Is Paid To Send Email a Scam or Easy $600 a Day?



Is Paid To Send Email a scam or not? That’s a question many people have been asking about this make money from home opportunity. While there are other Paid To Send Email reviews out there, in mine I’ll answer a number of questions about this scheme and see whether it’s worth joining.

First off I just wanted to say a huge congrats for being here and reading my review. I say that because your chances of ever falling for a scam are close to zero, and that’s because you’re smart enough to do your research first.

Now read on to discover the truth about the Paid To Send Email scheme…



Is Paid To Send Email a Scam

Company Name: Paid To Send Email

Owner: Jared Rich

Price To Join: $27

My Rating: 1/10


~ Paid To Send Email Review ~


A Quick Intro…

There are so many ways people can make money online from home these days. Some only pay out some spare change, while others can end up being fulltime income earners. The internet is a global marketplace, so technically, no matter where you are in the world, you can be making money any time of the day or night, every day of the year.

I actually make a fulltime income entirely online and it’s been that way for years. I love the lifestyle it gives me. Now I’m here to help you achieve your online goals as well.

Although the internet offers up so many different opportunities that are easily accessible, the biggest problem is all the scammers float around online as well. They see newbies as easy, inexperienced targets, so we all have to remain cautious while seeking out options.

The best method to avoid the scams and find the good options is to read product reviews just like this one. It’s the very reason why I write so many on my website. I want to help people find a legit way to make an online income from home and not get caught in a scam.

Recently I came across the Paid To Send Email scheme and it sounded like an interesting way to make a dollar online. I decided to dig into it and write a review on it.

So let’s now see if Paid To Send Email is hot or not.


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What Is Paid To Send Email About?

Jared Rich is the dude that brings us the Paid To Send Email work from home scheme. I tried to dig up some information on Jared, but couldn’t find anything out about the guy.

To me that’s a bit of a red flag right from the start. His name might just be an alias. If it is, then what’s he got to hide?

Sending some emails sounds simple enough and something that just about everybody is capable of doing, so the job title sounds appealing. And to spice up the pot even further, Jared tells us that we can even make as much as $500 to $600 a day doing this.

That’s phenomenal money just for something as mundane as sending emails. That’s like $15k to $18k per month!

Sounds a bit hard to believe.

To make things even harder to swallow, Jared then goes on to say that people only need to work for around 30 minutes each day to be making this kind of money.

If this is true, then why does anybody bother to work an office job? Might as well just stay at home, work for half an hour and probably make more that you would for 20 work at the day job, in one day.

It smells like BS to me.

If it sounds way too good to be true, then it very likely is.


Is Paid To Send Email a Scam


Another thing that raises the proverbial red flag for me again is that this is promoted as a “push button system” to make money online.

I’ve researched a lot of these schemes in the past, and every time I’ve heard that push button line tossed into the mix, the scheme has either turned out to be a scam, or just a complete waste of time at best.

I’ve been making money online for a long time now, and I’ve never, ever come across a real system of making money that works at the push of a button. It’s nothing but fantasy talk, a sales line to hook people in and make it all sound super easy.

Another one of the favourite words that’s always bandied about is “autopilot”. This is basically the same as “push button system”.

To further enhance Jared’s fantasy that he’s trying to sell us, throughout his sales video we are regularly shown “proof of income”.

Now, proof of income and screenshots of a PayPal account and whatever are easily manipulated and falsified, so they really don’t prove a thing.

I could get an image from my PayPal account, take in into Photoshop and manipulate it to look like I made $5 billion last month if I wanted to.

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How Paid To Send Email Really Works?

Okay, so we know this all has something to do with sending out emails, but unfortunately Jared doesn’t seem to want to elaborate on that. It’s like we first have to pay his joining fee before he’ll share any information with us.

By the way, why is there a joining fee? Isn’t he offering us some lucrative work from home job? Why do we have to pay to apply for a job?

After digging deeper I was able to discover that what Paid To Send Email is all about isn’t simply sending out email on behalf of companies or something, it’s about “email marketing”, which is really totally different to how Jared sells this in the sales pitch.

