Is Jim Morgan Wood Profits a Scam? Is $150k a Year Possible?



Is Jim Morgan Wood Profits a scam? That’s the question that many avid woodworkers have been asking online, so I decided to dig up a few details and see what it’s all about. Jim Morgan claims you can make great money by following what he teaches, but is that for real or just some sales hype?

Let’s take a closer look at Wood Profits and discover the truth about this platform…



Is Jim Morgan Wood ProfitsCompany Name: Wood Profits

Owner: Jim Morgan

Price To Join: $37 + Upsells

My Rating: 4/10



~ Jim Morgan Wood Profits Reviews ~



Hello woodworking enthusiasts and online entrepreneurs. Welcome to my review of Wood Profits.

As I said, a lot of people were wondering if this training program and make money scheme is legit or not, so I decided to dig deeper and find out. This review details what I uncovered.

You know what I really love about the internet? Not only has it opened the doors to being able to make money from home, you also get access to a global audience that never sleeps. The internet operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

These days, make money online opportunities are endless.

Obviously there are loads of positives to cyberspace, but it comes with negatives as well. Because people can remain anonymous online, and so many people are seeking out make money opportunities online, it’s resulted in many scammers and con artists trolling the internet realm; people whose only interest is to take our money, so we have to be cautious.

The reason I write so many reviews of make money online (MMO) products and training platforms is so we can all make informed decisions. Reviews help us work out what’s good, what’s average and what we should avoid like the plague.

I’m really happy to see you here reading my review, as it means you are smart enough to do your research before joining up with anything and handing your money over. Chances are you’ll never fall for an online scam.

Let’s now see if Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits deal is really worth bothering with or not.


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What Is Wood Profits About?

Wood Profits was started in 2012 by a guy named Jim Morgan. However, it’s debatable whether this is even his real name or not.

One of the very first claims Jim makes in his sales pitch is that Wood Profits will soon have you earning anywhere between $90,000 to $150,000 a year. That’s big cash.

How do you achieve that kind of income?

By following Jim’s teaching and starting your own woodworking business from home.

Apparently no prior experience is necessary and you can get started for less than $1000.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t done any actual woodworking since my school days, but I definitely remember it takes quite a bit of practice and skill to be good at it. Therefore, I find it hard to swallow that anyone could start a home woodworking business with no experience and be successful.

Just my thoughts on it.

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to what’s said in the sales pitch, because it’s all been hyped up. Maybe an “experienced” woodworker who is really good at business might be able to pull in that kind of cash, but a newbie with no experience?

I highly doubt it.

Anyway, if you were to buy into this program created by Jim Morgan, what you actually get for your cash is an eBook that spans just 53 short pages, as well as an audio recording that allows you to listen to the same content without the need to read it.

That’s pretty much it.

When you research make money online products, after a while you come to realise that some are scams, and those that are not, can’t even remotely live up to their own hype most of the time.

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Is Jim Morgan Wood Profits


How Wood Profits Really Works

His product is more aimed at teaching people how to make money from their woodworking by turning it into a business.

That’s all fine, but what about woodworking skills? There’s not really any training on that, yet Jim told us we don’t need any prior experience (or did he mean in business, not woodworking?).

Anyone who does woodworking will know you need quite a few tools if you want to be able to make a variety of timber products to sell. These tools need to be quality and don’t come cheap, so I’m not sure how anyone could get started for less than a grand.

Anyway, the guide teaches people how to sell their woodworking projects in online marketplaces. The idea is you find out what sort of wood products are in demand, make those pieces, then sell them at online stores such as Etsy and places like that. Or maybe even on your own website.


The Owner Is a Fake

Look, I don’t even know if Jim Morgan is the real name of the person who created Wood Profits, because the photos used to represent Jim Morgan are just from a stock photography site. Now that doesn’t mean Jim’s not real necessarily, but is certainly casts heavy clouds of suspicion over him.

