Is Cash At Home Bonanza a Scam or Easy $500 a Day?



Is Cash At Home Bonanza a scam? That is the question. I’ve heard a lot of chatter online lately about this make money from home scheme and it all sounds too good to be true. So is this a genuine money making opportunity, or just a bunch of sales hype to hook people in?

First I’d like to say congrats to you before we launch into the review. Why? Because you’re here and doing your research before joining something. That’s always a smart move because you’ll probably never get scammed that way.

Now read on and we’ll discover the truth about Cash At Home Bonanza…



Is Cash At Home Bonanza a ScamCompany Name: Cash At Home Bonanza

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: $47 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ Cash At Home Bonanza Reviews ~



I make more than a fulltime income from home these days, and that’s all because of the internet. That’s what I love about it so much. I couldn’t have done this before. Cyberspace gives us all access to so many work from home opportunities any time of the night or day.

Along with multitudes of people venturing online in search of opportunities, there are also lots of scammers as well. These parasites prey on people searching for ways to make money. Their bogus schemes are only designed to make themselves rich, so we have to be careful.

Laptop Freedom Living is all about helping people find genuine and legit opportunities on the internet mainly. I research and write so many reviews on training and make money schemes, because it’s reviews that help us all make wiser decisions regarding what we’ll try out.

Lately I kept seeing a lot of posting online about Cash At Home Bonanza and it sounded like the perfect scheme to look into and write a review on.

So let’s now get right into the Cash At Home Bonanza review and see if it can live up to its own hype.


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What Is Cash At Home Bonanza About?

Apparently with this scheme all you need to do is apply a “weird trick” and you’ll soon be making anywhere from $300 to $500 a day, every single day.

That sounds pretty awesome. I wonder what this weird trick could be?

I don’t know who exactly is behind the Cash At Home Bonanza make money scheme, because the creator chooses to hide behind anonymity, which is always a bad sign.

Anyway, whoever it is, they claim that it’s super easy to pull in this kind of cash when you use their system and that anyone can do it. No experience or tech skills necessary.

To learn this weird trick that makes everything possible, all you have to do is sit through the sales video. After that you’ll be making money as of today, and it’s all free apparently.


Is Cash At Home Bonanza a Scam


Okay, so this scheme already has some really big claims to try and live up to.

We don’t see the presenter’s face in the video, so we don’t even know what they look like, let alone their name.

And as is common in get rich quick schemes like this one, after enduring half an hour of the sales pitch, we’re still none the wiser as to what Cash At Home Bonanza really does, or how we go about making this promised income.

We also DON’T learn the weird trick we were promised at the start of the pitch.

These schemes always promise the world and make it sound super quick and easy. They all press the same emotional money triggers every single time, but when they won’t tell you what it’s all about, you can be pretty sure it’s either a scam, or a scheme that’s almost useless at best.

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How Does Cash At Home Bonanza Really Work?

Okay, so after watching the initial sales video you are left none the wiser. All you’ll be is hyped up about all this money they repeatedly keep saying you’ll make if you join up.

That’s how they want viewers to feel. They don’t want to tell you any details, because it’s sketchy. They just want people to believe in what they’re selling so they’ll pay money to join (and it does cost, despite the pitch claiming it’s free).

Once you hand them your email address they immediately start bombarding your inbox with spam, urging you to click links and join things.

One link will encourage you to follow it and see how the system works. If you do just that you’ll get to sit through a much shorter sales video which again doesn’t really tell you anything.

This 7 minute pitch just goes on and on about how easy it all is to make really good money from home, but it never tells you HOW.

What they want you to do now is offer up your name and email again, and your phone number so they can harass you by email and phone as well.

If you go beyond this step, that’s when you’ll arrive as the sales page, where you’ll be asked to pay $47 to join up. They want you to buy into something when you are still clueless as to what it’s all about.

That’s pretty ridiculous. I wouldn’t spend money on something when I don’t know what it is.

That’s like going into a restaurant and handing the waiter 50 bucks for a meal when you don’t even know what’s on the menu. Worse actually, because at least you know you’re likely getting some kind of food for your money.


The “Limited Time” Ploy

Upon reaching the sales page you’ll see a countdown timer. Apparently when this timer reaches zero, the special discount of just $47 will climb back up to its original price of $597.

This is all complete garbage, a ploy to get you to hurry up and take action.

They don’t want you to think about it. They don’t want you to do any research and read reviews like this one. They just want you to hurry up and hand your money over to them.

This is just a trick, making use of scarcity to light a fire under you. If you refresh the sales page, you’ll see the timer resets as well.

You never run out of time. You could go back to that page in a week and the price would still be 47 bucks.

Just ignore crap like this when you see it. Scams always play the scarcity card.

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What Do You Get If You Join?

Without risking joining up myself, I did some digging and found some talk that this involves some extremely basic affiliate marketing training that is likely just rehashed PLR content.

Cash At Home Bonanza goes on about teaching people how to spam affiliate links all over the internet to earn affiliate commissions. They claim there are just 3 simple steps to this ad link posting schemes, and you can see those in the image below…


Cash At Home Bonanza Steps


I do affiliate marketing fulltime. It’s how I make my living, so I know how it works. And it doesn’t work in the fashion that this scam is preaching.

In my opinion this rudimentary training only exists to offer you something for your money so the owner can lure you into an even bigger sales funnel and sell you more stuff, taking even more of your cash.

I’ve seen this type of scheme hundreds of times over by now. They’re all pretty much the same deal.


Target Market

Unfortunately online scammers tend to target newbies, because they are more vulnerable, less experienced and far more likely to believe the scam’s empty sales hype.

That’s not to say a newbie is stupid, just not experienced in what can go on online. These scammers prey on that fact, press all the right buttons, say all the right things, then bang! They’ve hooked someone and got their money.

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What I Do Like

  • I can’t say that I particularly like anything about Cash At Home Bonanza unfortunately


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The two sales videos never ever get around to telling you what their scheme, or “weird trick”, is actually all about
  • The owner of this scam chooses to be anonymous, a major red flag
  • This is typical of so many similar schemes out there
  • They claim it’s free, then charge a fee to join
  • The timer and discount are bogus
  • Likely you’ll be spammed by phone and email once you hand your details over
  • Making money with affiliate marketing doesn’t happen instantly, and no one will be making an easy $500 a day with virtually no time and effort


How Much Does It Cost To Join Cash At Home Bonanza?

Although the sales video claims Cash At Home Bonanza is free, it ends up costing $47 to join up, but while still being in the dark to what it is they’re actually offering.

After you’re in I’m certain you’ll be bombarded with upsells and other offers. That’s how these schemes squeeze maximum dollars out of people. They keep promising the world, if only you’ll spend just a little bit more.


Cash At Home Bonanza Payment Page


Is Cash At Home Bonanza a Scam or Legit?

Yep, I’d definitely call this one a scam for all money and without hesitation.

Like I said, I’ve seen this same deal so many times now it’s not funny.

These parasites are virtually offering people nothing for their money, because that’s how they get rich: By fleecing unsuspecting people for everything they can get out of them.

Don’t fall for this con job or anything you come across that looks or sounds similar.

Give the fake Cash At Home Bonanza scheme a huge miss!


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