Is Evolution Travel a Scam or Can You Become a Travel Agent?



Is Evolution Travel a scam or not? That’s the very question I’ve seen people asking online about this network marketing travel club. Being somewhat of a traveller myself, it got me curious. I wanted to see if this is worthwhile and whether you can really make any decent money with it like they claim.

Read on to find out more about the Evolution Travel MLM scheme….



Evolution Travel Is a ScamCompany Name: Evolution Travel

Founders: David McCovy

Price To Join: $30 + $69.95/Month

My Rating: 2/10



~ Evolution Travel Reviews ~



There are so many network marketing/MLM companies around these days, mostly based in the United States. There have always been some, but it seems like it’s becoming the business operation method of choice nowadays.

It’s always been popular with the masses, as old timers like Avon and Amway have proven over the years. However, sometimes I’m still in awe at how many people eagerly jump on board with these schemes as both customers and distributors.

Recently a travel MLM called Evolution Travel found its way onto my radar as I was doing some research. I like to travel a bit, so it got me really interested as a way to maybe get some travel deals and make cash in the process. Anyway, I did some research and wrote up a review on what I found out about it.

I created my website to help people find decent ways to make some money, especially on the internet. The focus is predominantly on writing reviews of schemes that claim can make you money, or training that also claims it can show you how to make money. The idea of the reviews is to weed out the bad stuff and expose the good stuff.

Now while the internet is awesome in many ways when it comes to making money, it’s also attracted a lot of scammers because of that reason. We all have to be wary, and reviews help us make smarter and wiser choices.

Congrats on finding your way to my review. It proves you’re intelligent enough to do your research before joining something. Chances are you’ll never become the victim of a scam.

Let’s now see how Evolution Travel measures up and whether it’s worthwhile joining.


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What Is Evolution Travel About?

Do you enjoy travelling and want to make money in the process?

Well, that’s what the team at Evolution Travel are supposedly offering.

The company operates on the MLM distribution and sales method. They are based in Las Vegas and work in conjunction with another long standing travel company called Archer Travel Service.

As I said, the whole concept behind Evolution Travel is for travel enthusiasts to be able to enjoy some great travel deals, as well as creating a business out of it and earning some extra cash along the journey.

Evolution Travel itself, which was founded by a guy named David McCovy, has only been around since 2015, but its partner, Archer Travel, has been going strong in the travel industry since way back in 1952 when it was originally founded.

The travel deals and business opportunity are available in many countries, but unlike other MLM schemes, this business relies almost entirely on recruitment rather than a combination of recruitment and the sale of products.

You’ll see what I mean as we go through the review.

You do get some training when you join this venture, and Evolution Travel make the statement that their business runs as a “cloud based travel agency”.

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Evolution Travel Products

The thing here is, Evolution Travel doesn’t really have any of its own products, which makes things a little dubious as far as network marketing goes and joining this as a business opportunity.

Basically what the company has done is establish joint venture partnerships with travel companies, hotels, resorts and so on, where it acts as an affiliate for these services. And basically when you organise travel for people, you are acting as an affiliate for these companies.

Some of their partners include the following:

  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Southwest Vacations
  • Universal Orlando
  • Carnival Cruises
  • Disney
  • United Vacations
  • Sandals
  • And many more…

These companies are essentially the vendors and Evolution Travel and its distributors are their affiliates.

Basically what you’re signing up for is your own virtual third party travel agency, where you score some discounts for yourself and sell travel packages and discount deals to others on behalf of Evolution Travel, who does it on behalf of the actual vendors.

Some of the rewards you’ll be eligible for, and the things you can sell others on, include things like:

  • Travel points
  • Free cruises
  • Travel agent discount (industry discounts)
  • Rewards and discount son merchandise
  • Cheaper hotel deals
  • And loads more stuff…


Evolution Travel Agent Perks


The Evolution Travel Compensation Plan

Okay, this is what it’s really all about if you want to actually earn some money with this gig.

