What Is Fix Monthly Income? A Scam? MUST READ!



Is Fix Monthly Income a scam? That question has been asked a lot, and even though there are other Fix Monthly Income reviews out there, in my review I plan to answer that question and more. We’ll also be looking into whether there is actually any conceivable way to make money with this scheme.

We’ll fully launch into the review in just a second, but before we do that I just wanted to say well done on being here. Many people fall for online money making scams, but chances are you never will because you’re smart enough to do your research first.

Now read on to discover the truth about the Fix Monthly Income money making scheme…



What Is Fix Monthly Income

Company Name: Fix Monthly Income

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 0/10


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A Quick Intro…

I make a fulltime income entirely online these days. It was always my goal, so I’ve proven that it’s possible for just about anyone. The good thing about the net is it’s global, so technically you can make money at any time of the day or night.

It seems that just about everybody is looking to cyberspace for new options, whether to make a little extra cash, or possibly even start some sort of online business. What we have to be careful and mindful of is all the scammers out there that just want to take our money by offering up dodgy schemes.

One of the best ways to be aware of what’s a scam or what’s worth joining is by reading product reviews just like this one. I built my website to help people, and that’s why I research so many make money schemes and write reviews on them.

Recently the Fix Monthly Income scheme found its way onto my radar, so I thought I would dig into it and write a review on what I uncovered.

Let’s now see if Fix Monthly Income is worth your attention or should be avoided.


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What Is Fix Monthly Income About?

I don’t know who’s behind the Fix Monthly Income website and scheme, because the owner/creator chooses to remain anonymous, which is never a good sign in my experience.

Anyway, Fix Monthly Income promises that we can all make some really easy money online by simply sharing a unique affiliate link that we’re given when we join.

Now you could share this link on your social media channels, your own website, tell your friends and family about it and so on.

The idea is you want to share the link as much as possible and have as many people click it and join Fix Monthly Income as you can get, as the way you make money on this site is purely by getting other people to click links and join.

Fix Monthly Income promises to pay people $5 for every single new member you send to their website, and a further $10 for anyone who actually signs up. That’s a total of $15. Now while that might not sound like much, because it’s free to join, those $15 amounts could add up fairly quickly.

You also get a $10 sign up bonus when you join yourself.


Fix Monthly Income Steps


One major problem I’m seeing so far is why would they pay anyone $15 for getting someone to sign up for this?

Fix Monthly Income doesn’t seem to be selling anything, and the platform is free to join. So how is it generating this money that they’re willing to pay people for recruiting new members?

I mean, even if people don’t join, the platform claims it’ll still credit your account with $5 just for someone clicking on your link. It wouldn’t be too hard to get a bunch of people doing that.

So what’s in it for Fix Monthly Income? Why are they willing to pay out this cash just for link clicks?

I’ve come across a few other sites that do a similar thing, such as Dollarnize and Dollars Plug, to name just a couple of them.

Another thing that’s very unusual about Fix Monthly Income is they say your account must first reach a minimum of $300 before you can request a cash out.

Whether you’re doing paid surveys online, earning rewards on GPT sites, or on a site like Fix Monthly Income, $300 is a super high payment threshold that you have to reach.

Most other sites along these lines set their thresholds as low as $10 or maybe $20 max.

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How Does Fix Monthly Income Really Work?

Fix Monthly Income is nothing more than a link posting scam site. No one ever gets paid for the work they put in recruiting new members or getting their affiliate links clicked.

This scam site justifies the money they “say” they will pay people by claiming that we’re doing them a service by sending them traffic. Fix Monthly Income then goes on to claim that they have a bunch of advertising partners who will pay them for all this traffic, and in turn they share some of that revenue with us.

The problem is, it’s all BS!

There is no advertising whatsoever on the Fix Monthly Website, so where are all these advertisers that are paying for everything? If they do exist, but are not mentioned on the Fix Monthly Income website, then how is there any benefit to them by having us send traffic there?

