My Online Franchise Reviews – This Guy Has Made $60 Million?



There are a number of My Online Franchise reviews that I’ve seen, but in mine I’m going to dig deep and see what this make money online (MMO) platform is really all about. People are wondering whether it’s legit and worthwhile or a scam, so I plan to answer that question.

I’d like to first say congrats to you before we get right down to it. I say this because you’re here reading my review, which proves you’re smart enough to do some research before joining something.

The chances of you ever getting scammed are really slim because of that fact.

Now read on to discover the truth about the My Online Franchise make money scheme…



My Online Franchise Reviews

Company Name: My Online Franchise

Owner: Corp New Ventures Services

Price To Join: $49 + Massive Upsells

My Rating: 1/10


~ My Online Franchise Reviews ~



The internet has become the medium of choice for people looking to be entrepreneurs, start a business, or just find a way to make some extra cash in their spare time. With a global audience that’s available 24/7, these days we all have options right at our fingertips.

For quite some time now I’ve been making a living online. It was always my goal and now I want to help others do the same.

With so many people now online searching for opportunities, it’s little wonder that so many scammers are now trolling the internet waters, looking to lure in and hook unwary fish. The schemes they create sound awesome, but deliver nothing, and are just designed to fleece people of their hard-earned money.

We need to always be wary of this.

Reading reviews just like this one is one of the best ways to find something worthwhile as well as recognise the scams and dodgy schemes that are out there. I write so many reviews on my website for this very reason, because I want to help people find the right options.

When I randomly received an email recently about My Online Franchise, I was keen to look right into it and write up a review on what I uncovered.

So let’s now see if My Online Franchise is hot or not.


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What Is My Online Franchise About?

To be honest, I’ve actually lost count of the number of times I’ve heard the promise that you’ll get $500 just for watching a long-winded sales pitch video that, in the end, tells you very little.

You also find out that, at the end, you don’t magically receive the promised $500; but I’ll get more into that in a section of its own below.

Anyway, after receiving the promise of the five hundred bucks, we are then told that all we need to do is copy this “guru’s” system and we’ll easily be making $1000 a day or more.

Now while that sounds right up there, it’s nothing compared to what we’re told next.

The guy in the video calls himself “Tim”, but I don’t know if that’s his real name or an alias. He doesn’t offer up a surname at all.

Anyway, in 2010, Tim claims to have made $1 million in a single week with his system, and says that overall it’s made him more than $60 million so far.

Yes, you read those figures right.

So if this guy was the real deal, was making all that money, why not offer up his full name so we can do some research on him? I mean, if he’s that successful, surely there would be something online somewhere about him and his mega successful system. Right?

The other question that begs to be asked is this one: If he’s made $60 million, then why the hell is he bothering to try and sell his system to everyone else for just $49.

With $60 million I think I’d be off on a beach somewhere, relaxing and enjoying myself for starters. And if my platform was that lucrative, I would be selling the system for at least $100k or more.

It’s all sales BS, that’s why.

I’ve seen this kind of stuff spouted time and time again with zero evidence to back up the claims. It’s the classic example of just telling people what they want to hear and nothing more than that.

Tim takes things even further by then stating everything has already been set up and done for you, that his system is a plug and play money making system where you just get to kick back and enjoy the spoils.

Don’t get me wrong, you can make big money online, but it’s never as quick and easy as these get rich quick schemes make out, and everything takes work; especially in the beginning.

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How My Online Franchise Really Works?

In a way the word “franchise” in the title of this scheme is true, because what this Tim guy is trying to do is funnel people into another high ticket scheme where you first have to buy every product individually before you can resell it to others and earn affiliate commissions.

You see, My Online Franchise isn’t really anything of itself. It’s nothing more than a website with a sales pitch. There is no money making scheme to sign up for here.

My Online Franchise is what’s known as a “feeder” site, with the sole purpose of using bait and switch tactics to lure you in and then get you to join something else that’s not openly advertised here.

So what’s a high ticket program?

One that’s mega expensive for starters, and also a program that just sells itself over and over and has multiple membership tiers and upsells.

So what’s the real platform My Online Franchise is wanting us to join?

MOBE, or “My Online Business Education”.


MOBE Banner


This Is How MOBE Works

So let’s quickly talk a little about the MOBE scheme and how it works.

When you join MOBE you’ll be entered into the 21 Steps program. Everyone who joins MOBE goes through this.

The 21 Steps may sound like a step-by-step process of going from beginner to successful online entrepreneur, but what it really is, is one giant sales funnel.

As you progress through the 21 stages, you’ll be assigned a “millionaire mentor”. Sounds pretty official, but the only task assigned to your mentor is to encourage you to buy more and more MOBE products. In other words, your coach is there to extract every last dollar out of you.

What your mentor will promise you though, is that if you spend up big now, you’ll make bucket loads of cash down the track.

Sure, that’s possible with schemes like MOBE, but far from easy and it’s in no way guaranteed.

You see, MOBE has a whole suite of products and membership levels, all sold separately. Your $49 joining fee that Tim advertises on his My Online Franchise site is just your entry level fee into the MOBE scheme of expensive upsells.

MOBE is what’s known in the industry as “pay to play”. That means if you want to earn a commission from selling a particular MOBE product or membership to someone else, you must buy that product or membership first or you earn nothing.

You’ll find that MOBE and your mentor constantly encourage you to go “all in” and just simply buy everything so you have zero risk of missing out on commissions.

To go all in with the MOBE scheme will cost you around $64,000. Yes, you read that figure right – $64k!

How many people have that kind of money to splash around just to try something out?

