Wi-Fi Millionaire Reviews – Will You Become the Next Millionaire?



Is Wi-Fi Millionaire a scam or a legit way to make money online? It’s a common question, and while there are other Wi-Fi Millionaire reviews out there, mine will answer all your important questions. This is brought to us by Matt Lloyd and he makes it sound super easy to make big dollars with his system, but is that really the truth?

It’s awesome that you’ve found your way here to my Wi-Fi Millionaire review. What it shows me is that you’re one of the smart people online. You do research into something before paying up money to join, and that’s wise.

The chances of you ever falling for a scam are close to zero.

Now read on to learn the truth about Matt Lloyd’s Wi-Fi Millionaire system…



Wi-Fi Millionaire ReviewsCompany Name: Wi-Fi Millionaire

Owner: Matt Lloyd

Price To Join: $49 + Upsells

My Rating: 2/10



~ Wi-Fi Millionaire Reviews ~


I don’t have any affiliation with Wi-Fi Millionaire, so my review is totally unbiased.

Nowadays it seems just about everybody is looking to the internet to find ways to supplement their incomes, start a business of some sort, or even get rich. And why not? Never before has there been so many different options and opportunities available 24/7.

The internet never sleeps, you can work from home, and it’s a great medium for building up sources of passive income.

I’ve been doing exactly that for years now, and it’s allowed me to live the freedom of the laptop lifestyle. That’s the ultimate and I’m here to help others achieve the same.

Because so many people are searching online for money making options, it’s given birth to all manner of schemes and training programs. Some are great, some are average, while others are just outright scams and cons.

We need to always be aware of this and be careful where we tread online.

Reading product reviews from independent sources is one of the best ways to find what’s good and what to avoid. I research so many schemes and write reviews so I can help others make wise choices.

I came across Matt Lloyd’s Wi-Fi Millionaire system recently. The guy makes some big promises, so I decided to do some digging and write a review detailing what I discovered.

Let’s now see if Wi-Fi Millionaire can live up to its promises or not.


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What Is Wi-Fi Millionaire About?

Wi-Fi Millionaire ReviewsIt’s an interesting sounding name for a make money online scheme, and the word “millionaire” will always get peoples’ attention, so some smart marketing there.

It’s promoted as a way for everyday people to become millionaires, and who wouldn’t want that?

The sales video on the site is presented by Matt Lloyd himself (he hasn’t hired a paid actor like some schemes do), and Matt talks very passionately about his platform.

As is typical in videos such as this, there is loads of hype tossed our way. That “millionaire” tag is mentioned repeatedly, as is the possibility of making up to $10k a sale.

Matt even uses the word “secret” to describe his system, and if I was given 10 bucks for every time I was told a money making system was secret, I’d already be a millionaire myself just from that alone.

Apart from the millionaire tag and the $10k a sale, Matt also tells us that it’s entirely possible to be pulling in an average of $7000 a day with Wi-Fi Millionaire. You just first have to believe it’s possible and the money will be yours.

To be honest it’s all sounding a bit too easy and too good to be true to me. I’ve heard this same kind of sales pitch over and over again as I’ve researched programs like this one and written reviews on them.

Some of the testimonials on the site even suggest you can be making thousands of dollars a week with no work required.

This is sounding more like some bogus get rich quick scheme where they are simply telling us what we want to hear. That’s very common practice among make money online (MMO) schemes and training platforms, unfortunately.

Most of the time you’ll be sold on a bunch of sales hype, but they never actually get around to telling you how you’ll make all this money or what you have to do to get a generous slice of the money pie.

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How Does Wi-Fi Millionaire Really Work?

Although Wi-Fi Millionaire all sounds really great in theory and in Matt’s sales pitch, can it really deliver on its promises?

Well, Wi-Fi Millionaire itself can’t, because it’s not actually a money making scheme at all. The website Matt Lloyd would have you believe can transform you into a millionaire is nothing more than a funnel or a feeder site into Matt’s real program.

Many affiliates of the mother program create these somewhat fake sites, where they make it sound like they have their very own money making scheme. They hook you in, then switch you over to the real program being sold.

Obviously Matt must teach his members this tactic, because he’s doing the exact same thing himself here with the Wi-Fi Millionaire website.

Often when one platform is well known and develops a less than positive reputation, either the scheme will be renamed and rebranded, or they’ll come up with misleading and deceptive ways to get people into the real scheme that has a bad name, without mentioning what it really is until the last minute.

That’s most definitely the case with what Matt Lloyd and his affiliates are doing.

So what is the scheme Matt Lloyd is really trying to get people to join with the promise of becoming online millionaires?

It’s a high ticket (expensive) platform called MOBE, which stands for “My Online Business Education”.



Who Is Matt Lloyd and What Is MOBE?

Matt Lloyd is an Australian entrepreneur, and he started the high ticket MOBE scheme from his home in Perth back in January of 2012.

Basically the idea of the MOBE scheme is to sell itself, its memberships and its digital products and training, over and over again.

