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I’ve looked through a number of UserTesting reviews online as I was asking the same question as many other people out there – Is UserTesting a scam or legit? I plan to answer that question in my review, as well as determine if it’s a good way to make money.

We’ll launch fully into it in just a minute, but first I wanted to say well done on being here. The very fact that you’re reading this review shows just how smart you are. So many people join stuff without thinking and without research, but not you. You do your homework first, and that’s wise.

The chances of you ever getting scammed are really slim because of that.

Now read on and we’ll discover the truth about the UserTesting platform…



UserTesting Reviews

Company Name: UserTesting

Owners: Darrell Benatar and Dave Garr

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 7/10


~ UserTesting Reviews ~


A Quick Intro…

Whether you want to have an online business or are just looking to make a bit of extra cash online in your spare time, the internet really has opened up so many options. Things like product testing, paid surveys and so on forms just a very small part of what’s possible.

I’m really grateful every single day because I get to make a fulltime living from home, be my own boss and live life on my terms. It really is true freedom, something that wasn’t really possible before the internet.

Multitudes of people all around the world go online every day looking for a new opportunity to make some cash. The internet is global and always happening, so we can be making money any time of the day or night.

We always have to be careful with what we join though, because there are many scammers and con artists online as well. Their schemes are designed to make themselves money and not us, so if something sounds too good to be true, it very likely is.

Reading product reviews just like this one is the best way to avoid those scammers and find the good stuff that’s worth your time. It’s the reason I research so many make money schemes and training platforms and write reviews of them on my site.

I often check out survey platforms and rewards sites, so when UserTesting came onto my radar, it looked like a good one to dig into and write a review on.

Let’s now see if UserTesting is worth your valuable time or not.


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What Is UserTesting About?

This company was founded back in 2007 by Darrell Benatar and Dave Garr, when they saw a gap in the market that needed filling.

UserTesting is kind of like a GPT (get paid to) site, where you can perform a variety of tasks to earn small rewards. The real difference is that this website is all about having its members test stuff out.

This can include things like:

  • Checking website functionality
  • Trying new apps
  • Software programs
  • And so on…


UserTesting Reviews


The idea is that the creators of these products, websites and apps need to make sure it’s ready for market and that all the bugs have been ironed out.

The easiest way is to team up with a site like UserTesting that has a membership base ready and waiting to test stuff and earn a little cash in the process.

If you were to join UserTesting, the feedback you offer on everything you look over is invaluable data for improvement for products and services that these companies require.

It’s kind of like being a proof reader, bug tester and functionality tester all rolled into one. You are also a mini reviewer, as you’ll be detailing your findings as you do the tests.

Just like surveys enable businesses to collect and collate valuable data, so does user testing.

While you can make some pocket money with a scheme like UserTesting, it won’t amount to much. If the aim is to make decent money online, then give what I do a try. I make a fulltime passive income entirely from home. Click here to discover how.


How Does UserTesting Really Work?

It’s totally free to join UserTesting as a product tester, so the first thing to do is create your free account on the platform so you can get started.

Once done you’ll need to download the screen recorder, as all your product reviews will be recorded on video and not written.

You can use the recorder on your computer, or a smartphone or tablet. It’s your choice. Whatever you prefer. You also need to have a microphone that records your voice nice and clear.

Now it’s time to record a test video so you fully understand everything that’s required to be successful with this.

Basically what you’ll be doing in the test is looking over a website they refer you to. As you’re navigating around you’ll record your findings by talking about what you like and what could be improved upon.

Once you’ve managed to pass the test, you’ll officially be a member of UserTesting and can start earning real money.

All recordings MUST be in English.

As an approved tester and reviewer you’ll soon start to receive product testing invites. Don’t take too long to accept an invitation, or you’ll miss out on the gig.

These are not emailed to you. Participants must be logged into the UserTesting website and keep an eye on your dashboard so you know when a new testing gig becomes available.

Just like with paid surveys, you’ll first be asked some screening questions to determine if you belong to the demographic they’re seeking. If you do, you’ll then qualify to do an actual paying test.

