The Wealth Network Is a Scam or Gateway To a 6 Figure Income?



The Wealth Network is a scam or an awesome money making opportunity? That’s the question many people have been asking about this make money online scheme. The group of entrepreneurs who run The Wealth Network really talk up the possibilities, but are they speaking the truth or just a lot of hype?

Let’s take a closer look at The Wealth Network and discover the truth…



The Wealth Network Is a Scam

Company Name: The Wealth Network


Price To Join: $3 To Start

My Rating: 7/10


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The internet has opened so many virtual doors for making money from home. It’s a global market that’s always awake, so you can make money any time of the day or night. Never before have there been so many options and possibilities, and it will only get bigger and better.

The downside is that a lot of scammers also hang out online, and most of them target people looking to make money. These people tell others what they want to hear – like making big money in quick time – in the hope of luring them into a con and taking their money. For this reason we all need to be cautious.

On my website I research and write lots of reviews of training programs that teach people how to make money, as well as make money schemes. I do this so all of us know what’s good, what’s just okay, and what we should steer clear of. It’s about making the best choices where we spend our time and money.

There was a lot of talk in social media lately about The Wealth Network and it sounded very interesting. I decided to look into it and write a review on what I found out. As I said before, reviews help us avoid scams and discover programs that are worthwhile.

Am glad you’re here and reading my review. Chances are slim that you’ll ever get scammed because you do your homework before joining anything.

Let’s now see if The Wealth Network is really any good or not.


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What Is The Wealth Network About?

Launched in 2017, The Wealth Network is a company and training platform that was created by a group of already successful online entrepreneurs, particularly when it comes to all things Amazon related. The “network” part of the name is literal, as the platform provides a way for members to network with each other, as well as with the site’s owners and founders.

While this platform focuses on helping people make money online, rather than focusing on a single method like many training platforms do, The Wealth Network teaches you how to create multiple income streams on the internet.

This is important and something I do myself. For starters, it gives you more financial security. If one income stream dries up, you still have others bringing home the bacon.

Multiple income streams is also about wealth building, as it can be hard to become wealthy from one income stream alone.

Each entrepreneur involved in the running of the platform brings a unique set of skills and experience to the table, thus offering a pool of experience and expertise to cover just about everything.

As an example, Jesse Singh is a SEO expert, while Brian Cinnamon has been crushing Amazon sales for years, and understands everything eCommerce.

It’s claimed that each and every founder has been making 6-7 figures per year from their respective internet businesses.

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The Wealth Network Is a Scam


How The Wealth Network Really Works

The main focus of The Wealth Network is on training, but most specifically, training its members in how to become successful Amazon sellers through the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) scheme.

It originally focused on a whole bunch of stuff, from eCommerce, to making money blogging, eBay selling, drop shipping and more, but now since they revamped their program recently, the focus is more on FBA, as well as creating websites.

If you are unsure what it entails to use the FBA program, it means you are becoming an Amazon seller/vendor. You source physical products you want to sell, ship them to Amazon’s warehouse, create product listings under your seller account, and let Amazon handle all the packing and shipping when sales are made.

The idea of FBA is to be able to sell on Amazon’s massive and very popular platform, but without the headaches of having to ship orders out.

Amazon pride themselves on their fast delivery times anyway, so it’s only natural and to their advantage that they’d want to do that part themselves.

When a sale occurs, Amazon gets a cut, you make a profit, Amazon handles the fulfillment and everyone’s happy.

The Wealth Network team are really focusing on teaching you how to do this right now.

Even though this is an awesome process, it’s still not an easy one. It requires a learning curve, and that’s what The Wealth Network team are here to help you with.

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The Wealth Network Training & Tools

Basically The Wealth Network platform is broken down into 2 products and training packages:

  1. The eCommerce Wealth Center
  2. The Marketing Wealth Center


eCommerce Wealth Center

This is the part of the training that runs you through the processes of setting up your Amazon store and how to use the FBA program provided by Amazon.

These guys do make one unbelievable claim here, and that is their “3 Day Pay System”, where you only pay $3 and they say you can be making money on Amazon within just 3 days.

I’m not sure how that would be possible if you are setting up a FBA style of business, where you first have to apply to be a vendor, then decide on a niche, source products to sell, buy the products, then ship them to an Amazon fulfillment centre.

