Is My Online Dream Biz a Scam? Or Is $6K a Month Possible?



Is My Online Dream Biz a scam or a legitimate way to make some really awesome money from home online? The guy in the sales pitch really hypes up this opportunity, but is he telling us the truth, or simply telling us what he thinks we want to hear?

We’ll dive right into the review in just a second, but first I wanted to say a big congrats on being here. It shows to me that you’re one of the smart people online. You want an opportunity, but you’re not willing to join something until you check it out first. That’s wise.

The chances of you ever getting scammed are close to zero because of that.

Now read on and to discover the truth about My Online Dream Biz…



Is My Online Dream Biz a ScamCompany Name: My Online Dream Biz

Owner: Jason More

Price To Join: $99 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



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A Quick Intro…

I make what I call more than a fulltime monthly income online every single month. It’s what I’ve always wanted to be able to do, and these days I get to live the true laptop lifestyle and be my own boss.

This gives me freedom and, aside from the money, that’s the best part.

You can do this too. Anyone can. It’s the reason so many people go online every single day in search of new options that didn’t exist before the internet. And because it’s global, we can all make money online 24/7/365.

That’s pretty awesome.

The biggest negative is that all the scammers go online as well, targeting people looking for legit opportunities. They create shiny schemes that promise the world and deliver nothing, so all of us have to be constantly wary of this.

Reading product reviews is one of the best methods to work out what’s good and what to avoid. It’s the whole reason I write so many reviews of training schemes and make money platforms on my site. I built this site to help people.

There has been a lot of talk about My Online Dream Biz online for a while now, so I wanted to look into it and write a review on what I uncovered.

Let’s now see if My Online Dream Biz can live up to its own hype.


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What Is My Online Dream Biz About?

To be honest with you, I reviewed another scheme called “Home Income System” which seems to be identical to My Online Dream Biz. Both are presented by this guy who calls himself Jason More, and both are offering exactly the same sales pitch and platform.

The sales pitch is your typical get rich quick type of spiel, where making really good money online is made out to be super quick and easy, with very little time or effort required on your part.

That’s not reality though. That’s just fantasy, fancy sales talk to hook people in.

Jason tells us that his My Online Dream Biz will have us very quickly (almost instantly in fact) on our way to making anywhere between $3000 a month and $6000 a month, every single month.

The guy even then goes on to promise us that as soon as we’ve finished watching the video, he’ll give us $400 cash.

Is Jason’s My Online Dream Biz scheme simply too good to be true?

In my experience, anything that sounds unbelievable almost always is.

As you continue to go through this review, you’ll learn that Jason is basically full of it. There’s not really anything tangible on offer here with My Online Dream Biz.

The website is fake and everything about this scheme is also a farce.

Making money online is not that hard if you steer clear of the scams. That’s why it’s best to follow in the footsteps of someone who is already making legit money online.

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How Does My Online Dream Biz Really Work?

As is typical of these sales videos, Jason never really gets around to telling us much about how his scheme actually works. He just keeps filling our heads with dollar amounts and sales rhetoric.

What he does allude to though, is that it has something to do with what he calls “ad linking”. He then says we can be earning cash in just 3 very easy steps, which are:

  1. Follow his training
  2. Decide on an ad linking partner
  3. Make money

It sounds like Jason is referring to some form of affiliate marketing, which is what I do for a living online. However, the way he describes it doesn’t sound very effective in my experience.

He claims you don’t need a website and simply have to spread this “link” all over the internet and you’ll be making money instantly.

Affiliate marketing has more to it that just posting your unique affiliate link in places and hoping for the best. People need to take action before you can earn a commission, and it takes more than mere link posting to get people to do that.

One other thing Jason allows us to know is that his system provides 6 ways to make money online, but he fails to tell us what they are. What he does go on to say is that we only need to spend around 45 minutes each day working his system to make the $3k – $6k per month.


Is My Online Dream Biz a Scam

Is Home Income System a Scam


What My Online Dream Biz Is Likely REALLY All About

I’m never keen to join anything I highly suspect is an online money making scam, so I can’t state what I’m about to say with absolute certainty, but I have seen countless schemes like this one before, so I’m pretty sure I’m right.

Websites like My Online Dream Biz and Home Income System are all about using bait and switch tactics to sell people on one thing, then send them off to something else that wasn’t advertised.

In the case of My Online Dream Biz it’s more than likely a feeder site for a high ticket scheme like MOBE.

High ticket schemes are programs that are all based on recruitment. They’ll have a bunch of really expensive digital products and memberships, all sold separately.

The idea is that you join and then try to sell the same system to others.

The problem is, these schemes are known as “pay to play” schemes, meaning you first have to buy a particular product yourself before you can earn a commission by selling that product to someone else.

If you were to go all in with MOBE, for example, you’d find yourself out of pocket for the princely sum of about $64,000.

That’s a hell of a lot of money for someone to sink into a scheme before they’ve even had a chance to make one cent back, let alone make a profit from it.

