Is O2 Worldwide a Scam or Awesome Business Opportunity? MUST READ!



Is O2 Worldwide a scam MLM opportunity or a legit deal? There has been a lot of talk about this wellness network marketing company and people have been asking whether it’s worthwhile, so in my O2 Worldwide review I intend to answer your questions and more.

Before we get right into that though, I wanted to offer my congratulations on you being here. You’ve proven to be both diligent and smart. You look into things and do your research before joining something, and that’s a wise move.

The chance or you ever becoming the victim of a scam is minimal.

Now read on to discover the truth about the O2 Worldwide MLM scheme…



O2 Worldwide Is a ScamCompany Name: O2 Worldwide

Founder: Dan Putnam

Price To Join: $39.99

My Rating: 4.5/10


~ O2 Worldwide Reviews ~


These days there seems to be a real glut of MLM companies floating around, and especially in the United States where network marketing is more popular than ever. By far and away the most popular niche is health and wellness, and in that regard, O2 Worldwide doesn’t break the trend.

Over the years I’ve tried my hand at a few network marketing schemes, but wasn’t impressed with the business model. However, I do like to write reviews on them and decided O2 Worldwide was a good one to look into.

It’s product reviews that help everyone make good choices, to discover what’s worth getting involved with and what to avoid. The reason I created this website is to help people, and that’s why I write so many reviews.

No matter what your goals are, anybody can make money on the internet from home. There are options everywhere. It’s how I make a living and it allows me to live the laptop lifestyle (something that’s hard to do with MLM).

The downside to the internet is it’s home to lots of scammers and dodgy make money schemes. We always needs to be aware of this and do our research first before joining something.

Anyway, let’s see if the O2 Worldwide network marketing platform is legit and whether you can make money as a rep.

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What Is O2 Worldwide About?

O2 Worldwide Is a ScamO2 Worldwide seems to be combined with a new MLM opportunity and company called Lurra Life. However, all the O2 products and business opportunity still exist as they were, so we’ll get into it and see what’s on offer.

A man named Dan Putnam founded O2 Worldwide with a view of changing peoples’ lives through better health, as well as offering a way to make money in the process. The products and business opportunity are worldwide and available in over 70 countries, as of the time of writing this review.

The biggest downside to this company is it’s operating in the mega saturated health and wellness niche, so there is stacks of competition.

Like most network marketing companies, the main focus is really on the business side and mass recruitment, rather than simply retailing the products. That seems to be very secondary with this one.

Now while you can make money with MLM, it is a super hard way to make any profit consistently and takes loads of work to get anywhere.

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The O2 Worldwide Products

I won’t go deep into the product range here, as this review is more focused on the business aspect of joining O2 Worldwide, but I will touch on them.

There are 3 main products in the O2 health and wellness range and they are:

  1. O2 Drops
  2. Daybreak
  3. Nightfall

The O2 Drops is the company’s flagship product. What these drops do is combine both oxygen for better absorption, along with essential trace minerals to boost your overall health.

The company describes this process as “activated stabilized oxygen with lyophilic third state minerals”.

Sounds pretty technical and scientific to me, but what does it mean?

It basically just means what I said before, that the oxygen helps the body and cells better absorb these minerals.

Let’s now have a quick look at the other 2 products.

Daybreak is a vitamin energy drink manufactured and formulated to give you a much needed boost to start the day.

When it comes to the third product, Nightfall, the exact opposite is true. This contains key ingredients designed to help you get a relaxed and truly peaceful night’s sleep.

The cost of a bottle of the O2 Drops is $44.95, based on my research. It’s only a tiny bottle too, and that’s a very high price tag. In the next section I explain why the prices are so high.


O2 Worldwide Products


Why Are MLM Products So Expensive?

Occasionally a network marketing company will offer reasonable prices for their products, but for most the norm seems to be prices that are sky high and way more expensive than the competition.

That’s the case with O2 as well.

What you’ll generally be told is that the products contain some key ingredient which makes them way better than anything else on the market, but seriously, this is nothing but sales and marketing hype.

They need a feasible excuse to offer people when they query the ridiculous prices.

The whole reason prices are so high is because of the way O2 and similar companies compensate its members. There are multiple commissions to be paid out every single time a sale is made, plus the company also needs to take their share of the profit.