MOBE is also all about recruitment, where the emphasis is on continually bringing in new members to spend more money, so those that referred them can make commissions.

A lot of it is based on affiliate marketing types of techniques, and there’s nothing wrong with an affiliate promoting a product and earning a commission when somebody buys.

However, there are some glaring problems with the MOBE scheme, with one of the most major ones being the overall cost, which we’ll talk about more shortly.

Sites like Wi-Fi Millionaire, Passive Payday, My Online Franchise and Cash In On That Passion are all MOBE feeder sites. When you pay the joining fee, what you’re really doing is paying the base level entry into the MOBE scheme.

When people join MOBE they enter into the platform’s 21 Steps program, which is basically designed to extract as much cash out of you as possible. Part way through you’ll be assigned a “millionaire mentor”, who is really just a MOBE sales rep. This rep will squeeze money out of you every step of the way.

MOBE has a whole array of membership levels, digital products and training that is all sold separately. The idea of joining MOBE is to learn how to sell MOBE and its products to others so you can earn juicy commissions.

The problem with MOBE and other similar high ticket scheme is they are what’s often referred to as “pay to play”. What this means is that you must first buy a particular product before you can earn a commission by reselling that product.

Your millionaire mentor will constantly be encouraging you to go “all in” with MOBE so you can make commissions on absolutely everything.

Do you know how much it costs to buy everything MOBE has available?

About $64,000!

Yep, you read that right – $64k!

That’s a hell of a lot of cash for a new online entrepreneur to spend just trying something out with the hope of making money online. Most people wouldn’t have that kind of cash to spare, nor would they want to risk that much money.

Before you even start to make a profit from commissions, you have to recruit enough people – people who are willing to spend up big – to first recoup your $64k investment.

That’s a really tough ask, but that’s essentially what MOBE’s all about.

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Millionaire Mentor? Ha!

Like I said, this is nothing more than a fancy name for a MOBE sales rep. This “mentor” is just a high pressure salesperson. Their only job is to get you to buy stuff, not mentor you on becoming a millionaire.

In fact, the only mentoring they do is tell you that you need to spend up big before you can be eligible to make the big commissions. They don’t really teach you how to make those massive sales though, to get your investment back and make enough sales to become a millionaire.

It’s all just a gimmick, really.


MOBE Banner


The “No Work Required” Line Is Very Misleading

Everything requires work and usually a lot of work. Making money online isn’t some magical cash cow that just churns out dollars at the mere push of a button as so many apparent “online gurus” would have you believe.

That’s just make believe, a total fantasy.

There are some awesome ways to make money online, but they all take work. Maybe in time, when you’ve set up some passive income streams, money will come in more effortlessly, but not in the beginning.

MOBE, and other schemes like it, would all have you believe that you can become a millionaire, in quick time, with very little effort required.

That’s all bogus sales talk.


Target Audience

MOBE target newbies and the get rich quick crowd, because that’s essentially their sales pitch. Realistically though, I don’t know how many newbies would have that kind of cash to risk on their first foray into the make money online world.

The REAL target market of schemes like MOBE are people who are already financial comfortable and have time on their hands, people who can risk that kind of money trying something out.

To be successful with any high ticket scheme you must be a master recruiter and seller, because you’re selling mega expensive items, and if you don’t make sales, then you’ve just done your dough.


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What I Like

  • It’s possible to make some big money with platforms like MOBE, as they pay big commissions


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The claim that no work is required is an outright joke
  • The “millionaire mentor” is nothing but a high pressure sales rep
  • MOBE is pay to play, so you can only earn commissions on products and memberships you’ve bought yourself
  • It costs about $64,000 to go all in with MOBE
  • High ticket schemes only sell themselves, so you don’t get to learn how to become a true online entrepreneur
  • You need to be a master at recruiting and selling people expensive memberships
  • There is a lot of misleading information in Matt’s sales pitch
  • Wi-Fi Millionaire is nothing more than a MOBE feeder site
  • I doubt anybody will be even getting remotely close to becoming a millionaire with this, except for Matt Lloyd
  • MOBE affiliates have a habit of creating these fake funnel sites


How Much Does Wi-Fi Millionaire Cost To Join?

The asking price of $49 is merely the very beginning of a very long and very expensive MOBE sales funnel. Like I said earlier, it’ll cost you around $64,000 to buy everything at MOBE.

Most of the products and membership levels are in the $1000s, with Diamond being just a tick under $30k!

That’s massive money!


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is Wi-Fi Millionaire a Scam Or Legit?

I don’t consider high ticket schemes like MOBE and co total scams. You do get training and products for your money, but they are mega expensive with lots of pressure to buy upsells. And most of the focus is on recruitment.

You also don’t really get to learn how to make  money in any other way than selling MOBE itself. You don’t learn to become an entrepreneur outside of the MOBE scheme.

Ultimately most people just end up spending bucket loads of cash and never go close to making their money back, let alone a profit.

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