Yes, it does involve sending emails, but Jared made out like we’re getting paid by someone to send emails out for them, but that’s not the case at all.

What Jared has created is some generic email marketing scheme where you get given a landing page designed to collect peoples’ email addresses. You’ll then enter these subscribers into a premade sales funnel where they’ll receive periodic emails trying to sell them on a product or service; most likely selling them on joining the Paid To Send Email system itself.

The promise to you is that you’ll earn a small commission for everyone you manage to get to buy into the scheme.

Most likely you’ll also be hit with a lot of upsells to buy other products and services that Jared will say you need in order to make money with his scheme.


Where Will the Traffic Come From?

Without traffic, no one can make any money from this.

Jared’s system all hinges on getting people to the landing page he gives you. This is where people will be enticed to join your email list, and until you get people on your list, you can’t sell them anything.

So where are all these people going to come from? How are they going to find your landing page?

A one page website isn’t going to rank in the search engines, so that’s out.

When it comes to Facebook Ads and Google Ads, they usually won’t approve ads that go to a squeeze page like Jared’s offering you, so that’s out.

That only really leaves lots of social media posting or spamming, or paying to buy space on some other marketer’s email list through the purchase of solo ads, which can get super expensive.

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Fake Testimonials

As you sit through the sales video, you’ll be presented with a series of “everyday people” who are making money hand over fist by joining Jared’s program.

That’s what they all claim anyway.

But there is a huge problem with these video testimonials. They are all fake.

The people we’re seeing in the videos are all actors, paid to make videos and read off a script that sings the praises of the Paid To Send Email system.

Creating fake testimonials is something that all scams do. They need something to back up their claims, so they hire actors to create videos that do just that.

That can’t use any real testimonials, because very likely they don’t have any positive ones.

Check out the screenshots below. These actors sell their services on Fiverr.


Paid To Send Email Fake Testimonial 1

Paid To Send Email Fake Testimonial 2

Paid To Send Email Fake Testimonial 3

Paid To Send Email Fake Testimonial 4


Target Market

The sad thing about these bogus make money online schemes is they always tend to target newbies.

Now this isn’t because newbies are stupid, just not as experienced as people who have been making money online for a while.

These scammers are masters of telling people what they want to hear and sell everything based on hype alone. That’s why there will very rarely be any information on how the scheme actually works, just how much money you’ll make and that it’ll be super quick and easy and run on autopilot.

Experienced marketers will see all the rag flags instantly and wouldn’t join something like this.

It’s always a good idea to research something before joining, whether you’re experienced or a newbie.


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What I Do Like

  • Email marketing is real and can be effective


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Jared Rich is likely just an alias as I can’t find any information on the guy
  • He makes it sound like he has these high paying email sending jobs available, but when you dig deeper, it’s something else entirely
  • The sales pitch video is very vague
  • The video testimonials are all faked
  • Jared’s super basic email marketing system won’t get any traffic
  • You’ll be hit with a lot of upsells if you were to join. That’s just how these schemes work
  • The payment proof Jared offers can be easily faked
  • Jared has used a lot of misleading tactics here to get people to join
  • Email marketing is a lot harder, and takes a lot more time than what Jared is making out
  • The REAL testimonials you find online are filled with complaints about this being a scam


Paid To Send Email Complaint


How Much Does Paid To Send Email Cost To Join?

The price to buy into the Paid To Send Email scheme is $27, but I doubt the spending will end there. These schemes always have upsells that are way more expensive than the opening price. They make their money on the back end by luring people in with a cheap price on the front end.


Is Paid To Send Email a Scam or Legit?

It seems very scammy to me, because Jared has made out like there are all these lucrative work from home jobs on offer, when what he’s really selling is some email marketing system.

You’ll get some super basic tools and training for your money, so I guess I couldn’t label it an outright scam, but everything is highly misleading.

There are no email jobs that are going to pay you 500 bucks a day. That’s just a sales tactic

I don’t see any real value here, and going by my research, no one else online seems to think this scheme is worth joining either.


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