Is Instant Success System a Scam? $300K a Month Anyone?



Is Instant Success System a scam or not? That question has been tossed about online, and people are wondering whether the program can live up to its hype, or whether they’re just trying to get their hands on your money. My review answers those questions.

But before we get right into it, I first wanted to say congrats just for being here and reading this. You do some research before joining something, and that makes you a lot smarter than many other people online who don’t do their homework beforehand.

Most likely you’ll never get scammed or waste valuable time.

Now read on to discover the absolute truth about the Instant Success System make money scheme…



Instant Success System Is a ScamCompany Name: Instant Success System

Owner: Richard Paul

Price To Join: $97 + Upsells

My Rating: 1/10



~ Instant Success System Review ~


A Quick Intro…

I’m one of the lucky ones who makes a fulltime living entirely online these days.  Anyone can do it if you want it. Millions upon millions of other people live a similar lifestyle to me. You get to work from home, make your own rules and live life your way.

The internet has made it all possible, and these days more and more people are searching cyberspace for money making options. And why not? The possibilities are almost endless. Along with that, because the internet is global, you can realistically make money day and night.

One of the biggest drawbacks though, is the fact that all the scammers are online as well, ready and willing to try and fleece people of their cash by creating shiny schemes that sound good on the surface, but ultimately deliver very little value. We have to stay wary at all times.

It’s product reviews like this one you’re now reading that can really help in the fight to avoid the scams, as well as find all the good stuff online. It’s the reason I’m always researching training programs and make money schemes, and then writing reviews on them. I want to help people with my Laptop Freedom Living website.

Instant Success System popped up on my radar very recently and it sounded like the perfect scheme to do some research on and write a review about.

So let’s now see if Instant Success System has any hope of living up to its hype or not.


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What Is Instant Success System About?

This program and the sales pitch are delivered to us by a guy named Richard Paul. I’ve actually reviewed some other very similar products by this guy before. One such program that comes to mind is “Cash In On That Passion”.

He’s also quite well known for being involved in another older scheme titled “Countdown To Profits”.


Richard Paul


To be honest, it looks like exactly the same sales video Richard uses for all his other schemes. He also repeatedly makes the claim that we can earn ourselves a cool $500 just for sitting through his video sales pitch. I’ll get more into that aspect in a section further down.

As is very typical in schemes such as the Instant Success System, you’ll be dazzled with huge dollar figures, but in the end, apart from how much money you’ll be making and how easy it all will be, you’ll learn very little about the program itself.

This is classic “guru” psychology, where they build you up with everything you want to hear, but fail to tell you how it’s actually possible. They do this because they just want your money and don’t want to let on how lame their system really is.

Just the word “instant” in the system’s title should ring your alarm bells. Yep, we all want big money that we can make very quickly and easily, but that’s not reality.

The internet isn’t some magical money making realm where all the laws and principles of the real world don’t apply. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is trying to scam you.


Instant Success System Is a Scam


Making money online takes work and time, just like anything else in life. If everyone could grasp that one fact alone, hardly anybody would ever get scammed online, because this is the favourite line of all the online money making scams.

Another favourite sales tactic is tossing up the “done for you system”. Meaning, they’ve done all the work, you just pay a small fee, then kick back and collect the cash from their automated cash cow.

It’s all BS.

Don’t get me wrong, you can make really big money on the internet, but it doesn’t happen overnight and it does take effort on your part.

I mean, let’s think about this for a moment. Whether it’s this Richard Paul guy or some other self-professed money making guru, if they’ve got some scheme that brings in the big bucks, do you really think they’ll gladly part with all their secrets for a lousy (in this case) $97?

I think not.

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How Does Instant Success System Really Work?

Richard tells us we’ll all be making anywhere between $5000 and $10,000 every single week if we just cough up some cash and join the Instant Success System.

That’s a LOT of money we’re talking about here. That’s like between $150,000 and $300,000 a month!

Not likely.

The thing is, he keeps filling us with all this hype, but never tells us what we’ll actually have to do to make all this wonderful money he’s promising.

That’s a huge red flag.

I know from past experience reviewing Richard Paul’s schemes that he always creates websites like the Instant Success System to funnel people into high ticket schemes.

What’s a high ticket scheme exactly?

Well, for one, they are always expensive, but promise big commissions on sales. Secondly, they’ll generally have a bunch of products and different membership levels that are all sold separately. Thirdly, these schemes just sell themselves over and over and don’t promote anything else.

Richard is an affiliate for two high ticket schemes that I know of. Normally he funnels people through to the MOBE platform, but in the case of Instant Success System, it’s another high ticket program called “Aspire”, by Digital Altitude.




How Does Aspire Work Then?

It’s actually pretty similar to MOBE. In fact, just about all these high ticket platforms function pretty much the same way.

Aspire has a bunch of training that teaches you how to make money online. However, that training is all focused on promoting and selling the Aspire platform to others, and doesn’t teach you to sell anything else.

All the tools you are provided with are all geared up for selling Aspire as well, so they’re not much use if you decide to branch out as an affiliate marketer and decide you want to promote Amazon products or something.

You’ll find quite a few digital products, training and various membership levels inside the Aspire platform. These are all sold separately, and generally the price rises significantly as you get hit with upsell after upsell.

The whole idea is that members buy products and then try and sell those same products to other people they recruit.

Aspire uses a method that is commonly referred to in the make money online (MMO) niche as “pay to play”.

What this means is that if you want to earn a commissions on a particular Aspire product, training or membership level, you must first purchase that level yourself or you don’t make a commission.

High ticket schemes like Aspire, MOBE and others will always continually encourage you to go “all in” and buy absolutely everything. That way you can’t possibly miss out on any commissions no matter what you sell.

