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Is My Home Job Search a scam or not? Is this a platform where people can easily find some online jobs to do from home? These are fair enough questions, and while there are other My Home Job Search reviews online, in my review I’ll be answering these questions and more.

First up though, I’d like to congratulate you for being here and doing your research. You’re one of the smarter people online, as you obviously won’t join something without thoroughly looking into it first to see if it’s legit and worthwhile.

Chances are you’ll never get scammed online because you do your due diligence.

Now read on to learn the truth about My Home Job Search…



My Home Job Search Reviews

Company Name: My Home Job Search

Owner: Michael Anderson

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 0/10


~ My Home Job Search Reviews ~


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The obvious downside is the internet has given birth to heaps of make money scams. While there’s plenty of quality stuff online, you have to sift through all these dodgy schemes to find the good stuff, so we always have to be careful about what we join.

One of the best ways to work out what’s good and what to avoid is by reading product reviews just like this one. I research and write so many reviews on make money schemes and training programs for that very reason.

The platform, My Home Job Search, kept popping up online lately. It motivated me to do some research on it and write a review detailing what I uncovered.

So let’s now see if My Home Job Search is truly legit or not.


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What Is My Home Job Search About?

The big claim of the My Home Job Search website is that they offer easy work at home jobs that are paying anywhere from $14 per hour right up to a massive $56 per hour.

Sounds very generous.

They advertise it like these are real paying jobs, where you are contracted by companies to perform tasks from home and receive an hourly rate in wages for your time.


My Home Job Search Reviews


At first glance this kind of seems like a freelancer platform like Upwork, or perhaps an online jobs board like Pro Blogger.

We are even greeted with an article from a lady named Amanda Winston, who claims her story is about the true life circumstances of Melissa Johnson; a woman who is now making over $12k a month from home after hooking up with My Home Job Search.

At the bottom of the page there is a disclaimer in fine print that states the story is basically a work of fiction, but a lot of people wouldn’t know that if they didn’t bother to read the disclaimer (and most people wouldn’t bother).


My Home Job Search Article


Anyway, the website is run by a guy named Michael Anderson, and apparently it’s his aim to help jobseekers find easy, but well paying, online jobs they can do in their own time from home.

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How Does My Home Job Search Really Work?

Technically it doesn’t cost anything to join the My Home Job Search site, but that’ll soon change, as you will see.

When you land on the site you can perform a job search. You also need to insert your zip code so they can find jobs for you in your area. You’ll also be asked a few questions, things like:

  1. How many hours are you able to work each work?
  2. How much money do you want to make each week?
  3. Do you have any basic typing skills?
  4. When are you available to start?

What I don’t get is why you need to give them your zip code if these are online jobs? Does it really matter whether you live nearby or not?

No matter what answers you give, you’ll always land on a page that asks you to apply for a free account. As soon as you hand over your contact information (which is what they really want), you’ll be then asked to join 3 paid survey sites.


What has that got to do with applying for jobs?

Well, nothing, but that’s what this site is really all about.

You see, there are no high paying online jobs available on the My Home Job Search portal. It’s all a ruse to hook people in and try to get them to join other sites and take up offers.

The person running this site is obviously an affiliate of all these other offers, and earns commissions every time he gets someone new to join.

Normally I wouldn’t have an issue with that, but this Michael guy is flat out lying to people and deceiving everybody into believing he has real paying jobs available when you join his platform.

But it’s all total BS!

To prove things further, try going to the “Job Listings” tab, choose a category and hit “Search”.

You’ll discover that there are no actual jobs on the website, just prompts to join survey platforms and other online make money schemes.


My Home Job Search Jobs


You Need To Upgrade Your Membership

That’s the main agenda of My Home Job Search.

They’ll offer up a few things for free, where you can take up offers or attempt to search for well paying jobs that don’t exist, but if you want to be able to access the rest of the site, where you’re assured (by them) of finding something decent, you have to buy a premium membership.

That membership costs $29.

So let me get this straight. Michael creates a site where he’s sending people off to a whole host of offers so he can earn commissions. Then, if people want to be able to actually apply for his advertised “jobs”, they have to pay him $29 to access them.

Since when, on any legit job search site, do you have to pay a fee? None that I’ve ever come across.

It’s all a scam, because there are no jobs anyway. It's a fake job site. Michael just wants your money and to earn commissions off of you at the same time.


Can You Make Any Money Though?

Technically you can from the survey sites, but they pay peanuts, and it would take you forever to get your $29 back if you bought Michael’s bogus premium membership.

Besides, you can just go and join these survey platforms for free anyway. You don’t need My Home Job Search to do that, and you certainly don’t need to pay this Michael dude any money.

The survey sites are legit, but much of what else is promoted on the website is very dubious. Michael seems to be prompting people to join some dodgy make money schemes that’ll likely just suck even more money out of your pocket. They all have loads of juicy upsells for you to spend your money on.

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The Testimonials Look Fake

Adding fake written or video testimonials to websites that claim to help people make money is really commonplace. When something’s dodgy – as My Home Job Search certainly is – then the only way they can add positive testimonials to convince people it’s legit is to make them up.

That’s exactly what Michael has done here. It’s a shady practice, but unfortunately so many scams will do this.

Just check out the screenshots below.


My Home Job Search Fake Testimonials


Fake Scarcity

Fake scarcity tactics are just as common as the fake testimonials. These people want you to sign up as quickly as possible and hand your money over.

Sometimes the scarcity is in the form of limited spots available, but in the case of My Home Job Search, Michael is using time by employing a fake countdown timer. Refresh the page and the timer refreshes and starts again.

This is on the checkout page for the premium membership. Basically, if you don’t buy in before the timer reaches zero, instead of paying $29, you’ll have to pay $99.

Which is a laugh. Pay $99 for what exactly? You don’t even get anything.


Bogus News Channel Endorsements

Once more, pretending to have been featured on, or endorsed by major news networks is probably just as common as the 2 ploys I talked about above.

I think the only way Michael’s scheme would ever get on the news would be if they were reporting on his scam, and warning people to avoid it.


Target Audience

This scam is targeting jobseekers who hope to make extra money from home, or even find themselves a well paying, fulltime gig.

Scammers know their markets well, and they’re often masters of telling people what they want to hear, as well as employing tactics that often work on the inexperienced.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like anything about this farce


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • This entire My Home Job Search website is one huge lie, it’s all fake
  • There are no “real” jobs on this platform, none whatsoever
  • The only real way to make any money with what’s on there is with the paid survey sites, but you can join them yourself for free, and surveys only pay out in peanuts anyway
  • The testimonials are fakes
  • The scarcity tactics are fake
  • The news channel endorsements are fake
  • Many of the make money schemes you get prompted to join are scams themselves, loaded up with expensive upsells
  • I doubt Michael Anderson is even a real person
  • There are stacks of complaints online about My Home Job Search
  • The site is just designed to make the owner affiliate commissions, as well as money from memberships


My Home Job Search Fine Print


How Much Does My Home Job Search Cost To Join?

You can’t access the so called paying jobs on the site until you spend $29 on a premium membership. Even if you do that, there are still no real paying jobs to apply for.

If you join any of the other schemes offered, they could end up costing you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.


Is My Home Job Search a Scam Or Legit?

My Home Job Search is definitely a scam. It’s a total lie, a complete fraud.

There are no jobs, and most of what’s offered on the site is links into other known online scams.

The only legit part about the whole thing is some of the paid survey platforms he says you have to join. Other than those, everything else is completely bogus.

Michael Anderson is nothing but a con man.

Stay the hell away from this one.


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