What Is the Gold Opinions Scam? Anything But a Golden Opportunity



What is the Gold Opinions scam? That’s what so many people have been labelling this so called paid survey site, so it really got me curious to take a close look at it. The person behind the website claims people can get paid up to $50 per survey, but is that for real or not?

Let’s take a good look at Gold Opinions and uncover the truth about this site…



What Is the Gold Opinions ScamCompany Name: Gold Opinions

Owner: Unknown Affiliate

Price To Join: $1 for 7 Day Trial (then $27/Month)

My Rating: 0/10



~ Gold Opinions Review ~



I love the internet. I love the way there are so many ways to make some cash from home online, which was never possible before. Plus, the internet never sleeps, so if you have something targeting a global marketplace, you can potentially make money at any time 24/7.

Unfortunately there are a lot of scammers on the internet, preying on the unwary. It’s up to us to be cautious and weed out all the crap to find the good stuff.

There was so much talk going on about a new survey site called Gold Opinions and how it was nothing but a rip off scam, so I decided to write a review on this platform after doing some research on it.

On my Laptop Freedom Living website I write a lot of product reviews for make money online systems, as well as training programs that claim to teach people how to make money. The reason I write reviews is to help us all be informed and make positive decisions.

While there’s lot’s of great ways to make money online, like I said, there are also many scams, so we all have to be careful. That’s where product reviews can be so helpful, and why I write them.

Because you’re here reading this review, you’ll likely never fall for a scam because you do your research before joining up with anything.

Let’s now see if Gold Opinions is any good or a scam like many are saying.


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What Is Gold Opinions?

I’ve joined and participated in quite a few survey sites over the years and all of them have been free to join.

Gold Opinions wants to charge people money to join and pay a monthly fee to remain a member.

That kind of thing sets off my alarm bells. I mean, paid surveys pay very little for your time as it is, without actually having to pay the platform for the right to fill out surveys for market research.

This platform claims to have paid out over $8 million to its members so far.


Gold Opinions $8 Million


Part of the sales pitch with Gold Opinions is that you can earn anywhere from $5 right up to $50 for completing a single survey.

While $5 might be believable in some instances (although still higher than average), $50 is an out of this world price for doing an online survey, unless it takes about 5 hours to complete or something.


Gold Opinions Pay Rates


They are also claiming you can make around $30 an hour for joining focus groups, and that the average hourly rate for the surveys is also about $30.

These are unheard of price points in the world of paid surveys in my years of experience. But anyway, that’s what they’re stating on their website.


What Is the Gold Opinions Scam


The owner of the site also states that no experience is required and that the Gold Opinions platform is open to participants from all around the world.

When it comes to what you get paid, here’s my experience with being involved in a number of survey platforms, plus having looked into and reviewed countless other survey platforms.

The average pay per survey of around 10-15 minutes would be anywhere from $0.50 to $2.00. The most you could conceivably make per hour with the best paying surveys, and if you had consistent surveys to fill out, would be about $10, although the range of $3-$6 per hour would be more the average.

So how is it possible that Gold Opinions can promise so much money for completing surveys?

The truth is, they can’t. It’s all BS to get you to join their site and pay them money.

You see, they aren’t even a real survey platform, as you’ll soon discover.

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How Gold Opinions Works

This site doesn’t act as a go between to match up survey participants with companies needing to conduct market research (which is how most legit survey platforms function).

If you join, what happens is they refer members to other legitimate survey platforms which you can join for free. The reason they do this is they’ll earn a small commission for each and every person they refer to these other platforms.

Ordinarily this would be okay, so long as the site owner is honest about what they’re doing. I’ve seen this kind of site before, where it’s just some affiliate trying to send people to other platforms to earn referral fees.

Gold Opinions isn’t just happy to earn referral fees. They also charge people to join Gold Opinions in the first place?

Okay, so they offer a 7 day trial for just $1. However, that $1 would quickly add up if thousands of people join every month.

And after that, this person wants to charge members an additional $27 every month just to remain a member of Gold Opinions.

Like I said, you can join all these other survey platforms Gold Opinions sends you to for free anyway. There’s no need to even go through Gold Opinions, let along continue to pay them month after month.

