Is Passive Payday a Scam? Make Money Scheme Under Review



Is Passive Payday a scam or not? That’s the question. The platform really talks up the amount of money we can earn, and all in very quick time. But is that the truth, or just a total bunch of sales hype designed to just tell us what we want to hear?

We’re about to get right into things, but first I wanted to say congratulations on being here and having a read of this review. You’ve proven that you’re one of the smart people online and that you don’t want to get scammed. You do your research and that’s a good thing.

Now read on to discover the truth about the Passive Payday make money scheme…



Is Passive Payday a ScamCompany Name: Passive Payday

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: $97 + Upsells

My Rating: 1/10



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A Quick Intro…

Anyone can make a living entirely from home in the modern world, because the internet has made it all possible. I make a fulltime income online and it’s been that way for years now. It truly is the freedom lifestyle that I’ve always craved.

With the internet being global, it means you can make money any time of the day and night, every day of the year. Because the online world has created so many options, everyone is flocking to the internet to search for ways to make an online income.

The scammers of the world are smart and they know this. They invent bogus money making schemes that promise riches and make it all sound so easy. The sad part is, people do fall for these schemes. That’s why we all have to stay alert.

Reading product reviews just like the one you’re reading right now is one of the most effective ways to avoid those nasty scams and find the good stuff that will work. I created this site to help people achieve an online income, and that’s why I put a lot of effort into research and writing reviews.

Very recently I heard about a scheme to me called Passive Payday. It sounded interesting, so I looked into it and wrote a review detailing what I unearthed.

So let’s now see if Passive Payday can live up to its hype or not.


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What Is Passive Payday About?

Passive Payday looks suspiciously similar to another scheme I reviewed very recently called “Passive Paychecks”. Very likely it’s a site created by the same anonymous person, and I’m pretty sure that’s the case.

Now while Passive Paychecks is offering their bogus scheme for only $47, it’s more than twice the price for this one at $97.

As the name of the scheme suggests, Passive Payday is all about making a passive income online from home. In fact, we are promised we can make $1000s a day with very little work required and in very quick time.

This is classic “guru” psychology and a favourite sales pitch from get rich quick types of schemes. They tell you what you want to hear, hoping you’ll fall for the hype and hand your cash over without a second thought.

I’ve seen it all before 100s of times now. They all use the same sales tricks and tactics.

We are presented with a typical sales video on the Passive Payday website, where it’s constantly rammed home how much money we can make, but we’re told very little about HOW we’ll make all this money.

Anyway, now while the dude in the video doesn’t want to tell us who HE is, he doesn’t mind dropping some famous names like Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey.

What is says in the video is that both Richard and Oprah use his secret trick to make oodles of cash.

I highly doubt that’s the case. For starters, those two wouldn’t even need to join a scheme like this. These so-called gurus will spin us any BS just to get the job done, which is the goal of getting their hands on our cash.

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Is Passive Payday a Scam


How Does Passive Payday Really Work?

Now while the creator of this scheme tells us we’ll be making a lot of money but never actually tells us how, when you dig deeper into this, you discover that what’s actually going on here is something else entirely.

You see, Passive Payday isn’t actually selling us some new money making scheme or training program here. The only reason this website exists is to feed members into a high ticket scheme that’s been running for years.

What’s a high ticket scheme? What does that mean?

Basically it’s a make money scheme that just continually sells itself. High ticket platforms have loads of digital products, training and membership levels, all sold separately. These products also rise dramatically in price the more you buy into the scheme.

The person behind both the Passive Payday and Passive Paychecks sites is an affiliate for MOBE. Every time this affiliate sends new members to MOBE, they get a commission.

There’s nothing wrong with affiliates wanting to make commissions, but it needs to be done honestly, and not through obvious bait and switch tactics like have been employed here with Passive Payday.


MOBE Banner


How Does MOBE Work Then?

For anyone who doesn’t know how the MOBE scheme works, I’ll briefly explain the concept here.

As I mentioned earlier, these schemes just sell themselves and nothing else. You don’t learn how to become a fully fledged online marketer or something. You just learn how to sell MOBE products and memberships to other people.

When you pay your joining fee for Passive Payday, what you’re really paying for is your entry level membership into MOBE.

From that point on you’ll be entered into the MOBE 21 Steps program, which is really nothing more than a massive sales funnel.

Along the way you’ll be assigned a “millionaire mentor”. It sounds awesome, but this mentor is nothing more than a MOBE sales rep. It’s the “mentor’s” job to convince you to keep spending your money on more and more MOBE stuff.

You’ll be pressured to part with cash every step of the way, and I’m talking BIG cash, not a few hundred bucks here and there.

One way they convince people is with the promise of really big returns down the track once you start selling expensive MOBE products to others.

Schemes like MOBE are almost always what’s often referred to in this business as “pay to play”. MOBE definitely is.

This means that you must first buy a particular MOBE product before you can sell it to other people and earn a commission. Your mentor will strenuously encourage you to go “all in” and purchase everything, just so you can earn commissions on everything on offer.

