable laws in that state.

Nature’s Sunshine is another one I recently reviewed that also runs out of Utah.

Zija offers products globally and so far can be found in about 50 countries all up.

They make quite a few claims about their products and the health benefits, but all these companies say their stuff is great. Why wouldn’t they? They also claim their business opportunity is awesome, but we shall soon see.

In my opinion MLM is one of the hardest ways to make consistent money. I much prefer the simplicity of doing affiliate marketing. Some great training will show you the way, training that you can join for FREE!


The Zija International Product Line

I won’t get right into the products, because my review is more about the business side of Zija and whether it’s worthwhile getting involved with.

We’ll have a quick look at the products though, so you know what’s on offer.

Zija claim that all of their products contains a very special ingredient. These companies always make claims like this to try and make their product sound different from the competition.

What is this super ingredient?

A substance called “Moringa”, which is derived from the Drumstick tree. It has long been considered a super food, and has been used for its health benefits in desert countries for thousands of years.

Zija International has stacks of products, and their product catalogue runs for 48 pages. I won’t list everything here, but just list an overview of what’s on offer:

  • Nutritional supplements & shakes
  • Protein supplements & shakes
  • Health teas
  • Energy bars
  • Personal care products
  • Skincare products
  • Essential oils
  • Fitness & weight loss supplements
  • Weight loss regimes
  • Multivitamins
  • Aloe Vera products
  • Coconut products
  • And more…

There are literally 100s of products in the Zija catalogue, so if you want to view them in more detail, go on over to their website.

As is typical, the products in the Zija range are very expensive compared to other similar products on the market. As an example, 32 sachets of SmartMix Moringa Powder Drink costs around $100.


Zija Products


Why Are the Products So Expensive?

In the case of Zija International they’ll probably tell you its because of the Moringa and that makes their products better, but plenty of competitors use Moringa and don’t charge anywhere near as much.

This is never the reason why MLM products are so damned expensive. It’s because of their compensation plans and all the commissions and bonuses they have to pay everyone. And after all of that, the company still has to make a profit.

MLM structures work on downlines and everyone from where the sale was made right up to the top has to get paid. The only way the company can cover all these commissions and still make money on the sale is to charge enormous prices.

That’s reality and that’s the honest truth.

Of course, they don’t want to say this because it just sounds like a rip off.

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Zija International Compensation Plan

Apart from some bonuses and other incentives, there are always two main ways people earn money when they join any MLM scheme:

  1. Direct product sales
  2. Building teams with recruitment

You never really make much money with MLM if you merely concentrate on trying to sell products to others. Even if the commission is half decent, it’s just not the way to get ahead in network marketing.

That all happens when you recruit.

You see, in order to get into the money zone you have to first climb the company ranks, and the only way to achieve this is through building sales teams, where that group sales volume elevates you up the ranks.

You need to recruit, recruit, recruit. It’s the only true way to get ahead. That’s how these compensation plans are designed.

Zija uses the binary model of compensation, which is actually the harder one to make money with. Unilevel is much fairer.

With binary you build 2 downlines, but one line is more powerful than the other. You have to effectively fill up both legs of the binary downline to move up the ranks, and this only happens when a certain sales volume is reached.


Zija Binary Downlines


Some bonuses you can aim for include:

  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Get Qualified Bonus
  • Customer Retention Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus

There are actually stacks of ranks to aim for with Zija International. To be honest, there are way more ranks with this company than I’ve ever seen before. To check them out, have a read of their official compensation plan PDF here.

To help explain how Zija’s compensation plan works even further, I’ve embedded their official explainer video below.



Is There Any Income Disclosure Statement?

No there is not.

It’s the law that MLM companies are supposed to include a recent copy of their income disclosure statement. This income disclosure should be easy to find on the website, but I can’t locate one for Zija.

The idea is for people to clearly be able to see how much money members are making. I also like to include these sorts of details I my reviews, because at the end of the day, we’re trying to figure out whether Zija is worth joining for their business opportunity.

If it’s like most other MLM schemes though, about 95% of Zija members won’t be making an annual profit. Instead, they’ll actually be losing money.


Why I Don’t Really Like the MLM Business Model

I’m not a fan of MLM and I make no secret about that. There are key reasons why I don’t really like the network marketing business model, and I cover those in this important section of the review.

There is a really good reason why MLM is so popular with businesses today. It’s because this business structure gives the company all the advantages whilst stripping benefits away from its distributors.

Let’s see how all this generally works.

Distributors all work for the company for free. They do this on the promise of earning commissions and bonuses, maybe even a free trip thrown in somewhere. Zija pays these people no wages, salaries, or even a retainer. The company also doesn’t pay for the workers’ expenses. Distributors pay for all their own costs.