This could simply be a play on words though, as there are other ways to more “instantly” sell on Amazon, where you would have the potential to make a sale in 3 days. Think eBooks on Amazon Kindle, for example.

eCommerce Wealth Center training and tools is broken down into 5 elements, which are:

  1. Amazon Training
  2. Profit Spy
  3. Webinars
  4. Top Resources
  5. Facebook Mastermind Group

Check the screenshot below for what’s included in each of the 5 categories. The first two make up the bulk of the FBA training, with the other 3 designed to assist you in furthering your seller business.


The Wealth Network eCommerce Wealth Center


Marketing Wealth Center

This facet of the platform is designed to give you the training and tools you need to better market your online businesses, whether they be selling physical products on Amazon, or even other endeavours.

This is also about building your own websites to sell and promote on, and creating sales funnels for lead generation and conversion.

Once again the section has been broken up into 5 separate elements, which are:

  1. Smart Funnels
  2. TWN Blogging System
  3. Marketing Training
  4. Top Resources
  5. Facebook Mastermind Group

For more information on each, check out the screenshot below.


The Wealth Network Marketing Wealth Center


The Wealth Network Affiliate Program

As is pretty common with most platforms that teach you how to make money online, or are a make money scheme, The Wealth Network has its very own affiliate program, where members can earn extra cash by referring new members to the site.

Commission range from 25% up to 40%, depending on the membership sold. Once again, refer to the screenshot below.


The Wealth Network Affiliate Program


Target Market

This is really targeting anyone who is looking for a way to make consistent money online, but lacks the knowledge. The Wealth Network takes you through the processes step by step.

It’s made out to sound quite a lot easier than what it is in reality.

However, that being said, this actually looks quite good for beginners and more experienced online entrepreneurs alike.

Just remember, a bank roll is required to do what these guys are teaching.


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What I Like

  • All the guys running this show are experienced and successful internet entrepreneurs
  • The training is quite good and follows a logical format
  • There is a strong focus on the networking side of things, where you get to interact with both other members and the owners
  • They have quite a generous affiliate program
  • The Wealth Network is totally legit, run by genuine people
  • Jesse Singh is a well known expert online when it comes to all things SEO related
  • You receive one on one coaching


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Some of the one to one coaching is a bit too salesy, trying to get you to buy upsells
  • The prices of some of the memberships in this revamped version of TWN are very expensive
  • Setting up a FBA business is a lot harder and more time consuming than these guys make it out to be
  • Some of the SEO tactics taught, such as setting up PBNs (private blog networks) is a little in the grey area when it comes to SEO best practices
  • You need a pretty big budget to do the courses AND set up your own eCommerce store on Amazon


How Much Does The Wealth Network Cost To Join?

Okay, let’s break this down so you know exactly what this is going to cost you if you were to join TWN.

The $3 membership gets you access to the eCommerce Wealth Center training and tools, so that’s really great value for the money. This introductory offer is more designed to get people to join, and then upsell them on more expensive packages, though. Just be aware of that.

For $67 per month you gain access to the Marketing Wealth Center as well.

Now there are some other upsells, and this is where it gets a lot more expensive.

  1. Explore – $497
  2. Journey – $1997
  3. Legacy – $9997

Remember, you can be an affiliate of this platform and earn big commissions on these upsells as well.

There will be other costs along the way, such as a domain name and hosting for the websites you create. And then there’s the Amazon seller fees and the commissions they take from every sale.

You also have to source products, purchase a stack of products and pay to have them shipped to an Amazon fulfillment centre.

So it’s not all about the cost of the training and tools The Wealth Network gives you. There are genuine business expenses here.


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Is The Wealth Network a Scam Or Legit?

I don’t see any kind of scam here whatsoever. The Wealth Network is a legitimate platform run by some very likeable and successful guys who do know their stuff.

Yes, it is hyped up a bit, and they do make FBA sound a lot easier than what it actually is, but there is good money to be made in FBA if you know what you are doing, and TWN is there to show you.

The only real criticism I have of this platform is the expensive upsells. Before the revamp they didn’t have these. It seems as though TWN has taken a leaf out of other high ticket programs and adopted it into their own mix.

You don’t have to buy these upsells though, as their $67 a month membership gets you access to heaps of good stuff.

There’s also the affiliate program, so you can make money as a TWN member as well.

Overall, not incredible, but a pretty good training platform with lots of potential.

Just note that you’ll need some capital to be an Amazon seller.


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