Your Freedom Mentor Reviews – $1000 a Day Anyone?



There are a number of Your Freedom Mentor reviews out there, but in mine I’ll be getting to the bottom of this make money platform to see if it’s what it really claims to be. People were asking questions about it, so I decided I wanted to look into it myself to see what the deal is.

I’d like to say congrats for being here and reading my review. Why do I say that? Because it means you’re smart. You do some research first and don’t just join something blindly. You’re far less likely to ever get scammed that way.

So read on and discover the truth about Your Freedom Mentor…



Your Freedom Mentor ReviewsCompany Name: Your Freedom Mentor

Owner: Mystery

Price To Join: $37

My Rating: 1/10



~ Your Freedom Mentor Reviews ~



Reading reviews helps us all make better choices when it comes to making money online. That’s precisely why I write so many on my website. Because my site is focused on helping people make money – particularly online – I research a lot of make money programs and training platforms and then write reviews on them.

One of the main reasons I love the cyber world so much is because of all the make money from home opportunities. There is a global audience where people are accessible 24/7, which is pretty awesome.

The downside to all this is the fact that many dodgy scammers are also online, trolling the internet with their shady money making schemes, preying on people who are looking for an opportunity. Because of parasites like this we always have to be careful.

Your Freedom mentor recently popped up on my radar. It got me curious enough to look into the scheme and write a review on what I found out.

So let’s see if Your Freedom Mentor is legit or a scam.


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What Is Your Freedom Mentor All About?

The big claim that Your Freedom Mentor makes is that members can be making $1000 a day, every day, in their spare time.

That sounds alright, doesn’t it?

Who wouldn’t want $1k a day doing something part-time. That equals about $30k a month or around $360K a year.

The claims get even bolder when we’re told we can be expecting to be making this amount of cash within mere days of joining Your Freedom Mentor.

Even as you watch the sales video – which is recorded and not live, by the way – the presenter says an account has already been created for you, an account that’s already making money while you watch the video sales pitch.

Hmm…Smells like BS to me.

So let me get this straight. Somehow this person on the video miraculously knows who we are, has created some account for us (for what, I don’t know) and is putting money in that account.

It gets even better. Next we’re told that we only need to perform a few mouse clicks after we sign up and money will be flooding into our account completely on autopilot.

This sounds like a miracle money making machine. Just what we all want.

If only such a thing were real.

Unless you’re playing around on an internet gambling site, I’ve never come across anything that can make money that quickly; especially amounts in 4 figures. And I’ve been making money online for about 15 years now and have looked into just about everything you can think of.

I’ve actually seen and heard the same sales pitch for a few make money online (MMO) schemes in the past. I just can’t think of which ones right now, but I’ve definitely heard the exact same pitch before.

The truth of the matter is this: Your Freedom Mentor is just a facade. It actually doesn’t offer anyone a damn thing. It’s really just a front for another high ticket program, as we’re about to reveal.

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Your Freedom Mentor Scam


How Does Your Freedom Mentor Really Work?

Your Freedom Mentor is just a feeder site. The person behind it hasn’t created any sort of money making scheme or training platform whatsoever. All the website is designed to do is feed members through to the real site.

The person behind Your Freedom Mentor is an affiliate of another expensive, high ticket platform, and earns commissions for every single person they refer.

Now technically there’s nothing wrong with that so long as the affiliate is honest and upfront. But this affiliate is pretending to have their own scheme going on, when they really don’t.

The high ticket platform people are being funnelled through to is called MOBE, which is mega expensive. Bait and switch tactics are being used here by Your Freedom Mentor, telling people one thing and then delivering another.


MOBE Banner


What’s MOBE About?

The letters in the word “MOBE” represent “My Online Business Education”. It’s a high ticket platform created by a guy named Matt Lloyd.

MOBE is basically about affiliate marketing, training, and a selection of expensive digital products. It’s known as a “pay to play” deal, meaning that if you want to make a commission on a particular MOBE product or training package, you must first own it yourself to have the right to resell it.