It’s the company’s distributors that are doing all the buying and selling of the products. It’s the distributors that are marketing and promoting the business. It’s the distributors that actually have to pay Zija for the right to work for the company for free.

Maybe many people don’t realise this, but when you join MLM on the business side, you are nothing more than an unpaid sales rep for the company, and you pay for of all your own expenses.

Sometimes people don’t see this because they’ve been blinded by sales hype.

Also, the way these schemes have been structured, it’s essential that distributors must recruit to have a chance of getting into the bigger money by achieving ranks. This effectively means it’s also the distributors who grow and expand the company, also free of charge.

As the company expands they make more money from membership fees and forced product sales, which we’ll talk about more shortly.

All of this is an absolutely amazing and cheap deal for Zija International, but a really pathetic one for its workforce – the distributors.

So why is MLM so popular then?

Because of all the hype attached to it. Just go along to one of their official recruitment drives and you’ll be dazzled with big dollar figures and living the luxury, freedom lifestyle.

The pitch is really no different to the multitude of get rich quick schemes out there online.

Another thing they sell people on is they say you’ll be starting your own business. No you won’t. You can’t build up a MLM distributorship and then sell it, because you don’t own it. The company does. The only MLM item you’ll ever own is the products you purchase.

MLM companies, for the most part, also force their workforce to buy X amount of company product every single month, otherwise distributors lose their active status and forfeit their commissions. This means the company turns its workforce into its main customer base as well.

That totally sucks!

Zija International do this. Distributors must agree to a minimum monthly auto shipment of Zija products, otherwise they are not eligible to earn commissions and bonuses. These auto shipments goes on for as long as you are a part of the business.

See what I mean about network marketing companies forcing their workers to also be their main customers?

In all honesty the MLM deal is one of the worst money making deals on the planet!

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Could Zija International Be An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid SchemeAlmost all multi level marketing schemes use the pyramid style of compensation for its members, with the lowest ranks being right down the bottom and the company at the summit.

Because of this, so many MLM schemes are often accused of conducting illegal operations.

This is simply not the case if you understand what an illegal pyramid scheme actually is.

A “naked” pyramid scheme is the illegal variety. This means that the company operating it only makes money from recruiting new members, and it’s this new money that pays the company profits and the promised commissions of previous members.

Naked schemes have no real products to sell, and rely solely on recruitment. Without constant recruitment they just fizzle out and die.

Zija International has hundreds of products, and these products can be sold to people who are not members. Therefore, there is no illegal pyramid scheme going on here.


Target Market

I think the real reason MLM is so popular – aside from the hype – is the fact that everything is set up and ready to go.

People who want to start some sort of business like the sound of that. It means they don’t have to create a business from scratch, invent products, or even make up any business materials. It’s all there already with MLM.

All you have to do is buy in, then run off selling products and enthusiastically trying to lure others into the same business you just joined.

In reality though, the majority of these people would make more money and be way less stressed just doing some sort of regulation part-time job, because MLM is super hard, relies very heavily on recruitment, costs you money, and at the end of it all you don’t own a business anyway.

It’s a terrible deal, as many discover after being involved for a while.


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What I Do Like

  • The company has been going strong since 2005
  • They have hundreds of products to sell
  • Moringa seems to be pretty good from all reports, and the products are well received
  • They have a mobile app to help with sales, recruitment, your business and tracking


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The products are typically super expensive compared to similar products on the market (including products that contain Moringa)
  • About 95% or more of people involved in any MLM make zero money
  • Less than 1% of MLM participants make a liveable income
  • The binary compensation structure Zija uses is not the fairest one
  • The health and wellness niche is the toughest and most competitive niche there is
  • Unless you can recruit hard, you won’t get anywhere with this deal
  • You never get to own a business and are just an unpaid sales rep for Zija International
  • You have to agree to a minimum monthly auto ship of products to remain eligible to earn money


How Much Does It Cost To Join Zija International?

To get started you must first purchase an Enrolment Kit, which costs $41.90. You’ll also need to buy a Starter Kit of products, and the cheapest one is $199.

Then there’s the commitment to the monthly product auto ship, which will cost you at least $100 every single month.

So all kind of expensive to get started for a MLM scheme.


Zija Memberships


Is Zija International a Scam or Legit?

No, it’s not a scam. Zija International is a legit operation. It’s just your typical MLM business that holds all the cards, charges high prices and turns its workforce into its customers.

The product range is massive, so there’s lots to choose from and sell, but everything is way over-priced.

Plus, the niche is so competitive that selling products and recruiting in this niche will be really tough going, if not close to impossible to get anywhere.

Recruitment is the only true way to make MLM work for you, and I think that’s going to be really hard with Zija in the health and wellness niche.

I’d recommend giving it a miss.


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