Survey Junkie Is a Scam or Make Easy Money Online?



Survey Junkie is a scam or not? I’ve seen people talking about this paid survey site, and some were even asking if it’s a legit one. I decided I’d take a look at it for myself. Some survey sites can make you a little bit of money, but is this one of them?

Let’s take a good look at Survey Junkie and uncover the truth about this paid survey site…



Survey Junkie Is a ScamCompany Name: Survey Junkie


Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 5.5/10



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One of the reasons I love the internet is it never sleeps. Somewhere in the world there are always people awake and online. The internet has opened up doors to numerous make money from home opportunities, and that’s what I find so great about it.

The world has never been like this before.

On the downside there are also a lot of scammers online, hiding behind their computer monitors, just waiting to take money from unsuspecting people, so we have to be careful of that when chasing opportunities online.

Because there was so much talk going on about Survey Junkie, and many people were asking questions about it, I thought I’d better look deeper into it and write a review on what I found.

On this website I make it a point to research and write a lot of reviews of training platforms and make money systems and schemes. I do this to discover what’s hot, what’s average and what should be avoided all together. This helps us all make wise choices.

There are many awesome ways to make some money on the internet, but like I said, there is a lot of dodgy stuff as well when it comes to money making schemes. Product reviews are so helpful with weeding out the bad stuff.

The fact they you are here reading this review means you will probably never fall for a scam. You do your research first, and that’s always wise.

Let’s now see if Survey Junkie is worth your time or not.


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What Is Survey Junkie?

I’ve done a lot of paid surveys over the years, but I haven’t been a member of Survey Junkie before. It’s possible to make a little bit of cash doing surveys (if they have a cash payment option). Or you might earn rewards in the form of gift cards from Amazon and so on.

The point is, you can spend a lot of time on filling out surveys but get paid very little for your efforts.

So what is Survey Junkie? Is it a legit platform?

The only reason I say that is because I’ve come across a number of scammy survey sites that aren’t really survey sites at all. Some even try to charge you money to become a member.

Not something you want to do when surveys pay so little to begin with.

Survey Junkie has been around since 2005, so that’s the very first indicator that it’s legit. Otherwise it likely would have folded many years ago.

To become a member of this paid survey platform you have to reside in either the United States, Canada or Australia, as participation is only open to those 3 countries.

The reason survey platforms exist is because companies, businesses and manufacturers need vital market research to improve products and advertising. Rather than try and individually find the right people to participate in this market research, they team up with portals like Survey Junkie that already have a bunch of ready, willing and qualified members.

Survey Junkie matches survey takers with relevant surveys that companies need conducted. Currently there are several million members on Survey Junkie from Australia, Canada and the USA.

It’s all pretty basic in what it’s about. But like I said earlier, surveys don’t pay very much.

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Survey Junkie Is a Scam


How Survey Junkie Works

Let’s now look at how the Survey Junkie platform works.

The first thing to do is create a free account, after which you’ll be asked to fill out a series of rather generic profile questions.

Survey Junkie use this information about you to help match you up with relevant surveys where you likely fulfil the required demographic.

After you’ve done this step your account is credited with 25 rewards points.

Now that you’re officially a member and your profile has been completed, you can start doing paid surveys to earn a little bit of money.

Each survey will start off with a series of qualifying questions, so sometimes you might get screened out because you don’t fit the criteria the company needing market research is specifically looking for.

In this case you usually earn nothing for your time. But if you get past the qualifying questions, you will continue on with the actual paid part of the survey. Once you’ve completed the survey and submitted your results, your account will be credited with the amount of rewards the survey promised to pay.

The time it takes to complete a survey will vary from survey to survey. Some are only a minute or so in duration, while others may take as long as half an hour. Generally the longer the survey, the more it pays.


Survey Junkie Steps


How Much Can You Earn With Survey Junkie Then?

You won’t be earning much, that’s for sure. Most likely somewhere in the vicinity of about $3 per hour on average with the rate Survey Junkie pays.

So how much do you actually earn?

As I mentioned, it varies, but we’ll look at what the rewards points are worth.

100 Rewards Points = $1

So when you earn your 25 rewards points for joining Survey Junkie, that equates to making 25 cents.

Before you start a survey, you’ll be informed approximately how long it will take to complete the survey, as well as how many rewards points you’ll receive for successful completion.

Many of the surveys I’ve seen on the site are only paying 50 points for a 10 minute survey. So that’s 50 cents for 10 minutes of work, or an average of $3 an hour as I mentioned before.

So, not much money, not even in a country where wages are low.

To request a cash out for your rewards points, you need to reach a payout threshold of $10. That’s 1000 rewards points.

You can receive a payout in either cash via PayPal, or in gift cards if you prefer.

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Survey Junkie Points


Things I Don’t Like About Surveys

For starters, you always have to complete a series of qualifying questions. Sometimes there are only a few, but at other times there might be 20 or so. You spend ages trying to qualify for a survey, only to find out you’ve been screened out and totally wasted your time.

In my experience all survey platforms pay a pittance for your efforts. It really is a very poor exchange for your precious time.

Sometimes surveys glitch out halfway through and you can’t complete them, therefore forfeiting any rewards points and once again wasting your time.

Even when you do finally reach a cash out level, it can still takes weeks before you actually receive any money.

Another problem is that often surveys are few and far between at times, and it can take forever to reach a payout point.


Target Market

Paid surveys are aimed at anyone looking to make a little bit of extra money on the side in their spare time. Unfortunately I don’t think a lot of people realise just how little most paid survey platforms actually pay, and there are some scam sites out there as well.

You can always pick those ones though, because they claim they pay amounts like $50 per survey, which it totally unheard of in the industry. Of course, the scams only say this to hook people in. No one gets paid that kind of cash for a survey.


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What I Like

  • You can make a very small amount of money
  • You can receive real cash via your PayPal account
  • Survey Junkie has been around since 2005
  • There are millions of members on the platform
  • Surveys are brain-dead easy to do
  • You can work in your own time from home


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • It’s only open to residents of the USA, Australia and Canada
  • You make peanuts doing surveys for Survey Junkie, less than some other survey sites even
  • You’ll regularly get screened out of surveys, meaning you waste your time
  • Sometimes there are not many surveys available because of the sheer number of members
  • It can take a while to reach a payout threshold and actually receive your money or gift cards
  • Sometimes companies take advantage of the qualifying questions and ask heaps, just to get free market research
  • Surveys can get extremely tedious and boring to do after a while
  • It’s a really poor exchange of your valuable time for the amount of money you earn


How Much Does Survey Junkie Cost To Join?

It doesn’t cost anything to join Survey Junkie as a survey participant. Survey Junkie charge companies that need market research and share some of that revenue with you when you successfully complete a survey.

I’m sure Survey Junkie take a way bigger cut than what they give survey takers though.


Survey Junkie Trust Pilot


Is Survey Junkie a Scam Or Legit?

Survey Junkie is not a scam at all, it just pays very low rates for the surveys they have available. Some other survey sites pay at least double or triple for your time than what Survey Junkie does.

This platform is okay, and there’s nothing really wrong with it, but you just won’t earn very much.

A thing I do like though, is that they have a cash option, which some other platforms don’t offer.

If you don’t mind earning miniscule amounts of cash for your time, then go for it, but if you want to earn some decent cash, then keep reading below.


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