Sure, you can make really big commissions reselling the MOBE stuff, but that’s a huge outlay to recoup for an online newbie, or even someone with some marketing experience.

Copy the way I’m making $1000s a month online in passive income!


Fake Countdown Timer

If you go through to the checkout screen on the My Online Franchise site, there will be a countdown timer placed above the price.

Now Tim makes out like the usual price for this is $397, but today only you can get it for the special price of just $49.

That’s garbage. It’s always $49. It’s just fake scarcity, which is so common with just about everything online these days, legit programs as well as scams.

It’s just there to get you to hurry up and take action.

If you refresh the checkout page, you’ll see that the timer resets itself and starts again.


What About the $500 for Watching the Video?

Now, let’s talk about this so-called $500 you were meant to receive just for enduring the sales video.

Tim tells us this money will be wired directly to our bank account.

In a way this is true in a very round about sense. It’s actually a sort of money back guarantee offered by the MOBE platform. MOBE claim that if you haven’t made any commissions within your first 30 days of joining, they’ll refund you $500.

However, here’s the catch. Within that first 30 days they will have extracted at least several thousand dollars out of you. So even when they give you $500 back, they’ve still made at least $1500 from you and you’re still out of pocket big time if you decide you want to walk away.

So it’s not really a refund or money back guarantee at all. It’s just a play on words that sounds good.

It also has absolutely nothing to do with just simply watching a sales video and making yourself $500 cash. That’s just twisted sales rhetoric.


MOBE 500 Dollar Rebate


Target Market

MOBE and its army of affiliates always tend to target newbies to making money online. I can tell that this is their target market because of the dubious and lame, over-the-top sales tactics and hype they use.

Experienced online marketers will see right through all this in an instant.

The thing is, how many newbies are going to have, or want to risk, spending tens of thousands of dollars to try out an online money making schemes, even if it is remotely possible that you could eventually make some big commissions?

To really get fully involved in a high ticket scheme like MOBE, you first need to have a stack of disposable cash that you won’t miss if things go awry. You also need to have a pretty broad social circle and have the capacity and the tenacity to be able to sell expensive products and money making systems to other people.

If you don’t possess all of the above, you’ll just burn a bunch of money and never make a profit.


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What I Do Like

  • There is not too much to like about the My Online Franchise deal


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • My Online Franchise is nothing more than a feeder site created by a MOBE affiliate
  • There is no $500 bonus just for watching the video. It’s a part of a MOBE money back guarantee after you spend thousands of dollars first
  • MOBE is mega expensive and going all in will cost you about $64k
  • This platform is just loaded up with very misleading sales tactics
  • Bait and switch is being used to lure people in with one scheme and then feed them into another
  • I’d say creating these fake sites is a ploy taught by MOBE, because so many of their affiliates all do this
  • Your “millionaire mentor” is nothing but a sales rep whose job it is to milk you for as much money as possible
  • The countdown time is just fake scarcity
  • You’ll need to be a truly expert marketer to make a profit with a scheme like MOBE
  • Tim fails to disclose exactly who he is, and I highly doubt he’s made himself $60 million being a MOBE affiliate


How Much Does My Online Franchise Cost To Join?

The $49 that Tim’s charging here is really your entry level membership into MOBE, where you’ll be entered into their 21 Steps series of expensive upsells program.

Once there your millionaire mentor will continue to squeeze more and more money out of you, while always encouraging you to go all in and spend upwards of $64,000 or so.

Just the Diamond Membership alone cost a tick under $30k.

That’s mega bucks!


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is My Online Franchise a Scam or Legit?

While high ticket schemes are  not outright scams, because there are products, you do get training and you can earn some big bucks if you’re good enough, I do tend to consider these MOBE affiliate sites a bit of a scam, or scammy at the very least.

I say this because My Online Franchise doesn’t tell the whole truth. They are using misleading sales tactics to lure people in and then funnel those recruits into something else that wasn’t advertised.

Tim doesn’t have any money making scheme with My Online Franchise. His website is an empty vessel that just feeds people into MOBE and nothing else.

You don’t get $500 just for watching a video, there is no time limit for a discount that doesn’t exist in the first place, and you won’t be making big money all on autopilot.

Everything about My Online Franchise is just sales hype and BS.

I wouldn’t touch it.


This Is How I Make A Fulltime Living Online!

Lifestyle FreedomWhile My Online Franchise proved to be a waste of time overall, there is still some really good news when I comes to making an awesome online income. I earn my entire living online and I don’t have to work anything like fulltime hours to achieve it.

What I do is affiliate marketing and I love it because the process is so simple. Anyone can do what I do and make money. The quickest way is simply to follow some good training.

I’m going to list a few key benefits of being an affiliate marketer:

  • You get to work from home and be your own boss
  • All you need is a computer and an internet connection
  • It doesn’t really cost anything to get started
  • Set your own very flexible schedule
  • No selling required, just recommend products/services and make commissions
  • There are no limitations on how much money you can make
  • And many more…

That’s just for starters to whet your appetite.

A lot of marketers really make the big bucks, but so many affiliates are equally content to just do it as a side hustle for extra dollars. Many people like me make a fulltime income from it and enjoy so many lifestyle benefits as a result.

Let’s make another quick list:

  • Spend quality time with your family and those you care about
  • You can make money while travelling if that’s your thing
  • Experience having both money and time at the same time
  • Live the epitome of the laptop lifestyle and work from anywhere
  • Become the rule maker and live life on your own terms
  • Create multiple sources of income for more security
  • Earn residual and passive income, the best kind
  • And so much more…

If you want to change your life for the better and experience genuine freedom, then the time to make that change is today.

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