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Is World Global Network a scam MLM company or not? Some people have been asking this question, so I thought I’d take a look at this network marketing scheme to see what it’s all about. They provide gadgets for health and fitness monitoring, but also claim you can make great money with their business opportunity.

Read on to find out whether this is really the truth or not….



World Global Network Is a ScamCompany Name: World Global Network

Founder: Fabio Galdi

Price To Join: $349 To Get Started

My Rating: 5.5/10


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It’s unbelievable how many MLM companies are around these days, and so many are focused on health, wellness, dieting and fitness. It’s by far and away the most common niche there is in network marketing today.

World Global Network came to my attention because people were pushing others to join via social media posts. It got me interested enough to research this company, its products and business opportunity. I’ve written this review based on what I discovered.

So much of my website is devoted to and focused on reviews of make money schemes, as well as training that’s supposed to teach people how to make money. I do this so we can all determine what’s hot, what’s pretty average and what to give a miss.

It’s an unfortunate fact that while the internet offers many great opportunities globally, it’s also infested with con artists who want to take your money. Product reviews help us all sort the chaff from the gold.

It’s so good that you found your way to my review here, as it demonstrates you do your research before handing your money over and joining something. That’s always the wise thing to do and you’ll likely never get scammed because of that.

Let’s now see how World Global Network measures up and whether it’s worth your while.


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What Is World Global Network?

The World Global Network MLM company was formed in 2011 by Fabio Galdi and is based out of Miami, Florida. It uses a network marketing compensation structure to distribute its products as well as allowing its members to earn within the business.

While it’s within the over saturated health and wellness niche, rather than pushing pills and potions, at least World Global Network is offering something a little different in the form of fitness and health monitoring gadgets.

They refer to the products as “life sensing technology products”. They don’t have a huge product range and claim their products are unique in the marketplace.

In reality, these products are not unique and are actually competing in a very competitive market. You’ll see this when we go over the products in the next section.

If you join up with World Global Network as an independent distributor, then be prepared for an uphill battle to make any real money with this.

Now while it’s possible to make money with just about any MLM venture, it’s gotta be one of the toughest ways to get ahead financially. I much prefer the simplicity of affiliate marketing, which is easy to learn if you follow the Wealthy Affiliate training. It’s even FREE to join up!

World Global Network Is a Scam

World Global Network Products

As this review is mainly focused on the business opportunity with World Global Network and the possibility of making money with it, I won’t go into great detail about the WGN product line. We’ll quickly have a look at what’s on offer though.


HELO Wellness Band

This wrist band comes in several models and is very similar to the popular Fitbit wrist band monitor. What this band does is help you keep track of your fitness levels, as well as recording the vital statistics to a software program.

The HELO monitors include the following:

  • Heart rate
  • Heart ECG
  • Breathing rate
  • Distance travelled
  • Number of calories burned
  • Fatigue level
  • Mood
  • Sleep patterns
  • Daily steps
  • Blood pressure

This is the flagship product in the World Global Network range. You can get this band in a variety of colours and at a reduced price if you purchase more than one.

I don’t see anything unique about this wrist band compared to the competition on the market. It seems to be pretty much the same as the Fitbit and the Samsung Gear Fit. However, having said that, the Helo has become one of the market leaders in this niche.


World Global Network HELO



This is a sticker in the shape of a triangle that you stick to your electronic devices. The idea of this special little sticker is to monitor low frequency electromagnetic signals that are emitted from devices such as smartphones, computers, or even your Wi-Fi.

There is a very small chip inside the sticker that supposedly helps reduce radiation coming from electronic devices, thus making them safer to be in the vicinity of.


SmartLife NutraPak

These are vitamin supplements and are fairly new to the WGN product range. Each pack contains a one month supply of capsules. There are 2 different packs, with one designed for the daytime, while the other is to be taken at night.

As with all multi level marketing products, the prices are pretty expensive.


The World Global Network Compensation Plan

With just about all MLM schemes, there are two main ways to earn when you join their business opportunity, and those are:

  1. Direct product sales
  2. Recruiting and building downlines

You won’t stand to make much if all you do is try to sell the World Global Network products at a retail/direct level, as they only pay a measly 10% in profit. That’s pretty low compared to most other MLM deals I’ve seen or reviewed.

They do have a loyalty program though, where you have the chance to earn recurring commissions every month, rather than just a one off sale.

The real money when it comes to any MLM compensation plan is in team building. This means you need to recruit eager and active members into your team. It’s these members that will help you achieve bonuses as well as move up the company ranks, where you will earn more money.


World Global Network Compensation


With downlines you can earn anywhere from 10% up to 21% of the sales volume your team achieves.

If you manage to achieve the coveted rank of “President Millionaire” or above, you’ll also get a share of 1% of WGN’s total sales volume.

Let’s now look at the ranks you can aim for:

  1. Distributor
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Diamond
  6. Director Gold
  7. Director Platinum
  8. Director Diamond
  9. President Gold
  10. President Platinum
  11. President Diamond
  12. President Millionaire
  13. Double President Millionaire
  14. Grand President Millionaire

As you can see there are quite a few to aspire to, with the promise of a share of the company’s overall spoils if you hit rank 12 or higher.

There are also a number of bonuses to be reached along your journey, including things like a car bonus and extravagant travel deals.

Watch the video below for more information on how the compensation plan works.



