K Money Mastery Is a Scam? Far From It!



K Money Mastery is a scam or not? So many people have been asking this question for so long now that I decided I needed to take a look at this make money platform and see what it’s all about. The claim is you can be making up to $50k a month with this, but is that for real?

Read on to find out the truth about K Money Mastery….



K Money Mastery Is a ScamCompany Name: K Money Mastery

Owner: Stefan James Pylarinos

Price To Join: $97 (plus upsells)

My Rating: 8/10



~ K Money Mastery Reviews ~



I love the internet because it’s opened so many doors to making money opportunities that just didn’t exist before. Not everything online is good though, so we need to weed out the bad stuff to uncover the good stuff.

I kept hearing about K Money Mastery, but had never really looked into it in the past. I decided it was time to change that, check it out and write a review on what I discovered.

A lot of my website is devoted to researching training programs and make money online (MMO) products and writing reviews. I do this so we can all learn what’s good, what’s average and what to avoid altogether.

Unfortunately there are a lot of scams online amongst all the worthwhile stuff. These people lurk in the shadows waiting to take our money, so we all have to be wary of that fact.

It’s really great that you found your way here to my review. This shows you’re smart and do your research first before making the decision to join something or not. That’s good, because you likely will never fall victim to an online scam that way.

Let’s now see if K Money Mastery is worth your time or not.


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What Is K Money Mastery?

The creator of K Money Mastery – Stefan Pylarinos – claims you can make a 6 figure per year income with his system completely on autopilot.

That’s a statement that would appeal to the masses, but it is true? Can that kind of income and attached lifestyle be achieved with what’s on offer here?

Stefan has been around for a long time now and has a very popular YouTube channel and website. He’s no newbie to making money online, and his K Money Mastery program has been going strong for some time now, too.

The “K” in K Money Mastery actually represents “Kindle”, as in Amazon’s Kindle eBook platform.

K Money Mastery is all about making money publishing and selling eBooks on Amazon – the world’s biggest retailer – via their KDP platform (Kindle Direct Publishing).

It’s more than just a make money scheme, as it’s predominantly a step by step training program that totally shows you how to do it all in a logical sequence.

Before we go full on into this review, I must say I do like what Stefan has laid out here, but some of the sales pitch can be a bit over-inflated or misleading at times. Like where he says you can get started in 5 minutes.

That might be true to a point, but you’ll be a long way off from the money making process when you first begin. Plus, it can take months, or even years, before you’re truly generating money on autopilot publishing books on KDP.

I know the eBook publishing industry very well, as I’ve been writing and publishing to the KDP platform since mid 2010. I fully understand how it all works. Not just the publication process, but sales, getting seen in Kindle searches, and the ferocious competition among authors on there and all the other eBook retail sites online.

It’s a cut-throat business and competition is fierce.

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K Money Mastery Is a Scam


Outsourcing the Work

Instead of spending copious amounts of time doing the actual writing of all the eBooks you’ll be selling, Stefan’s course focuses more on the marketing and strategy side of things, which is really what ultimately drives the sales.

Unless you absolutely love writing (or are writing fiction, which is a lot more fun), writing books, even shorter books, is a hell of a lot of work with many lonely hours spent chained to your computer.

Therefore, Stefan recommends outsourcing the writing and cover design phases of the process, leaving you fresh for the marketing/sales side of things.

It can be a bit of a hit and miss process finding writers who can write good books for the right price. After all, you don’t want to have to spend too much on the writing, otherwise it’ll be hard to make a decent profit on your books.

That said, writing can be a long and labour-intensive process, so even really cheap writing still isn’t that “cheap” overall. This will obviously depend on how long your eBooks are as to how much they will cost.

Upwork is a very popular site for outsourcing eBook writing work, whether it be for fiction or nonfiction. There are some good writers there who are willing to churn out half decent books for a very low price; something I personally wouldn’t be willing to do as a writer.

Anyway, the K Money Mastery course covers things like outsourcing effectively as well.



A Bit About Stefan Pylarinos

I mentioned his website and YouTube channel earlier. His website is called Project Life Mastery, and he uses the same name for his YouTube channel as well. He’s a big believer in producing high quality video and text content and seems to really enjoy helping others to succeed.

He’s done a lot of publishing on KDP, as well as being involved in other successful online projects.

K Money Mastery is one of them.


The K Money Mastery Training Program

The training is in my favourite kind of format, where there is both text in the form of PDFs, along with instructional videos that show you the steps to success.

In total there are 21 lessons, and they cover things like:

  • Profitable niche selection
  • Effective keyword research
  • Book titles that sell
  • Cover designs that sell
  • Creating a Kindle book
  • Getting your book ready for publishing
  • Creating a KDP account
  • The online publishing process
  • Outsourcing the writing
  • Marketing and strategy
  • Getting reviews
  • Rinse and repeat
  • And much more…

There is actually a lot more to the course (and the process) than what I’ve mentioned above, but it’s enough to give you a general idea of what’s involved and what you’ll learn.

The training is quite detailed and, in my experienced opinion, pretty much covers everything you need to know other than writing skills.

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K Money Mastery Training


Is This Hard?

It can be, especially if you do all the writing and editing yourself. Stefan recommends outsourcing all that though, but it’ll come at a cost that you then have to recoup through book sales.

