Digital Genius Lab Reviews – What Are They Really Selling?



Digital Genius Lab – Scam or legit? That’s a question many people have been asking in internet circles, so I decided to take a look at this one myself. The creators promise some really big commissions if you get on board, but is this kind of cash possible, or merely sales talk to lure you in?

Let’s take a closer look at Digital Genius Lab and uncover the truth…



Digital Genius Lab ReviewsCompany Name: Digital Genius Lab

Owners: Sean Malone & Chris Baden

Price To Join: $99 Per Month

My Rating: 3.5/10



~ Digital Genius Lab Reviews ~



Congrats on finding your way here to my review. You’re one of the smart people who does their research before joining anything. That’s a good thing, because chances are you’ll never fall for any online money making scams.

Some people have a bit of a love/hate feeling towards the internet. Me, I really like it from the perspective of being able to make money online. I get to work from home and can access a worldwide marketplace at any time. Never before have there been so many opportunities.

The downside to the cyber world is a lot of scammers lurk online and target people looking for genuine ways to make money. These con artists dazzle people with their enticing sales pitches, but their real aim is nothing more than to get their hands on your cash. We all have to remain diligent.

As my website is all about helping people find legit and profitable ways to make money, particularly online, I devote a lot of time to writing reviews of make money products and training programs. This helps us all make good choices by weeding out all the dodgy stuff.

As I said earlier, I kept seeing people mentioning the Digital Genius Lab platform and it really got me curious, so I did some research into it and wrote up a review on what I discovered.

Let’s now see if Digital Genius Lab is really worth your time and money or not.


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What Is Digital Genius Lab About?

Digital Genius Lab is a fairly recent money making platform/scheme that was started by a couple of entrepreneurs named Chris Baden and Sean Malone.

These guys claim new members can be making $1000 commissions in quick time. They also claim it’s a “done for you system”, which often tends to set my alarms bells off.

Now it’s true that a lot of systems out there can have much of the setup already done for you. I mean, that’s the appeal of things like MLM and so on. Members don’t have to start everything from scratch.

Unfortunately some schemes make the claim that their system generates income on autopilot with no work required, and often that claim is associated with the “done for you” phrase.

This isn’t really true, as everything takes some time and effort, but obviously the more stuff that’s available and ready to go, the “less” you’ll have to do when getting started.

Anyway, Digital Genius Lab is about affiliate marketing education that includes training, tools and support. There is also a strong focus on learning how to use Facebook advertising effectively to quickly grow your business and income.

So basically they’ve set everything up for you. All you have to do is send traffic to the premade funnel and the money will roll on in. That’s what they tell you in the pitch anyway.

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The Digital Genius Lab Webinar

Digital Genius Lab ReviewsThis 2 hour webinar is really their main sales pitch, designed to get you excited enough to join their platform.

There is a lot of sales hype in this webinar and we have to sit through a rather long rags to riches type of story, as related to us by Sean.

These stories (whether true or not) are very common in the sales pitches for make money online products, because most people can relate to them.

Often a sales pitch is generally just telling people what they want to hear so they get excited and want to join. I’ve seen hundreds of sales videos and webinars like this, and there is always some very common themes in just about all of them.

So the gist of the webinar is that you can live a dream lifestyle when you get on board the Digital Genius Lab opportunity. You don’t need prior experience or any tech skills, and most of the work has already been done for you.

Eventually the webinar starts talking about affiliate marketing and how people actually earn money as affiliates.

Chris and Sean say the 3 things you really need to be a successful affiliate are:

  1. A great mentor
  2. A high converting sales funnel
  3. High ticket products to promote

The last one just basically means “expensive” products that will earn you bigger commissions.


How’s Digital Genius Lab Really Work?

As mentioned above, Digital Genius Lab is a sales funnel that’s already been set up. Your job is to join the platform and learn how to send traffic to that sales funnel. You’ll be promoting Digital Genius Lab to others, and when new members join, you’ll earn big commissions.

You send the traffic to Sean and Chris and they convert the leads into sales using their funnel.

Sounds pretty simple. Right?

Well it kind of is and it kind of isn’t.

Membership into Digital Genius Lab costs almost $1000, so convincing someone to part with that kind of cash isn’t that easy. Trust definitely needs to be built. Plus, you really need to be targeting people who actually have some cash to spare to try on things like this.

No point hitting up anyone who is broke. They wouldn’t be able to join even if they were salivating at the mouth to become a part of it.

Also, if you are relying on paid traffic methods to drive traffic to the funnel, such as Facebook Ads, this is a learning curve in itself that’ll require testing and optimisation before you get it profitable. You’ll likely burn through at least a few hundred bucks while learning what you are doing, split testing and tweaking your campaigns.

So this is basically a high ticket scheme where you buy in, then try and get others to buy into the same scheme so you can earn a commission.

That’s all well and good, and I don’t really have a problem with that so much, but Digital Genius Lab is also doing something else, which we’ll cover in the next section.


Enagic Kangen Water


Do You Want To Join a Network Marketing Scheme?

That’s essentially what you’ll end up doing if you join Digital Genius Lab.