As you do more tests you’ll be rated on each one. If you consistently produce good results, your rating will increase, and with it you’ll get more tests to do and make more money.


How UserTesting Works


Requirements To Participate On the UserTesting Platform

There isn’t a lot required, but let’s very quickly list what tools you need and some other requirements:

  1. First, you must be 18 or older
  2. Fluent in English
  3. Have a computer, smartphone or tablet
  4. Internet
  5. Recorder for video and voice
  6. Have a PayPal account

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How Much Money Can You Make?

While you won’t be quitting your day job by joining the UserTesting team, the site does pay a little better for your time and effort than survey sites and regular GPT sites do. Those pay peanuts.

The amount you can earn testing stuff out isn’t great, but definitely more worth your time if you’re not shy to record videos.

The average amount of time is takes to get set up and complete a test is around 20 minutes. For this you’ll be paid $10. It’s not likely you’ll be able to, but if you could perform 3 tests in one hour, then that’s $30 for an hour of work.

That’s actually pretty good when you compare it to many other options online.

In addition to the longer tests, the platform also has much shorter, quick and easy tests that only take about 5 minutes to complete. These pay $3 for your time.

The money is pretty decent, but the downside is that opportunities to do tests will be very sporadic at best. It’s not like you’ll get one after the other. Plus, there are lots of people competing to land each testing gig, and you have to pass the screening questions when one becomes available.

Still, it doesn’t sound too shabby as a way to earn a few extra bucks here and there in your spare time.



How You Get Paid

UserTesting pays out in real cash, not gift cards or online subscriptions to stuff. It’s genuine money.

You must have a PayPal account set up, as this is the only method available to receive your payments.

Another good thing is that you don’t have to wait very long to receive your money either. UserTesting will pay your money to you 7 days after successfully completing and submitting a video review.


Target Market

This is targeted at the masses, and in particular those people who like doing videos. Anyone who wants to make some extra cash in their spare time will be suited to this.

You don’t need any special equipment to do it. If you have a computer, tablet or a smartphone, then you’re good to go.

Whether you’re a native English speaker or not, you must be fluent in English or you won’t get accepted.


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What I Do Like

  • UserTesting pays in real cash
  • You can earn between $3 and $10 for your video reviews
  • No special equipment is required
  • It’s something a little different (and better) to doing surveys and the like
  • UserTesting is free to join
  • You get paid fairly quickly, within 7 days of submitting a test
  • It’s not hard
  • It’s more fun than some other online tasks
  • It's global


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • You need to be over 18 to join
  • Testing jobs can be few and far between
  • You first need to pass the screening questions or you won’t get to do the tests


How Much Does It Cost To Join UserTesting?

It doesn’t cost you anything to join UserTesting as a reviewer and tester. It’s totally free and not a bad way to make a little extra cash each week.


Is UserTesting a Scam or Legit?

There is absolutely no scam here. UserTesting is a totally legit site and has been successfully operating since 2007.

I like the way it pays a little more than similar options out there, plus it looks far more interesting than answering survey questions, or watching videos on a GPT site for a cent or two.

The trick here is to sound confident as you speak while doing the tests, as it’s really your voice and what you say that’s most important here.

No specialist gear is required. You just have to be over 18 to participate and have an active PayPal account.

It’s worth looking into. Just don’t expect to make consistent money with it. There are a lot of people on the site all competing for the jobs, so keep an eye on your dashboard and respond quickly to a gig when it becomes available.

At the end of the day though, it’s likely you’ll only complete some tests here and there, so if consistent money is what you’re after online, read the next section below and do what I do.


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Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyNow while you can make a little extra pocket money with the UserTesting platform, it’s not the best plan if your goal is making some real dollars online from home. There are far better options, and one of the very best is affiliate marketing.

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Many affiliate marketers prefer to do it as a side hustle to supplement their regular income. People like myself enjoy a freedom lifestyle because our online gig makes us a fulltime income.

Let’s quickly list just a select few of those benefits:

  • You’ll earn passive income and make money while you sleep
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  • You can travel and still make money
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That list is just a mere sample of all the benefits.

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