MindSwarms Surveys – Scam or Legit Survey Platform?



In this MindSwarms Surveys review we’ll be looking into whether the platform is legit or a scam. It’s a really interesting concept the way it’s set up, but the real point is, can you make more money with MindSwarms than you can with regular paid survey platforms?

Before we go on, I first want to say congrats to you for finding your way to this review I’ve written. Why I say that is because you’re one of the wise ones that does their homework. You look into things before joining them, and that’s the best way to avoid wasting your time or falling victim to a scam.

Now read on and we’ll uncover the truth about the MindSwarms Surveys platform…



Mindswarms SurveysCompany Name: MindSwarms

Website:  MindSwarms.com

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 7.5/10



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In the modern world all of us can make money from the comfort and convenience of home at any time of the day or night. The internet has made this possible by opening up the world and presenting us with so many make money opportunities.

The problem is that the internet also attracts a lot of scammers, because they know so many people are turning to cyberspace to find ways to cash up. These con men invent shiny objects designed to lure people in with a big, easy payday. Their real agenda is just to take everyone’s money.

It’s important to remain aware of this at all times.

That’s where reviews can really help. It’s the reason I write so many reviews on make money schemes and training programs on my website. I built this site to help others earn decent money online legitimately just like I do. Reviews help us with research and make the best choices.

In the past I’ve done some paid surveys, so when the concept of MindSwarms and the way they do surveys came to my attention, I was really intrigued and wanted to write a review on it.

Let’s now see if MindSwarms is really any good.


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What Is MindSwarms About?

There are stacks and stacks of websites out there that offer paid surveys of the text kind, where members answer questions to earn small rewards. If you don’t really care how much you get paid for your time, then maybe doing surveys is okay.

So why do surveys exist anyway? What’s their purpose?

In order to gather useful and important data, companies conduct surveys so they can learn how to improve their brand, their products, their advertising efforts and so on. Rather than go out and find survey participants, they hook up with paid survey platforms that have members all ready and willing to answer questions and offer feedback.

MindSwarms is a little different to your average paid survey site. Yes, they offer surveys, but the surveys are done via video rather than just answering questions on a form.

The idea is that you record your answers using the webcam on your laptop or the camera on your smartphone or tablet.

I guess it’s not the platform for people who might be camera shy, but these days loads of people love getting in front of the camera, so it actually sounds like a really novel idea, and a way to differentiate their platform from all the other survey sites out there.

And there are a lot.

One thing that businesses are liking about the video survey responses is they not only receive the results faster, they also get to see some emotion behind the answers, which can also provide very valuable data and feedback.

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Getting Started With MindSwarms

Creating an account with MindSwarms is the very first step, and it’s totally free to join as a survey participant. You can either join on the website, or you can download IOS or Android apps for your smartphone or tablet and join through the app.

You will now be required to record a video to make sure your device’s camera and sound records at a high enough quality, as well as answer questions about yourself so MindSwarms can more accurately match you up with relevant surveys.

You’ll then await your approval, but so long as the video and sound is of standard, you’ll be good to go.

There is a dashboard inside the platform where you can see the available surveys. Before getting approved for a survey you first have to answer some screening questions. A moderator will then get back to you to let you know if you’re approved to go ahead or not.

The decision doesn’t take very long, and if you get the nob, then you’ll progress and record your survey responses on video.

It takes an average of around 10 minutes to complete a video survey and generally there are about 7 questions to answer, but sometimes as little as 4 questions.

It’s important that you’re totally honest with your answers. These companies are looking for genuine feedback.

The more thorough you are, the more likely you’ll get approval for even more video surveys in the future.




How Much Money Will You Make?

Okay, so this is really what we want to know, isn’t it? After all, doing surveys is about making some cash.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s good news when it comes to doing video surveys for MindSwarms, as they pay well for your time and effort.

You’ll receive $50 for every survey you successfully complete, and these only take a maximum of 10 minutes to finish the entire process, so that’s pretty good cash.

There is also a really short survey option where you simply answer just one question. For this you receive $10.

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How Do You Get Paid?

In order to get paid your rewards you need to have a PayPal account. If you don’t already have one, it’s pretty easy to get one set up and only takes a few minutes.

Once your survey is complete and has been submitted to the moderator for review, you’ll receive your cash when your feedback has been approved.


Some Quick Tips For Getting Your Videos Approved

There’s little point doing this if your video feedback gets rejected, because you won’t get paid and likely won’t get invited for more surveys, so let’s see what you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen.

  • Try and use a full minute to answer each question
  • Make sure the shot is well framed
  • Ensure there is good lighting so you’re not all shadowy
  • Look relaxed and comfortable
  • Use hand movements so you don’t look stiff and robotic
  • Make sure there’s no background noise
  • If you have something to show in the video, then show it
  • Be totally honest with your answers
  • Show emotion that’s relevant to your responses
  • Try and talk naturally without following a script

Don’t let this list put you off. They’re just some tips to keep in mind when recording your videos. You’ll be fine.


The Biggest Complaint

While MindSwarms is great in many ways, it’s not perfect either. There are some common complaints about it, and the biggest one by far is that the survey opportunities are too few and far between.

You may wait days to get another survey to do.

It’d be awesome if you could do 3 or 4 a day at the rates they pay, but that’s just not the reality, unfortunately.


Target Market

I guess this is targeting anyone who wants to make some extra cash on the side and you quite like being in front of the camera. It certainly pays a lot better than what the standard surveys do.

Don’t think at $50 a survey you’re going  to be quitting your day job though. You simply won’t get surveys often enough to make a living from it. MindSwarms has loads of members who are all competing for the same survey opportunities.

Supply is greater than the demand.


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What I Do Like

  • The platform is different in that the surveys are video rather than text based
  • The company pays out in real cash via PayPal upon survey approval
  • You can earn $10 for a 1 question survey, or $50 for up to 7 questions
  • It’s a pretty easy way to earn some decent money
  • Doing video surveys is a lot more fun than the other variety
  • Anyone around the world can join MindSwarms
  • It’s great cash as a side hustle


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Sometimes it can be hard to get past the screening questions and get accepted to do a video survey
  • The biggest complaint is that you don’t get many surveys to do
  • You won’t be quitting your day job and replacing it with your MindSwarms income
  • Unless you’re comfortable in front of a camera, MindSwarms may not be for you


How Much Does It Cost To Join MindSwarms Surveys?

It doesn’t cost you any money to join the MindSwarms team as a video survey taker. No reputable survey sites charge their members a joining fee.


MindSwarms Steps


Is MindSwarms Surveys a Scam or Legit?

MindSwarms is definitely not a scam and is a totally legit platform. In fact, it looks like one of the better ways out there to make some extra cash online, if you can get the surveys that is.

That’s actually the hardest part with this. Because doing these surveys is infinitely more interesting than the alternative ways of completing surveys, and the fact that MindSwarms pays 50 bucks a hit, people have been swarming to this platform like bees to honey.

What this means is that supply is far out-weighing the survey demand, making it all the more harder to actually get survey invites.

That fact aside though, this is a really good platform and gets the thumbs up from me.


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