Is Prime Time Profits a Scam? Is $500 a Day For Real?



Is Prime Time Profits a scam? Many people have asked this question online, so I wanted to see for myself whether this make money scheme that promises so much can actually deliver. The claim is you can make $500 a day with it, but is that the real truth?

Let’s take a closer look at Prime Time Profits and see for ourselves…



Is Prime Time Profits a ScamCompany Name: Prime Time Profits

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: $47 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ Prime Time Profits Reviews ~



Some people have a love/hate kind of feeling towards the internet. Me? I mostly love it because of all the opportunities it provides to make money from home and live the laptop lifestyle. The internet is global, and as an online entrepreneur, I can access this massive audience 24/7.

Unfortunately, one of the pitfalls of cyberspace is the amount of scammers online, especially when it comes to make money products and schemes. Not everything is a scam of course, but we do have to be watchful and mindful of these parasites, or they’ll take our cash.

In order to help people find legitimate ways to earn some money online, or even start an online business, I started up my Laptop Freedom Living website. I write a lot of reviews on make money schemes as well as training programs. These reviews help us find the worthwhile stuff and avoid any scams along the journey.

I kept receiving emails from various marketers about this system called “Prime Time Profits”. To me it sounded like one of those get rich quick kind of schemes, but I wanted to research it first before drawing any conclusions and write a review on what I uncovered.

The best way to avoid being scammed, or wasting your time on something that can’t live up to its hype, is to do some research first. That’s why it’s so great that you’re here reading my review. It shows you’re smart.

Let’s now see if Prime Time Profits is really worth your time and money or not.


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What Is Prime Time Profits About?

One of the very first messages you’ll be greeted with when you land on the Prime Time Profits website is “Copy my weird free trick to make $500 per day starting today”.

All we have to do apparently is sit through the sales pitch video and we’re home and hosed, on our way to a $15k per month pay day.

Oh, and another thing. This easy cash all comes in on autopilot. No input from you needed whatsoever. This is a cash cow that just spits out money on a constant basis.

It’s not really, but that’s what the sales pitch from the anonymous creator wants us to believe.

You see, nothing comes that easy and without time and effort. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either running a scam, or simply telling you what you want to hear so you’ll pay up and join in.

BS and sales hype doesn’t automatically qualify something as an outright con (although it often does). Other schemes might be fully legit, but just don’t work as easily or anywhere near as well as the sales talk would have you believe.

All we really find out about this system from the sales pitch (apart from the hype), is that this “magic black box” of theirs is going to deliver us a cool $500 a day. Over the course of the year, that figure would nudge it’s way up close to $180k.

The way this make money system is sold, all you have to do is click a button and the magic black box will do the rest for you, 100% on automation. You just kick back, chill out and watch the money come flooding in.

If this was for real, then why would the creator be bothered to sell it to others for a mere $47? Why sell it at all?

I would love it if stuff like this was real, but it’s too good to be true.

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Is Prime Time Profits a Scam


How Does Prime Time Profits Really Work?

They never actually get around to telling you any of the details in the sales video, which is pretty common for schemes like this. They don’t want to divulge the truth until you’ve joined and paid your money.

When you dig deeper you discover that Prime Time Profits is nothing more than a make money scam. They claim that retail giant – Amazon – has implemented and is running some new work from home scheme. They even show pics of Amazon head, Jeff Bezos, as well as fake news stories to make it look real.

It’s all a facade. The same scam goes under various other names, such as:

  • Money Sucking Websites
  • Amazon Cash Websites
  • Your Freedom Mentor
  • And others…

Prime Time Profits and the other scams I just mentioned are in no way associated with Amazon or Jeff Bezos. It’s all one big con to make their scheme sound like it’s for real.

They want your money and they’re willing to say any BS just to get it.

Even if you don’t buy into this, if you give them your email address, they’ll be spamming you with all manner of dodgy deals. Possibly they might even sell your contact information to other spammy marketers.

There are no Amazon jobs and there’s no conceivable way to make any money with Prime Time Profits.

Let’s take a look at a few things that make this scheme smell dodgy as hell.


