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There are a few Jumpcut Academy reviews out there, but in mine I’m going to dig deep to see whether Jumpcut Academy is worth your time or not, and to make certain I answer the questions regarding whether it’s legit or a scam, as some people have had concerns.

We’ll get right into the meat of the review shortly, but first I wanted to says congrats on being here. It shows me that you’re one of the smarter people online. Many join stuff without looking into it first, but you do your homework and that’s  wise.

Chances are you’ll never get scammed or waste your time on something that sucks.

Now read on to discover the real truth about Jumpcut Academy…



Jumpcut Academy Reviews

Company Name: Jumpcut Academy

Owner: Jesse & Kong

Price To Join: $997

My Rating: 7/10


~ Jumpcut Academy Reviews ~


A Quick Intro…

These days we have so many new options open to us when it comes to making money, either on the side, fulltime, or as a business. The internet has opened the doors to so many opportunities that are now right at out fingertips.

Creating videos for YouTube is just one of many options for making money online. I actually make a fulltime income entirely from the internet, and that was always my dream. Anyone can do it. The internet is global and has made it possible to earn all your money from home, night or day.

Nothing is perfect though, and one of the biggest disadvantages to the online space is the fact that it’s also very easy for scammers to come along with their dodgy schemes and sucker money out of people if they’re not being careful. We always have to be cautious.

I created this website of mine to help people avoid scams and find legit opportunities to focus on. I believe one of the best ways to help is to research and write reviews on make money schemes and various training programs that are supposed to help.

I very recently came across Jumpcut Academy in an email, because I’d been looking into making money with YouTube. It sounded interesting, so I dug into it and wrote a review on what I found out.

So let’s now see if Jumpcut Academy is really as good as it sounds.


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What Is Jumpcut Academy About?

No matter what you might be promoting (if anything at all), creating videos is one of the most effective ways to get your message across.

It’s also worth noting that, next to Google, YouTube is the second biggest search engine there is online.

Just like with Instagram, many people are looking to become YouTube influencers, where you can make money from both YouTube advertising and attracting companies that’ll request sponsored posts if your channel is popular enough.

This is all leading into what Jumpcut Academy is all about.

This is a team of young online entrepreneurs and YouTube influencers who have got together to create a training platform that teaches you how to get the most out of YouTube, grow your following and make money in the process.

Jumpcut Academy is also known by another name, which is the “Viral Academy”; meaning they’ll teach you how to create videos that have the best chance of going viral, increasing your popularity and the likelihood that you’ll earn more and more money.

Boasting millions of subscribers each, Jumpcut Academy is a course created by founders Jesse and Kong. They want to teach others what they know (for a price), so you too can utilise the power of YouTube to its fullest advantage.

Creating videos for any form of exposure or marketing is a very powerful tool, and so is having your own website and slice of internet real estate.

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Jumpcut Academy Reviews


How Does Jumpcut Academy Really Work?

Jumpcut Academy actually kicks off with some FREE training. They call this free course the “YouTube Influencer 101 Course”.

The only catch with gaining access to the free course is they want you to surrender your name and email address, which means you are basically agreeing to receive future promotions from them, such as encouragement to sign up for their PAID course.

It’s always good to see something offered for free though.


Jumpcut Academy’s Instructors

When you join Jumpcut Academy you’ll have access to lessons and knowledge from 6 instructors who are all successful on YouTube in their own right.

Here are the 6:

  1. David So – Vlogging and comedy niche
  2. Aryia – Blog marketing
  3. Joe – Comedy and managing videos for brands
  4. Bart – Comedy and managing videos for brands
  5. Jesse – Launching and selling digital products
  6. Kong – Launching and selling digital products

Check out some videos for your 6 instructors below.






YouTube Influencer 101

Okay, let’s get into what Jumpcut Academy offers, and we’ll start with their free introductory course on becoming a YouTube influencer.