To become a travel agent with Evolution Travel, you must pay a $30 joining fee, plus a further $69.95 per month in admin fees.

Let’s take a peek at what Evolution say they’re offering members:

  1. 90% commissions
  2. Your own website
  3. Direct access to travel vendors
  4. Training
  5. Residual income
  6. Discounts off your own travel and entertainment
  7. Tax benefits and perks

Generally there are 2 ways to earn income with any MLM scheme and they are:

  1. Direct sales o travel deals
  2. Recruiting and building a sales team

Retail sales, in this case acting as a third party seller for tourism vendors, largely won’t help you make much money. The secret to success in network marketing is with recruitment. As you sell more packages to other members of the business, and as they sell packages, you advance up the Evolution ranks.

These are the ranks you can achieve and what you need to do to qualify for each rank:

  1. Consultant – Enrollment in the business
  2. Executive Consultant – Sold 3 PTA Packages
  3. Bronze Consultant – Sold 6 PTA Packages
  4. Silver Consultant – Sold 9 PTA Packages
  5. Gold Consultant – Sold 15 PTA Packages, has signed up 3 Silver Consultants and have at least 3 downlines
  6. Platinum Consultant – Have at least 300 active packages in your organisation
  7. Professional Travel Agent Package (PTA)

There are also bonus levels you can achieve to earn more money, along with your own direct commissions, as well as team commissions from your downlines.


Evolution Travel Bonuses


As these compensation plans can get confusing, it’s better to read the official guide. Click here to access the Evolution Travel compensation plan PDF.

Or check out the video I’ve embedded below.



Evolution Travel Income Disclosure Statement

By law each and every MLM company is supposed to provide a recent income disclosure statement on their websites. Unfortunately I can’t find one anywhere on the Evolution Travel site.

I generally like to include a few statistics so people know what the average consultant or distributor earns per year. Without the income disclosure there really is no way of knowing.


The MLM Business Opportunity

In the past I’ve been involved in a few MLM schemes (Amway was one of them). Most of them work pretty much the same way. I’m not a fan of this business model from a distributor’s viewpoint and I have my reasons, which I’ll explain in this section.

There is a very good reason why MLM is becoming increasingly popular with businesses the world over. This style of selling and distribution just gives the company so many benefits. Unfortunately, in the process, benefits get stripped from its workforce.

A regular retailer has to pay wages and salaries to its workforce, along with a whole bunch of other overheads. When it comes to MLM, most of the workforce (distributors) actually work for free, only getting paid something when they’ve earned a commission or bonus.

As a consultant (or travel agent) for Evolution Travel, you don’t get paid an hourly rate, nor do you get a retainer of any kind. In fact, you actually PAY THEM for the right to be their sales rep. And an unpaid sales rep at that. You even cover all your own operating expenses. The company pays for nothing.

Basically the MLM company rakes in bucket loads of cash from the efforts of its free workforce, then pays out a bit of money in commissions and bonuses. ET saves heaps on wages, as well as advertising and promotion, because the consultants are taking care of all that.

No network marketing deal will make you money unless you recruit like crazy. Because of this need to recruit to get anywhere, essentially its the free workers who are also expanding the free worker base and growing the company, again for the promise of commissions and bonuses.

For the MLM company this is a phenomenal deal, and a smart way to conduct business. However, the deal is far less sweet for those doing most of the work and spending most of the money – the consultants. Basically the majority of workers are down on the bottom of the MLM ladder, where you make the least amount of money and do the most amount of work.

These network marketing schemes are always over-hyped as well, especially at their official meetings and seminars. You’ll be dazzled with figures of how much money you can make and how you’ll soon be living this amazing lifestyle.

This is all great and all, but the fact remains that only about 1% or less of people ever achieve these lofty goals through MLM ventures. The other 99% make up the numbers to shoulder the workload and buy most of the products (in most cases).

They claim you own your own business, and you have to shoulder all the expenses, but at the end of the day you really own nothing. You can’t sell your MLM distributorship because the company owns everything.