Amazon Cash Websites and Prime Time Profits


Big Income Claims

Scams love to highlight the possibility of huge incomes. That’s par for the course. I mean, we all want money and we all love to hear that we’re going to be making boat loads of cash.

Who doesn’t want that, right?

Now, Prime Time Profits doesn’t go completely over the top like some other scams I’ve seen, but even $500 a day is still right up there, especially when they claim you don’t actually have to work for it.

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Autopilot Income

This is another favourite line of make money scams and schemes that can’t deliver.

Along with hearing about how much money we’re gonna make, we also like to hear that making that money will be quick and easy.

In the case of Prime Time Profits and their magic black box, just press the button and everything happens 100% on autopilot.

Again,, it’s all about telling people what they want to hear. It’s not reality. It’s fiction.


No Real Information

This is also typical of scams, like I mentioned before. They hype everything up in the sales pitch and on their website, but fail to tell you HOW you’re really going to be making all this fabulous money.

Sure, we all want quick and easy cash, but we still want to know the details of how it all works and whether it’s something we want to get involved in.


Limited Positions, Scarcity Tactic

This is such a common practice with legit platforms and dodgy deals.

Scarcity is used to get people to hurry up and take action.

In the case of scams like Prime Time Profits, they want you to hand over your cash before you’ve had a chance to think about it and change your mind. That’s why they lie and say positions are limited.

These people won’t be limiting how many people they’ll try and con money out of. They’ll take everyone’s cash!


The Fake Testimonials

Also used by every dodgy scheme around is the fake testimonials, whether they be written ones with the reviewer’s image, or video testimonials.

Prime Time Profits uses written testimonials that talk up their platform, with people carrying on about how easy it all is and how much money they’re making.

The images they use to accompany the testimonials are all simply taken from stock photography sites. They’re not genuine people.

They do this to make their scheme sound believable, but they can’t use real positive reviews, because they don’t exist. Scams don’t get positive reviews.

Just check out the 2 images below to see what I mean about fake testimonials on this site.


Prime Time Profits Fake Testimonial 1

Prime Time Profits Fake Testimonial 2


Why Sell It So Cheap?

I asked this question before.

If the magic black box can make people $500 a day completely on autopilot, then why sell the system to others for only $47? Why not thousands of dollars at least if it’s that lucrative?

Actually, why sell it at all? Keep it a secret and be cashed up big time for the rest of your life. Why let the cat out of the bag for just 47 bucks?

On the surface it might not make sense, but when you know the scheme is fake and makes no money for people, then selling it for $47 makes perfect sense.


Target Market

I really think this is aimed at newcomers to making money on the internet, and likely targeted at people who are hoping to “get rich quick” the easiest and fastest way possible.

I can’t see anyone with any internet marketing experience being even remotely interested in what’s on offer here. It’s all just too sketchy, too hyped and lacking in any real information.


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What I Like

  • I can’t say I honestly like anything at all about Prime Time Profits. There’s nothing to like, unfortunately


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is absolutely no substance to this scheme
  • It’s all sales hype and not a hell of a lot else
  • No one will have any way of making $500 a day working for Amazon. It’s all fake
  • Amazon and Jeff Bezos have nothing to do with Prime Time Profits
  • The testimonials are all faked
  • The income is total BS
  • There are no limited spots available. These scammers will take everyone’s cash
  • You won’t be making money 100% on autopilot by clicking the fake magic black box
  • It’s the same scam as a bunch of others, just repackaged and rereleased under a new name
  • You’ll get spammed when you hand over your contact details


How Much Does Prime Time Profits Cost?

The asking price is $47, but apparently there are upsells after you join, which might cost you as high as $97.

One cent is too much to pay for this con.


Is Prime Time Profits a Scam Or Legit?

Yep, I have no hesitation at all in calling Prime Time Profits out for what it truly is – A scam!

Everything points to it being one, along with the fact that they give out very little information until you pay them, and have a bunch of fake stuff on their website and in their video pitch.

There’s absolutely nothing to be gained by joining this. You’ll just lose your money, and compromise your contact details as well.


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