Postal Jobs Source – Scam or Legit? READ THIS FIRST!



In this Postal Jobs Source review we’ll be answering the question many have been asking: Is Postal Jobs Source a scam or legit opportunity? It all sounds very promising on the surface, but I’ll dig deeper and uncover the real truth to this.

Before we venture further though, I just wanted to say that I’m happy to see you here reading my review. It proves that you’re one of the smarter people out there online. You’ll research something before you fully trust it, and that’s always a wise idea online.

I’d say you’ll never get scammed because of that habit.

Now read on and let’s uncover the truth about the Postal Jobs Source platform…



Postal Jobs Source - Scam or LegitCompany Name: Postal Jobs Source


Price To Join: $49

My Rating: 0/10



~ Postal Jobs Source Review ~



My life looks entirely different these days to how it used to be. No longer do I have to get up every day and grind it out at a day job. Instead, all my income is generated online from home. It’s what I love most about the internet age.

Across the globe many millions of people are living the freedom life like me. It’s also the reason why so many go online these days to seek new options. We can all make money online, any time of the day or night.

While that’s all awesome, the internet doesn’t come without a dark side. Lurking in the cyber shadows are lots of scammers. Their goal is to prey on the unsuspecting and take their money. They promise big and deliver very little. They just want our money.

The best way to avoid these con artists is to read independent reviews like this one. It’s the very reason I write so many product reviews on my site. I created this website to help people find good options while dodging scams in the process.

I kept hearing about this Postal Jobs Source opportunity and thought it’d be a good scheme to look into and write a review on.

So let’s now see if Postal Jobs Source can actually deliver on everything it promises.


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What Is Postal Jobs Source About?

What Postal Jobs Source claims to be is a way of securing a job with the US Post Office. When you land on the website and see the pitch, everything kind of looks really legit, official and above board, but things aren’t always as they seem when you scratch the surface and see what’s underneath.

When I did some more research on Google about this company, I found they actually exist under a few different websites, which is rather weird for a supposedly legit operation. And it’s not like their different branches of the company or something. Each website promotes exactly the same thing.

Here are just 2 of the websites, but there are more:


Anyway, the company says it really wants to help jobseekers gain employment working in postal jobs that pay anywhere between about $15 to $33 per hour. The rate of pay will obviously be dependent on what kind of job you landed or are qualified for, but the rates do sound very enticing.


Postal Jobs Source Pay


Postal Jobs Source also goes on to say that successful applicants will receive “paid” training.

Sounds better and better, hey.

I’ve scoured their website and I can’t find a single statement that indicates this company has any official affiliation whatsoever with the USPS. And if they don’t then how can they be helping people land jobs with the post office?


Postal Jobs Source Fine Print


It just doesn’t make sense.

What the company does do though, is post job ads online as if they are an official recruitment company for the USPS, when clearly they are not, or it’d be stated on the website and backed up with some form of proof.

One thing that to me proves this is all shady as hell and nothing official, is Postal Job Source charges a $49 registration fee before you can even apply for a job. What legit job agency or job board charges jobseekers to apply for jobs?

None that I’ve ever been associated with, so that’s a massive red flag right there.

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How Does Postal Jobs Source Really Work?

Before we get into the full truth regarding this job “opportunity”, let’s look at what Postal Jobs Source claim they give you when you join up and pay their registration fee:

  • An essential guide to landing a USPS job
  • Employment counselling
  • Answers to possible employee examination questions
  • A list of available USPS jobs in your local area

You can literally find out all of this stuff online for free, except for the employment counselling, I guess. But what is that all about anyway? Employment counselling?

They don’t even guarantee you’ll get a job if you pay up. They just say they “might” be able to assist you.

Now what’s on offer with the registration package might be all worth doing if it was legit, and maybe it might even be worth paying the registration fee if there’s a lucrative job offer at the end, but this entire Postal Jobs Source website is one giant facade.

It’s all fake.

They even offer a fake guarantee to ensure they suck people in where they claim they’ll give you double your money back if you don’t land a job with the USPS.

That’s almost funny. Almost.

The other thing that makes all this dodgy as hell is this proposal is all delivered in a video by a woman who has no name. We don’t know who she is, what her position is, or if she’s even qualified to help anybody.

