What Is “Proven Amazon Course”? MUST READ REVIEW!



What is Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum? There are a lot of courses teaching people how to sell on Amazon, but is Jim’s course really as good as everyone’s saying it is? Well, I answer these questions and more in my Proven Amazon Course review.

Before we dive straight into the review, I first wanted to say congrats for being here. The very fact that you’re reading this review proves to me that you’re smart. You don’t just join something without looking into it first, and that’s a wise move.

Chances are you’ll never waste your time on something or get scammed.

Now read on to learn more about the Proven Amazon Course and whether it’s worth joining…



What Is Proven Amazon Course

Company Name: Proven Amazon Course

Owner: Jim Cockrum

Price To Join: $399

My Rating: 9/10


~ Proven Amazon Course Reviews ~


Do you know why I love making money online so much? Because it’s given me freedom and allowed me to live the laptop lifestyle. What I want to do these days is help others achieve the same kind of lifestyle that I enjoy, because it really is the best.

I created my Laptop Freedom Living website for that very reason, and it’s also why I write so many reviews of make money online (MMO) products and training platforms on here.

Now while there are so many awesome opportunities online, there are lots of scams too. To avoid those scams and discover what’s worth your time and money, reading reviews is one of the best ways to sort the good from the bad.


Why It’s Awesome Having An Online Business At Home!

We’ll get right into the review of Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course in just a moment, but first I just wanted to give you a taste of what it’s like to have a successful online business, just like Jim teaches.

When you’re shown how to do things the right way online, you can actually bring in some really nice passive income. In fact, because the internet’s a global marketplace, you can even make money while you sleep. I do, and so do many millions of other online entrepreneurs across the globe.

Imagine being your own boss from now on, and no longer having to drag yourself out of bed and go to a day job for 8 hours or more. All you’ll need to run your business from home is a computer and the internet, and you can actually work from just about anywhere.

This is the essence of the laptop lifestyle. It’s freedom to do what you want, wherever you like and still make money.

All you have to do when you wake up in the morning is jump on your computer and see how much money you’ve made overnight.

It’s a great way to start the day.

Most people spend way more time with their work colleagues than they do with their partner or children, but not anymore. Not when you have your own successful online business. You’ll also have flexibility to get other things done throughout the day.

The result of all this is time and money freedom. Some people have money, but no time. Others have time, but not much money. You’ll get to enjoy both at the same time.

True lifestyle freedom is what it’s really all about.

Recently I was seeing a lot of chatter online about Proven Amazon Course, so I made the decision to do some research and write a review on it, so you can make an informed decision.

So let’s now see if Proven Amazon Course is hot or not.


What Is Proven Amazon Course


What Is Proven Amazon Course About?

There are actually a lot of courses out there that are designed to teach people how to sell products on Amazon, make money with Amazon, sell books on Amazon and so on, but many people rate Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course as one of the best.

This isn’t just my personal opinion. It’s actually the opinion of the masses.

Created in 2009, Proven Amazon Course shows members how to make money with retail arbitrage and Fulfillment By Amazon. Millions of people all around the world make money on Amazon daily, and Jim’s course is designed to make you the next Amazon success story.

Along with the course itself and all the training and resources you gain access to, Jim Cockrum also has a membership site where you can do training for all sorts of things, as well as loads of freebies to help you on your online journey.

Anyway, in the Proven Amazon Course you’ll have access to webinars, training modules, videos, PDFs and all the training resources you’ll need to be successful selling on Amazon. You even get to interact with Amazon pros and learn from them, which is invaluable and sure to fast-track your efforts.

The course focuses a lot on retail arbitrage and Fulfillment By Amazon, so before we get right into what the course offers, I’ll briefly go over retail arbitrage and Amazon FBA in the next 2 sections.


What’s Retail Arbitrage?

Basically retail arbitrage is simply finding a product on one retailer at a cheaper price and then selling it at a higher price on either another retail site (Amazon) or your own eCommerce store.

For example, you might find a bunch of products selling for half price at Target in a clearance sale. You buy them up, then sell them on your Amazon storefront for the original retail price and make a hefty profit.

Another common form of arbitrage is online retail arbitrage, where you don’t even have to handle the product.

An example of this would be finding a product cheap on eBay, creating an Amazon listing for it at a higher price, then when someone buys, you purchase the product from eBay and have the seller ship it to the address of your customer.

It’s a form of drop shipping, and a lot of people do this; especially between listings on both Amazon and eBay.

With this form of retail arbitrage you simply pocket the price difference.


How Does Fulfillment By Amazon Work?

As the majority of Proven Amazon Course focuses on Fulfillment By Amazon, let’s now take a quick look at what that involves.

You apply to become an Amazon seller and ship the products you want to sell to the Amazon warehouse in the country where you want to sell them.

Let’s look at a simple example.

You decide you want to sell phone cases for the latest iPhone. You’ve found a supplier selling them for the right price. Once you’ve established your Amazon seller account, you make your first bulk purchase of the phone covers and ship them to the Amazon warehouse.

One they arrive, you then create product pages for each different phone case on Amazon. These will be your sales pages. When a sale is made, the team at Amazon fulfil the order and ship the item to the customer on your behalf.

You get paid.

The reason this is so popular is you never have to actually handle the products. Amazon takes care of fulfillment. You also get to take advantage of the power of the Amazon sales platform.

On top of that, Amazon even does some free promotion for you, through recommended products on similar product listing, their categories and Top 100 lists, an also in their promotional emails.

Amazon is the most trusted online retailer out there, and when you sell on Amazon, you immediately come under their trust umbrella, which is a huge plus in your favour.



There are loads of people who make big money selling on Amazon, but there are also many people who fail totally.

For this reason it’s vital you get training that shows you how to do it right, so you have every chance of finding success.

