Profit With Our Sites Reviews – Can You Make $7 Million?



Is Profit With Our Sites a scam? Is there really any such thing as an easy copy and paste, push button money making system? There are other Profit With Our Sites reviews online, but in mine I’ll be answering these questions and more in a bid to get to the truth.

But before we jump right into that, I first off wanted to congratulate you for being here and reading my Profit With Our Sites review. This proves to me that you’re smart and will do your research before paying up and joining something.

Because of that, chances are you’ll never get scammed online.

Now read on to learn the truth about Profit With Our Sites…



Profit With Our Sites ReviewsCompany Name: Profit With Our Sites

Owner: Jake

Price To Join: $37

My Rating: 1/10



~ Profit With Our Sites Reviews ~


Just so you know, I’m not affiliated with Profit With Our Sites in any way, so this is a totally independent review.

I’m here to help others make money online from home. For years I’ve been pulling in a fulltime passive income and living the laptop lifestyle.

You don’t even have to be seeking a way to work fulltime online. Even if you just want to make some part-time cash on the side, I can help with that as well.

The great thing about the internet is we have access to a global market 24/7, and this presents us with so many options that never existed before.

Unfortunately all the world’s scammers realise everyone is looking to the internet for new opportunities, so they create these easy and awesome sounding schemes that promise to make you tons of cash in quick time, when all they’re really designed to do is take your money.

All of us must stay alert to this and proceed with caution.

One of the best ways I know to avoid these nasty online scams is by reading reviews just like this one. I research and write so many for that exact reason. Like I said, I want to help others find good options and avoid those scams at the same time.

Recently I heard about the Profit With Our Sites money making system. I really wanted to check it out and write a review on what I uncovered.

Let’s now see if Profit With Our Sites can live up to its promises or not.


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What Is Profit With Our Sites About?

A guy who calls himself Jake (I don’t know his last name) presents us with the Profit With Our Sites make money online (MMO) system.

Apparently all we need to do is copy his money making machines, which he’ll give to us, and we get to kick back and count the cash as it comes flooding in.

In fact, even as you sit through the sales presentation video, Jake says he’s creating an account for you that’s making money just in the time it takes to watch the video.

Don’t know how that could possibly work when he doesn’t even know a thing about us. It’s just sales BS anyway, hype to try and hook us in. I’ve seen this exact same ploy used numerous times now. It’s all garbage.

Generous Jake also tells us that hardly any effort is required to make money with his system. All we have to do is copy what he does, and he’s offering us a “done for you” money making system that runs on autopilot.

With just a few simple clicks of the mouse, you’ll be making $1000 a day easily, he says.

These people with their make money schemes always say exactly the same things. There will always be 3 common points (or hot buttons) they try to sell you on:

  1. Big money
  2. Fast money
  3. No work required

To further reinforce the money hype, through the video Jake “shows” us how his sites – the ones we get to copy – have made him over $10 million over the past 4 years.

So once again, to recap, Jake is going to give us these cash cow websites where he’s done all the work for us. We’ll make an easy $1000 a day with them, and all he asks in return is $37.

That’s total BS!

No one making that kind of cash from some system is even going to want people to even know about it, let alone practically give it away for a lousy 37 bucks!

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How Does Profit With Our Sites Really Work?

You don’t really get much on the inside when you pay for this scheme, and I had to really dig for this information because Jake fails to really tell us anything on his website or in his sales video, which is very typical of schemes like these.

They just want to fill you up with hope with all the money hype, but never go into any detail on what their program is about. The reason for that is there’s usually not too much to tell you other than the BS hype they spin.

What you’ll get when you join is a bunch of premade, replica websites. In other words, everybody gets the exact same sites. These are just one page sites that are designed to capture email addresses. The idea is to send traffic to these pages, get subscribers, then sell your subscribers stuff through a series of emails.

This is nothing new. There must be a 1000 make money schemes out there that offer the exact same process.

Anyway, how do you get traffic to these landing pages? They won’t rank in search engines, so that only leaves paid traffic. Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads frown on sending people to landing pages that collect email addresses, so likely you won’t be able to use those avenues.

That just leaves paying for solo ads, where you rent space on some other marketer’s email list and pay anywhere from 50 cents to over $1 per click.

You’ll also need to host these landing pages on a server somewhere, and also pay to join an email service, so you can send out your automated email sequence.

