Is Cash For Patriots Program a Scam? It’s Somewhat Misleading For Sure!



Is Cash For Patriots Program a scam or not? I keep hearing people asking whether this thing is legit, because in all honesty it does sound too good to be true. Apparently there is some big money up for grabs every month, but is that really the truth, or is something else being sold here?

Just before we get full on into this review I first want to say a big congrats for actually being here. I say that because so many people don’t bother to research anything before joining. They get scammed and then think everything online sucks.

You’re one of the smart ones who wants a good opportunity and will avoid the scams in the process.

Now read on to discover the truth about the Cash For Patriots Program…



Is Cash For Patriots Program a Scam

Company Name: Cash For Patriots Program

Owner: Zach Scheidt

Price To Join: $49 to $89

My Rating: 3/10


~ Cash For Patriots Program Review ~



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With so much talk going around online about Cash For Patriots, I felt I just had to do some research on it and write up a review based on what I discovered.

So let’s now get into the Cash For Patriots Program review and see what it’s really all about.


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What Is Cash For Patriots About?

I’ve actually reviewed some products from Zach Scheidt before, such as “Congressional Checks”,  a newsletter published by Banyan Hill Publishing through a company called “Agora Financial”. It also reminds me a lot of another one I reviewed called “Freedom Checks”.

Now Agora Financial has a rather notorious reputation in trading and investment circles, with many people claiming they give dud advice and use misleading sales tactics.

As soon as you land on Zach’s Cash For Patriots Program on the Agora website, the very first sales line you see is:

“How to collect up to $6,567 every month”


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Now that’s not huge money, but for most people that’s pretty decent  monthly cash to live a reasonably comfortable lifestyle.

Zach says that anyone can make money with what he’s offering. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you’re female or male, no matter your social status or whether you’re single or married. Even your current income level doesn’t matter.

What Zach Scheidt claims is that if you just join his email list as a “paid” subscriber, you’ll be receiving all these magic checks in the mail every single month.

So what Cash For Patriots is about, according to Zack, is something to do with some tax reforms that president Donald Trump has recently introduced. There is $2.6 trillion dollars up for grabs to be distributed between the citizens of America.

Now this is not me saying any of this. It’s Zach’s words I’m quoting here.

This is a private initiative and has nothing to do with Social Security or anything like that.

The video where Zach tells us all about the Cash For Patriots Program (but never really tells us anything) runs for almost an hour. That’s a long time to watch a sales pitch. Somehow the guy manages to ramble on for nearly 60 minutes, but actually never really tells us much of any substance.

That’s a skill in itself, but not very helpful for us.

All we seem to hear about for an hour is how so many people are getting these checks, how much they are for, and that it has something to do with Trump’s tax code.

That’s all we learn after an hour of listening to the guy.

Is there actually any proof that people received these checks for the amounts Zach says? No.

Are these checks even real?

All we have so far is Zach’s word that this is all real, legit and available to everyone.

So far all we’ve been given is a bunch of hype and typical sales rhetoric. Nothing more than that.

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Just Who Is Zach Scheidt Anyway?

Apart from bringing us Cash For Patriots Program, Zachary Scheidt is editor of Zach’s Weekly Squawk Box, Family Wealth Circle and The Dollar Trade Club. For Agora he edits and manages the newsletter called “Lifetime Income Report”.

Starting his financial career as an accountant, Zach has progressed to be a renowned financial analyst and investment advisor.

He graduated with honours from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. He also achieved an MBA from Georgia State University.

So it sounds like Zach is definitely the real deal when it comes to all things finance and investment, at least.


Is Cash For Patriots Program a Scam


How Does Cash For Patriots Program Work?

I mentioned earlier that Cash For Patriots is a newsletter put out by a company called Agora Financial and published by Banyan Hill. Agora must produce at least 20 or more of these newsletters and they’re all to do with investing and trading the stock market.

Okay, so what Zack says he can do for us – if we just pay to subscribe to his newsletter – is he’ll tell us how we can claim all these very lucrative checks on a constant basis.