And for what? What’s the monthly fee cover?


If anyone did pay the initial one dollar joining fee to join Gold Opinions, I couldn’t see anyone continuing to be a member and start handing over $27 a month for survey sites that are free to join and pay you peanuts.

What a joke this Gold Opinions website and scheme is.

All of the survey platforms they refer you to you can easily find in a Google search and join them individually without any cost to you.

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Gold Opinions Steps


Gold Opinions Is Not Their Only Scam Site

After doing some further research and thinking there’s something oddly familiar about the Gold Opinions website, I discovered that this person (or group of people) actually has a bunch of other websites all pulling a similar scam.

Sites such as:

  • Gaming Jobs Online
  • Photography Jobs Online
  • Writing Jobs Online

To name a few.

These are all ClickBank products, along with Gold Opinions. This means affiliates are pushing these products to earn commissions through the digital marketplace, ClickBank.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with selling products on ClickBank, or affiliates promoting them and earning commissions, but the main issue with ClickBank is they allow so many low quality “make money” products on their platform.

Just like Gold Opinions and the others mentioned above.

There is one good thing about ClickBank from a buyer’s perspective. They have a 60 day money back guarantee for every product sold through their platform.


More Hype and BS

Along with saying they’ve paid members over $8 million and that they pay up to $50 per survey completed, the hype continues with Gold Opinions.

They also claim to be endorsed by major TV channels and well known websites, and that they’ve had their platform featured in stories on these channels. TV channel logos are even plastered all over the Gold Opinions website.


Gold Opinions Fake News


Anyone can copy these logos and put them on a website. I could do it with my website here and also make the claim I’ve been featured on these channels, even though that would be a lie.

The point is, it proves nothing. Anyone can do this.

The website also has a calculator on it, so you can input some data and work out how much money you might be able to earn per day, week and month by completing surveys. The calculator says you can make $400 a day doing surveys.

Yeah, right.


Target Market

This is aimed at people wanting to make a little bit of spare cash in their own time at home, except the amount of cash they claim you can make with doing surveys is way over-hyped.

No paid survey platforms pay out this kind of cash, and Gold Opinions doesn’t actually pay anyone anything. You just get to pay them for the privilege of being a member of their dodgy scheme.


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What I Like

  • Paid surveys are real and can make you a little bit of money, but there’s nothing to like about the Gold Opinions website
  • 60 day money back guarantee on ClickBank


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The website is based in Panama
  • The TV channel endorsements are fake
  • This site is just an affiliate site to refer people to real paid survey platforms so the site owner can earn commissions
  • There are no surveys to complete on Gold Opinions
  • There is no way anyone will earn $50 for completing a survey
  • This site even charges members to join the site, whereas all legit paid survey platforms are free to join
  • Gold Opinions is a product sold on ClickBank, and the owner is running a bunch of similar scam sites which are also sold on ClickBank
  • The guy in the video is a paid actor on the freelancer site, Fiverr. I’ve seen his face in countless sales videos over the years
  • Even doing legit paid surveys is barely worth it, as the amount you get paid for your time is so small
  • The website owner remains anonymous
  • The only person making money with this is the owner


How Much Does Gold Opinions Cost To Join?

Gold Opinions charges members $1 for an initial 7 day trial. After the seven days is up, the price skyrockets to $27 a month to be a part of a site that offers you absolutely no value whatsoever.

And being a ClickBank product there is the likelihood of being hit with upsells as well, as that seems to be very common for anything sold on ClickBank.


Is Gold Opinions a Scam Or Legit?

Yep, I’d call this a scam.

The website offers zero value and has the audacity to charge people to be a member of it. This site is run by an affiliate who earns commissions for every person referred to the real survey platforms.

Not satisfied with that, the affiliate has created a website full of lies and over-inflated income claims, as well as charging people a fee to be referred to these other real paid survey platforms.

There are no surveys on the Gold Opinions site and there is absolutely no reason to even remotely consider joining it. It's a scam survey site.

If you want to try your hand at paid surveys, just do a Google search and join them directly for free.

Give Gold Opinions a miss.


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