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What is NeuroGym? A scam or a legit brain retraining platform? People have been asking questions about NeuroGym, what it is, what it does and whether it’s really beneficial. While there are other NeuroGym reviews out there, I answer these questions and more in my review.

We’ll launch fully into the NeuroGym review in just a minute, but I first wanted to say congratulations on being here. Many people just join stuff online without checking it out first, but you’re one of the smart ones. You do your homework, and that’s a wise move.

Now read on to learn the truth about NeuroGym and whether it’s worth your while…



NeuroGym Reviews - Winning the Game of MoneyCompany Name: NeuroGym


Owner: John Assaraf

Price To Join: Free To $995

My Rating: 9/10


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What Is NeuroGym About?

NeuroGym is actually a suite of training programs brought to us by John Assaraf (you can read more about John in the next section).

These training programs are structured and designed to help us retrain our minds so we can reach our true potential in just about any area of our lives; whether it be better finances, improved health, our relationships, increased self esteem and more.

Having the right mindset is vital in achieving what we want, and without first retraining our brains to think positive, we’ll just keep getting the same old results we’ve always gotten.

Everything starts with how we think, so that’s what needs to be worked on first before anything else.

Now while NeuroGym offers a whole host of brain retraining programs, this review will be focussing on just two:

  1. Winning the Game of Money
  2. Brain-A-Thon

My review is targeted at retraining your brain for wealth and success.


Who Is John Assaraf?

John Assaraf PortraitWhile John Assaraf has been well known to many people for many years, he became somewhat of a household name after appearing in the hit law of attraction movie “The Secret” in 2006.

John also claims to be a serial entrepreneur, working as a mind trainer, life coach and personal development expert for many years. Prior to The Secret he was revered among many around the world for the positivity and help he’s offered to so many.

Over the of nearly 3 decades, John Assaraf has managed to start and grow 5 multimillion dollar companies and is the author of 2 best selling books.

NeuroGym is one of his latest endeavours and something very close to his heart.


How NeuroGym Can Help You

I mentioned before that everything first starts in the mind. Ask anyone who’s successful at anything – whether it be business, sports or anything else – and they’ll all tell you that having the right mindset is the real key to success, and over the long term.

As an example of this, when we see a sportsperson “out of form”, they’re not usually suffering a form slump because of an injury or something physical. It’s usually because something has changed in their mindset and they end up losing some confidence.

It’s the same with making money. After all, money is nothing more than energy that’s meant to flow freely in and out of our lives. Making money, having money and spending money is all about confidence, and that starts with how we think.

The team at NeuroGym fully understand how all this works, and they have combined neuroscience and spirituality to create a range of NeuroGym products that will help you rewire the mind for success in anything you want to do in life; but particularly in the area of finances, as that’s what my review is focused on first and foremost.

None of us are ever going to think positively 100% of the time. We are humans after all. What we can do though, is train our brains to be positive way more often than negative, and over time, with practice, more and more our thoughts will see the positive in everything and brush aside any thoughts that no longer serve us.


Winning the Game of Money Banner


It’s all about retraining our conscious minds to feed our subconscious mind the right kind of brain food. It’s actually human nature to think negative, because it’s a part of our survival instincts. Therefore it actually takes more “conscious” effort to think positively rather than negatively.

Until we can master this and feed our subconscious minds the right brain food, we’ll always be struggling to progress and get ahead in life.

Inconsistency is a result of an up and down mind, positive for a while, negative for a bit, back to positive, back to negative.

You end up running on the spot when your mind is like this. I’ve been there many times myself.

Now while it’s probably better to be running on the spot than going backwards, the real direction we all want to travel is forward, and that’s what the NeuroGym training teaches us to do.

Training your brain to think right is much like learning how to drive a car. It’s all about teaching your subconscious mind through repetition so positive thinking becomes automatic.

Remember when you first sat behind the wheel of a car with your driving instructor? At the time it seemed like you had to think about a hundred things at once, but over time, as your became a more practiced, proficient and confident driver, it suddenly felt like you didn’t have to think anywhere near as much.


Because through practice you trained your subconscious mind how to drive a car.

Training for anything works exactly the same way, and it’s the same for training how to think better to get better results in life.

Let’s now look at the two main products I want to talk about in this NeuroGym review.


NeuroGym Reviews - Winning the Game of Money


Winning the Game of Money

This is NeuroGym’s most popular training program and it’s also their flagship product.

Winning the Game of Money is made up of 12 brain retraining for success lessons, along with stacks of bonuses that’ll blow your mind – Literally.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about rehabilitating your mind so you can attract more money and success. When you’re thinking right you’ll act differently. You’ll also see opportunities that maybe you didn’t notice before and, even more importantly, have the confidence to say yes to them even if they’re outside your comfort zone.

To get better results we have to continually step outside our comfort zones anyway. Otherwise we’re back to running on the spot again.

You don’t have to be aspiring to become a millionaire, but whether that’s the goal or not, making consistent money – more than you need – requires a certain mindset. Winning the Game of Money teaches you how to think like a wealthy person.

Although many areas of our lives are equally important, the most common thing people generally want to improve is their finances. That’s why this particular training is so popular. It’s also popular because it works, and works well when applied.

