Is Amazon Cash Websites a Scam? Is $15K a Month for Real?



Is Amazon Cash Websites a scam or not? There’s been loads of chatter online lately about this website, and many were asking if what they claim is legit. Is Amazon really offering people a way to cash up big time, or is this all some sort of hoax?

First, before we get right into things, I just want to say that’s it’s great you’re here and reading this review. It proves you do your homework before jumping on board with something, and that’s smart. It’s the best way to avoid scams or to avoid wasting time on something that’s not worth it.

Now read on to discover the truth about the Amazon Cash Websites opportunity…



Is Amazon Cash Websites a ScamCompany Name: Amazon Cash Websites

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: $47 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



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Laptop Freedom Living was created as a way to help people find all sorts of legit money making options, particularly on the internet. It’s for this reason there are so many reviews on my site about training platforms and make money online (MMO) types of schemes, as it’s reviews that help us to sift out the bad stuff and find the stuff that’s actually real and worthwhile.

These days we all have a fantastic opportunity to make money from our own living rooms. The world’s never been so abundantly accessible before the internet came along. I make more than a fulltime living and it’s all online.

Because so many people go online looking for money making options, all the scammers float around online as well, hoping to suck some people into their dodgy deals and schemes that promise so much but deliver nothing. We all have to remain diligent and aware.

When the Amazon Cash Websites platform came onto my radar screen very recently, it sounded really intriguing, so I wanted to do some research and write up a review on what I uncovered.

Let’s now see if Amazon Cash Websites is really worth your time, or just a nasty waste of time and money.


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What Is Amazon Cash Websites About?

Amazon Cash Websites only fairly recently launched in May of 2018. The sales pitch and advertising seems to suggest that the actual Amazon company is offering some sort of very lucrative work from home jobs.

The claim is you’ll be making big money in very quick time with very little effort required. You also don’t need any prior experience or tech skills. You work the hours you choose that suit you, and all your need is either a computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection.

It all sounds pretty amazing so far, but is any of this really true?

I mean, they even have photos of Amazon CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, all over their website. Add to that a bunch of famous news channel logos and a host of positive testimonials and it looks on the surface like it must be the real deal.

Amazon has actually created an awesome money making opportunity and we can all get a piece of the money pie.

It’s actually all total BS. None of this is true. I’ve seen this same scam before using the Amazon brand. I’ve even seen the same type of scam claiming to be run by Facebook and that Facebook is offering legit work from home opportunities.


Is Amazon Cash Websites a Scam

Is Real Profits Online a Scam


In fact, I only reviewed something rather similar just last week called “Real Profits Online”. They even use the exact same Jeff Bezos photo, so it’s probably even be run by the same person or people.

Jeff Bezos and the retail giant have nothing at all to do with either Real Profits Online or Amazon Cash Websites. It’s all a ruse, a farce to lend this scam some degree of legitimacy. They all point to another scheme called “Money Sucking Website System”.

It looks as though this scam just keeps reproducing itself under different names, and these sites are just funnel sites for Money Sucking Website System.

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How Does Amazon Cash Websites Really Work?

So for working just 2 hours a day you’ll be raking in around $15k a month, or so the sales pitch goes. That’s what the fake news story being circulated is claiming anyway.

They make the websites and articles look like real news websites and news stories, but it’s all fake. Genuine news websites are huge. These sites are like only a couple of pages with just the one story and that’s it.

Basically when you come across one of these news stories, they’ll tell you about the limited positions available in your area, so if you want to get in, just fill in the application form with your name, email address and so on.

You then need to pay an enrollment fee. Once that’s taken care of and the form is filled out, you’ll get your very own money producing website that’ll be generating cash on autopilot day after day.

Anyway, what’s really happening here is all these different sites out there that pretty much promote the same thing, are all trying to funnel people over to a website I mentioned earlier in this review – Money Sucking Website System.

It’s there that you’re really paying your joining fee and getting your cookie cutter Amazon affiliate website, which is really what this scheme is all about.

Basically you’re joining Amazon’s affiliate program called Amazon Associates (which you actually have to get a decent website approved for, by the way), and will be making money as an Amazon affiliate with the replica website they give you when you join.