You add the company profit to the cost of manufacture to the cost of paying all those commissions and you end up with a very hefty price tag at the end.

Basically consumers are getting ripped off on price when you compare the MLM product with similar products available on the market, but they don’t want to say that to you.

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The O2 Worldwide Compensation Plan

There are always 2 essential and main ways to make money with network marketing, and they are:

  • Selling products directly to customers
  • Building sales teams through recruiting

There is a little bit of money to be made by direct selling the products, and the commission is set very generously at 50%.

However, the real way to get ahead in any MLM scheme is through mass recruitment. It’s building sales teams and earning residual commissions from these teams that really adds up. And to get into the bonuses and the real money, you have to climb those company ranks.


O2 Worldwide Compensation


Let’s look at the bonuses you can achieve:

  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Team Two Pay
  • 100% Matching Bonus
  • Car Bonus
  • K Club Bonuses & Prizes

Now onto the levels and ranks you want to aim for if you want to have a hope of making any decent money with this scheme:

  1. Free Member
  2. Active Member
  3. Associate Member
  4. Premium Member
  5. K Club Member
  6. 3K Club Member
  7. 5K Club Member
  8. 10K Club Member
  9. 25K Club Member
  10. Legendary Member

There is a lot to these different levels and it’s all explained within the O2 Worldwide official PDF, which you can look at here.

I’ve also included their official explainer video below.



Is There An Income Disclosure Statement?

I usually include some details of a recent income disclosure statement, so my readers have some idea of the amount of money people might be making.

I couldn’t find one for O2 Worldwide, so I don’t really know.

If it’s typical of other MLM schemes, you’ll find that around 95% of members make no profit, and less than 1% of members actually make a liveable income from it.


Some Key Reasons Why I’m Not a Fan of MLM

I said at the start of this review that I’ve been involved in MLM in the past, plus I’ve researched and written reviews on about 100 or so network marketing companies.

I don’t really like the way MLM operates to be perfectly honest, and in this section I state the reasons why I think it’s such a bad deal for the workers/distributors.

So many companies decide on adopting the network marketing method because it gives them so many advantages over the retail route. I don’t blame them for that. It’s simply business, but the problem is, so many benefits get stripped away from the people that do all the work…

The army of distributors.

It’s no secret that MLM is one of the hardest ways known to make a consistent and sustainable income. Statistics over the years prove this time and again.

So why’s it so popular then?

Because it’s always sold on hype. People get excited when their emotional buttons are pushed and start to believe they’re easily going to get rich when they join.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s see why I say MLM is a terrible deal unless you own the company.

All MLM companies will have some staff on the payroll for the day to day running of the business, but the way these schemes make their money is with mass recruitment, where there is a veritable army of distributors all running around doing most of the work for nothing.

By far and away, most people involved in MLM only work for the promise of bonuses and commissions, and they have to pay all their own operating expenses as well.

The distributors buy the products, sell the products, promote the company, and grow its ranks through the inherent need to constantly recruit new people in order to get anywhere.

There are no wages, no retainer and, like I said, you pay for your own costs at every turn.


MLM vs Job


Usually there is a fee to join and another one annually (O2 doesn’t charge a fee), which means you have to pay the company for the right to do all the work for them as an unpaid sales rep.

Not a particularly good deal.

No one would take on a regular job under those conditions, yet millions will do it when it’s a MLM company offering such a shitty deal.

I said before that these schemes are popular with the mass market because they just tell people what they want to hear through all the sales hype. It’s promoted like a get rich quick scheme, and you’ll be dazzled at their recruitment drives by the promise of big bucks in quick time, and living the rest of your life in the land of milk and honey.

If only you would hurry up and join.

Now, there’s nothing at all wrong with chasing after that kind of life, but what they fail to tell people is that it’s almost impossible to achieve with any MLM venture unless you either started the company, or were one of the very first people to join up.

Statistics show that less than one half of a percent of all people who have ever tried MLM have ever achieved those lofty heights as a direct result of being involved in a network marketing scheme.

That’s just the way it is. Do a few searches and you’ll soon see it’s true.

Another common ploy is to preach to people that they’ll actually own their very own business when they sign up for a MLM scheme.

That’s a total falsehood, a lie.

Nobody who joins MLM owns a business. Only the company does. You can’t sell your MLM distributorship if you want to walk away. You haven’t built your own brand or an asset. You have nothing, just the expenses of running your own business.

