Prosperity of Life Reviews – Make Mega Money or Scam?



Is Prosperity of Life a scam or a legit money making scheme online? Although there are a number of Prosperity of Life reviews out there, I’ve still been seeing people ask this question. It got me curious to find out the real truth about this platform and whether you can truly get wealthy through joining it.

Let’s take a closer look at Prosperity of Life and uncover the truth…



Prosperity of Life ReviewsCompany Name: Prosperity of Life

Owner: Shane Krider & Rachel Krider

Price To Join: $49.95 + Expensive Upsells

My Rating: 3/10



~ Prosperity of Life Reviews ~



Many people have a somewhat love/hate kind of relationship with the internet. Me, I love it because it’s opened to doors to being able to make money any time of the day or night, and I get to work from the comfort of my own home. This wasn’t really possible in the days before the internet, but now it’s commonplace.

There is a massive global audience that can be accessed 24/7, which is perfect for online entrepreneurs.

Everything has its negatives though, and when it comes to wanting to make money online, it’s the scammers that we have to watch out for. These parasites know just how many people are looking to the internet these days to make some cash, so they invent bogus schemes that promise the world, with the sole intention of getting our money. We always have to be wary.

I started this website to help people find legit and prosperous ways to make money, especially online. Because of this I research and write lots of reviews of training platforms and schemes that proclaim you can make money with them. This helps us all avoid the scams and find the good, worthwhile stuff.

There was a lot of talk of late about the Prosperity of Life make money program, and all the hype got me interested in checking it out for myself and writing a review on the scheme.

Congrats on finding your way here to my review. Chances are you’ll never get scammed because you’re smart enough to do your homework before joining anything or handing over your cash.

Let’s now see if Prosperity of Life is really worth your time and money or not.


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What Is Prosperity of Life About?

This company is also often referred to as the “Prosperity of Life Network”, because it’s essentially a network marketing company. It’s not really traditional MLM like Amway or Mary Kay, as I’ll explain as we get deeper into this review.

The main sales pitch of Prosperity of Life is about transforming your life and the lives of others through personal development.

Nothing wrong with that so far.

Essentially you achieve this “transformation” by getting on board with their business and directly selling their personal development product line to others.

There is a focus on wealth creation, with great emphasis placed on changing the way you think so you can change the results you are getting.

So as a synopsis of this business, you buy the products, learn how to transform your own life, then sell those products to others, bring them into the business, they learn to transform their lives, and the process goes on and on.

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Prosperity of Life Reviews


The Prosperity of Life Product Line

The Prosperity of Life Network has two main product lines on offer, and they include:

  1. Digital personal transformation products
  2. Live seminars and events

Now before we get into what the digital products and events offer, I need to let you know that the prices are super expensive for what they are. This is very typical of schemes like this, as Prosperity of Life is a high ticket program that offers generous commissions.

Yes, you can potentially make some big money, but is also requires you spend up big first.

“Master of Destinies” is the name of their main product line, but the company abbreviates this to simply M1, M2 and so on.

Let’s take a quick look at them:

M1: Master of Destinies = $2285 – This is a 12 month intensive study program that can be done from the comfort of home. Much of it involves watching recorded video of previous seminars and events. This course is designed to lay the foundation for your personal development, enabling you to have a more successful and prosperous life.

M2: Sovereignty Live = $7950 – This module is a 5 day live event. It’s all about creating wealth by explaining how money works, that it’s just a resource, how to wisely invest, reducing taxes and generally how to make your money work for you.

M3: Influence Live = $12,950 – Yep, big price tag. Influence Live is another live event, but this one runs for 8 days instead of 5. Advanced personal development and leadership strategies are covered. Change your life by changing your paradigms. In other words, change your bad though patterns and habits and create new, positive ones that will serve you well and not sabotage you.

M7 = $4590 –  This is a collection of recorded content from the M2 and M3 live events.

M7: Fast Track = $6250 –  This package enables you to get a discounted rate for both the M1 package and M7 live event recordings.

I said the prices are sky high for what you get, and they are. I’m not saying these modules don’t offer some value or won’t do you any good. I’m sure they will.

But are they worth these price tags?

That’s highly debateable.

There are valid reasons (in their eyes) why the prices are so high, and we’ll get into those reasons in the next section.


Prosperity of Life M7


Why Such High Prices?

Like so many other schemes out there that are basically focused on buying into them and selling the same scheme to others, Prosperity of Life is a high ticket platform that promises members very generous commissions if you can sell it to new members.

