Earn Easy Commissions Is a Scam? Possible Ponzi Scheme



Earn Easy Commissions is a scam or not? Many people were asking this exact question about this make money platform that claims you can earn big bucks very easily. It got me curious, so I decided to take a look at it myself. Is $100k even remotely possible with this program?

Let’s take a close look at Earn Easy Commissions to see if it can live up to its hype…



Earn Easy Commissions Is a ScamCompany Name: Earn Easy Commissions

Owner: Chuck Nguyen

Price To Join: Free To Start

My Rating: 2/10



~ Earn Easy Commissions Reviews ~



Never before have there been so many opportunities to make money, either fulltime or as a side hustle. The internet has opened many doors, allowing people to set up simple online businesses from home, and even work remotely for their employers.

I also love the fact that as an online marketer, I get access to a global audience 24/7/365. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Nothing comes without some negatives though, and possibly the biggest downside to the internet with regards to making money, is there are a lot of con artists out there who have mastered the art of telling people what they want to hear so they can take their cash. Because of this unfortunate fact, we all have to take care.

It’s one of the main reasons why I write so many product reviews on my website; whether they be for make money online (MMO) schemes, or training platforms that claim to teach people how to make money. These reviews help us all make the right choices.

There seemed to be a lot of talk around social circles about a make money scheme called “Earn Easy Commissions”. It got me really interested, so I decided to do some research and write a review on what I uncovered.

As I said before, there are many scammers online, and reviews help us sort the good from the bad.

That’s why it’s so cool that you’re here reading my review. You’re smart and do your homework. Likely you’ll never fall victim to an online scam.

Let’s now see if Earn Easy Commissions is really worth joining or not.


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What Is Earn Easy Commissions About?

Chuck Nguyen is the guy that presents us with his Earn Easy Commissions scheme. The man makes the claim that we can easily make at least $100,000 or even more if we jump on board. You don’t even need any experience, because the platform is beginner-friendly, and everything is “done for you”.

Okay. There are 2 red flags for me already in that opening paragraph I just wrote:

  1. The promise of big money
  2. A done for you system

In my experience most programs that make the 2 claims above are either scams, or something that can’t live up to its promises.

There really isn’t any such thing as a “done for you” system to make money. That makes it sound like you don’t have to lift a finger, and that’s just mere fantasy.

This is backed up by another major claim, where Chuck says we can join his lucrative money making platform for FREE!

So is Chuck really telling us the truth with everything he’s said so far?

Not really, as you’ll soon discover when reading through this review.

Chuck is basically saying he’s created an affiliate marketing system where everything has already been set up for you. All you have to do is join (for free, apparently) and you’ll start making all this fabulous money, earning commissions completely on autopilot.

Chuck then goes a step further and tells us the things we DON’T have to do, which are:

  • Build websites
  • Learn how to code
  • Do any data/stats analysis
  • Optimise sales funnels
  • Do any selling

To me, this is all sounding way too good to be true. It has all the symptoms of being a make money scam, and we’ll soon find out.

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Earn Easy Commissions Is a Scam


How Earn Easy Commissions Really Works

Chuck failed to really mention anything about how his system works and actually makes money when he gave us the video pitch. His website also refuses to offer up any real information either.

However, I dug a little deeper and discovered what this scheme is really all about.

The first step is to create a free account with the Earn Easy Commissions platform. And yes, you can technically get started for free at this point. However, to really get involved will require you to invest some money on different levels.

Despite what Chuck says in his sales pitch, there’s no way this is a done for you system that makes stacks of cash for you on autopilot. Far from it.

Much of what this is about will involve a lot of time, effort, and some expense, trying to recruit other members into the scheme so you can make money off of them.

That’s how Earn Easy Commissions works. It’s like a multi level marketing (MLM) scheme, except there aren’t really any products for sale except memberships in the scheme.

This is actually a mix of generating traffic, affiliate marketing and MLM, when you break apart the components Chuck wants us to use to build the membership base and earn from this new influx of membership money.

You can remain a free member with this, but your options and capacity for earning money are far more limited. The higher (more expensive) membership you buy into, the more money you can potentially make.

So all you’re really doing with Earn Easy Commissions at the end of the day is promoting the same system to others. When they join and pay money, you make a commission.

There is some training, but all that does it teach you how to promote EEC to other people and that’s about it.

You’re not really learning the skills to build a long-term and profitable online business. In fact, you’re not building any sort of business at all.

Earn Easy Commissions is nothing more than a short-term money making scheme.

There are loads of similar schemes out there online, such as Duplicate Dave, Copy My Commissions and countless others.

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The Earn Easy Commissions Memberships

There are different membership levels on the Earn Easy Commissions platform.

Like I said, this is all about selling the same system to others, so let’s take a look at the 3 memberships and see what’s involved.


The FREE Membership

The free membership level is real, but like I said before, your chances of earning money are severely restricted.

So what do you get with the free membership then and what sort of money can you hope to make?

You get some video training. However, this training is almost entirely focused on trying to convince you to spend money on a paid membership, so not really training at all. More of a sales pitch.

You can earn $1 for every qualified lead you bring into the platform. If that lead goes with the PRO Membership, you make nothing, but if they buy the VIP Membership, you make 100 bucks.


