Money Finder USA – Legit or Scam? READ THIS FIRST!



Many people were asking is Money Finder USA legit or a scam, so I decided I wanted to look into this intriguing scheme myself. The website claims it can help ordinary people find lost money that’s owed to them, but is this for real or some sort of hoax?

First off, before we get right into the review, I’d just like to say well done on being here. I say this because it means you’re one of the smart ones. You don’t just trust something online without looking into it first, and that’s a wise move.

Chances are you’ll never get scammed because you do your homework.

Now read on to discover the real truth about the Money Finder USA scheme…



Money Finder USA - Legit or ScamCompany Name: Money Finder USA

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 0/10



~ Money Finder USA Review ~



At times I reflect back on how life is right now compared to how it used to be. These days I make my entire living online from home. That was never really possible in the past. I get to enjoy the benefits of a fulltime income without needing to put in fulltime hours.

That’s pretty awesome, and I’m not the only one enjoying a more freedom-based lifestyle. Millions of others across the world are too, and it’s all possible because we can make money online any time of the day or night.

The downside is all the scammers are online as well, knowing that so many people are turning to cyberspace for money making opportunities. It’s vital that we are always aware of that and always do our research.

Laptop Freedom Living was created to help steer people in the right direction, especially when it comes to seeking out opportunities online. It’s why there are so many reviews of make money schemes and training platforms on my site; some good and some bad. It’s reviews that help us all find the good stuff while avoiding the scams.

Money Finder USA kept popping up on my radar recently and it sounded quite interesting. I made the decision to dig deep into it, see what it’s about, and write a review on my findings.

So let’s get into it and see if Money Finder USA is legit or some sort of con job.


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What Is Money Finder USA About?

First off, this is only pertinent to people who live in the USA, hence the name. It’s not an opportunity to find lost money in any other country.

This website claims they can help everyday people find lost money held in government coffers all across the United States. Apparently this money is just sitting there waiting to be claimed by the rightful owners.

What are some examples of lost money or assets?

Let’s list a few:

  • Unclaimed financial inheritance
  • Unclaimed or uncashed checks
  • Unclaimed dividends and interest
  • Long forgotten bank accounts
  • And so on…


Money Finder USA - Legit or Scam


There are actually legit national registries that can help people both find and claim lost money in the USA. You can actually even search for yourself online on these registry websites.

Let’s get clear about something here. Money Finder USA is not some government website or initiative. The website has no government affiliation whatsoever. In fact, there’s no reason even to enlist the help of Money Finder USA to locate and claim lost funds.

Money Finder USA serves no real function whatsoever, and is merely there as a front for something else entirely.

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How Does Money Finder USA Really Work?

As I said, this is all just a fancy front for something shady. This company has been set up to establish this hoax just so they can collect the personal details of as many Americans as they possibly can.

It looks legit and all when you’re on their website, but before they’ll give you the links to access so you can start your online search for lost or unclaimed cash, they’ll get you to fill out an official, but simple form which asks for details like:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number


Money Finder USA Contact Form


If you bother to read the fine print on the website below the form, you are agreeing to receive all manner of promotions via mail, email and phone calls when you check the box. You can’t proceed to the next phase until you actually agree to these conditions.

It’s just a sneaky way of getting your information so they can sell stuff to you, or pass your details onto other marketers so those companies can sell stuff to you.

This has absolutely nothing to do with helping people find lost money in the US, and everything to do with using backdoor tactics to get their hands on your information and try and squeeze money out of you.

No legit money finding service is going to make you check a box so you can be spammed with promotions. It just wouldn’t make sense.

There are likely a number of ways the people behind the Money Finder USA site will make money.

One will be by directly selling you products or services. The second will be the money they’ll receive for selling or renting out their list of contacts to other marketing companies. Still a third option could be that they earn affiliate commissions if you take up various offers you are sent by them.


Money Finder USA Steps


This is all just one giant promotional and sales funnel for those running the website. Instead of the everyday public receiving a service that helps them find and recover lost funds, they are actually getting taken for a ride and possibly sucked dry of what funds they already have.

All this website does in the way of “helping” anybody, is offer up two website links after you hand over your contact details. These websites are accessible to anybody, and there’s no need to surrender your personal information to this scam site to gain access to the websites in question.

These are the two sites Money Finder USA links to:


As you can see, these are readily accessible government websites. No need whatsoever to go through the Money Finder site and give them any details about yourself. They’ll only use this against you, and they say so a number of times on their website.

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It’s All About Spam

If you do a search online you’ll find complaints about Money Finder USA, and even news websites writing stories about this scam.

Now while they may not be charging a fee and technically ripping people off on their service (or lack of), they are using deceptive and sneaky tactics just to get your information and bombard you with spam.

In fact, they even go so far as to obtain your permission to bombard you with spam. That’s the only reason the Money Finder site exists.


Money Finder USA Fine Print


Target Market

One obvious target market of the Money Finder USA fraud is practically all US citizens. Most people might think they have some unclaimed money somewhere that they can get their hands on, or would like to think they have.

The site is also really aimed at people who are on the lookout to find ways to get free and easy money. Many people, even if they don’t believe they have any lost or unclaimed funds, will probably hand over their details to a site like Money Finder just out of sheer curiosity and hope.

That’s what the team behind the website will be wanting anyway. I imagine they’d quickly build a very big and valuable list on contacts in no time with this scheme, when aimed at just about anyone.


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What I Do Like

  • I can’t say as I like anything about this scam, other than maybe the fact that they’ve had the good grace not to charge anyone some sort of fee for their non-existent services


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is nothing on this website that’ll help anyone find their lost money, except the two readily available website links that anyone can access any time they like
  • Money Finder USA is one big facade, designed for the sole purpose of using false tactics to get you to hand over your information and agree to get spammed with promotional offers
  • Likely there are a number of ways the people behind this website will make money from what they’re doing
  • Expect lots of emails and phone calls trying to sell you stuff if you do sign up for this ruse


Money Finder USA Spam Notice


How Much Does Money Finder USA Cost?

About the only positive thing to this scam, if you could put it that way, is that they aren’t charging any sort of fee for their fake service, unlike some other scams I’ve come across.

Keep in mind though, that these people plan to sell you on all sorts of stuff – legit deals or scams – so it could end up costing you something, somewhere down the line.

And you never do get any help finding and claiming any lost money at the end of the day.


Is Money Finder USA Legit or a Scam?

It’s definitely a scam, because the whole thing is nothing more than a ruse designed to secure your contact details under false pretences. They’ll also sell or rent your details to other marketers, legit or shady.

Money Finder USA might not be fleecing money off anyone for their fake service directly, but they technically are kind of stealing your contact details, because they entice you to hand them over by offering a fictional service.

It’s really just a classic bait and switch tactic being pulled here. Bait you in with the promise of finding lost cash, then switching things over to their real agenda.

Anyway, there’s absolutely nothing to be gained by even visiting this hoax of a website. If you want to search for possible lost money, just click the two website links I included earlier on in the review.


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