Once you understand the publishing process and have some good, reliable writers and designers on board, everything will seem a lot quicker and easier. It actually doesn’t take very long to upload and publish a book to Kindle. I’ve done hundreds of them.

Your main job when you follow the K Money Mastery course and put it into practice is to master marketing, keyword research and sales strategy.

When you’re not lumbered with all the writing, this is actually the fun part of the process, because it’s this that actually brings in the money.

You can have the most awesome kindle eBook ever written, but it won’t sell a single copy if no one knows it exists.

That’s where a marketing strategy is priceless and will lead to sales.

Hell, you can sell any type of book on KDP if you can generate enough hype around it. Even really bad books can sell (not that you should ever write a bad book). Just saying.


The Upsells

You initial membership gets you access to all of the basic K Money Mastery training as mentioned above, but there are 3 upsells attached to this program to take things even further.

Let’s very briefly look at them.


#1 – Full Disclosure Membership

K Money MasteryStefan runs a private Facebook group which doubles as an online forum for K Money Mastery members. Here you can share ideas, strategies and generally help and encourage one another.

This is no community forum available in the basic membership.

You also get access to monthly update videos which offer more advanced training, designed to really fast track your success in the publishing world.

You can purchase this upsell at any time.


#2 – Kindle Virtual Assistant Training Program

To further free up your time and not waste it on menial tasks, this upsell trains you in the art of finding and working with a virtual assistant (VA).

The Philippines is a popular place to hire VAs, as they speak English and are very good at the job, no matter what it entails. You can also hire people very cheap in this country, but you’ll get better work out of them if you pay them a little more than they’re used to.

Having a VA all helps to automate your business, giving you more free time to enjoy life. However, outsourcing anything obviously comes at a cost. You don’t have to buy this upsell, though.


#3 – 24 Hour Book Program

In this program you learn how you can write a short eBook in just 24 hours. If you don’t want to outsource all the writing work and save yourself some cash, then this upsell is for you.

The faster you can churn out a book, the better, because then you can get on with publishing it, promoting it and making money from it.

One of the beauties about eBooks compared to their hardcopy counterparts, is that they can be any length you like. Short is often good, especially for nonfiction subjects.


Can You really Make Money Selling Kindle Books?

The short and sweet answer is yes.

The more honest answer is this:

It’ll take time, work, and you’re up against a hell of a lot of competition these days.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are more than a million free Kindle books on Amazon at any given time, and a lot of authors are pricing full length books (50k words or more) at 99 cent price points.

That being said, many authors have gotten rich from selling on Kindle, and loads of others make a fulltime living or more from their eBooks.

You don’t have to give books away or sell them at 99 cents. The most popular price point is actually $3.99, which will net you $2.80 in royalties for every book sold.

The key points that will help you succeed are these:

  • Publish a lot of books
  • Publish quality material
  • Get awesome, eye-catching covers designed
  • Have the books professionally edited
  • Learn everything you can about marketing
  • Also learn how to get your books seen in Amazon search results

If you follow those key steps, there’s no reason why you can’t make good money from your Kindle publishing business.


Target Market

This isn’t just targeted at authors or people who want to get started writing. You don’t actually have to write a word to make money from eBook sales with what Stefan is teaching here.

It’s really a business opportunity that anyone can jump on board with.

Just remember though, if you’re going to go the outsourcing route, then you’ll need some capital to pay people for the work. If you are going to do the writing yourself, then you really don’t need much money at all.


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What I Like

  • There is money to be made selling eBooks. I know this first-hand
  • Stefan has produced as very comprehensive course here that covers all the important topics and steps
  • His course is an easy to follow mix of text and video
  • Stefan has been successful at eBook publishing himself
  • Publishing eBooks can lead to true passive income streams that can last for years
  • There is a money back guarantee
  • eBook publishing is a great little online business that anyone can do from home
  • Stefan is a genuine guy and really wants to help people. He’s not all about just making money for himself


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The eBook/author marketplace is super competitive with multiple millions of authors out there
  • Many eBooks are priced at free or very cheap
  • There is very little focus on how to write the books yourself with this course
  • You really need to buy the Full Disclosure Membership upsell to get full support and to interact with a community of members
  • Making $50k a month selling eBooks is a really tough ask these days, but not totally impossible


How Much Does K Money Mastery Cost?

Okay, so let’s break down the costs involved:

  • Basic Membership = $97 One Time Fee
  • Upsell #1 – Full Disclosure Membership = $47/Month
  • Upsell #2 – Kindle Virtual Assistant Training Program = $197 One Time Fee
  • Upsell #3 – 24 Hour Book Program = $17 One Time Fee

Overall I think this is pretty reasonable for what you are getting. All of the upsells are optional extras and not required to complete the course, or to make money from your KDP business.


K Money Mastery Prices


Is K Money Mastery a Scam Or Legit?

There is definitely no scam here whatsoever. In fact, I really like what Stefan has created with this eBook publishing course.

Like I said earlier, I really know this business myself and Stefan has built a platform that honestly can really help you make good money from publishing and selling eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

I’ll even go so far as to say that I highly recommend getting this training course, as it’s a great way to build passive income streams online, and that’s the very best kind of income to have.

Check out K Money Mastery here…


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