I’ll say it again. It’s all BS!

Everything about this website is a fraud, fake, a figment of the imagination, a fantasy.

Advertisers wouldn’t pay this generously just for traffic even if they were present on the FMI website. They’d be far better off spending their advertising budgets with PPC or Facebook Ads or something.

I do affiliate marketing, where I place affiliate links on my website and so on, but no one pays me for clicks. I only get paid when someone takes action and makes an actual purchase. I’ve certainly never heard of any companies paying $5 just for a click on a link.

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What’s the Scam Here Then?

There are a couple of layers to it, that’s for sure. And another thing that’s certain is there is money in this for whoever is hiding behind the Fix Monthly Income website, but there is no money in it for you and I.

We’re just getting scammed if we join.

For starters, the website wants to collect the sign up details from as many people as it possibly can manage.


Because all this contact information is worth a lot of money if the list ends up big enough. The person running the site can then go around selling their contact list for some decent cash.

Every person who signs up hands over their information and joins Fix Monthly Income’s growing list, and they do this all for free by promising to pay people generously for sending traffic to them.

Now this is where the scam spreads out even further. When you do finally reach the minimum cash out level of $300, you never get paid. You’ll just be made to jump through a bunch of hoops first and still not see any real cash at the end of it all.

When you go to request your payout, you’ll be asked to first complete a Captcha test. In order to complete the Captcha you’ll be greeted with a list of links to click. Each of these links is an affiliate link, where the person running Fix Monthly Income will earn a commission if you join anything through these links.

All of these links want your personal information, and some are even offers where they ask you to pay them to join.

Even when you think you’ve done everything asked of you to complete the Captcha and can then get sent the money you made, you’ll still get sent off to even more sites with offers to fulfil.

The only payout option when you do finally get to the point of getting paid, is by check.

Getting paid by check can be as slow a process as they want it to be. When your check doesn’t arrive they can just say it’s been help up in the mail or something. You’ll be offered excuse after excuse as to why you haven’t received payment.

This site is nothing but a ruse to get your details and to try and get you to join offers.


Fix Monthly Income Complaint Ripoff Report


Target Market

I guess this scheme could be targeting just about everyone. We’d all like to make some cruisy cash online, and the Fix Monthly Income deal does sound super easy on the surface. You don’t need any real skills or experience, so technically anyone could do it.

I guess that’s the way they want to present it too, so anyone and everyone will give it a go. The more the merrier for them.


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What I Do Like

  • There is nothing to like about this bogus scam of a site


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Fix Monthly Income has no advertisers that pay them
  • The whole premise of this site is one big con
  • You can sign up as many people as you like and build your account balance, but you’ll never see one red cent of the money you earn
  • When you reach the massive threshold of $300 and go to get a cash out, they make you jump through hoops and require that you sign up for a whole bunch of offers first
  • The place pays by check, but you will never, ever receive that check
  • Fix Monthly Income are building themselves a really big contact list and all for free
  • They’ll sell your contact details to other marketers
  • They also make affiliate commissions every time someone joins an offer
  • We don’t know who runs this thing because they keep their identity hidden
  • You risk identity theft


What Is Fix Monthly Income


How Much Does It Cost To Join Fix Monthly Income?

It’s free to join Fix Monthly Income, just so long as you don’t sign on for any of the paid offers they throw your way when you try to cash out.

Not that you would want to bother joining anyway. There is no valid reason to.


Is Fix Monthly Income a Scam or Legit?

This scheme is definitely one big scam. Sure, they’re not asking for a joining fee, so they’re not taking anyone for their money, but everything about their site and their offer is fake and one giant lie.

You end up wasting your valuable time building their contact list for them for free. You also risk getting spammed because they’ll have your contact info if you join. Plus they’ll sell that info to third party marketers so you’ll get spammed some more.

Then there’s the other part of the scam where they try to get you to join other offers when you want to get paid the money you’ve earned.

And no one gets paid anyway.

It’s one big fat waste of time.


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