Rookie Profit System Reviews – Don’t Join Until You Read This!



Is Rookie Profit System a scam or isn’t it? That’s a question many have been asking about this make money online (MMO) system. I’ve seen a few other Rookie Profit System reviews out there, but in mine I plan to answer this question once and for all.

We’ll get right into the meat of the review in just a moment, but first off I want to say congratulations for even being here. The reason I say that is because you’re obviously one of the smarter people online. You don’t join something without researching it first.

Chances are really slim that you’ll ever fall for a scam because of that fact.

Now read on and we’ll uncover the truth about the Rookie Profit System make money scheme…



Rookie Profit System Reviews

Company Name: Rookie Profit System

Owner: Steven Bransfield

Price To Join: $49

My Rating: 1.5/10


~ Rookie Profit System Reviews ~


Quick Intro…

Never before has there been so many people seeking new opportunities online than there are today. People want to work from home these days, or at least find some sort of online gig they can do in their spare time.

Me, I already make a fulltime income from the internet and have been for years, so it’s highly possible. Anyone can do it, really.

The problem arises with this scenario because all the scammers also go online, targeting newcomers to the online make money space. Their schemes sound appealing, but are often far too good to be true. We all have to be mindful and constantly aware that these parasites are out there or they’ll take our money.

It’s because of the scams online that I write so many reviews. I created my website to help people. Reading reviews is one of the best ways to dodge scams, as well as find the good stuff online that actually does work.

Recently I came across the Rookie Profit System and it sparked my interest. I wanted to take a deeper look at it, see how it works and write a review on it.

Let’s now see if Rookie Profit System is worth your time, or just another waste of time.


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What Is Rookie Profit System About?

Young Steven Bransfield brings us the Rookie Profit System. He claims to be a college dropout who has managed to make more than $1 million with his system. He’s now living the high life in the Hollywood Hills.

Steven then goes on to tell us that “high ticket sales” have already been made for us.

Not totally sure what he means by that, but it sounds like he’s offering some sort of “done for you” make money system.

Anyway, these commissions he claims we can all be making when we join are in the $1000s each, so he does make it sound pretty enticing.

Bransfield’s video is very typical of the sales pitches associated with these types of scheme. He tells us how much his Hollywood home is worth, talks about the car he drives and the kind of lifestyle he leads.

Now wile there’s technically nothing wrong with selling the dream, often the dream these people are selling to us isn’t remotely possible with whatever system it is they’re trying to sell us.

I’ve seen this all before. I’m not saying it’s never true, but it’s all too easy these days to fabricate wealth, income proof and lifestyle just to get people to buy into something they are being told will make them rich.

The very fact that Steven starts off by saying high ticket sales (meaning expensive) have already been made for us is a massive red flag for me, in my experience reviewing hundreds of online make money schemes.

I make a fulltime income online. I’m not wealthy, although some other people who do what I do are, so it is possible. If you want to make money online like I do, just click here to learn more about it.


How Does Rookie Profit System Really Work?

Steven BransfieldIn the sales pitch Steven doesn’t really want to disclose what he’s really trying to sell us on, but he does allude to it being some sort of other high ticket scheme – or “hidden system” as he refers to it – rather than the Rookie Profit System being a money making scheme in itself.

Instead, Steven seems far more content talking about his wealth and lifestyle and trying to sell us entirely on attaining that for ourselves, rather than what we’ll be buying into and need to do to make all this awesome cash.

He doesn’t want to give the name away of the real company until you’ve committed and paid to join, for to do so might put some people off if they’ve already heard about it.

You see, Rookie Profit System offers nothing. It’s just a website with a cool sounding name that’s designed to lure people in and then funnel them off to the real platform that’s being sold here.

It’s a classic bait and switch tactic, where you are enticed with one thing and then, when you buy, you discover you’ve bought into something else that wasn’t even advertised.

These affiliates for the parent program are obviously trained to use this tactic, because they all seem to do it.

The program Steven wants to send you to is a high ticket scheme called MOBE, and as an example of how other MOBE affiliates are using the same tricks, here are some links to recent reviews I’ve written on schemes that also feed people into MOBE:

  1. My Online Dream Biz
  2. Passive Payday
  3. Instant Success System
  4. My Online Franchise

And that’s just a few of them.


Rookie Profit System Reviews


Let’s Talk About MOBE and How It Works

As I mentioned before, Steven is funnelling people through to a high ticket scheme called MOBE.

High ticket basically means a platform that has very expensive products and upsells. In the case of MOBE, those products are digital products, training and different levels of membership. Each product is also sold separately, and generally the prices increase as you go along.

When you first join MOBE you enter directly in their 21 Steps program, which is made up of 21 stages designed to get you to the point where you are making money. In reality, the 21 steps is nothing more than a sales funnel, where you will be sold upsell after upsell.

After you’ve completed a few steps you’ll be assigned a “millionaire mentor”. It sounds cool, but this person isn’t really a mentor or coach at all. They are a MOBE salesperson, whose job it is to sell you as many expensive MOBE products as they can talk you into.

MOBE is all about buying MOBE products and learning how to sell MOBE to other people so you can make big commissions. You don’t get to sell anything outside of MOBE, nor do you get tools and training to become a genuine entrepreneur. You just get to be a MOBE rep.