If you’re going to make all these huge commissions by selling their products, the company also needs to make a generous profit. The only way both targets are achievable is by pricing the products extremely high.

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The Prosperity of Life Joining Process

Prosperity of Life JoinThe process to join and make money with Prosperity of Life works like this:

First you must sign up through their website and request an interview, and you also need to be referred by a sponsor (so this person can earn commissions when you join). You’ll hand over your phone number at the sign up phase, and a time for a phone interview will be arranged.

Through the interview the scheme will be explained to you and you’ll be asked to pay for some products once you join. These products are:

  1. A Starter Kit = $49.95
  2. Tools = $153/Month

The first payment is really just a fee to enter the program, but the second one that I’ve labelled “Tools” includes things like their Online Business Manager, Conference Call System, Lead Manager and Lead Vertex Pro.

$153 is a pretty hefty monthly fee to fork out as well.

But this is all just the start. It’s gets far more expensive from here on out. From this point you’re still not in a position to even earn any money yet.


It Gets Even More Expensive!

Prosperity of Life is a “pay to play” type of scheme. What this means is you must first purchase a product before you are eligible to earn commissions on sales of that same product.

Therefore, if you want to be eligible to earn on all five levels of products available, you must go “all in” and buy them all.

That’ll set you back a cool $34,025. And that’s on top of your joining fee of $49.95 and the $153 per month to use their business tools.

This platform is even worse than some other high ticket schemes I’ve reviewed, because you forfeit your first 2 sales on each product, meaning these commissions are passed up to your sponsor.

So to summarise, you first have to buy all the products, then sell more than 2 of each of those products before you can make any money.

F**k me!

That’s a very tough deal and would be a particularly hard sell to get others interested in a scheme like this.


The Commissions

Potential commissions you can earn are as follows:

  1. M1 = $1828
  2. M2 = $5000
  3. M3 = $8000
  4. M7 = $3672
  5. M7 Fast Track = $5000

While these commissions may look really high and juice, don’t forget you have to first spend about $34k before you’re eligible, and that you have to forego the commissions on the first 2 sales for each level.


Target Market

These high ticket schemes tend to focus on attracting the get rich quick crowd that obviously have some money to invest in a scheme like this.

The funny thing is, they make it sound like it’s targeted at complete beginners who don’t really have a bank roll, which is kind of weird when you know how it really works.


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What I Like

  • You could potentially make some big money with this if you can sell it, and have the cash to get fully involved to start with
  • There is some very positive material in the recordings and at the live events
  • Changing the way you think can definitely change your results and change your life
  • They offer something different to other high ticket schemes, as there is a strong focus on genuine self development


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • This is a borderline pyramid scheme, even though there are digital products
  • The cost to join and be eligible to earn on everything is astronomical
  • It’s a pay to play system, where you first have to purchase something yourself before you can earn a commission on it
  • Your first 2 sales on each level are passed up
  • There is no other way of making money taught other than to sell the same over-priced scheme to others
  • This would be an extremely tough sell to get others on board with
  • Apart from trying to make money with it, the events and recordings are super dear for the average person and likely out of reach because of those high price tags


How Much Does Prosperity of Life Cost?

Let’s quickly recap the prices of the products here for easy reference:

  • Starter Kit = $49.95
  • Tools = $153/Month
  • M1 = $2285
  • M2 = $7950
  • M3 = $12,950
  • M7 = $4590
  • My Fast Track = $6250


Prosperity of Life Founders


Is Prosperity of Life a Scam Or Legit?

I wouldn’t rate this scheme as a scam. That’s a pretty harsh label that I only reserve for platforms that are outright scams or con jobs. It is somewhat of a borderline pyramid scheme though, that sits on rather shaky ground.

I can’t say I recommend Prosperity of Life either, though. It’s mega expensive for what you get, and the reason being is that it’s really all about creating wealth by selling the same system to other people.

Yes, there is some genuinely positive information available in the recordings and by attending the live events, and I wholeheartedly agree with changing the way you think leads to a better life.

But that’s not really the main focus with Prosperity of Life. These recording s and events really exist merely as products to be peddled to others so everyone gets paid. You don’t learn any other skills to help you make money, other than changing your mindset.

It’s a very limited system, very expensive, and I think it would be really tough going trying to recruit others and tell them to part ways with $34k before they can begin to make any money back.

The money making process is both delayed and made even harder because of the dumb rule of having to pass up the first 2 sales on every level to your sponsor. That’s not needed in a scheme like this.

Anyway, it’s a no from me on Prosperity of Life.


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