Sweepszilla Review – Can You Really Win BIG Money?



Is Sweepszilla a scam or is it a legit sweepstakes website where people can win real money? That’s a fair enough question, and one I answer in my Sweepszilla review. The lure of easy cash is always strong, but does the website really deliver on its promises?

We’ll be diving right into the review very shortly, but I first wanted to take a moment to congratulate you for being here. This shows to me that you’re one of the smart people out there. You do your research on something before making the commitment to joining up.

The chances are really slim of you ever getting scammed online because of that.

Now read on to discover the real truth about the Sweepszilla sweepstakes platform…



Sweepszilla Review

Company Name: Sweepszilla

Owner: Taptastic, LLC.

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 3/10


~ Sweepszilla Review ~


Entering online sweepstakes competitions is one possible way you could make some cash online from home. In reality there are thousands of ways to make money on the internet, some just pocket change, while others could prove to be lucrative.

That’s the beauty of the online world. You can potentially make cash 24/7/365 because the internet is global, and each and every day new options and opportunities arise.

I’ve been able to live the freedom of the laptop lifestyle for some years now, because I make my entire living online. Now I plan to help others achieve the same lifestyle.

While the internet offers up a smorgasbord of options, we always have to be diligent. There are a lot of scammers and con artists online. They create awesome sounding money making schemes, but these schemes are only designed to make them rich and not us.

The best way to find all the good stuff and recognise what’s a scam is by reading product reviews, just like you are right now. I want to help people make money online, and that’s why I devote so much of my website to reviews.

Sweepszilla came onto my radar screen just recently and it sounded really interesting. I made the decision to do some research on the platform and write a review on it.

So let’s now see if Sweepszilla is really worth your time or just a nasty scam.


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What Is Sweepszilla About?

“$10,000 in prizes” to giveaway, with winners every single day, apparently.

It’s a great opening statement on the Sweepszilla website, but is it true?

I’ve seen a lot of these online sweepstakes over the years – OMG Sweeps is one – and generally they are a front for something else. I’ve never actually ever found any proof of anyone winning anything on these kinds of sites either. But we’ll dig in and find out what the deal is with Sweepszilla.

This particular sweepstakes website is relatively new, the domain having only been registered in February of 2018 by a person who chooses to remain anonymous.

That’s never a good sign, when a site owner doesn’t want to reveal themselves.

The website does state a company name that runs Sweepszilla though, and it’s called Taptastic, LLC., and based out of New Jersey. That’s all the information I was able to uncover, unfortunately, so we really don’t know much at all about who’s behind Sweepszilla.

I mentioned that there is $10k in cash up for grabs and that there are winners every day. However, people don’t win the full $10,000 every day, but can win money in their daily draw.

Be nice if it’s true, but if you do a search online about sweepstakes scams, you’ll find loads of information warning people to steer clear of them.

If you did happen to join the site, you’re not risking any money by doing so. There’s no gambling involved. It’s not like you have to place a bet or buy a ticket to have a chance of winning something.

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How Sweepszilla Really Works

There are a few phases to getting involved in the Sweepszilla scheme, and we’ll briefly go through each of them in this section.


Signing Up for Sweepszilla

It’s totally free to register as a participant on the Sweepszilla site. There is no charge.

There is one catch though, and that’s location. Joining the platform is restricted to the following countries only:

  1. Australia
  2. United States
  3. Canada
  4. South Africa
  5. New Zealand

If you live in one of these 5 eligible countries, all you do is enter your email and your country, then go to your inbox and verify your account by clicking the link they email to you.

Once inside, you navigate to your account section and there you create your password for access to the site. Now you are ready to start entering the prize draws.

They do ask for a bit of information in your account section, such as full name, residential address and date of birth.


Entering the Prize Draws

Apparently there is more than just cash to win on Sweepszilla. Let’s list some options:

  • Cash
  • Gift Cards
  • Electronics
  • Computers

The major prize is a cool $5000 in cold, hard cash.


Sweepszilla Prize Draws


Basically you are given a list of options for prizes to aim for. When you click on an option, you’ll be taken through to another page where you play a very simple online game to enter the prize draw.


Sweepszilla Prize Games


You play the game, which always seems to win, and you get an entry into the prize draw for the prize you chose. Each prize draw states how many entries are left available before the draw is full.

