Legit Flex Job Reviews – High Paying Jobs or Scam?



Is Legit Flex Job Academy a scam or legit like the name implies? While there are other Legit Flex Job reviews online, in mine I’ll be answering this question and more as we endeavour to get to the bottom of this job or make money scheme.

Shortly we’ll dive right into this review, but I first wanted to congratulate you for being here. Obviously you’re one of the smarter people out there. You don’t just jump on in without checking things out first, and that’s always a wise move.

Likely you’ll never waste your valuable time or fall for a scam.

Now read on and uncover the truth about Legit Flex Job Academy…



Legit Flex Job Reviews

Company Name: Legit Flex Job Academy

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: Free To Join

My Rating: 0/10


~ Legit Flex Job Reviews ~


Like many millions of others out there in internet land, I make a fulltime income online and I wouldn’t have life any other way because of all the lifestyle freedom it gives me. It’s my aim these days to help others do the same.

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The flipside is that there are lots of dodgy schemers online too, who are only out to get our money. We always need to be mindful of this because these people are masters of telling us what we want to hear and their schemes often sound too good to be true.

Reading product reviews just like this one is got to be the best way to avoid the scammers and discover all the worthwhile stuff that’s out there. I built this website to help people, and that’s why I research so many training programs and make money schemes and write reviews.

I was hearing a bit of online talk of late about Legit Flex Job and their academy. It sounded like a good one to dig into and write a review on.

Let’s now see if Legit Flex Job has anything good to offer or not.


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What Is Legit Flex Job About?

Legit Flex Job is a company that claims to have jobs for people who go through their “academy”. These jobs can pay upwards of $1700 for performing very simple tasks that just about anyone can do.

The company claims that even working part-time you can still be making around $500 per week, and you can do the tasks from home in your own time.

According to their pitch, the most common tasks anyone who joins up will be doing is processing worksheets for people through Legit Flex Job. You work as an independent contractor, and have total lifestyle flexibility.

It’s all made to sound quite appealing in you list some points:

  1. Make nearly $2000 per week
  2. Work your own schedule
  3. Work from home
  4. Be your own boss
  5. The work is easy

Sounds like a really cruisy gig and easy money, and I’m sure that’s how Legit Flex Job and the people behind this scheme intend it to sound.


Legit Flex Job Payments


One thing that really troubles me right off the bat is the rate of pay this place claims you can make for performing menial tasks that anyone can do.

When I’ve looked into jobs like this on freelancer sites, for example, no one is willing to pay that kind of cash for data entry or processing tasks from home. Nowhere near it.

It all sounds very suspect to me, and we’ll soon find out why.

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How Legit Flex Job Works

If you did decide to join, you then gain access to the member’s area, where there is some instructions on what’s involved, and this is also the area where you’ll gain access to any available assignments.

This is where you’ll allegedly start completing these worksheets for companies.

Now apparently the government owes money to a lot of people, but this money can be claimed. Through Legit Flex Job people can arrange to have this money claimed, and that’s where you come in with your gig filling out forms and submitting them on behalf of people looking to claim back lost funds.

How the payment is supposed to work is like this:

Let’s say someone is claiming back $1000. That person pays Legit Flex Job a 30% processing fee. Legit Flex Job allows the worksheet processor to keep 75% of that 30% fee, which would be equal to, in this example, $225.

So you stand to make $225 in the above example, while Legit Flex Job keeps $75; their cut for sending work your way.

Anyway, once you’ve filled out the details on the form on behalf of your “client”, you are then supposed to send it off to a place called the “Federal Account Recovery”.

It’s at this point that everything takes a turn for the worse. This is all a total scam to get money out of you and not pay you money.


What’s REALLY Going On Here?

For every single form you send in for clients, you have to pay a $5 postage and handling fee. Even if you bulk ship 20 forms at the same time, it’s still $5 per form.

This comes out of your pocket.

Legit Flex Job claims that they’ll then pay you your promised cut from the amount of money recovered for clients.

But this never happens and was never intended to happen.

This is all a con to get you to send them money.

I recently reviewed another place pulling a similar scam, and perhaps it’s even run by the same scammers. That one is called NorthAmeriCorp, and both companies even use a stock photo image of the same office building.

In the case of NorthAmeriCorp they make people buy some antivirus software before they can perform paid work for Fortune 500 companies, which is all a total ruse.

Now, $5 per worksheet sent might not sound like much, but it’ll add up quickly for the scammers and you’ll just be both out of pocket as well as wasting your valuable time on this fake venture.


Legit Flex Job Reviews


Is Federal Account Recovery a Scam


“Federal Account Recovery” Doesn’t Exist

That’s just a fancy, official sounding name that these scammers invented. Instead, you’re really sending your fake worksheets and real money to an address where a company called “Akkers Global, LLC” is located.

The address is also a post office box and not a physical address (because likely a physical address doesn’t even exist). Government departments don’t have people sending mail to post office boxes, generally speaking.

What does exist though is another scam that is exactly the same thing that is actually called "Federal Account Recovery". I wrote a review on it a while back.

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Payment Methods Are Also Suspicious

Legit Flex Job state emphatically that all payments for the $5 postage and handling fee have to be cash or money order only.

What government department insists on being paid cash?

There are no bank transfers allowed, nor can you send them a check. Just cash or money order.

That’s a huge red flag.


Target Market

This is targeted at people looking for paid work that they can do from the comfort of home in their spare time.

Legit Flex Job make it all sound very attractive, with easy work at high pay rates, but unfortunately it’s all one big con job.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like one single thing about this obvious scam


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • They hype up the amount of money you can earn just to suck people in
  • There are no high paying worksheet processing jobs
  • The Federal Account Recovery is just a made up government department
  • The government doesn’t have mail sent to PO boxes
  • The $5 postage and handling fee they charge per form sent is the way they scam money out of you
  • The cash only or money order payment method is a huge red flag, especially if you’re supposedly sending these forms to a government department
  • The photo of their office building is just a stock photo
  • The person who runs this scam chooses to remain anonymous


How Much Does Legit Flex Job Cost To Join?

Technically there is nothing to pay to join the Legit Flex Job Academy, but the way they scam you is on all those $5 amounts. It doesn’t sound like much, but it all adds up.

It might not cost you anything to join, but it’ll cost you in processing fees and your valuable time wasted on this.


Is Legit Flex Job a Scam Or Legit?

Yes, this one is definitely a scam in every sense of the word.

Everything about Legit Flex Job is a lie and a con. There are no paying jobs at all. This place sucks people in with the lure of a cruisy job that pays good money, only to suck money out of people instead of paying them.

Being asked to send them cash in the mail should be a big enough red flag on its own to set your alarm bells ringing. No government department asks people to send cash in the mail, and I highly doubt a government department would even consider outsourcing this kind of work in the first place, even if it was real.

Give this scam a big miss!


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