It doesn’t mean anything anyway, because I explain in the next section what the real agenda of this hoax is.


Postal Jobs Source Money Back Guarantee


So What’s the Scam Here Then?

There is absolutely no information out there about who runs or owns this Postal Jobs Source company. There is also very little information about the company itself, or anything to verify that they are any sort of legit operation.

It’s a company and owner shrouded in a cloud of mystery.

Apart from operating under a number of different websites, what I did discover is that Postal Jobs Source actually has 2 different physical addresses.

One address is in Kansas and is a debt collection company. The other is for a UPS store that runs out of Missouri. Check out the screenshot below.


Postal Jobs Source Contact Information


This is all really strange, having the different addresses and websites. It’s almost like they’re trying to set up a trail of red herrings so they can’t be traced or something.

Not very upfront, honest and transparent at all, which is another huge red flag.

All I can assume by this smoke and mirrors behaviour is they want to keep it a secret who they are and where they really are.

Now, to take things a step further, if you go on over to the Who.Is database and search this company’s main domain, it’s registered to a company called, which is apparently a web design company.

Talk about odd.

Anyway, they have been scamming people left right and centre with their BS, and they are the ones who own all these domains that the job recruitment opportunities appear on. Just do a search on Yelp for complaints and you’ll find hundreds of them.

Even the FTC site issues warnings about scams like the one Postal Jobs Source is running.

This place is running a con, taking money off people while pretending to be a company that can help jobseekers find gainful employment with the USPS.

They have nothing to do with the USPS and can’t help you land a job there. It’s all one big hoax to fleece people of their cash.

In fact, Postal Jobs Source even have another scam running called USA Labor Services, which is pretty much the exact same scam.

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Take Heed of FTC Warnings

The Federal Trade Commission has placed warnings on its website about the exact type of scams that Postal Jobs Source is running. They’re not the only culprits either. Apparently these schemes are very common, where they prey on jobseekers and fleece money from them for totally bogus opportunities.

The FTC’s warnings describe exactly what Postal Jobs Source does; offer help to jobseekers, offer study materials, charge a fee, and then offer an unbelievable refund if you don’t land a job.


Postal Jobs Source FTC


Target Market

Scammers like these people are preying on the vulnerable.

I mean, here we have people looking for work. Maybe some already have a job and are looking for a career change, but others would be unemployed and really needing the work.

Along comes something like Postal Jobs Source, which sounds like it’s a company that could really help somebody who really needs it land a well paying job. Now instead of getting a really needy jobseeker employment, they basically steal $49 off this person.

That’s really evil in my opinion. Really bad form.


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What I Do Like

  • There isn’t anything to like about Postal Jobs Source and their fake opportunity


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • These people are doing everything they can to hide their identities from everyone
  • Postal Jobs Source is in no way affiliated with the USPS
  • All the information in the registration package can be found free online
  • Since when do jobseekers have to pay to apply for jobs
  • This is just a scam to get peoples’ money
  • The same company also runs another scam called USA Labor Services
  • Postal Jobs Source has a number of different domains and physical addresses
  • All the domains are owned by a web design company called
  • If you search online for complaints, you’ll find hundreds
  • The FTC website is full of warnings about scams like this one


Postal Jobs Source - Scam or Legit


How Much Does Postal Jobs Source Cost?

It costs $49 to buy into their registration package which, at the end of the day, gets you nothing for the money because they have nothing to do with getting anyone a legitimate job with the USPS.

Jobseekers shouldn’t have to pay money to apply for jobs anyway. Even if Postal Jobs Source was legit, that would still be a rort.


Is Postal Jobs Source a Scam or Legit?

I can’t see any other label to put on Postal Jobs Source other than being an outright scam, and it is. It offers nothing and just steals the money of people who are already probably doing it tough financially.

The people behind this con are evil. Seriously. The lowest of the low. Pathetic even.

I’ve seen a lot of online scams in my time writing reviews and researching so many supposed opportunities, but from a moral point of view, this is one of the worst ones I’ve encountered to date.

Don’t go anywhere near this. In fact, if you’re looking for a job and you come across any sort of jobseeker site that wants to charge you money to find a job, run for the hills. It’ll almost always be a scam.


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