MOBE is also known as a “pay to play” system. What this means is that you can only sell and earn commissions on MOBE products that you have first purchased for yourself.

Remember, I said everything is sold separately. Your millionaire mentor will encourage you to go all in and buy everything, so you can’t lose out on any commissions.

To buy everything MOBE has (and most high ticket schemes are roughly the same price), you’ll be spending around $64,000!

Yes, you read that figure right. 64 with three zeros on the end of it.

Who has that kind of money to splash around to try something out?

Copy how I’m making $1000s a month online!


Can You Make Money With High Ticket Schemes?

It’s possible to make big commissions with MOBE and other high ticket platforms, if you have the bankroll to buy everything and are really confident and motivated to sell these expensive digital products, training and memberships to others.

It would be a tough ask for most people, and according to MOBE, 95% of their membership makes only around $100 a month.

That’s not much if you’re out of pocket for tens of thousands of dollars.


Target Market

High ticket schemes like MOBE and co tend to target newbies when it comes to making money online. They know that newcomers are more likely to be impressed by all the sales hype they sling in their pitches.

The real truth is this though. In order to be able to be successful in a high ticket scheme, not only do you need a stack of cash you can afford to lose on trying something out, you also really need to be a master seller, recruiter and marketer, something a newbie hasn't yet learnt to become, most likely.

MOBE don’t really care too much if you make lots of sales, just so long as you spend lots of your money on their products. So long as people are always spending money, then MOBE gets richer and richer.


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What I Do Like

  • It’s possible to make some big money with schemes like MOBE


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • MOBE is pay to play and costs bucket loads of cash to get fully involved
  • Most people can’t sell MOBE to others and just end up losing heaps of money
  • MOBE affiliates always use deceptive marketing and sales tactics to lure people in with one scheme, then bait and switch them into something else
  • Your millionaire mentor is nothing more than a high pressure sales rep
  • To go all in with the MOBE scheme will set you back about $64k
  • Rookie Profit System is nothing more than a feeder site
  • Steven hides the fact that he’s trying to sell people on MOBE, saying instead that it’s a “hidden system”
  • MOBE is all about upsell after upsell and selling MOBE


How Much Does It Cost To Join Rookie Profit System?

The $49 Steven is charging people to join his Rookie Profit System is really your base level membership into MOBE, where you’ll immediately be directed through the 21 Steps program that will lighten your wallet considerably.

As I’ve mentioned a few times now, you’ll be constantly asked to go all in, which will cost you approximately $64,000.


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is Rookie Profit System a Scam or Legit?

While I don’t totally consider high ticket schemes such as MOBE, Aspire, Super Affiliate Network and others to be outright scams, when it comes to MOBE affiliates, I really don’t like their sales and marketing tactics.

They’re always deceptive, luring you into one thing and then sending you off to MOBE, which is rarely advertised on these affiliate sites.

Unless you’re a cashed up gun seller and master recruiter, don’t even contemplate joining something like MOBE, because you’ll just lose a bunch of cash.

Just remember, if you did go all in with a high ticket scheme and purchased everything, you first have to make all that money back before you can start making an actual profit.

There’s no real value here. Read below for my top recommendation that doesn’t take any investment to get started and be making money.


Want To Make REAL Money Online?

Lifestyle FreedomSo the Rookie Profit System wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. However, that doesn’t mean your search for a legit way to make good money online ends there. For sure it doesn’t.

If I can make more than a fulltime monthly income online doing what I do, then you surely can too.

I’m an affiliate marketer, and while my income is fulltime, my work hours are not. Better yet, much of my money is brought in by passive income streams, which is the very best kind of income to have.

Anyone, and I mean anybody, can make money as an affiliate marketer if you are shown how to do it.

As an affiliate you simply promote and recommend the products of other companies. It’s not like retail or eCommerce where you buy and sell products. You just promote and make commissions. It’s all pretty simply, really.

Hell, you don’t even need any money to do this. How awesome is that?

I know of some marketers who are mega rich from being affiliates. I’m not, and I’m not saying you will be, but what I am saying is it’s possible.

Many marketers just do it as a side hustle for extra cash, but I prefer to do it as my fulltime income earner. It’s not just about the cash either, but even more so it’s the lifestyle it gives me that I love so much.

Let’s very quickly rattle off just a few of the many, many benefits to having your very own online gig from home:

  • Because you’re not trading time for money like a job, the sky’s the limit when it comes to how much money you could make
  • You are now the boss, so you can set your own work schedule
  • You get to spend more quality time with those who matter to you most
  • Experience the ultimate freedom of having both time and money together
  • Much of your income will be passive and residual income
  • Go travel the world and live the true laptop lifestyle
  • Enjoy many sources of income and increased levels of financial security
  • Because the internet’s global, you can truly make money while you sleep
  • And so many more benefits…

That’s just the beginning. It’s a whole new lifestyle, and if you want a piece of it, the best time to get started is today, right now.

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Life isn’t all about having money. It’s the quality of life that counts. I wrote that list of benefits above, but in my guide I expand on these, because working for yourself online can really give you that lifestyle freedom that so many crave.

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