They lie to people and tell they’ll immediately be making around $500 on Amazon a day at the mere push of a button, which is simply not true. Nothing works that easily or that quickly.

These cookie cutter websites they give people aren’t going to do anything. They’ll get no free search engine traffic, and even sending paid traffic to these thin, generic sites is not going to be effective because the sites just don’t look that professional.

People aren’t going to feel confident and encouraged to buy from this type of website because it doesn’t look trustworthy, despite promoting Amazon products.

The only reason they’re using the Amazon name when promoting this scheme on their array of websites is to get people to trust them, because they’re making out like this is something Amazon is offering and they’re just relaying it through a news story (a totally fake one).

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Limited Positions Available? I Don’t Think So

The “opportunity” claims that positions are limited in your area, so you better get in quick or you’ll miss out.

This is just a fake scarcity tactic thrown out there to try and get you to hurry up and take action. It’s not even real. These scammers don’t want you researching their scam. They just want you to join without thinking and pay them money.

Just about every dodgy make money scheme out there uses some form of scarcity, like the limited positions, a countdown timer and so on.


Target Market

I’d say these fake news stories talking up these ‘Amazon work from home jobs” are really targeted at newbies to making money online, as I don’t think people with more experience would believe a word of it.

Unfortunately a lot of online scams target newcomers because of that lack of experience. It’s easier to lure newbies in and get them to part with their money for what sounds like an easy and lucrative deal.

It’s why I write so many reviews of dodgy schemes like Amazon Cash Websites. I want to help people make good choices and steer clear of these scams.


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What I Do Like

  • You can make some good money being an affiliate for Amazon’s mass range of products, but you won’t do it by joining this scam


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is no affiliation between Amazon Cash Websites, Money Sucking Website System or any of the sister sites with Jeff Bezos or the Amazon company
  • The limited spots available scarcity tactic is fake
  • The news story these scammers keep peddling is fake news
  • The positive testimonials are fakes
  • The websites are made to look like real news sites, but they’re also fake and have nothing on them except the Amazon jobs story and the application form
  • No one will be making money on Amazon immediately
  • No one will be making $500 a day with the cookie cutter website they give you at any time
  • The website won’t get any traffic, meaning zero sales
  • There are no jobs on Amazon offered by Amazon
  • There is no such thing as a push button make money system that does everything on autopilot and requires no work. That’s a fantasy pushed by scams to hook people in and take their money
  • There are loads of these fake websites out there all promoting the same fake news story, just to funnel people into the Money Sucking Website System


Amazon Cash Websites Make 500 a Day


How Much Does It Cost To Join Amazon Cash Websites?

If you were to join Money Sucking Website System, it’ll cost you $45 to get started. Once you’re in you’ll find yourself deep inside a giant sales funnel, where you’ll be pummelled with many upsells.

They’ll keep promising you the world, but you first have to buy just one more tool, one more program, one more training and so on.

The whole idea is to squeeze every dollar out of you that they can get.


Is Amazon Cash Websites a Scam or Legit?

Yep, seen this one too many times before in various forms, but always the same pitch and the same fake Amazon jobs news story.

All these sites are funnel sites for Money Sucking Website System, which if you were to join, will do nothing but suck money from YOU!

Amazon has absolutely no affiliation with Amazon Cash Websites whatsoever, so don’t fall for that lie they spin in their pitch.

You won’t receive some magic money sucking website that starts spitting out Amazon cash at the mere push of a button. As I said earlier, that’s a just a fantasy world crafted by scammers to lure people in and take their money.

The online world doesn’t work that way. There’s no such thing as a push button, instant money system that requires no time or work.

A big fat “0” is my rating for this scam.


I Make a Great Living Online and So Can You!

Lifestyle FreedomThere’s no way that Amazon Cash Websites can get a recommendation from me, but that doesn’t mean everything online when it comes to making money is doom and gloom. There are plenty of decent opportunities.

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  • Fire your boss and work for yourself from home
  • Spend more time with loved ones and not work colleagues
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  • Have no limitations on what you can earn
  • And loads more…

You can do this on a shoestring budget and I actually know some marketers who make 7 figure annual incomes from being affiliates. Not everyone reaches that level, but it’s possible. You won’t get that with a regular job.

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