Just remember, even though these guys hope you’ll upgrade to the paid course, there is no obligation to do so when you take part in the free course. There isn’t a trial period or anything like that.

The YouTube Influencer 101 Course is made up of 4 videos, and we’ll go through what’s contained in each one.


#1 – The Channel Idea Scorecard

This initial video starts off with an overview of what’s involved in the free video course. You’ll also learn how to come up with winning ideas for video content, finding fans and building your subscriber base and the step by step procedure to establishing a profitable and popular YouTube channel.

One thing I like about these guys is they don’t say it’s all quick and easy. They’re honest and let you know that there will be a fair amount of work involved; not only through the course, but creating videos and building your channel.


#2 – The Remix Strategy

This part of the course is all about conjuring up video ideas that have the potential to go viral. This often comes about through lots of social media shares, especially Facebook. There are never any guarantees, but there are certain components and ideas that have far more chance of going viral and getting shared than others.


#3 – The Traits of Virality

There are apparently 3 very important psychological/emotional triggers that will help a video go viral and you will learn what those are in this third module.


#4 – The Influencer Economy

Discover the story of Jesse and Kong and follow their progress from college drop outs to successful online entrepreneurs. This 4th video is also about having the right mindset to succeed online by being a YouTube influencer. Mindset is always vital to success.

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The Main Jumpcut Academy Course

You can either call it quits with Jumpcut Academy after going through the 4 free videos that comprise the YouTube Influencer 101 Course, or you can then choose to enrol in their main paid course.

You can’t just join this course at any time like other online courses. Enrollment is only open for new students twice a year. While waiting for the next “season”, you put your name on a waiting list and you’ll be alerted when enrollments open back up.

Let’s take a peek at the 5 modules that make up the main course at Jumpcut Academy:

  1. Social Media Secrets – This contains some motivational material and an overview of the entire course.
  2. Launching Your Channel – This module helps you choose a video niche for your YouTube channel and actually launching your channel.
  3. Viral Marketing Masterclass – Employing a strategy known as the “remix and infotainment” strategy, you’ll discover just what to do to make a video that has the best chance of going viral.
  4. Influencer Intel – Target getting your first 10k YouTube subscribers by following the information in module 4. You’ll also discover some tips on how to grow your channel through having a blog and a presence on social media channels.
  5. Paid To Promote – At the end of the day you want to make money from your YouTube channel, so you’ll learn how to monetise things in this lesson. This includes revenue from advertising, eCommerce promotions, promoting brands, and even crowdsource funding.


Video Bootcamp

As a part of your course membership, you also gain access to the Jumpcut Academy Video Bootcamp which runs for a total of 12 weeks.

The idea of the bootcamp is to keep members motivated and focused by challenging them with weekly tasks to successfully accomplish.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover in the Video Bootcamp:

  • Analysing existing YouTube videos
  • Define your video channel’s unique angle
  • Learn a video’s viral potential
  • How to create awesome titles that will get clicked
  • How to create a video hook
  • Video thumbnails

After going through all this you’ll create 4 videos applying what you’ve learned, then choose your best video to have it rated by the team.

Video Bootcamp is about taking action and being proactive, rather than being solely a learning module.


Jumpcut Academy Bonus Training


Bonus Course Material

Different YouTube content creators have added some bonus material to the Jumpcut Academy course, and this includes the following:

  1. Growth Hacking Facebook – A video created by James Shamshi, you’ll learn how to get more followers and likes from Facebook in a short space of time.
  2. Gaming for Dollars – Learn how to make money on YouTube in the gaming niche.
  3. YouTube Legalities – You don’t want to risk losing your YouTube channel over a copyright issue or some other legal reason, so learn what the rules are in this video.
  4. Musicians On YouTube – The idea behind this video is to teach musicians how to make the most of YouTube for your music.
  5. The JK Empire – Learn how to dominate the brands and comedy niches on YouTube.


Jumpcut Academy Forum

One of the best things about any sort of course is being able to interact with, and collaborate with other members to share knowledge, ideas, and simply just to motivate one another.

