iPro Network Is a Scam or a Cryptocurrency Goldmine?



iPro Network is a scam or not? That’s a very common question I kept hearing get asked about this cryptocurrency MLM scheme. In my iPro Network review I answer that question and more, as well as discover whether you really can make good money with this scheme.

Very shortly we’ll jump right into the review, but just before we do that, I wanted to say congrats on being here and reading this. Chances are you’ll never get scammed or waste your time online, because you’re smart enough to do your research first.

Now read on to discover the real truth about the iPro Network and whether it delivers on what it promises…



iPro Network Is a Scam

Company Name: iPro Network

Owner: Armando Contreras

Price To Join: $50+

My Rating: 3/10


~ iPro Network Review ~


Just to let you know right off the bat, I’m not associated with iPro Network in any way, so this review is completely independent.

The main aim of my website is to help others find legit and profitable ways to make money online from home. I’ve been earning a fulltime internet income for a number of years now, so I know first hand just what a great lifestyle it gives you.

I don’t care who you are. So long as you have internet access, you can make money online, whether part-time, fulltime, or something way beyond that. If you know what to do and where to look, it’s possible for just about everybody.

Not only is anything possible, you can also be making money while you sleep because of a global audience. Nowadays we all have so many options available day and night.

The biggest issue with cyberspace is all the online scammers out there. They see opportunity too with so many people searching online for ways to make some cash. I’ve lost count of the number of bogus get rich quick schemes I’ve come across by now.

We always need to be aware of this and remain alert.

One of the best ways to do just that is by reading product reviews, just like you are right now. Because I really want to help people find the good and avoid the bad, it’s the reason I write so many reviews on my site.

iPro Network kept popping up on my radar screen lately, so I decided I would look into this make money scheme and write a review on it.

So let’s now see if iPro Network is really hot or not.


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What Is iPro Network About?

As is typical of most make money online schemes, iPro Network is loaded up with lots of hype about how much money you can make.

The platform was created by Armando Contreras, and it combines a number of things; such as a cryptocurrency, a MLM style of money matrix, as well as some token products.

I personally couldn’t find out any real information on the founder and CEO. When I do a search for his name, the results are littered with information about a football player and a Mexican politician, neither of which are the guy behind iPro Network.

Anyway, by Contreras’ own claims, he says he has at least 10 years experience in similar business ventures and that he’s an online expert when it comes to making money.

Basically iPro Network is all about members earning both cash and digital currency by paying to join the scheme and then trying to recruit others.

Currently they claim to have about 10 million members in 100 countries.

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What Is ProCurrency?

Before going public, the iPro cryptocurrency was known as “ProCoin”, but is now called

Last estimates had the digital coin valued at just 8 cents, but of course that figure can change (up or down) at any given moment.




What Products Are In the iPro Network?

Originally you could only buy ProCurrency through iPro Network, but now that the coin is public, that’s not absolutely necessary.

When you purchase the various membership packages available at iPro Network, you receive the equivalent of what you spend on the membership in ProCurrency.

So essentially you’re swapping real dollars for crypto cash.

With each membership package you’ll also receive digital tools and products. These are things like training in how to successfully run an eCommerce store.

There are also tools to help you research your competitors and get ahead of them, setting up stores on Shopify, drop shipping, mastering social media, how to sell on Amazon and more.

In my opinion the training and tools are there to act as some form of product so it doesn’t appear that people are simply buying iPro Network memberships and recruiting new people.

There is a lot of talk on their website about various money making “opportunities” with eCommerce and economy sharing, but at the same time it’s all kind of general and a bit vague.

Their biggest focus is on the “direct sharing economy”, which is largely based on getting people to pay to join their money matrix and then having those members bring in new members.

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How Does the iPro Network Compensation Plan Work?

Okay, this is the business end of iPro.


Here are the 5 different membership levels currently available:

  1. Basic
  2. Intermediate
  3. Accelerated
  4. Advanced
  5. Professional

Each level costs more and more money, which you’ll have reimbursed in cryptocurrency. Along with that you’ll receive the training and tools I talked about in the last section. For each level you receive more training and tools, which are essentially just add ons as you buy higher priced memberships.

What I mean is, if you buy professional, you’ll get everything that’s included in the other 4 memberships, with a few extras thrown in.

Like a typical multi level marketing set up, you can earn money in 2 ways:

  1. Direct selling of memberships
  2. Earning residual commissions from recruitment

When you bring someone new in, you’ll earn a 10% commission. Each new member is said to be investing in ProCurrency, along with getting digital products.

