Federal Rent Checks Review – Is This for Real or Just a Scam?



In this Federal Rent Checks review we’ll be discovering whether it’s a scam or whether you really can get your hands on the money these people claim is just waiting for you. At first glance what they’re saying sounds far-fetched, so is it really true?

Before we fully launch into this review I’d just like to congratulate you on finding your way here. I say this because it proves to me that you’re one of the smart ones who does some research before jumping on board with something and taking it at face value.

That’s the best way to be, because you won’t waste your time and you likely won’t fall victim to a scam either.

Now read on to discover the truth about the Federal Rent Checks scheme…



Federal Rent Checks ReviewCompany Name: Federal Rent Checks

Owner: D.R. Barton Jr.

Price To Join: $39 Per Year

My Rating: 2/10



~ Federal Rent Checks Reviews ~



You know what I love most about the internet? It’s enabled me to make more than a fulltime income from home, and I’ve been doing that for years now.

Before the internet none of this would have been possible, but now we can access a global market any time of the day or night from our own living rooms. And that’s pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, because there are so many people hitting cyberspace to find ways to make money or carve out a career, loads of scammers prey on newbies, hoping to lure them in by promising a big payday for very little effort. We have to always be careful of these con artists online.

I created my website here to help other people find legit opportunities online, and one of the very best ways to sort the bad from the good is to read product reviews before joining something. It’s the very reason why I focus on writing so many reviews of training schemes and make money programs.

I actually received an email very recently about Federal Rent Checks and was immediately intrigued by their claims. This motivated me to look into it and write a review of my findings.

So let’s get into the Federal Rent Checks review and see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.


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What Is Federal Rent Checks About?

Federal Rent Checks ReviewFederal Rent Checks is all about a little known IRS directive. The sales pitch is presented to us by a guy named D.R. Barton Jr. He reckons these “rent checks” can make people more than 6 figures annually.

This so far sounds kind of similar to some other schemes I’ve seen recently, such as  Matt Badiali’s “Freedom Checks” and Joe Schriefer’s “Ultimate Retirement Loophole”.

In the video delivered by Mr Barton, we are subjected to around 50 minutes of rhetoric that goes on and on about this little known directive of the IRS, how we can be cashing federal rent checks on a monthly basis and be making ourselves $1795 or more per month.

We’ll need to make a lot more than that monthly if we are going to experience the 6 figure per year income he also claims we can make.

Barton makes this sound like it’s all free money up for grabs and all we have to do is follow some instructions, then go out and grab our share of it.

Even though the pitch drags on for close to an hour, at the end of it all you soon realise you’re not much wiser to what it’s all about than before you watched the video. It’s all quite vague and doesn’t really fill in the blanks.

We keep hearing about all this easy money without ever receiving a detailed explanation about how we, us, ourselves will actually get our hands on it.

Upon further research I discovered that Federal Rent Checks is yet another offering from a place called “Money Map Press”, which gave us the “Fast Fortune Club”, a trading advice newsletter that I reviewed only a few days ago.

Money Map Press is a site that offers a bunch of investor newsletters and similar stuff, where you can subscribe to newsletters and receive some training and hot tips on trading Forex, buying stocks and so on.

According to their website, D.R. Barton is their chief financial coach and has over 30 years experience as a technical trader.

Barton has also published a book called “The 10 Minute Millionaire”, with an accompanying newsletter by almost the same name.

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How Does Federal Rent Checks Really Work?

Well, according to Barton there is a federal pool of over $11 billion dollars out there that we can all tap into. It’s in what’s known as the “Federal Building Fund”.

These “federal rent checks” are all about collecting dividends when you purchase real estate, as in buying shares in “Real Estate Investment Trusts”, also known simply as REITs.

Operating on the stock exchange, these companies don’t pay any taxes, so therefore they are able to pass on around 90% of their profits to their investors. It’s also all about government buildings that are owned by these REITs.

I mentioned earlier that D.R. Barton has a newsletter titled The 10 Minute Millionaire Insider. Well, Federal Rent Checks is really all about getting people to subscribe to this monthly newsletter. The rent checks thing is really just a sales gimmick to hook everyone’s interest and get them curious.

At the end of Barton’s sales video there is a push to sign up for and subscribe to his newsletter to receive hot investment tips, which is what Money Map Press is all about.

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More About The 10 Minute Millionaire Insider

This newsletter is all about receiving market trading tips for all types of trading from D.R. Barton himself. He works with technical analysis and makes trades based on certain criteria present in any market at any given time.

When it’s time to make a trade based on his system, he informs his subscribers via his newsletter and associated offers.

Apparently his trading system only takes 10 minutes to set up each day and you can potentially turn $2500 into over a million dollars in very quick time.

He also claims his system works on autopilot once it’s set up.

To help take advantage of life changing gains in the market, Barton has broken down his processes into 3 simple steps:

  1. Find the Extreme
  2. Frame the Trade
  3. Book the Profit

Find the Extreme is about finding stocks that will double or triple your money in quick time. Frame the Trade shows you when to take the trade. Book the Profit is knowing when to close the trade and take profit.

So really, Federal Rent Checks isn’t really anything to do with collecting some sort of free government checks. It’s just a sales line to get you interested. It’s really all about joining Barton’s newsletter and receiving his stock trading advice on a monthly basis, with some real time text message alerts to let you know of critical trades to get in on.


The 10 Minute Millionaire Insider


Target Market

This is sold to the public like some sort of get rich quick scheme, which is typical of Money Map Press promotions. That’s just how they do things. It’s made out like any ordinary person can just come along and cash in on all these government checks, but in reality it’s nothing like that.

What it’s really all about is using a sales hook to attract stock market investors to subscribe to a monthly newsletter that offers trading tips and signals about when to get into a particular trade.

Kind of seems weird to target the general public with an easy sounding money making scheme, when what it’s really about is stock trading and investment.

Kind of seems a stupid way to do it to me. There’s not enough relevance there.


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What I Do Like

  • You might get some decent trading tips and hints with the newsletter
  • D.R. Barton is a highly experienced investor


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The rent checks thing is just a sales gimmick and not even relevant to what’s actually being sold here
  • The entire sales pitch is extremely vague
  • It’s hyped up like a get rich quick scheme
  • It’s made out like you can get free checks without having to really do anything
  • All the information in the pitch and on the website is just designed to hook people in and get them to subscribe to the monthly newsletter
  • Money Map Press has a really poor reputation online


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How Much Does It Cost To Join Federal Rent Checks?

The 10 Minute Millionaire Insider newsletter costs $39 per year to subscribe to, or you can get a 2 year subscription for $79, which works out to be a dollar more expensive for some strange reason. 2 x $39 equals $78. But anyway, it’s just a dollar.


Is Federal Rent Checks a Scam or Legit?

I don’t think the newsletter is a scam, but practically half of the sales pitch to get people in has simply been made up.

Why they feel the need to offer up all this BS to get people to subscribe to an investment newsletter is beyond my comprehension. I mean, if you’re targeting traders and investors, wouldn’t it work out better if you pitched them with something far more relevant?

If I’m a trader, or thinking about getting into trading, I’d be far more inclined to join their newsletter if I was pitched about the benefits of the newsletter, rather than some made up sales gimmick that’s barely even related.

It’s not just deceptive marketing, it’s actually really stupid marketing.

Anyway, I don’t rate this a scam overall, but with the way this Money Map Press goes about things, I don’t know if I’d recommend any of their newsletters either.

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