Obviously someone is behind the Wood Profits scheme, but likely he’s choosing to remain anonymous, especially when it comes to his real appearance.

It does make you wonder why this guy would not want his real identity to be known if he really believes in his product.

Something to think about.


Jim Morgan Wood Profits

Jim Morgan On iStock


The Testimonials Are Also Fake

There are testimonials plastered all over the Wood Profits lengthy sales page. These written testimonials all sing the praises of Jim Morgan’s training program.

But again these are fake.


Wood Profits Fake Testimonials

Wood Profits Fake Testimonials 2


The photos used to represent the person writing the testimonial are once again taken from a stock photo site, and have been used for various other schemes as well.

This is common practice among scams and platforms that are a little on the shady side. They need to talk up their product so people will buy it, but if it’s not good enough to get any real positive reviews, they feel the need to make them up.

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Fake News Features

Again, this is such a common practice used by both scams and legit offers alike.

It involves sticking the logos of famous news channels on your website and declaring that your product has been featured on these channels.

I mean, I could do that on my website if I wanted to, but it doesn’t make it true just because I stick a few logos on the header and claim I’ve been featured in stories on these channels.


Wood Profits Fake News


Target Market

Now this should be aimed at people who already do woodworking and are quite skilled at it, but yet Jim claims you don’t need any experience to make money with what he teaches.

So in effect he’s targeting complete beginners as well as experienced woodworkers.

I can’t see anyone with no prior woodworking knowledge or equipment getting anywhere with this, or likely even bothering.

If the course was an in-depth woodworking course, along with training on how to market those products you create, then yes, it can be sold to complete newbies, but this course doesn’t cover most of that.


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What I Like

  • You can potentially make money selling wood products online
  • The course is both in eBook form and accompanying audio
  • The product is sold on ClickBank, so there’s a 60 day money back guarantee


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The photos of Jim Morgan are just stock photos
  • Likely his name is merely an alias
  • The testimonials are fake, once again using stock images
  • The news channel features are also likely falsified
  • Making $150k with this is not very likely
  • Jim says you don’t need experience, but you will definitely need to be a skilled woodworker to succeed and make sales
  • There are some negative reviews and complaints floating around about Wood Profits
  • He claims you’ll be making $1000s in just 30 days from buying his course


Wood Profits Banner


How Much Does Wood Profits Cost?

Okay, so the original purchase price says it’s $37. If you try to click away from the sales page without purchasing, you are immediately offered a $10 discount if you don’t leave. So now it’s $27.

Whatever price you initially purchase Wood Profits for, you will be hit with some upsells afterwards. There are 3 upsells in all that offer more advanced training in things like outsourcing your woodworking and so one.

The upsells are priced at $29.97, $39 and $49.97. Again, if you reject the upsells you’ll be offered them at a discount price.

One other thing you do get tossed in as a bonus when you purchase the initial Wood Profits program, is another eBook where Jim offers 500 of his top selling woodworking plans for things to make that will sell.

Anyway, you get that book as a freebie and not an upsell.


Is Jim Morgan Wood Profits a Scam Or Legit?

I’ve seen other reviews online where people are categorically calling Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits a scam, but I won’t be joining them in labelling it as such.

“Scam” is a harsh word, and I don’t use it lightly. If I believe something is a total scam, then I’ll call it one.

Wood Profits is dodgy on a few levels yes, but you do get what’s promised for your money as far as the eBook and audio go, plus the freebie bonus.

However, there is a lot of sales hype and BS on the website, plus the use of stock photos, fake owner, fake testimonials and fake news channel features.

Wood Profits is close to being a scam based on those things, and the fact that I think the income claims are way over the top, but overall you do actually get something for your money that may prove useful.

I don’t believe it’s an outright scam, but I don’t trust the person behind it and I don’t recommend it as a way to make an online income.


You can check out the Wood Profits site here for more info…


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