Is Permission Research a Scam? Is There Any Money To Be Made?



Is Permission Research a scam or not? It’s yet another online paid survey platform. People were asking if it’s legit and whether it’s worthwhile joining, so I decided to look into it and see for myself. Can you really make any decent money with this platform? Or is it a waste of time and energy?

Let’s take a look at Permission Research to discover the truth…



Is Permission Research a ScamCompany Name: Permission Research

Owner: TMRG, Inc

Price To Join: FREE

My Rating: 4/10



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These days there are so many ways to make some money online, whether it’s a little bit of cash from doing paid surveys, right through to income generating online businesses. Some stuff is great while other “opportunities” should be avoided.

I saw a lot of chatter online about the survey/research platform, Permission Research, so I decided to dig into it, see what it’s all about and write a review on it. Many people were asking questions, so I went in search of answers.

My website focuses quite heavily on writing product reviews of make money platforms, as well as training programs that say they’ll help people learn how to make money online. I do this so we can all be aware of what’s good and what’s not.

While there is plenty of legit stuff online, the internet is also home to many make money scams as well, so we all have to be careful so we don’t get burnt.

It’s awesome that you’re here reading my Permission Research review. It shows that you do your research and due diligence before joining something, and that’s always a wise move.

You are far less likely to ever get scammed or waste your time on something that way.

Let’s now see if Permission Research is any good or not.


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What Is Permission Research?

Permission Research claims to have more than 2 million members spread out across the globe. That’s a hell of a lot of participants.

Whether they’ve had a total of over 2 million people join, or whether they currently have more than 2 million active members is unclear. Either way, it’s still a lot.

It’s more geared towards improving the internet experience, rather than just conducting surveys and research for various companies and brands. It’s aimed at gathering research into peoples’ online activities, internet trends and user behaviour.

The landing page for the website kind of looks a bit basic and is essentially a map of the world with just a small amount of information on the homepage.

One way they conduct their research is through getting members to complete surveys, for which you will receive small rewards for your time and effort on occasion.

There’s actually a little more to it than simply doing some surveys for market research, though. They also want to monitor your online activities to see what websites you visit and log your general online behavioural patterns.

Kind of sounds like a bit of a breach of privacy to me, but I guess if you agree to things being that way when you join, that’s your choice.

In some ways this kind of behaviour research can be a good thing, as it really can help improve the user experience online in so many areas. Just so long as the company and the brands they represent don’t go breaching anyone’s privacy or dig too deep into someone’s personal life or online habits.

The main focus appears to be to do with online shopping and improving on all facets of that.

They also claim to plant a tree every single time someone joins the site. They do this through an organisation known as “Trees for Knowledge”, which has the goal of helping reducing our carbon footprint on the planet.

So that’s pretty cool.

You can probably make a small amount of money being involved with something like Permission Research, but you’ll never make any decent amounts of cash with it.

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Is Permission Research a Scam


How Permission Research Works

Let’s now take a look at how it all works when you join the Permission Research platform as a willing participant.

There are essentially 2 things that take place on this platform:

  1. Taking surveys
  2. Have your online behaviour monitored


Taking Surveys

We’ll look at the survey side of things first as that’s a bit more straightforward.

Generally you receive the invitations to complete a survey via email when one becomes available. You don’t have to do every survey they send you, but the more you do take on, the more you are likely to get sent your way.

Doing paid surveys for research doesn’t appear to be the primary way you earn by being a member of Permission Research though. It’s more of a sideline thing on this platform, rather than being all about taking paid surveys.

There is a real downside to the survey side of Permission Research, as compared to dedicated paid survey platforms like Zap Surveys or something.

You don’t get paid for all of them. Only some surveys you receive will earn you cash for completing them, which is a bit of a downer.


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Behaviour Monitoring

When you join Permission Research and agree to participate on their platform, you are required to download some software onto your computer or device. This software monitors your online activity and works discreetly in the background.

Mobile Xpressions is another platform that performs in a similar fashion, monitoring peoples’ mobile activity.

Some people might be very hesitant to download software of this nature, and that’s fair enough. You can change your mind and not go ahead with it.

By all accounts the platform is legit and safe, so downloading the software shouldn’t present any major concerns. I guess you can never be totally certain, though.

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Are There Any Privacy Issues?

Recently privacy online has become a major concern. Platforms such as Permission Research, who monitor and log your online activity, will always raise questions about whether your privacy will be breached or your personal information leaked.

Well, they make it very clear that they’ll never sell any of your details to third parties, so that’s a good thing to start with.

Surveys is another way they collect information about you, as well as cookies when using the monitoring software.

The actual software that you download is the thing collecting most of the data. It even logs your computer activities when you are not connected to the internet.

The software collects information regardless of who is using the computer at the time, and even takes note of who you interact with online.

I’m not real keep on some of what they say they monitor and collect, but it’s up to the individual whether you want to join up or not.

You can read their privacy policy here.


Permission Research Complaints


What About Getting Paid?

At the end of the day, joining Permission Research is all about participating to earn some coin. So how much do you actually get paid, and when and how?

Well, by all accounts this is one of the lowest paying rewards/survey/research platforms out there. It’s by far and away the biggest gripe people have with Permission Research.

Like I mentioned earlier, some of the surveys don’t even pay anything. You just surrender your time and information for nothing.

From what I can gather you only occasionally get compensation with cash or gift cards when you receive special survey invitations. I can’t find any information where you get paid or receive rewards for downloading and running the monitoring software.

Apparently they run a monthly sweepstakes, where you might be lucky enough to win a cash prize that could be anywhere from $100 up to $100,000. You have to refer people to the platform to earn entries into the sweepstakes, though.


A Few Common Complaints

We already mentioned the fact that getting paid anything for being on this site is only occasional at best, and not really inspiring with regards to earning money online.

I’ve also seen complaints about people getting viruses on their computer after downloading the monitoring software. No one wants that.

Another complaint I see is about privacy, because the company has a legal disclaimer on their website where they state they won’t take any responsibility or be legally accountable should anything go wrong and if any private information is leaked.

Not exactly a confidence building disclaimer.


Target Market

This sounds like it’s targeted at people looking for ways to make some extra cash online in their spare time, but in reality, it looks like people would hardly make any money whatsoever.

Kind of sounds like a waste of time if you want to make some actual cash or earn gift cards or whatever.


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What I Like

  • I like the tree planting idea
  • Improving the internet and user experience is always a good thing
  • Winning the monthly sweepstakes would be alright if you’re lucky enough


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • It doesn’t sound like you really have much scope to make any money with this site
  • Using the monitoring software sounds like it’s a love job, as there doesn’t appear to be any form of compensation for allowing all your computer activity to be logged
  • Most of the surveys don’t actually pay anything, unless they are one of the “special” surveys
  • People have complained about contracting viruses from the monitoring software
  • There could be some privacy issues related to participating in this
  • Their legal disclaimer sounds a bit scary, in they are not willing to take any responsibility whatsoever should anything go wrong in any way


How Much Does Permission Research Cost To Join?

It doesn’t cost anything to become a member of Permission Research, it just doesn’t really pay you anything either, so all a bit pointless.


Is Permission Research a Scam Or Legit?

There’s no scam going on with Permission Research. The company has been around for a long time and I think their intentions are good.

From the viewpoint of making some money online though, this really looks to be a extremely poor option. Most surveys don’t pay, and you apparently earn nothing for having your activity monitored.

If the goal is to make money in your spare time, then I’d give this a miss, as there is not really a hell of a lot of ways to earn with this one.

I might rate it slightly more highly if you could make more money with it.


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