You see, these guys are involved in a MLM scheme called Enagic Kangen Water, which is a network marketing company selling a range of high quality water filters. They use distributors to move the products, then pay the distributors commissions and bonuses.

The DGL website and sales funnel is really just feeding people through to Enagic Kangen Water. Sean and Chris are looking to recruit new members into their Enagic sales team, and have set up Digital Genius Lab to help with this.

Again, I don’t really have a problem with that as such, but these guys could be more transparent about what they’re really doing and trying to achieve here. They don’t tell us this.

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A Brief Synopsis of Enagic Kangen Water

As mentioned, it’s a MLM company that sells a range of water filters. These water filters are expensive, but they are also high quality from all reports.

When you join Enagic as a distributor you can make big commissions selling these water filters to others. The prices range from about $1000 up to $6000 or more. Your commissions range anywhere from $340 and up to more than $2000, depending on how many units you sell.

Enagic is available in more than 20 countries worldwide.

When you join through Sean and Chris, you become a part of their MLM downline. They’ll be your sponsors and mentors and help you learn how to sell Enagic products to others, as well as recruit new distributors and start building your own team below you.

You can learn more about how the Enagic Kangen Water compensation plan works by watching the embedded video below.



This Is All a Bit Deceptive

Basically you’re being lured in with the promise of making big commissions with affiliate marketing, but what you’re really being lured into is something else entirely.

Instead of becoming an affiliate, you suddenly become a distributor for a network marketing company that sells very expensive water filters.

That’s a hell of a lot different to what’s being advertised.

This is classic bait and switch. Sell you on one product, but give you something else instead.


The Training

Anyway, let’s take a brief look at the training these guys offer, which consists of 5 basic training modules, plus an upsell for more advanced training.

Module 1: Facebook Fan Page – This is about setting up a Facebook fan page (or business page) where you can post and maybe get some free traffic. You’ll also use this page for your Facebook Ads account.

Module 2: Setting Up the DGL Sales Funnel – The sales funnel is supposed to already be done for you, but when you get into this part of the training you soon discover that you have to set it up yourself. This involves getting a domain name for your website, creating the funnel, then setting up the automated email campaigns.

Module 3: Facebook Ads – Now that you have a sales funnel in place that was “done by you” and not “done for you”, you’ll need to drive traffic into that funnel with targeted Facebook Ads. You’ll discover how to do all this in this module.

Module 4: Marketing & Advertising – You’ll learn more about Facebook Ads here and how to analyse the data so you can optimise them for higher conversions.

Module 5: Analyze Campaign Data – When you know how to analyse the data, you’ll be able to determine any winning advertising formulas and scale up your campaigns accordingly.

Fast Track Triple Pack Upsell – This includes being assigned coaches and some more intensive training modules for Facebook ads, sales and marketing training, as well as a sales contest. You stand to win yourself some prizes such as T-Shirts and stuff.


Target Market

DGL is targeting people who want to get involved in something where they can make great money on the internet.

These guys are sending the message that members will be involved in affiliate marketing, but when you join, eventually you are sent through to the backend program, which is Enagic Kangen Water.

Digital Genius Lab is far more about becoming a member of a multi level marketing scheme than it is about affiliate marketing.


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What I Like

  • Enagic Kangen Water is not a bad MLM company in all honesty
  • You can make very juicy commissions with Enagic
  • Their water filters are very high quality
  • Recruiting isn’t really necessary to make good money with Enagic
  • You get some decent training on Facebook Ads with Digital Genius Lab


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Bait and switch tactics are being used to funnel people through to the MLM scheme
  • This is more about network marketing than it is affiliate marketing
  • They don’t state anywhere in their sales pitch that they’re really recruiting for Kangen
  • MLM is an extremely tough way to make money
  • The water filters are very expensive
  • There are upsells
  • These guys are basically charging people $1000 to do a Facebook Ads course
  • They are not being honest and transparent on their website


How Much Does Digital Genius Lab Cost To Join?

You don’t necessarily have to buy water filters when you join Enagic, but when it comes to the Digital Genius Lab scheme, you either pay $99 a month, or $997 a year. You stand to earn 30% commissions on new members you refer.

If you want to purchase the training upsell for the Fast Track Triple Pack, this will cost you a further $297.


Is Digital Genius Lab a Scam Or Legit?

Look, I wouldn’t rate either DGL or Enagic as scams at all. Both platforms have some merit. As far as MLM companies go, I consider Enagic Kangen Water one of the better ones.

Basically with Digital Genius Lab you are paying quite a bit of money just to be trained in Facebook ads for the most part. There is very little to do with genuine affiliate marketing as they advertise, and no scope in the training for diversity as an affiliate.

You are simply learning how to create a funnel to sell DGL to others, which in turn gets these members into a MLM scheme.

I don’t like the way these guys have devised this scheme to funnel people over to Enagic. It’s deceptive because it’s never clearly stated at all on their website.

Digital genius Lab is okay in a way, and Enagic is also okay, but joining either of these programs is going to be a pretty tough sell, plus expensive for new members.

I don’t really recommend it, but it’s not a scam, just somewhat deceptive.

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