When you enter MOBE you go into their 21 Steps program, which is really just a sales funnel. Along the way you’ll be given your very own “success coach”, who is nothing more than a MOBE sales rep, whose job it is to suck more and more money out of you as you progress along the 21 steps.

All MOBE is really about is selling MOBE to others. You can learn some good things in the MOBE training, but there’s no scope for making any money outside of MOBE.

The idea is you buy in, then try and sell MOBE to others. But like I said, it’s pay to play. If you want to freely be able to earn on every single MOBE product, then you’ll be handing over a cool $64k or so for the right to be a fully fledged MOBE affiliate.

That’s a hell of a lot of money even for someone who’s quite well off, let alone an online newbie just looking for a way to make some bucks online.

MOBE is kind of like a giant Ponzi scheme, but they do have products to sell and it’s not just about recruiting and investing.

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Paid Actors and Fake Testimonials

The person running Your Freedom Mentor has used paid actors from Fiverr to create the sales pitch video, as well as the video testimonials. I’ve seen these same faces in video presentations for other products.

Many money making schemes will create bogus testimonials that sing the praises of the scheme. They do this to gain your trust so you won’t be so hesitant in handing your money over.

At one stage we are told that a young woman named Meaghan Harper is the person running Your Freedom Mentor, but she doesn’t really exist. Just look at the 2 screenshots below.

The first is a photo on the Your Freedom Mentor site, and the second is the same photo for sale on a stock photo site.


Your Freedom Mentor Meaghan Harper 1

Your Freedom Mentor Meaghan Harper 2

Is Your Freedom Mentor a Scam


Target Market

This (along with MOBE) really target newcomers to making money online. People who are looking for something that sounds like a real money spinner, and at a joining price of just $37, it sounds like a bargain.

Unfortunately these people get suckered in with the cheap opening price and then get entered into a massive sales funnel which is designed to cost them many thousands of dollars.

The real target market is people who have loads of cash to spend already, and people who would be extremely good at recruiting others and selling them high ticket products.


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What I Do Like

  • To be perfectly honest I can’t really find anything I like about Your Freedom Mentor


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Everything about this site is a total facade, a fraud
  • Meaghan Harper is just an alias and isn’t real
  • Stock photos have been used to represent the site owner
  • The video testimonials are all fake and use paid actors
  • MOBE is a high ticket rip off that basically extorts people out of tens of thousands of dollars with high pressure sales tactics
  • MOBE is pay to play, so you have to spend up big before you can earn
  • Bait and switch tactics are used by Your Freedom Mentor to lure people into a different scheme
  • Your Freedom Mentor is nothing but a feeder site that’s not transparent regarding what its intentions are
  • The $37 joining fee is your base entry into MOBE
  • To sell MOBE products you would have to be a really gun seller and recruiter, and probably know a lot of people who are cashed up already
  • The MOBE success coach is just a MOBE sales rep, a hustler
  • There’s no way on Earth anyone will be making the promised $1000 a day within mere days of joining


How Much Does It Cost To Join Your Freedom Mentor?

Okay, so we’ve already established that Your Freedom Mentor is charging a joining fee of $37. This is merely a $10 discount off the usual $47 it costs to join MOBE at the base level.

Once you join MOBE, that’s when you enter into the 21 Steps program, and this is where all the mega expensive upsells start to happen.

If you were to go “all in”, you’d be out of pocket around $64,000 or so.


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is Your Freedom Mentor a Scam or Legit?

I’d have to say Your Freedom Mentor is a scam because of all the BS sales hype, lies and lack of transparency. There’s not one single thing that’s even real about this website.

The owner is fake, the testimonials are fake, the Your Freedom Mentor money making schemes is fake, as too is this fictitious account that’s filling up with money while you sit through the sales video.

If anyone was to join MOBE and be free to sell everything, then you would need a major bankroll that you could technically afford to lose.

And how hard is it going to be to sell MOBE to others, because they would need to be cashed up AND willing to part with big chunks of cash, basically to buy into something and then have to try and sell those expensive products and trainings to others.

Sounds like a really hard sell to me.

Steer well clear of this one. Don’t waste your time and money.


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