Jake does offer some really basic training when you sign up. It runs you through the basics of how email marketing works. He also shows you how to get an account with ClickBank, an affiliate network that hosts digital products for you to promote.

Along with this you’ll get affiliate links so you too can promote and sell the Profit With Our Sites system to others for a commission.


Profit With Our Sites Income Proof


Fabricated Income Proof

Some of the income proof shown throughout the sales pitch is just plain funny.

Let it be known that it’s so easy to fake this stuff. All you need is Photoshop or some other form of image manipulation software. There is doctored income proof for things all over the internet.

One of the sources of proof of income, apparently from a member of Profit With Our Sites, was for over $7 million!


If you’re going to fake some income proof, at least make the figure sound somewhat believable.

Nobody is going to make that kind of money with what this Jake guy is offering. Probably be lucky to make $70 with it, if anything at all. And you would spend way more than that on tools and traffic to make that $70.

Copy how I’m making $1000s a month online from home!


Fake Testimonials

This is super common practice. Scams and schemes that just don’t deliver are not going to have genuine, positive testimonials to display on their site, so in order to make their schemes look legit, they have to make some up.

What Jake has done is hire actors to create the fake video testimonials. I see this kind of stuff all the time, and often you’ll see the same faces appearing, all for different make money schemes.


Profit With Our Sites Reviews


You Won’t Make Money While Watching the Sales Video

This claim is just plain stupid, and I’ve seen this ploy before too. There is no money making account set up for anyone while you watch the video. How could there be?

Jake doesn’t know who you are or anything about you. And how could you be making money while watching his video anyway? It just doesn’t make sense. Nothing’s been done yet.

It’s nothing more than a sales gimmick, yet another way to try and suck people in and get them to hand their money over.


There Are No “Limited Spots Available”

Yet another super common tactic to try and get people to take action without thinking.

Jake says you’re special and he only has a few more spots left for people to join his ultra lucrative Profit With Our Sites money making scheme.

Ignore this garbage. Nearly all these sites use the fake scarcity ploy.

What they don’t want people doing is research on them, because then you’ll know it’s dodgy and won’t join.

Jake wants your money. He doesn’t want to risk missing out.


Target Audience

Unfortunately these types of mostly worthless schemes are targeted at newbies. These people know how to press all the right emotional buttons to get inexperienced people to hand their money over for some magical make money online scheme.

There is money to be made online, but it does take effort, and any scheme that claims it all works on automation at the push of a button is either a scam, or something close to worthless. They just want your money.

Profit With Our Sites is simply promoted as a get rich quick scheme.


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What I Like

  • Email marketing can work, but there is a lot more to it than what Jake supplies you with or teaches you


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The income claims are just ridiculous
  • No one has made $7 million dollars from Profit With Our Sites
  • You won’t make money on autopilot
  • You’ll need to pay for traffic to build your email list
  • The training is super basic and nowhere near detailed enough to help anyone make money
  • There are no limited spots available. It’s fake scarcity
  • The income proof is fake
  • The testimonials are fake
  • You don’t make money just by watching his sales video
  • I doubt whether Jake is his real name, and we don’t know his last name
  • I’ve seen this exact same scheme under many different names before
  • This system is just nowhere near complete
  • You’ll need to spend money on hosting and other tools


How Much Does Profit With Our Sites Cost To Join?

The initial asking price is $37. When you try to leave the site without buying, you’ll be offered a discount down to $17. There's even a further $10 discount voucher available on their website at the time of this writing.

Even if you did buy in for that price, you then still need to spend money on hosting, for an email service, paying for traffic, and no doubt Jake will have a bunch of juicy upsells waiting for you to purchase.

That’s how all these schemes work. Hook you in with a cheap price on the front end, then make all their money through expensive upsells on the back end.


Profit With Our Sites Discount


Is Profit With Our Sites a Scam Or Legit?

I don’t know if I’d outright label Profit With Our Sites a scam, because you do get a few landing pages and some basic training for your money. It’s just that this whole system is incomplete and isn’t likely to make anyone any money.

Along with that is there is far too much sales hype, ludicrous income claims, misleading sales tactics – such as fake scarcity and fake testimonials – lack of information about the program itself, and Jake never reveals who he truly is.

There is far too much not to like about this one. I won’t call it a scam, but I will call it a waste of time and money.


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