What Is a Laptop Lifestyle and Is It Worth Living?



What Is a Laptop Lifestyle?


Many people wonder exactly what is a laptop lifestyle? Some people have even been asking is the laptop lifestyle a scam? Is it even real? These are fair questions, and I intend to answer those questions in this post, as well as set the scene for what it’s all about.

You’ll discover just what it means to live the ultimate laptop lifestyle and all the benefits you’ll enjoy along the way. It’s well worth it.



What Is a Laptop Lifestyle?

First off, it’s not some fancy saying or a myth. It’s a very real lifestyle that actually means different things to different people. But I can essentially sum it up in one single word…


That’s the essence of living the laptop lifestyle.

It means being able to make money in such a fashion that you are not tied to one location, leaving you free to move around or travel without it impeding your income earning potential whatsoever.

Now of course you don’t have to be a traveller or someone who moves house regularly to enjoy the benefits of this type of life. It simply gives you options, even if you remain in the same place.

That’s why I said the definition can mean different things depending on your circumstances and what you like to do.

“Laptop lifestyle” isn’t a negative term that means one is living a vagrant lifestyle, avoiding responsibility. Far from it. It just means that you work for yourself online and don’t have an employer or a brick and mortar business chaining you to the one spot, with set hours that you have to work.

All of your income is generated online, and that’s what enables you to enjoy so much freedom in your life.

A simple online business is all it takes to enjoy this kind of “vastly improved” lifestyle, and I’ll talk more about that at the end of this post.


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I Live the Laptop Lifestyle

I’ve personally been living the definition of the laptop lifestyle for nearly a decade. I make all my money online and am free to roam anywhere I please, and work from any location I desire.

Now I’m not a huge traveller by any means, but the option is there without it disrupting my cash flow and income earning ability.

What I like is I make my own rules and get to live life on my terms, because there is no boss telling me what to do.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have to do anything, but it does mean I choose when I work and when I want to take time out to do something else.

It’s all about experiencing a much more balanced life, and there’s nothing better than being your own boss.


What Is a Laptop Lifestyle


Enjoy the Ultimate Freedom of Time AND Money

True Freedom = Time AND Money

Many people have enough money, but not much time to enjoy life. Then there are others, perhaps pensioners and the unemployed, who have time on their hands but are struggling for cash.

Unless you have both time and money at the same time, it’s almost impossible to experience and enjoy a truly balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

The laptop lifestyle gives you exactly that, and the reason it’s possible to have time and money together is that much of your income will be passive income. This frees up your time without depleting your wallet.

When you work a regular job you are trading time for dollars. As soon as you stop working you stop getting paid. But when you’re doing the kind of things online that generate passive income streams, you can even make money while you are sleeping.

In other words, work you do right now could still generate an income for years to come.

This is the secret and main ingredient of the freedom life. Without time and money at the same time, you can’t really live a free and abundant lifestyle without restrictions.


Work Form Home and Be Your Own Boss

I mentioned earlier how I love not having a boss to answer to. It’s one of the very best feelings and truly gives you that sense of freedom and control over your own life.

You get to work from the comfort of home; whether you set up a home office, work from your kitchen or living room, or even while relaxing in bed.

Sometimes I’ll take my laptop to my favourite cafe and take advantage of their free Wi-Fi while sipping on an espresso. I’ve even relaxed in the park, connected my laptop via a hotspot on my phone and worked in total relaxation amongst nature.

You decide when and where you’ll work and what your tasks will be, depending on what it is you’re doing to make money online.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you decide to move to another city or town, there’s no disruption to your online business as it seamlessly moves wherever you decide to go.

How easy is that?


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Travel and Make Money Along the Way

Not everyone is into travelling regularly, but one of the most awesome benefits of living the laptop lifestyle is having the time freedom to travel and the ability to still make money while on your journey.

It’s the perfect scenario for frequent travellers, or those who like to go on extended adventures.

One important thing to keep in mind is there are no borders online. Let’s say you’re from England and you want to travel through South East Asia for 3 months. If you are making all your money online and not within the countries you are visiting, you can be anywhere on a tourist visa and make money without being in breach of the conditions of your visa.

Under normal circumstances when someone goes on a vacation, there is both limited time and a limited supply of money. It’s different when you’re living the laptop lifestyle, because you are still generating an income while you’re relaxing on a beach somewhere or exploring an exotic wilderness.