PRO Membership

When you take up the PRO Membership, you are basically only getting what comes with the FREE Membership, except you are told you need to purchase some additional tools. These are:

  1. GetResponse (for email marketing)
  2. ClickMagick (for link tracking)

Both of these will cost you money monthly. You’ll buy your memberships through Chuck’s affiliate links, earning him some commissions in the process. The same will apply for you when you get members in who go PRO.

With the PRO Membership you stand to earn exactly the same as with the FREE deal, except you can also earn small monthly recurring commissions when your referrals buy into ClickMagick and GetResponse.


VIP Membership

This is where the real money is at, both for Chuck and the members. So how’s this membership level work?

For starters, you’ll receive some additional training on traffic generation methods. Along with that you get an increased per lead referral fee of $1.20, up 20% from the previous 2 memberships.

You also stand to earn a $500 commission for every VIP sale instead of $100.

Again you make recurring commissions on GetResponse and ClickMagick, plus you can sell paid traffic packages at this level and make commissions on those as well.

The 2 tier affiliate system kicks in here too, where you can make a $200 commission on any VIP sales your direct referrals make to new members.

VIP is the way to go if you were to join, and really the membership level that Chuck pushes people to join.


EEC Training

I’ll briefly go over the training here, but I won’t get heavily into it, because it’s really mostly just focused on teaching you how to sell the system to other people. It’s not comprehensive online marketing training.

Here’s a synopsis:

  1. Get Started – This is really just an introduction to Earn Easy Commissions. You’ll get to join their exclusive Facebook group, and you’ll hand over your PayPal email, which will be used to pay you your commissions.
  2. Get Your Referral Link – Here you actually discover how the system really works, and you’ll be given your unique referral link.
  3. Maximise Your Earnings – There’s really nothing more to this part of the training than having Chuck try to upsell you to a VIP Membership. That’s about it for this section.
  4. Zero to $10K Journey – This involves you watching a series of 9 videos that basically teach you how to have the right mindset for success. Like a self development course. I thought it would have been training on how to implement the system, tools, and generate sales, but it wasn’t.
  5. Check Your Referrals – All you are shown here is how to access your stats page so you can see how many referrals you have and what their status is.
  6. List Building – This is an upsell, so you have to pay for it separately. Here you learn some tips and tricks on building an email list and how to promote Earn Easy Commissions to that list. You get given an email sequence of 100 prewritten emails, plus a premade landing page to collect email addresses.


Ponzi Scheme


Is Earn Easy Commissions a Ponzi Scheme?

First, let’s decipher what an illegal Ponzi scheme actually is.

A Ponzi scheme is a system that relies entirely on recruitment and the injection of new money to sustain itself. Ponzi schemes have no real products of any value to buy and sell. Previous members (and the owner) only make money when new members join and pay for memberships.

So does Earn Easy Commissions fit the definition?

I’d say it does, for sure. The only products that it offers are external, with GetResponse and ClickMagick memberships.

I guess you get some done for you emails and a landing page, but that comes at an extra cost outside the memberships you buy into.

This scheme is borderline at best and smells like a Ponzi scheme to me.


Target Market

This looks to be aimed at people who are new to affiliate marketing or making money on the internet. It also plays up to the get rich quick mentality.

Some people are attracted to, and actively seek out, schemes that work like this one, so I guess it would appeal to that crowd as well.


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What I Like

  • It’s possible you could make money with this scheme
  • There is a genuine free membership option
  • You only need to make $10 to get a payout via PayPal


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Schemes like this won’t last forever, as when recruitment dries up, the system caves in and dies
  • Chuck tells a few untruths in his sales pitch and doesn’t give any real details on how his system works
  • Your chances of making $100k with this are extremely remote, if not impossible
  • There are upsells along the way with a lot of pressure placed on your to buy them
  • The training is basic at best and only focuses on teaching members how to sell the same scheme to others
  • This smells like a genuine Ponzi scheme to me
  • This is not really a done for you system that runs on autopilot
  • It’ll take a hell of a lot of work (and probably money too) to recruit new people. Without recruitment you make zero dollars
  • If this gets shut down by the authorities, you’ll lose any money you’ve invested


Earn Easy Commissions Steps


How Much Does Earn Easy Commissions Cost To Join?

Okay, so we’ve established that there is truly a free membership with Earn Easy Commissions, but what about the other memberships and upsells?

Let’s take a look.

  • PRO Membership = Free, but you’ll be paying at least $15 per month for your GetResponse membership, as well as at least $17 per month for your ClickMagick membership.
  • VIP Membership = $1000. This is where Chuck really makes his money, and why he pushes everyone so hard to buy the VIP level.
  • List Building = $97

There is also the subject of paid traffic to drive people to your email marketing landing pages so you can get new members in. This will likely cost you thousands of dollars more.


Is Earn Easy Commissions a Scam Or Legit?

This system is really all too good to be true, will cost you $1000s before you even have a chance to make money, could get shut down at any time because it’s likely a Ponzi scheme, and you could just simply lose your money.

I won’t outright label it a scam, because you might make money with it, but it’s very borderline.

Also, you don’t really create any sort of online business for yourself, and what you learn with this is extremely limited. You don’t come away armed with information and knowledge to do much else should Earn Easy Commissions fail for you.

It’s certainly not something I’d personally recommend anyone get involved with.

Give it a miss. There are far better options.


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