Here’s the bottom line – To go all in with MOBE costs around $64,000!

That’s serious cash, especially for online marketing beginners.

Copy how I’m making $1000s a month online with zero investment!


Limited Spots Available? Nope

Both Passive Paychecks and Passive Payday make the claim that spots are limited, so you better get in quick or you’ll miss out.

This is nothing but fake scarcity, and a tactic that is becoming all too common these days.

MOBE doesn’t limit openings for new members. The more the better as far as MOBE is concerned.

Ignore this BS. They just want you to hurry up and join. What they don’t want is for people to do any research beforehand.


Target Market

The weird thing to me is, MOBE and its affiliates often seem to be targeting newbies who have never made money online before. This is simply because newcomers are more likely to fall for their sales BS due to a lack of experience.

But the thing is, MOBE is mega expensive, and in order to recoup the initial massive investment and actually start to make a profit, you really need to be a master at recruiting people and selling them mega expensive products and schemes.

This will take an experienced marketer who has a following, a decent social media presence on a number of platforms, a good email list and so on.

Besides, how many newbies are going to have (or want to risk) $64k on “giving something a go” for the first time?


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What I Do Like

  • It’s possible to make some really, really big commissions with schemes such as MOBE


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Passive Payday is nothing more than a feeder site that funnels people through to MOBE
  • Your membership fee is actually a MOBE membership
  • The “millionaire mentor” you’re assigned within MOBE is only there to squeeze cash out of you
  • To go all in with MOBE costs over $64K
  • Bait and switch tactics are being used by this affiliate to get people into something that was never advertised
  • Lies and deceptive marketing tactics have been employed here
  • The limited spots line is nothing more than fake scarcity
  • Passive Payday is exactly the same as Passive Paychecks, and likely run by the same MOBE affiliate
  • Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey have never been members of MOBE as far as I’m aware, nor would they need to be


How Much Does Passive Payday Cost To Join?

The entry into MOBE is only $47, so this person is likely skimming some extra off the top, charging $97. The funny thing is, this affiliate only charges $47 for the Passive Paychecks scheme.

Either way, that’s just your entry level MOBE membership. From that point on, once you’re inside the 21 Steps program, you’ll be hammered with upsell after upsell.

The promise will be that if you invest heavily in “your business” now, it’ll pay you back big time down the track.

MOBE is super expensive and will be a tough sell, so how long is it likely going to take to make that $64,000 back before you can even begin to make a profit?


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is Passive Payday a Scam or Legit?

I don’t consider high ticket schemes like MOBE outright scams, but they are very iffy in a number of ways.

Passive Payday however, I do consider very scammy because of the lack of transparency and dishonesty used to manipulate people into joining something that is never openly advertised.

All we’re told here is the usual get rich quick rhetoric and nothing of substance. This affiliate just hypes everything up, throws in a bit of scarcity to plant a bomb under people, then funnels new members into the mega expensive MOBE scheme instead.

High ticket programs are very limited in scope as well as being expensive. You only get the tools to sell that one scheme and that’s it. You’re not really learning how to be an online marketer and sell or promote anything you want.

And I have a major distaste for pay to play schemes as well. It’s exploitation, really.

I don’t like anything about this and neither should you. Give this one a wide berth.


How To Make Awesome Money Online!

Lifestyle FreedomOkay, so Passive Payday didn’t prove to be a winner, but your search doesn’t die with its demise. There are many real ways to make money online from home. I do it on a daily basis with affiliate marketing.

You don’t need to sell anything. You don’t need any tech skills. You don’t even need money to get started. All you need is a computer, internet, and training that shows you how it’s done.

My online income is fulltime but my hours are not. That’s one of the things I love about doing stuff online like affiliate marketing.

Here are a few other things I like about it:

  • Running costs can be next to nothing
  • Do it as a side hustle or aim for fulltime, the choice is yours
  • All you do is recommend and promote and make commissions
  • You are your own boss, so you’re in charge
  • You’re not trading time for money, so the sky’s the limit with how much you could earn

That’s just a snippet.

If all goes well you “might” even get rich from this. While I haven’t yet achieved that status, I do make a nice living from being an affiliate, but best of all is the kind of lifestyle you get to enjoy.

Let’s make another short list to illustrate:

  • True freedom is having money AND time at the same time, and that’s what you’ll have
  • You can literally work from anywhere
  • If you like to travel you can make money along the journey
  • Spend more time with family, friends, even your pets
  • You work from home to your own flexible schedule
  • Much of your income will be residual and passive
  • You’ll end up with many sources of income
  • And lots more…

With the internet, the freedom lifestyle is available to all of us. All you have to do is make the decision to go after it.

In order to make things a little easier, I’ve taken some time to create a make money online guide. You can have a read of it by clicking on the below banner.


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I touched on some of the many advantages to this kind of lifestyle in the pair of lists above, but my guide expands on this. In addition, it also includes a brief and simple explanation of how affiliate marketing all works.

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