The MLM Business Opportunity

I’ll start this section off by being honest. I’ve done MLM in the past and I’m not really a fan of their business opportunities or compensation models. And there are good reasons for this, which I’ll go over below.

The reason so many companies these days adopt the network marketing business structure is because it gives them so many advantages. For every advantage the company gains, that’s a benefit taken away from the army of independent distributors.

For starters, World Global Network saves bucket loads of revenue on having to pay wages or retainers. They don’t pay out anything to distributors until they’ve made sales or reached bonus levels.

In essence, MLM companies amass giant free workforces that all madly run around promoting, buying and selling, all for the promise of commissions and bonuses somewhere down the track.

WGN also saves mega bucks on advertising costs, as it’s the distributors who are doing more of the promoting. Add business growth into the mix by enticing the distributors to recruit, and the company doesn’t even have to spend or put effort into business expansion.

This is one hell of a sweet deal for World Global Network, but in contrast a very shitty deal for all its distributors.

I’ve never really understood why MLM is so popular with the masses when in reality all those who are working for them are basically getting F all for all their time and effort.

Another sore point for me is that the majority of MLM companies force their distributor network to purchase products every month, or they don’t remain eligible to earn commissions. In other words, the company doesn’t even have to chase customers, as they turn their workforce into their main customer base.

Another thing that’s pushed hard when you go to organised meetings and events is the dream lifestyle you can live if you jump on board the business opportunity.

Only a very few ever achieve that level of success in MLM, because the success of the company and those at the very top relies on keeping a massive workforce lower down the ranks.

You also never actually own your own business with MLM, despite what ideal they try to sell you. If it was your own business, you could call the shots. If it was your own business, you would be able to sell it if you wanted to.

You can’t sell a multi level marketing distributorship. The company owns everything. The distributors own nothing except the products they purchase.

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Is World Global Network An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid SchemeMany MLM businesses get accused of being illegal pyramid schemes because their compensation plans operate on a pyramid structure. Often this is an unfair assessment of most network marketing businesses.

The true definition of an illegal style of pyramid scheme is where all the emphasis is placed on recruiting, as it’s the money from the new members that pays the promised profits of prior members, and the company itself. Generally there are no tangible products that can be sold.

Now while World Global Network does work on a pyramid structure, the company has products for sale at a direct retail level, and doesn’t solely rely on recruitment to make money. For this reason it cannot be classified as an illegal pyramid scheme.

Target Market

I think one of the reasons multi level marketing is so popular with the masses is because many people are looking for their own gig to make money, or even replace their day job. The problem with starting a business from scratch is it can take a lot of time and work before you’re up and running, and generally you need quite a bit of capital to risk on the venture.

The advantage of network marketing is everything is already set up and ready to go. All you really need to do is buy in and hit the ground running after receiving some rudimentary training on what to do.

So this is targeted at people who want to do their own thing, but don’t want the hassle or financial burden of starting something from scratch.


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What I Like

  • This company operates in the super saturated health and wellness niche, but at least they’re offering something different to diet pills and health supplements
  • Their HELO Wrist Band has become one of the market leaders in this niche
  • The company operates on a global scale, giving opportunities to people all around the world
  • The products are of good quality


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Making money in any MLM venture is extremely tough going
  • The products are expensive for what they are
  • You really need to be a master and consistent recruiter to have a chance of making the decent dollars
  • In 2017, 68% of WGN network distributors made $300 or less from their business
  • The website is extremely slow to open every time you go to a new page. It’s very tedious
  • Their products are not unique in the market like they claim
  • It’s far from cheap to get started


How Much Does World Global Network Cost?

It’s not cheap to get started as a distributor for World Global Network. They make you buy the HELO Personal Bundle as the minimum order before you qualify as a distributor.

This kit costs $349.

Each and every month you need to achieve a certain level of sales volume to continue to remain eligible to earn commissions, bonuses, and be able to advance up the rank ladder.


World Global Network Earnings Chart

Is World Global Network a Scam Or Legit?

World Global Network is a well respected and popular network marketing company. It’s definitely a legit operation and not a scam in any way.

You can make money by joining it, but it won’t be easy. You really need to reach the top few rank levels to stand a chance of making a decent income from this one, and that’ll be really hard to achieve.

Overall I don’t mind this company and what they offer, but there are many downsides to MLM, as I think I’ve explained throughout this review.

It’s totally up to you if you want to give WGN a go, but there are far easier ways to make better money, and all from the comfort of your own home.

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Lifestyle FreedomYou can make some money with MLM, but man it can be a really tough and labour intensive gig. You also have to buy products, sell products, deliver products and recruit people on a regular basis.

That’s a lot of work as well as expense.

Me, I’ve tried MLM, but I much prefer affiliate marketing, as you don’t have to do any of what I just mentioned above. You just promote products and earn commissions. Quality training will shortcut the success process.

It’s that simple.

You also don’t need to buy products, or even have any sort of bankroll to get started with affiliate marketing. It costs virtually nothing to run this simple online gig, either.

Millions of people around the world make money as affiliates on a daily basis. Some do it part-time as a side hustle for extra cash. Others have quit working for the man and make a fulltime income from the comfort of home. Still others have taken it further and built wealth with their affiliate marketing businesses.

It’s all possible because there is no limit on how much you might earn.

Imagine enjoying the kind of lifestyle freedom that having both money AND time can give you. Most people would love a life like this, but you have to go after it, and affiliate marketing can give you that lifestyle.

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