Like I said earlier, you are nothing but an unpaid sales rep.

MLM businesses also tend to force their consultants to buy products, thus making their unpaid workforce their main customer base in the process.

Seriously, that sucks, and there are much better ways to make good money.

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Is Evolution Travel An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Because so many MLM schemes use the pyramid compensation structure, they are often accused of operating illegal pyramid schemes. Most of the time this is a false label.

The majority of MLM schemes have genuine products that can be sold at a retail level, which helps them avoid the illegal pyramid tag. To be considered the illegal variety, the company has to rely solely on recruiting new members to make money.

Now it’s an interesting situation when it comes to Evolution Travel, because this company actually has no products of its own. It acts as a third party rep or affiliate for the tourism and travel vendors.

This is fine if Evolution Travel just operates as a third party travel agent, but because they’ve created this multi level marketing scheme as part of their business, to me it looks like they are operating an illegal pyramid scheme, because everything is reliant on recruitment of new members and the injection of money from these new members.

As they don’t have their own products, what else can this really be?

At best ET falls into an extremely dark grey area when it comes to pyramid schemes.


Target Market

It never ceases to amaze me just how many people get excited to join some network marketing deal, considering how poor the deal is in reality. But I guess it’s because everything is already established.

So for those people looking for something else to get involved in other than their job (or maybe they hope to replace their job), MLM looks attractive. They can simply buy in, do some rudimentary training, then be off selling and recruiting.

You never actually own anything when you join these schemes though. That’s a massive negative. Basically you’re nothing more than a worker without any of the benefits you get with a job. You also have to cover all your own expenses, and if you want to walk away, that’s all you get to do, because you haven’t built an asset you can sell.


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What I Like

  • At least the travel business is a lot more sexy and exciting than MLM companies operating in things like health and wellness (the most over saturated MLM niche there is)
  • Archer Travel has been around since the 1950s
  • You may get some decent travel discounts if you’re a frequent traveller
  • You get a replica website


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The monthly costs to remain eligible as a “travel agent” are quite high
  • You’ll likely annoy all the people you know
  • Evolution Travel doesn’t have any of its own products to offer
  • It’s very likely a pyramid scheme
  • The only path to success is through massive recruitment
  • The company gets all the advantages
  • You basically form a part of a large free workforce
  • Most of the positive reviews you find online appear to be written by members of Evolution Travel
  • Most people fail miserably with MLM, with some 95% of people not even making a profit


Archer Travel


How Much Does Evolution Travel Cost To Join?

You need to pay a one-off fee of $30 to enrol as an ET consultant. After that you’re up for $69.95 per month in admin fees.

On top of this you’ll need to invest in some travel deals, not that most consultants will probably mind that.


Is Evolution Travel a Scam Or Legit?

In some ways this one is definitely more interesting than some other rather boring looking MLM schemes going around. Like I said, at least travel is pretty cool and fun.

The problem with Evolution Travel – apart from the fact that it’s MLM and that basically sucks in my opinion – is the company doesn’t have products. They are a third party seller for other tourism and travel companies.

That’s all fine, but the problem lies in their network marketing side of things. Without products they are technically a naked pyramid scheme, and without products there is a lot less security for those who jump on board as consultants.

Basically you’re joining as a member, paying the enrolment fee, then the ongoing monthly admin fee. You go out and recruit, and then earn commissions on the joining fees and admin fees of your recruits.

There are no products or services really changing hands here, except when you book travel packages for people that are not owned by Evolution Travel.

I wouldn’t call it a total scam or anything, just sailing close to the wind when it comes to that dreaded pyramid scheme tag.


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Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyIt might be possible to make some money with Evolution Travel while it lasts, and you’ll likely enjoy some good travel deals for yourself if you’re a regular traveller, but it’s going to be a tough way to make decent, regular cash.

I’ve done multi level marketing and I’ve done affiliate marketing. To me, affiliate marketing wins the battle hands down on so many levels.

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