You’ll discover the thought patterns and behaviours of millionaires, as well as adopting the right habits, beliefs, perception and confidence to really succeed in life and reach levels you never thought possible before…until now.

To put it all in general terms, no matter what it is, we tend to manifest into our lives whatever it is we think about the most, good or bad, so it’s best to cultivate positive thought patterns based on that fact.

Let’s now quickly list what you get when you sign up for NeuroGym’s Winning the Game of Money brain retraining program:

  • 12 Innercise Brain Retraining Audios
  • Daily VIP Coaching & Support for 6 Months
  • On-Demand Million Dollar Success Training Library for 6 Months
  • BONUS #1 – How To Get More Done In Less Time
  • BONUS #2 – Personality Profile Assessment
  • BONUS #3 – The Five Pillars of Financial Success
  • ACT NOW BONUS – Extra 6 Months of VIP Coaching & Support
  • Money² – The Art & Science of Financial Success
  • Surprise Bonus – Access to 12 Months of Live Interactive Training

As you can see, you get a lot of great stuff when you join. I’ll get into the value of all these further on in this review, but I assure you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the final price, considering what you get.




Now while Winning the Game of Money is NeuroGym’s flagship course and it’s a paid course, the annual Brain-A-Thon is totally FREE!

Even though the Brain-A-Thon only takes place once a year each October, NeuroGym run a weekly replay of the latest Brain-A-Thon every single Saturday morning at 9:00AM Pacific (USA)Time.

So what is the Brain-A-Thon?

John Assaraf hosts this live annual event, which anyone around the world can sit on. It’s one big powerhouse webinar, where 6 guest speakers offer their insights regarding their particular areas of expertise.

One of the main messages of the Brain-A-Thon is this:

“Upgrade Your Brain, Upgrade Your Income, Transform Your Life”

And this message from John Assaraf himself:

“Close the gap between the life you live and the life you want to live”

The featured experts they get on board for the Brain-A-Thon each year are all masters of the mind. They understand how both the conscious mind and unconscious work and interact together. Each expert has their area of speciality, and you’ll discover how to shatter that glass ceiling that’s been stopping you from reaching your full potential.

The theme is that we all have habits that sabotage our own success, and usually we’re not even aware of these habits because they are unconscious. Along with John, the brain retraining experts teach you how to recognise these destructive habits and weed them out of your life…for good.

Both procrastination and fear are two major factors that hold people back from getting what they really want, and overcoming these major hurdles is a big focus of every Brain-A-Thon.

We become creatures of habit from a very early age. We react to the same scenarios in the same way over and over again. If these reactions are not serving us well, we need to recognise these behaviours and do something different…something positive that does actually work in our favour instead of against us.

The annual Brain-A-Thon and the weekly replays is a must see for everybody serious about transforming your life for the better.


What People Are Saying About NeuroGym

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Target Audience

Both Winning the Game of Money and the Brain-A-Thon will suit anybody looking to improve their thought patterns and habits, enhance their finances, and simply enjoy a better quality of life.

An abundant life isn’t just about having more money than you need. It’s about freedom, feeling good about yourself, being able to give of yourself to others, having high self esteem and confidence, and just enjoying life in general and feeling grateful for everything you have.

NeuroGym is all about self-improvement, and that’s what you’ll achieve when you get on board. Realistically everyone can benefit from what’s on offer at NeuroGym.


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What I Like

  • With Winning the Game of Money you get loads of training and bonuses for the money. It really is a super high value course
  • The Brain-A-Thon is totally free and there’s a replay every single Saturday until the next annual event in October
  • John Assaraf is a really nice guy who is accessible and highly experienced and respected in the self-development and business worlds
  • Everything first starts in the mind, and NeuroGym teach you how to have control of your thoughts so you can enjoy a better quality of life
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee on the Winning the Game of Money course (not that you’ll want a refund)
  • You’ll receive advice, training and mentorship from some of the greatest minds in the world



  • There are other self-development programs out there that are a little cheaper, but NeuroGym’s training is well and truly worth it
  • This isn’t some magic formula that instantly works on autopilot (although it will once you’ve trained your subconscious mind). You have to put the effort into applying what you learn


How Much Does NeuroGym Cost To Join?

The good news is, the Brain-A-Thon (including the weekly replays) is a completely FREE event. There’s never anything to pay to watch and participate in the Brain-A-Thon.

Now, Winning the Game of Money is a paid course, and you have 2 options here. Let’s look at those:

  1. Pay $995 in full, one time payment
  2. Pay 4 monthly payments of $395 ($1580 total)

That’s actually a really good deal when you compare it to the full value of what you’re getting. The total value of the Winning the Game of Money brain retraining package actually comes to $16,682, and you get it all for under a thousand bucks.


NeuroGym 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Is NeuroGym a Scam Or Legit?

No, NeuroGym is not a scam. All their products are first class, but my two personal favourites are the free Brain-A-Thon and the world famous Winning the Game of Money course.

If you are serious about changing your life for the better, then don’t hesitate to jump on board. It’ll be a truly life changing experience…guaranteed.

What price can you really put on your own success and happiness? You can’t put a price on it because it’s actually priceless.

At less than a thousand dollars, Winning the Game of Money is well worth every cent and then some.

Take a step in the direction of the rich and successful and join up today!


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