These high ticket platforms have a nasty habit of teaching their members (affiliates) to create fake websites and bogus money making schemes, just to lure people in and then send them off to the real (mega expensive) scheme.

Most people just end up spending a bunch of money they can’t afford to spend and end up making nothing in the process.

Copy the way I make $1000s a month online in passive income with no investment!


$400 for Watching the Video? Nope, Not Really

In a round about, deceptive way, Jason kind of does give you $400 for watching his long-winded sales pitch video.

But all you get is a discount off the price of joining.

This discount is fake by the way. He claims it’s normally $499 to join, but today he’ll give it to you for the low, low price of just $99.

It’s always $99.

It’s called a fake discount, so really there is no $400 for watching the video in any way, shape or form.


Jason More Is NOT Even a Real Guy

Another thing that’s extremely common with affiliates for these scammy high ticket schemes is they never reveal their true identity. They don’t want anyone to know who they really are.

Jason More is simply an alias. The guy portraying Jason More is a hired video actor and producer from the Fiverr freelancing website.

Have a look at the screenshots below and you’ll know it’s true.


Is My Online Dream Biz a Scam

Jason On Fiverr


Spots Are NOT Limited!

Fake scarcity is something that you’ll find on just about every single make money online website these days, the less than legit ones anyway.

The idea of creating scarcity is to get people to hurry up and act, pay up and join.

What they really don’t want is for you to be smart and take your time doing some research on their scheme first. They know you’ll discover it’s bogus, or misrepresenting itself. Then you won’t pay and join up.

They can’t have that, because then they won’t make any money at all.

There’s no way someone like the affiliate behind this fake website is going to limit their income by limiting the spots available.


Target Market

For some reason high ticket schemes always seem to be targeting online newbies. I guess it’s because newcomers are the ones most likely to be lured into them. Experienced marketers will be well aware of schemes like this one and avoid them like the plague.

That said, high ticket schemes are anything but newbie friendly if someone hopes to actually be successful in them.

You have to have a stack of cash to be willing to burn to start with, plus the skills to be able to market and sell very expensive digital products and memberships.

Newbies are not going to possess those skills yet, most likely.


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What I Do Like

  • There is nothing to like about My Online Dream Biz


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • This is nothing more than a site designed to funnel people into something else that was never openly advertised
  • The limited positions ploy is just fake scarcity
  • Jason More is represented by an actor hired from Fiverr
  • The website is loaded up with lies and very deceptive marketing tactics
  • There is no $400 cash just for watching the sales pitch
  • This is identical to Home Income System, also run by Jason More
  • We are never really told just how this scheme makes all the money we’re promised
  • Be prepared to spend at least $50k if you join a high ticket system


How Much Does It Cost To Join My Online Dream Biz?

The price here is $99 and it always will be $99. It’ll never actually be $499 like Jason suggests. That price point only exists so he can offer us his bogus discount. And the fake discount is merely there as a way to entice us to hurry up and join.

You see, fake scarcity again just like the limited positions tactic.

Anyway, that joining fee is simply your entry level membership into an expensive high ticket scheme.

A scheme like MOBE, for example, will set you back around $64k if you were to buy absolutely everything so you can earn on everything.


Is My Online Dream Biz a Scam or Legit?

I’m happy to declare that My Online Dream Biz is a scam.

For starters, Jason More isn’t a real person, just an actor. His $400 for watching the sales video is just a fake discount. There are no limited positions, and My Online Dream Biz isn’t even a real money making platform.

Technically it doesn’t exist. It’s just a website, and a site that feeds people through to the real scheme that’s never advertised.

We are told lie after lie just to hook us in and switch us over to something else entirely. That’s deceptive marketing at its finest.

Don’t fall for it. Give this scam a miss.


You CAN Make Money Online For REAL!

Lifestyle FreedomMy Online Dream Biz is not even worth the time it takes to watch the sales video, let alone being a viable way to make money from home online. But that aside, there are many legit ways to make an online income, and one of the very best is affiliate marketing.

It brings in more than a fulltime monthly pay packet for me, yet I don’t need to put in fulltime hours to do it.

If you follow some really easy training, then anyone can do this successfully. You also don’t need to invest any cash to get started.

There are stacks of benefits to doing this online from home, so let’s very quickly look at just a few:

  • You make the rules and live your life your way
  • You’ll experience the kind of freedom that having both money AND time can give you
  • Much of your income will be residual and passive
  • You can even make money while you sleep because the internet is global
  • No more boss. Work for yourself from home
  • Spend extra time with your loved ones
  • Live the ultimate laptop lifestyle
  • Have no limits placed on what you can earn
  • Improve your financial security with multiple sources of income
  • Travel whenever you like and still make money
  • And lots more…

Some marketers make the really big bucks, while many others like to do affiliate marketing on the side for extra cash. Me, I prefer it to be my main income earner because of the lifestyle.

Many people want to earn money from home and have more freedom in their lives, but you need to focus on something that can make that happen.

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