All paying members of the Jumpcut Academy gain access to the members forum.


Target Market

Whether you just want to create funny or viral videos, or you want to learn how to master YouTube to build your business and your brand, that’s what Jumpcut Academy is all about.

At the end of the day you can make money from many kinds of videos with all different purposes, monetising with YouTube advertising, or getting paid sponsorships if you have a really popular channel.

Video is only going to keep increasing in popularity, so it only makes sense to get involved and learn the very best ways to make your videos – no matter what your goals are – go viral.


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What I Do Like

  • They have a free no obligation course to whet your appetite for the main course
  • There is some really good training in both the free and the paid course
  • Jumpcut Academy offer a 365 day money back guarantee
  • The training makes logical sense and is easy for anyone to follow
  • Jumpcut Academy has a high rating on the Glassdoor website


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • You can only enrol and do the course at two points throughout the year, so not much help if you want to get into it now and find you have to wait 6 months
  • The price is a bit on the expensive side for what you get, compared to other stuff out there, plus the glut of freely available material, even on YouTube itself
  • There are testimonials on the website, but nothing to verify that these are real students who have found success after doing the Jumpcut training
  • There is  no real training on video editing and other skills required in the actual creation and production of professional videos


Jumpcut Academy Glassdoor


How Much Does Jumpcut Academy Cost To Join?

Initially there is the no obligation free course which will help get you started, but is more designed to get you keen to pay for the main course.

To buy into the main course will cost $997, or you can do it in 6 monthly instalments of $197 each, but it costs more to pay it off.

This is all backed up by their 365 day guarantee.


Is Jumpcut Academy a Scam or Legit?

This is definitely not a scam and looks like quite a good course on how to master and make the most of YouTube, with the goal to become an influencer in your niche.

While much of this information can be found for free on the web, the team at Jumpcut Academy have put it all together in a format that will fast-track things for members and help it all make logical sense.

I do feel the price is a little high though, and I don’t really like the fact that you might have to wait months to enrol and get started. These days everyone wants access to things right now, so that might work against these guys I think.

Anyway, overall I think this is pretty good training.


Let’s All Make Awesome Money Online!

Lifestyle FreedomJumpcut Academy overall is a pretty good training resource when it comes to making money being a YouTube and video influencer, but there are also other ways to make money online that you can incorporate into your video marketing mix.

I do affiliate marketing for a living, and having a combination of a content website along with YouTube videos is perfect for maximising your affiliate earnings, along with YouTube advertising earnings.

Anyone can do what I do. Just like with the video training Jumpcut Academy offers, there is also some really awesome affiliate marketing training as well.

I’m currently making more than a fulltime monthly income from being an affiliate, yet I don’t need to work fulltime hours to achieve this.

Let me list just a few of the advantages of affiliate marketing:

  • There’s no limit on your earnings because you are not swapping time for money
  • You don’t need capital to get started as an affiliate marketer
  • A computer and the internet is all you need
  • You don’t sell, just promote or recommend the products/services of other companies
  • Work your very own flexible schedule because you’re the boss
  • You can do it as a side hustle or fulltime. The choice is yours

That’s just for starters.

I haven’t achieved the status of getting rich from this yet, but some marketers do. I do earn a very healthy income from it though, and that also gives me numerous lifestyle benefits along with having regular money.

Let’s look at some of those now:

  • You get to live the laptop lifestyle and can work from anywhere
  • If you like travelling, you can make money along the way
  • You get to work from home and spend more time with those most important to you
  • You will naturally create multiple sources of income over time
  • Enjoy having more financial security
  • Because much of your income will ultimately be passive, you can even make money while you sleep
  • A life of freedom is created by having both time AND money at the same time
  • And may more benefits…

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Inside my guide I expand on the advantages I listed above so you know why this kind of lifestyle is the best. I also go over the basics of affiliate marketing for anyone who doesn’t know how it works.

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