Wake Up To Cash – Scam Or Legit? ($15K Yay Or Nay?)



Is Wake Up To Cash a scam or a legit way to make money on the internet from home? It’s a question that’s being asked by many people. Can you really make money with this James Wendell online business? Or is it all just a bunch of hype to lure people in.

Let’s see what Wake Up To Cash is all about…


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Wake Up To Cash Scam Or LegitCompany Name: Wake Up To Cash

Owner: James Wendell

Price To Join: $49

My Rating: 1/10



~ Wake Up To Cash Review ~


Programs like Wake Up To Cash draw a lot of attention online because they promise easy money from the comfort of home. These days multiple millions of people all around the world are looking for ways to make some extra money, and the internet is where they go to try and find it.

You can make legit money online for sure, and people even get wealthy from online ventures, but the fact that so many people are searching online for ways to make money, this has given birth to countless make money online scams that simply don’t deliver what they promise.

It’s for this reason I write so many reviews of make money programs on this website. I do it for you, so you can discover what sucks and what to avoid, and what might actually work for you.

It’s great that you’re here reading my Wake Up To Cash review. It’s the best way to avoid online scams and find the legit stuff.

Let’s dive in…


What Is Wake Up To Cash?

James Wendell, the guy who has put together the Wake Up To Cash money making system, claims members can make an easy $15,000 per month, every month.

That’s quite a lot of steady cash if it’s for real. That’s like $180k a year. Not too shabby.

I’m always dubious about big claims like that. While it’s possible to make that kind of money online, in my years of experience, just about any make money from home program that makes big dollar claims is usually just telling people what they want to hear.

The other thing that many want to hear is that the money can be made in quick time and with very little effort.

James promises these two things as well.

So far we have:

  • Big money
  • Quick time
  • Very little work

When those 3 points are combined they are a huge sign of a red flag and to be extremely cautious.

When you watch James’ sales video on his website, you’ll be greeted with a hard luck story, and how he turned his life around with this money making system.

You’ll hear the same kind of story told over and over again on many videos promoting make money online schemes. They tell the hard luck story because most people can relate to it. Sometimes the story may be true, but far more often than not it’s just a sales pitch that provides a hook.

James also claims to have become a millionaire from working on his system just 30 minutes per day. I’d really like to know how many other people in the world have managed to become millionaires with just half an hour a day of effort.

I doubt there would be many.

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How Does Wake Up To Cash Work?

Wake Up To Cash is not what it seems. In fact, the entire Wake Up To Cash website and system is really offering nothing at all.

The Wake Up To Cash website is merely just what is known as a “feeder site”, meaning it’s designed to funnel people through to something else.

James is an affiliate for some other make money programs where he earns commissions every time somebody joins. There’s nothing wrong with that, so long as everything is transparent and honest.

The problem is, James is making out like he’s created his own make money scheme, but all he’s really doing is feeding visitors through to other programs, and these programs vary.

One such make money program he regularly sends people to is “Automated Daily Income”, a site that was designed to get people into the now defunct MOBE high ticket scheme. Automated Daily Income is nothing more than a feeder site as well that funnelled people into the mega expensive MOBE program.


Automated Daily Income


It likely funnels people somewhere else, now that MOBE is no longer with us (recently shut down by the FTC).

James doesn’t always send people over to Automated Daily Income though. Other times his website will send visitors to some other high ticket scheme so he can earn a commission.

Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with earning commissions as an affiliate, so long as everything is upfront and honest.


Is There Any Money To Be Made?

Not if he’s still trying to get people to join MOBE. It no longer exists. Chances are members will be sent to another high ticket scheme, where you could potentially make money, but with those types of platforms, you have to spend up big before you can make any cash.

The way schemes like MOBE worked, is you first had to buy one of their expensive products or trainings before you could promote it and earn commissions. This led to some people spending upwards of $50,000 to go all in, just to be eligible to earn on everything MOBE offered.

That’s really big bucks for most people just starting out.

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MOBE Banner


Who Is the Target Audience?

Wake Up To Cash is pretty much targeting at everyone looking for a way to make big money online. The way things are promoted, it’s really getting pushed like a get rich quick scheme, where people can make tens of thousands of dollars in fast time and with very little effort.

Not everything online is dodgy or a scam, but you should always be wary of any scheme that promises big bucks for virtually no effort.

That’s nothing but a fantasy.


What’s Good About Wake Up To Cash

  • To be totally honest, there aren’t any real positives in my opinion


The Red Flags & Cons

  • High ticket programs like MOBE and others are very expensive to get involved with. Likely you’ll spend way more than you ever make, and expensive programs are hard to sell to others
  • Joining Wake Up To Cash simply redirects you to other offers. The site doesn’t offer a way to make any money. It’s just a feeder site
  • The positive testimonials on the site are fake, with actors and stock photos used to depict real customers
  • The platform is hyped up with big money in rapid time and virtually no work required. This is just telling people what they want to hear


Wake Up To Cash Scam Or Legit


How Much Is Wake Up To Cash To Join?

The website says $49, but I think this was originally the amount it cost to buy into the MOBE program at the base level.

The way the site switches between programs it refers you to, the starting cost to join whatever it is James is promoting at the time will likely vary.

At any rate, if you were to join anything that this feeder site sent you too, it’s likely a program that will end up costing your thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of dollars.


Is Wake Up To Cash a Scam Or Legit?

Would I label Wake Up To Cash an outright scam?

Not entirely, even though the website itself is very deceptive. The programs it feeds you to are real (except MOBE is now gone), but whether they’re worthwhile joining or not is another question.

While I wouldn’t say there’s a full blown scam going on here, scam tactics have definitely been deployed to hook people in to get their money.

I don’t recommend Wake Up To Cash. Give it a miss.


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