That’s where Jim’s Proven Amazon Course comes into play.


How Does Proven Amazon Course Really Work?

The Proven Amazon course teaches participants how to sell all sorts of products on Amazon using their FBA platform. You’ll learn how to choose products, create listings and sales pages, promote your products, how to create a seller account and stacks more.

The whole idea of the course is to take the guess work out of it and set you off on the right path from the very beginning, so you don’t waste time, minimise mistakes, and reach a level of success that you’re happy with sooner.

You don’t want to go this journey alone, so all you have to do is join the Proven Amazon Course and get started.

Let’s now see what’s inside.


Proven Amazon Course Products


Proven Amazon Course Training

There is a lot to the Proven Amazon Course, so I’m not going to go into huge detail here. What I’ll do is basically list what’s included.

There also seems to be quite a number of different courses under the Proven Amazon Course. You don’t necessarily have to go through everything. You can pick and choose what parts you want to learn.

I mentioned earlier that the course materials are primarily made up of videos, webinars and PDFs, and pretty much everything Amazon related is covered.

You actually get a lot of information and training for your money here.

Start Here – Here you’ll watch a welcome video, learn how to open an Amazon seller account, discover how FBA works, and join the PAC Facebook group.

Proven Private Label – In this section you’ll learn how to find private label products that you can rebrand and sell on your Amazon store. This is all presented in a series of videos and webinars.

Multiple Online Sourcing Strategies – Learn how to source the right products to sell on Amazon and make a profit. You’ll learn a lot about retail arbitrage, as well as eBay to Amazon arbitrage. You’ll discover multitudes of product sourcing strategies.

Proven Performance Inventory – Learn keyword strategies when creating your Amazon product listings. This is an important step so your listings get found by potential customers in Amazon search.

Promotional Company Sourcing – This part of the training is made up of 12 videos, and you’ll learn things like dealing with promotional companies, branding your own private label products, creating your own brand and loads more.

Other categories in the course include:

  • Proven Audience Formula
  • Amazon Basics
  • Buy Local Sell To the World
  • Proven Wholsale Sourcing
  • Merch
  • International FBA
  • Build Your Team
  • Taxes, Accounting, Legal
  • Live Events
  • Creative Partnerships
  • Resources
  • Bonus Content
  • Archived Content
  • Support

There is a lot of detail under each section, way too much to delve into here. I’ll leave a link to the Proven Amazon Formula sales page at the end of this review, so you can check it out for more detail.


Proven Amazon Course Training Modules


If You Join, Will You Make Money With Amazon FBA?

There is no absolute guarantee that you’ll make money, as this can depend on so many factors and variables. What you will get with Jim’s course though, is everything you need to have the very best chance of success.

Ultimately success is in your hands once you’ve done the training, as it’s up to you to put the effort into building your online business and giving things time to happen.

You’ll also need to put regular effort into finding ways to drive relevant traffic to your Amazon sales pages. Likely you’ll need a budget to spend on paid advertising, such as targeted Facebook ads.

Do some online searches and read some success stories about people selling on the Amazon platform. There are plenty out there. Many of the students of PAC have found major success with their Amazon businesses after doing Jim Cockrum’s courses.

Everyone who has had success on Amazon was a complete beginner at one point, and everybody stands a good chance of doing well; especially when you’ve done training that shows you how.


Target Audience

Proven Amazon Course is good for anyone with a little bit of capital who is looking for an online opportunity, and Amazon presents some of the most profitable opportunities online.

If you have no money and really struggling for cash at this time, then trying to start an Amazon business wouldn’t be the right decision, as it’ll take start up funds and time before you see a return on investment.


Jim Cockrum Proven Amazon Course


What I Really Like

  • Many people rate Proven Amazon Course as the best course out there to teach you how to sell successfully on Amazon
  • When you team up with Amazon, you get to take advantage of all the trust this internet giant has built up over the years
  • With Amazon FBA, they take care of all fulfillment and deliveries, leaving you free to focus on making sales and taking care of business
  • There is a great support network here, especially within the Facebook group. You even get to interact with Jim Cockrum himself
  • There is stacks of training included, possibly more than you even need to be successful on Amazon
  • Proven Amazon Course has been around since 2009, so it obviously works
  • Amazon will help you promote your products
  • A home business online with give you lifestyle freedom
  • The price for all this training is actually really good



  • As you don’t necessarily have to do all the training that’s on offer, it can be a bit confusing to work out what to focus on and when. It needs to be a bit more step-by-step
  • The website for the course looks a bit dated
  • There can be a bit of information overload with this course


How Much Does Proven Amazon Course Cost To Join?

At the time of this writing, the cost to join Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course is $399.

Alternatively, you can pay off the course in 3 instalments of $146 each, for a total of $438.

There is also a 30 day, 100% refund guarantee if you’re not entirely happy.

This is all really a small price to pay for all the training you get and to learn how to set up a successful business on the Amazon platform.

People can spend up to $100k getting degrees so they can find a job. For 400 bucks worth of training you get to educate yourself in setting up in your own business online. That’s a total bargain compared to other options out there.

Don’t forget you’ll need money for inventory, as well as advertising.


Proven Amazon Course Prices


Is Proven Amazon Course Legit and Recommended?

Proven Amazon Course is definitely legit and has been going strong and educating people since 2009.

In fact, for the money this is really hard to beat. I’ve seen Amazon courses selling in the thousands that don’t offer anywhere near as much as what Jim’s course does.

If you follow the training and interact with other beginners and experts on the Facebook page, there’s no reason why you can’t soon be enjoying the spoils of a profitable home business that’ll give you loads of lifestyle freedom.

Click here to check out Proven Amazon Course now!


I Also Highly Recommend…

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