Distributors are just company sales reps on no pay.

O2 Worldwide doesn’t adopt this practice, but most MLM companies actually force their workers to purchase X amount of product every month in order to remain eligible to earn money. This makes the workers the main customers at the same time.

That’s totally sucks!

Anyway, these are the main reasons why I say MLM is a terrible deal for the distributors, and it truly is.

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Is O2 Worldwide A Pyramid Scheme?

Read anything about any MLM company that’s ever existed and you’re bound to find someone who has accused them of running an illegal pyramid scheme, and that’s because of the pyramid style of compensation plan they all use.

However, as much as I don’t like MLM, they are NOT illegal pyramid schemes.

An illegal scheme is a naked pyramid, which works like a Ponzi scheme.

New money comes in via recruitment to pay the profits of existing members and the company. No products are bought and sold. Everything relies solely on recruitment.

O2 Worldwide has products that are sold at a retail/consumer level, and for that reason alone, the company cannot be classified as an illegal pyramid scheme.


Target Market

We talked before that one of the main reasons MLM appeals to so many people is because of all the hype it’s sold on. People believe they’re going to get rich out of it, and it’s also made out like they get a ready to go business that they’ll own.

Neither of these two things is true, but one of the allures of network marketing is the fact that everything is already set up. You just join, then get out there selling and recruiting.


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What I Do Like

  • No joining fee or annual fee
  • No monthly auto ship of products to remain eligible to earn
  • You get your own replica O2 Worldwide website to help with retail sales and recruitment


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • It’s just another MLM company peddling products in the over saturated MLM niche
  • The prices of the products are way too high
  • Nearly everybody who joins MLM fails to make any money
  • You’re responsible for all of your own expenses
  • There are only 3 products to promote
  • You’ll need to recruit like crazy to get anywhere with this “opportunity”
  • Less than 1% of people make a decent living from network marketing


O2 Drops


How Much Does It Cost To Join O2 Worldwide?

There is no joining fee, annual fee or monthly auto ship of products, but you will need to purchase a Starter Kit to begin, and that’ll cost you $39.95 at the minimum. This gets you some O2 Drops, a few business materials and your own replica website.


Is O2 Worldwide a Scam or Legit?

I don’t see this as a scam. It’s your stock standard MLM deal. The products are very limited though, and there is some confusion about this company, Lurra Life, and the original company, “Let Us Close”, which has since closed down.

I really can’t see any reason to recommend this opportunity to anybody looking to make some serious, decent and consistent money, but if you do want to go for it, focus nearly all your efforts on recruiting.

It is the only way to get anywhere with network marketing. You won’t go far just selling over-priced products, that’s for sure.


Here’s Something WAY Easier Than MLM!

Lifestyle FreedomMLM seriously is hard work, and most people don’t even make it to first base when it comes to making a profit. It’s gotta be one of the toughest ways there is to make money that I know of.

I much prefer affiliate marketing, which is just so much easier, simpler, and far more profitable than multi level marketing.

You don’t have to pay any sort of joining fees to promote products as an affiliate. There is no buying and selling of products. There is no recruiting to have a hope of making decent money. You don’t even need any money to get started or be an affiliate marketer.

If you’ve got a computer and the internet, you can do it all online from home.

Your affiliate business – especially if you build a website – will be your brand and your business asset. You can always sell your website for a profit down the track, often for a substantial sum of money.

Following a proven training blueprint is the fastest and surest way to reach success. That’s what I did.

While a lot of marketers like to do this as something to make money on the side, I like to make a fulltime income from it because of all the fantastic lifestyle freedom and benefits it gives me, and that’s something that’s mega important.

Let’s very quickly rattle off just some of the advantages of doing affiliate marketing online from home:

  • You will be your own boss and get to set your own work schedule
  • No more annoying and time consuming commute to a job and back every day
  • You will enjoy far more quality time with your loved ones and friends
  • You’ll have a very flexible lifestyle with less stress
  • Create multiple sources of income for more security
  • Much of your income will be passive income, which is the best
  • There will be no ceiling on how much money you can potentially make
  • Live the laptop lifestyle and work from anywhere in the world
  • Have access to a global market and make money while you sleep
  • Experience the true freedom of having time and money together
  • And so much more…

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