Product Report Card Surveys Review – Will You Get Paid?



Is Product Report Card a scam survey site or one that’s really worth joining? That’s the question people have been asking, and I answer that question and more in my Product Report Card Surveys review.

Very shortly we’ll dive right into it, but I first wanted to offer my congratulations. Why do I say that? Because you’re smart enough to do research before you join anything, and that’s always the way to go, online especially.

I doubt you’ll ever become the victim of a scam or waste time on something that isn’t worth it.

Now read on to learn the truth about Product Report Card Surveys…



Product Report Card Surveys ReviewCompany Name: Product Report Card

Owner: SoftLayer Technologies Inc.

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 4.5/10



~ Product Report Card Surveys Review ~


More and more people are heading online looking for money making opportunities each and every day. There are so many options out there, and doing paid surveys is just one of them.

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These days it seems like everybody is online looking for new options to make money. Some people are looking to make some extra dollars, while others are hoping to find something that’s more life changing.

We all have to be careful when looking to make money on the internet, because there are heaps of scammers out there who want nothing more than to take our money off us. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the reality.

One of the best ways to discover which schemes are scams and what’s not, is by reading product reviews, just like you are doing right now. Like I said, I’m here to help people find legit money making options, and that’s why I write so many reviews.

I only just came across Product Report Card and decided I would take a good look at this survey platform and write a review on it.

Let’s now see if Product Report Card Surveys is worth your time or not.


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What Is Product Report Card About?

The name of this paid survey platform reminds me of my school days, with report cards and so on, but anyway, this is all about participants offering their opinions on products and services through doing surveys.

Everywhere you look these days there seems to be yet another survey platform popping up like a mushroom. So why are there so many?

Companies, government departments and other establishments have always needed data research to improve products, advertising etc., and the internet has made gathering this data so much easier, as people are far more readily accessible now.

Instead of businesses going out and trying to find the right people to fill out surveys for them, they team up with a survey portal like Product Report Card, who have vetted membership bases of people all willing to fill out surveys.

Companies pay the survey platform, then the survey platform shares some of that revenue with survey participants.

Everybody wins.

I’ve been involved in a number of survey sites in the past, plus I’ve reviewed many, but I hadn’t heard of Product Report Card before. Apparently it’s now one of the leading survey and market research platforms out there, with some big corporate names on it’s books, such as:

  • Ikea
  • Microsoft
  • Gillette
  • And many more…

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Product Report Card Surveys Review


How Product Report Card Really Works

It’s important to note that to become a member of this particular survey platform, you have to be at least 18 years old. I’m not sure why, as most others you can be as young as 14, but that’s their rule.

It’s also only open to participants in Canada and the United States.

The first thing to do before you can get started and on your way is to create a free account with Product Report Card.

All survey sites will have you answer a series of questions when you join so they can learn more about you and better match you up with appropriate surveys, but the process with joining PRC is longer than most.

They ask for loads and loads of demographic and personal information throughout the profile completion phase. It may be tedious, but necessary if you want to receive survey invites regularly.

Generally you’ll start getting survey invites in your email inbox within 24 hours of joining Product Report Card and completing all the profile questions.

Surveys might be really short, only a few minutes, or they could take up to half an hour to complete. Obviously the longer the survey, the more it will pay on average.


Product Report Card Profile Questions


How Much Money Can You Make?

Everyone wants to make some money here, so let’s see if we can work out what’s possible on Product Report Card.

For starters, as you’re going through all the initial profile questions, you’ll earn money each time you complete a section fully. For example, you’ll get credited with 25 cents for completing the “Employment” part of your profile. And it’s the same deal for all the other sections.

By the time you’ve completed everything on your profile you will have made yourself $8 before you’ve even started doing the real surveys.

Now, the surveys themselves. What do they pay?

It obviously varies from survey to survey, and like I said, the longer ones will usually pay more than short surveys.

From my understanding, surveys pay out anywhere from 25 cents right up to $5 per survey successfully completed. The average is somewhere around the $2 mark.

Even if you get screened out of a survey and don’t qualify for it, PRC still credits your account with 10 cents, and that’s pretty rare. Most pay nothing when you’re screened out.

There are a few other ways you can earn on the platform outside of surveys, so let’s very quickly look at those and what they pay.

Writing reviews of products you already own and posting them online pays you between 50 cents and $1 for about 500 words, which is quite pitiful.

This one is harder to get, but you may be sent products to your home that you test out and review. This pays up to $5 and you get to keep the product.

The next option is participating in focus groups, but these invites are rare. If you do get to join one, expect to receive $150-$200 for your time. Some of these focus groups can run for days at a time though.

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Getting Paid

The payment threshold you need to reach before you can cash out on Product Report Card is set quite high at $25. Most survey sites are only around the $10 mark.

Here are the payment options:

  1. PayPal
  2. Prepaid Visa Card
  3. Amazon Gift Card
  4. Check

As you can see, PRC pays out in real cash and not just gift cards like some other platforms.


Product Report Card Complaint 1


Some Negatives About Doing Paid Surveys

There are some common negatives with paid survey platforms, and the biggest is the amount you get paid compared to the amount of time you spend doing the surveys. While PRC is not too bad, it’s still a low rate of pay for your time.

Most survey sites don’t compensate you at all if you get screened out, but at least PRC does pay you something.

Lots of surveys are prone to suffering glitches. When this happens you can’t complete the survey, and therefore don’t get paid anything.

With the amount surveys pay, it can take ages to reach a cash out threshold, then you also have to wait for your payment to be processed, which can be weeks, or months in some cases.


Target Market

I think it’s often newbies to making money online who are initially attracted to the idea of earning money from doing surveys. And surveys can be a good way to make your first dollars online.

Over time, as a long term plan, they really aren’t worthwhile though.


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What I Like

  • It’s free to join
  • You get paid something even if you are screened out of a survey
  • The rates of pay are slightly better than some other survey platforms I’ve come across
  • There are more ways to earn on the site other than just doing surveys, such as product testing and focus groups
  • You get paid in real cash


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • You must be 18 or older to be eligible
  • Only residents from the USA and Canada can join
  • There are numerous reports online about people either not getting paid at all, or PRC taking forever and a day to actually pay anyone
  • Answering survey questions gets really boring and tedious after you’ve done a few of them


Product Report Card Complaint 2


How Much Does Product Report Card Cost To Join?

It doesn’t cost you any money to become a part of the Product Report Card platform, but you must be over 18 and a resident of the USA or Canada to participate.


Is Product Report Card a Scam Or Legit?

Overall PRC is not too bad as far as survey sites go. The pay rates are somewhat reasonable and there are a few ways you can earn. They also pay in real money, which is a plus.

Obvious downsides from my viewpoint are the country restrictions, and what concerns me the most is all these reports online of people either not getting paid at all, or waiting months to receive their $25.

Hardly sounds worth the bother in the end. Not when there are far better and infinitely more lucrative ways to make money online.


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