You can play the same game over and over again for the same prize draw and gain multiple entries.

Occasionally when you are playing these games, before you can claim your entry ticket, you’ll be redirected to a third party site with some sort of offer you have to complete before you get your ticket. This doesn’t always happen though.


What Are “Zillas”?

Each time you enter a prize draw you will earn yourself some zillas. These are like tokens, and you can use your zillas to buy more entries into the prize draws.

Each zilla is worth one entry into selected draws.

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The “Winners” Page

There is a section in the site’s main menu titled “Winners”.

If you click on this you’ll be taken through to a page where all recent prize winners are listed. The type of prize won will be shown, along with the alleged winner’s first name and last initial, as well as the date of the prize draw.

Now I don’t know if these are real winners on Sweepszilla, or just a fake list to make it look legit. After all, it’d be really easy to just create a fake winner’s page.

I’m not saying it’s definitely fake. I’m just saying there is a chance it’s not real.


Sweepszilla Prize Winners


What’s In It for Sweepszilla?

From what I can tell, Sweepszilla makes money from advertising for starters, as there are ads all over the website.

The second way is by enticing members to complete offers occasionally. As I mentioned before, this sometimes happens when you’re trying to enter a certain prize draw.

So long as no scams are being advertised, then there’s nothing wrong with this. The site owner obviously makes money when ads are clicked or people sign up for offers.


Target Market

Sweepstakes sites will appeal to just about everybody, because we all like the sound of winning some free money with no financial risk on our part.

Apart from the ads and the offers, I think Sweepszilla uses the site to collect peoples’ contact information so they can market products and offers to their members.


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What I Like

  • It’s an easy site to get involved in, and all you have to do is play some super simple games to enter prize draws
  • The site doesn’t seem to promote or link out to any known online scams that I’ve noticed
  • It’s totally free to enter these prize draws


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • I can’t find any proof that anybody has ever actually won a real prize on this site
  • You risk getting a lot of spam email because you need to give them all your contact details
  • The owner of the site chooses to be anonymous
  • If the prize draws are phoney, then the site really only exists as a way for the site owner to earn commissions, and there’s nothing in it for the members


Sweepszilla Review


How Much Does Sweepszilla Cost To Join?

It doesn’t cost any money to join Sweepszilla or enter the prize draws. It could cost you money if you sign up for some of the offers though.


Is Sweepszilla a Scam Or Legit?

I don’t have any proof that there’s a scam going on here. It actually looks a touch better than some other sweepstakes websites I’ve come across.

I just don’t know if the company really does pay out any prizes though. If it does, then sweet, but if it doesn’t, that means it’s all just a ruse to get advertising income and commissions from referrals to third party offers.

I’m not really sure how to rate this one, but at least you’re not risking any cash to try it out.


This Is Way Better To Make Money!

Lifestyle FreedomAt the end of the day, I really don’t know if anyone ever wins anything on Sweepszilla or not. What I do know is that it’s certainly no sure fire way to make some cash, and I assume that’s your goal.

Most sweepstakes gigs you see online are usually just a front for something else anyway, so the chances of them actually ever paying out are slim to none.

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I’d now like to list just a few advantages of being an affiliate marketer:

  • You don’t buy products as an affiliate and you don’t sell products
  • You are like an online rep, earning commissions through recommendations
  • You don’t need money to get started, just the internet and a computer
  • You’ll build multiple streams of income
  • You work from home and be your own boss
  • There’s no limit on how much money you could make

That’s merely a snap shot.

It’s actually possible to do really well out of this. I know some marketers who are pulling in over 7 figures a year, and most of that’s profit. Not everyone reaches those lofty heights, and I haven’t (yet), but it’s possible.

Lots of people just do this as a side gig for some extra cash. Then there are people like myself who are making a comfortable living from it. The thing I love about earning my living online is all the lifestyle freedom it gives me.

Let’s quickly list a few of those benefits:

  • If you love travelling, you’ll love making money online
  • You’ll enjoy time and money freedom, something most people don’t have
  • Make money while you sleep because much of your income is passive and the market is global
  • Spend more time doing things you enjoy
  • Experience more quality time with loved ones
  • No more day job, alarm in the morning or commute to work
  • And loads more…

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