Once you’re a part of Zach’s investor and trader stable, he’ll give you ongoing advice on how to collect these checks every month. These are checks from the private sector and, despite apparently being a part of president Trump’s tax reform, they are not checks of a government origin.

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So What’s All This Stuff About Trump’s Tax Code?

Let’s be clear about something. Whatever Donald Trump’s tax code is about, Agora Financial has nothing at all to do with it and neither does Zach and his investment newsletter.

The newsletter is really all about people getting their hands on money that previously had been stashed overseas in tax havens. Now Trump’s new tax laws have made it far more attractive for corporations to bring that money out of those tax havens and return it to US shores.

This is how you can get your hands on these checks. What they are, are actually company dividend checks issued to investors when their investments mature.

Like I said, this has nothing directly to do with Trump and his tax reforms, but more to do with the investment advice you receive in Zachary’s monthly newsletter, which is called “Lifetime Income Report”.

The companies that Zach suggests investing in used to hoard all their cash in tax havens to avoid paying heavy taxes back in the US, but with Trump’s new tax code, it’s now more attractive for these companies to bring the cash back onshore, which also leads to more people wanting to invest in these same companies and collect dividend checks every month.

Another thing to get perfectly clear on is that Cash For Patriots Program isn’t even a real thing. It’s not something that Donald Trump invented. It’s not a government initiative. It’s merely some sales rhetoric that the team at Agora Financial came up with to try and entice people to join Zach’s Lifetime Income Report newsletter.

The newsletter is distributed monthly and contains advice on what stocks to trade or invest in.


Lifetime Income Report


Target Market

Over the past few months I’ve researched and reviewed a number of these newsletters put out by Agora Financial, and most of them start off with some bizarre sales pitch that’s only semi relevant to what they’re really selling people – Trading and investment newsletters.

They keep creating somewhat fictional stories just to hook people in. It sounds like they’re targeting the general public with the hype they spin, but when you look into it further, who they’re really targeting is traders and investors.

Seems like a weird way to sell to me, and one that would have an extremely low conversion rate, because they’re baiting people in with one thing and then switching people over to something else entirely.

It’s all kind of sold like a get rich quick scheme or something.


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What I Do Like

  • The tax reforms referred to by Zach are actually real, but have little to do with “Cash For Patriots” and the “Lifetime Income Report” newsletter
  • You may receive some half decent investment advice in Zach’s monthly newsletter


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Cash For Patriots Program has just been made up by Zach himself. It’s not even a real thing
  • The sales pitch doesn’t totally match up to what Agora are really selling here
  • Once again, lies and misleading sales tactics have been used to lure people in
  • There are stacks of complaints online about Agora Financial using dodgy business practices and their newsletters containing misleading trading advice
  • The testimonials don’t look genuine
  • This is all about selling newsletter subscriptions and nothing else really


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How Much Does Cash For Patriots Program Cost?

If you just want the digital version of the newsletter, then a 12 month subscription costs $49 for the year.

To have a hardcopy of the newsletter mailed to your residence, the price jumps up to $89 for a 12 month subscription.

You’re actually paying for a subscription to Lifetime Income Report, as there’s really no such thing as the Cash For Patriots Program.


Is Cash For Patriots Program a Scam or Legit?

I wouldn’t call the Lifetime Income Report newsletter a scam at all, though some people are very dubious about the quality of some of the investment advice. But that’s the nature of stocks and trading. Not everything will be a winner.

What is a bit scammy is the sales pitch for the fictional “Cash For Patriots Program” which, while very loosely based on Donald Trump’s tax code, is not some government initiative like it’s made out to be, and there aren’t free checks out there for everyone to get their hands on.

The checks they refer to are actually dividend checks that investors receive monthly, quarterly or yearly for profits on investing in certain companies that have brought their money back onshore after having it in tax havens for years.

The newsletter is okay if you’re into investing and trading, but I don’t like the deceptive tactics Agora Financial always uses to sell its newsletters. These tactics are the biggest criticism and complaint out there about Agora.

Anyway, Lifetime Income Report might be worth a look if you’re a trader, but just totally ignore all the other hype attached to it.

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