The problem is, to go all in with Aspire will cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

How many people have that kind of cash to toss about just to try something out?

And then you have to recruit and sell like a maniac to try and get that money back before you even start making a profit out of it.

Copy the way I make $1000s a month online in passive income!


Do You Really Get $500 Just for Watching the Sales Video? Nope

In a round about kind of way you do get $500, but not for watching the sales video.

You see, whether Richard is promoting MOBE or Aspire, these 2 platforms have a kind of money back guarantee with a catch.

If you first inject thousands of dollars into the scheme and don’t make any commissions within your first 30 days of joining, you’ll receive a $500 refund before you walk away.

Now while that may sound grand in the sales pitch when they speak the BS about receiving the money just for watching the video, the reality is that you must first part with several thousand dollars before you can be eligible for a $500 refund.

In other words, if you join up, buy a certain membership level, then decide it sucks because you haven’t made any money, you only lose maybe $1500 instead of $2000.

That’s not really a great money back guarantee in my eyes. What do you think?

Below is the MOBE guarantee. The Aspire one is very similar.


MOBE 500 Dollar Rebate


Target Market

Schemes like Aspire and MOBE, along with all the affiliates who create these feeder sites, always seem to be mostly targeting newbies to making money online.

Myself, I find that a kind of weird target market, because in reality these high ticket schemes should be aimed at people with loads of disposable income, some marketing experience at the very least, and people who have already started making money online as affiliates or some sort of online marketing.

You need these skills and experience to have any hope of succeeding in a high ticket scheme, because you first have to spend up big and then try and recoup that money before you can begin making a profit.


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What I Do Like

  • You can learn some decent things with both Aspire and with MOBE. There is some good training
  • You can potentially make some very big commissions


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Instant Success System is nothing but yet another funnel site created by Richard Paul
  • The sales video tells you nothing except how much money you’ll make
  • The program really has nothing to offer and only exists to lure people in and then feed them off to another high ticket platform
  • To go all in with something like Aspire, so you can earn commissions on everything, will cost you tens of thousands of dollars
  • Richard Paul is renowned for speaking BS and creating fake sites just to suck people into a scheme that wasn’t advertised
  • Aspire is pay to play, so you can’t make a commission on something you don’t already own yourself
  • You only ever get to sell Aspire to others and nothing else
  • All the tools and training provided (that you pay for separately) is all designed to sell Aspire only
  • This scheme is mega expensive
  • You’ll need disposable income, a wide social circle and the desire to recruit hard to make this system work for you
  • There is no $500 just for watching a sales video. It’s just marketing hype
  • Very deceptive sales and marketing tactics are being used here to bait and switch people into something else entirely


Instant Success System Lifestyle


How Much Does Instant Success System Cost To Join?

I’m not exactly sure where Richard Paul comes up with the $97 he asks for here, because entry level into Aspire is just $37 a month.

Then there are higher levels of membership which cost more per month, plus the mega expensive range of Aspire’s digital products, with the most expensive being “Apex”, which sells for $27,997.

The costs are all very much on a par with what MOBE charges as well.

You would be spending close to $60k to buy everything on offer at Aspire.

That’s mega bucks, especially for an online newbie just wanting to try something out.


Is Instant Success System a Scam or Legit?

While I don’t really think schemes like Aspire and co are scams, I really don’t like these funnel sites that make out like they have their very own make money scheme, but just feed people through to something super expensive that wasn’t openly advertised.

There are too many lies, deception, unethical sales tactics and BS hype associated with the Instant Success System and everything else this Richard Paul guy promotes.

Schemes like Aspire are an even tougher sell than your typical MLM schemes, and I really don’t like those either, so I seriously suggest not touching this.

Richard really isn’t offering members anything of value here anyway.


How To Make Awesome Money Online

Lifestyle FreedomWhile Instant Success System might have sucked, that doesn’t mean your search for a legit online money making idea dies with it, because it doesn’t. Not by a long shot.

There are stacks of ways to make money on the internet from home, and my personal favourite is affiliate marketing. Anyone can do this. Just follow some cool training that shows you what to do. That’s what I did and it worked for me and many others.

Nowadays I manage to pull in more than a fulltime monthly income, yet I don’t have to work fulltime to do it. I find that pretty awesome.

Let’s look at just a handful of advantages to being an affiliate:

  • It costs hardly anything to be an affiliate marketer
  • All you really need is the net and a computer to get started
  • You are your own boss and choose your own hours
  • There’s no direct selling, just promoting to earn commissions
  • Enjoy having no barriers placed on what you can earn
  • Do it on the side or even fulltime, it’s up to you

That’s just a small sample of the benefits.

I actually know of quite a few affiliate marketers who are rich from this. I’m not one of them (yet), but I do enjoy the income it brings in, but even more so, I love the lifestyle it’s given me.

Let’s very quickly list some of those lifestyle benefits:

  • If you enjoy travelling you can make money while on your adventures
  • No more work commute when you work from home
  • Have quality time with your family
  • Live the true laptop lifestyle and work from anywhere
  • Earn both passive and residual income streams
  • Make multiple streams of income
  • Experience the freedom that having time AND money gives you
  • And loads more…

If you want to live the freedom lifestyle, then make the decision to get started today.

To help you out, I’ve written up a guide to making money online from home. Take a look at it by hitting up the banner below.


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I wrote 2 lists above, but they barely scratch the surface of the benefits you’ll experience. My guide expands on these a little, as well as explaining how affiliate marketing works in simple terms. Because it is simple.

I attribute much of my own online success to some quality training. I talk about this same training in the guide and recommend it to my readers. I know it works so it’s worth doing. Best part is, there’s no money down to get started because you can join FREE!

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