As you recruit new members, and your recruits bring in new members, you’ll earn residual commissions as more members enter your downline.

iPro uses the left/right binary model for building downlines, which is actually the least fair model of compensation. For your downlines to be created and for them to grow, you need to directly bring in at least 2 new members, and it’s the same deal for your recruits.

Only then will residual commissions be earned.

There are also matching bonuses and leadership bonuses up for grabs.

Here’s what you earn in direct commissions, meaning how much you make on your direct recruits, depending on the membership level they buy and the membership level you own:

  1. Basic = $10
  2. Intermediate = $50
  3. Accelerated = $150
  4. Advanced = $250
  5. Professional = $550

There are also capped commissions on how much you can ultimately earn in your downlines, and they are restricted to the following amounts:

  1. Basic = $500
  2. Intermediate = $2500
  3. Accelerated = $7500
  4. Advanced = $12,000
  5. Professional = $35,000

These compensation plans can always be a bit complicated to explain, so I’ve embedded a video below that explains it all way better than I can.



Is iPro Network a Pyramid Scheme?

Just about anything with a MLM structure of compensation and involves recruitment will get accused of being an illegal pyramid operation at some stage. Most of the time though, this is not the case.

Traditional MLM schemes, things like Amway, will get accused of this, but they are actually operating legally.

Let’s look at the definition of an illegal pyramid scheme to understand whether what iPro Network is doing is on the level, in a grey area, or operating illegally.

Outlawed pyramid schemes are what’s known as “naked” pyramid operations. The reason they are called “naked” is because they have no products or services. All money generated and distributed in the schemes comes from bringing in new members.

All MLM schemes and Ponzi schemes rely on recruitment and generating money that way, but they can only be considered illegal if members don’t receive anything of value for their joining fee.

In my honest opinion, iPro Network is in the grey are, because I believe their scheme is all about recruitment, but they are now offering some eCommerce training and digital tools to act as products. And while these “products” do help them dodge being labelled an illegal pyramid scheme, I think at the heart of the scheme it’s really a Ponzi operation in effect.

The focus is on recruitment and making money from recruitment. However, they can’t be labelled as such because of the training and tools they offer members for their joining fee.


Target Audience

iPro Network is really targeting those interested in cryptocurrencies in the hope that if they buy the currency, it’ll skyrocket just like Bitcoin did in recent years. The thing is, you never can tell if a digital coin will catch on or not.

It’s also targeting the get rich quick mentality, as much of the promotion of this scheme is big and easy money if you buy in and can recruit enough members.


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What I Like

  • Cryptocurrencies are always increasing in popularity and people do want to invest in them
  • I do honestly like the sound of some of their training and products, but this is hardly offset by the extremely high prices of membership to buy into iPro Network
  • You could potentially make some decent money with iPro Network if you are awesome at recruiting new members – No members = no money


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is not really any information available on the guy who runs this scheme, other than what he tells us himself on the website
  • The cost of memberships is high, and the products you get for that are hardly worth it, and neither is ProCurrency
  • I believe it’s a borderline Ponzi scheme, but can’t outright be labelled as one because they do offers digital products. But I think that’s what the main thrust is behind this
  • Schemes like this are always risky, because they rely on constant recruitment just to keep them going
  • It’s almost impossible to predict that a cryptocurrency will increase in value, and you are swapping real money for a coin that might prove worthless
  • Along with buying a membership, you also have to pay to be an affiliate of iPro Network


iPro Network Is a Scam


How Much Does iPro Network Cost To Join?

Let’s look at the buy in price for the membership levels. On top of these prices is an initial one-off fee of $50 to be eligible to become an affiliate.

  1. Basic = $100
  2. Intermediate = $500
  3. Accelerated = $1500
  4. Advanced = $2500
  5. Professional = $5500


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Is iPro Network a Scam Or Legit?

I wouldn’t call this a scam, and I can’t claim that it’s a Ponzi scheme or illegal pyramid scheme either.

It’s legit in the sense that you can make money with it, and there are some products and training that members might find to be of value.

I do think the underlying goal is to make money through recruiting though, and the products might just be there to dodge a Ponzi tag. Either way, I guess, based on what we know, we would have to call it legit, and the company does seem to be branching out and offering members more and more.

There is also a big question mark hanging over the value of ProCurrency. It’s a genuine crypto coin, but will it skyrocket like Bitcoin did, or crash and burn like a shot down fighter jet?

That’s anyone’s guess.

Might be worth a look if you’re into schemes like this, but I won’t be recommending it as a stable way to earn an online income.


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