Seriously, you are limited only by your imagination when you have the time and the cash to travel regularly, whether abroad or within your own country.


Laptop Lifestyle Free To Travel


Spend More Quality Time With Family and Loved Ones

When you work a job you spend so much time each week at work and getting to work and back. Then there’s possible overtime, meetings and so on.

When you get home there are meals to cook, chores to be done, errands to run and time to sleep, so you can get up the next day and start the process all over again.

If you have a partner and maybe even kids, you end up spending far more of your quality time – the time when you’re the freshest – hanging out with your work colleagues rather than those closest and most important to you.

This is a rather sad scenario really, because you miss out on so much time with the people who matter most, but often there’s no choice in the matter because we all have to make a living and pay the bills.

When you have an online business or a way to make money online from home, imagine how much more family time or partner time you’ll get to enjoy, and your partner and kids will appreciate it too.

You’ll also have the flexibility to take the kids to school and back, attend sporting events, go out with your partner for a lunch date and loads more options.


You Get To Have More Fun Times With Your Friends

Everyone has a close circle of friends, and on a broader scale, acquaintances that they’ll catch up with on given occasions.

The problem usually arises because people have different schedules and might be working different times of the day, or varying days of the week.

When you’re living the laptop lifestyle, you can make your own schedule, whatever you want it to be, as it suits you.

Let’s say one of your friends works the night shift and is only free to catch up during the day (when many others are working). You’re basically free day or night, so you can pick and choose when to socialise, making it perfect for scenarios like this.

You’ll really be spoilt for options to go out and have fun with your friends when you’re living the kind of freedom lifestyle working online from home gives you. And you’ll be the go to person that your friends want to hang out with because you’ll generally always be available.

Once you live the laptop lifestyle for a while, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever been able to live any other way.


Laptop Lifestyle Fun With Friends


Let’s Talk About Your Income

There are a lot of different things you can do online to make money, and even if you’re focusing on just one thing, often there is the possibility of establishing multiple sources of income from whatever you focus on.

There are a number of important reasons why it’s a good idea to have more than one income stream:

  1. If you have a number of income streams going and one dries up for whatever reason, you still have money coming in from the others. This gives you a lot more financial security, plus a solid base to keep you going while you create a new income stream or two.
  2. When you have multiple income sources working for you, you can actually start to get ahead financially, as each time you create and build a new one, your income generally increases along with it. This is how people build wealth.
  3. It’s also a lot more fun receiving money very regularly from different sources and it keeps things interesting.

Now let’s quickly talk about residual income and passive income, as you’ll likely be receiving these two types of income, and they are kind of similar.

In fact, passive income is what you really want, because it’s passive income that leads to more time and money freedom, which is what the laptop lifestyle is all about.

Residual income is somewhat passive. It’s when you receive money over and over again. An example would be something like a monthly membership fee, or something like that.

Passive income can be residual income as well, but often it comes in without you even having to do anything. Here’s a good example.

Years ago I used to write a lot of eBooks and sell them on Amazon Kindle and other platforms. These days I still make money from book sales, even though I haven’t written any new books in years.

That’s genuine passive income.

This is the kind of income you really want to aim for, and if you do what I do to make money and live the laptop lifestyle, you will create multiple passive income streams.

So let’s now move onto the last and final section of this post on living the laptop lifestyle.


Laptop Lifestyle Income


This Is How I Do It!

Even though I still bring in some monthly passive income from my book writing days – and it’s great – most of my online income now comes from affiliate marketing.

One of the great things about affiliate marketing is its simplicity. Anyone can do it and make money if you follow some easy training that shows you how.

Another very important thing to note is all you really need to get started and do affiliate marketing is a computer (preferably a laptop for portability) and an internet connection. It really costs hardly anything to do this and most of the money you make is pure profit.

I know heaps of people making money with this. Some just do it on the side to supplement their incomes, because it’s perfect for that. I also know some other affiliates who are raking in the big bucks.

I’m not in the “big bucks” category from it yet, but I do make a healthy living that allows me to live the freedom laptop lifestyle, and that’s super important to me.

If you have a dream of living a life of more abundance, quality and freedom, where you have both time and money, then make the decision to get started today.

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