Is Powerhouse Affiliate a Scam? My Honest Review



Is Powerhouse Affiliate a scam or legit training platform that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing? There has been a bit of online chatter about this one of late, so I wanted to take a look at it for myself to see what it’s really all about.

We’ll get right into the review very shortly, but firstly I wanted to say congrats for being here and reading this. It shows you’re smart enough to do your research before you pay up to join up with something. That’s wise.

Chances are small that you’ll ever get scammed or waste your time on something.

Now read on to discover the truth about Powerhouse Affiliate…



Is Powerhouse Affiliate a ScamCompany Name: Powerhouse Affiliate

Owner: Joey Babineau

Price To Join: Free To Start (then $47 Per Month)

My Rating: 7.5/10



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A Quick Intro…

There are loads of different ways to make money online, and affiliate marketing is one of the best. It’s what I do to earn a fulltime income, and it’s given me the kind of lifestyle freedom I’ve always wanted.

The internet has really given us all many options, and we can potentially make money at any time because of the global marketplace it presents. These options just weren’t available before, and it’s no wonder so many people are seeking out new opportunities online.

All the world’s scammers seem to lurk online as well these days. They’re opportunists and know how to tell people what they want to hear. They set up bogus schemes that sound awesome, but deliver little or nothing at all. We must always remain diligent.

I review so many make money systems and training platforms on my website because reading reviews is one of the most effective ways to find out what’s good and worth doing, and what should be avoided at all costs. My entire aim is to help people find legit ways to make an online income.

There has been a lot of talk about the Powerhouse Affiliate training platform, so it sounded like a good one to take a look at and to write a review on what I found out.

So let’s now see if Powerhouse Affiliate is worth your time, energy and money.


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What Is Powerhouse Affiliate About?

Powerhouse Affiliate is a training course that kicked off in early 2013, so it’s been around for a while now, which is always a positive sign that something is both legit and worthwhile.

It was created by an online entrepreneur named Joey Babineau, a guy with plenty of previous experience in affiliate marketing. In fact, more than a decade.

There are numerous ways you can make money as an affiliate. Some choose to focus on written content for their website, while others are more into social media or creating YouTube videos to get their message out. Or even a combination of everything.

There are also a number of ways to get traffic to your content, and the main focus of the Powerhouse Affiliate training is to get that traffic through paid advertising, or PPC. This is what Joey himself is good at, so he’s teaching people what he already knows, and knows works.

Even if you do this course and learn how to master paid traffic methods, you can still also strive to master the art of getting free traffic, and the training I did offers one of the best ways to learn how to get free search engine traffic.

According to many people out there who have been through the Powerhouse Affiliate training, it’s considered one of the best training courses when it comes to learning how to get traffic to your affiliate offers with paid advertising.


Is Powerhouse Affiliate a Scam


Powerhouse Affiliate Memberships

One thing I really like about the Powerhouse Affiliate system is there isn’t a bunch of upsells and different memberships. There are just 2 membership levels:

  1. Free
  2. Premium

Free Membership – Without paying a cent, you gain access to the Affiliate Marketing Certification course. We’ll get more into what this is about in the next section.

Premium Membership – This costs $47 per month to become and remain a Premium Member. Not only do you get to do the first course mentioned above, but 6 other courses as well. Powerhouse Affiliate also has a private Facebook group which you can be a part of. This is like the social forum of their system, where you can exchange ideas, offer and receive encouragement and so on.


Inside Powerhouse Affiliate

So there is a total of 7 courses in Powerhouse Affiliate, the first of which is totally free for anyone who wants to join and check it out.

Let’s see what’s inside each of the 7 courses.


Affiliate Marketing Certification

Basically this is an introduction to what affiliate marketing is all about, how it works and how you can make money with it.

This free course is designed to give you a rudimentary understanding of affiliate marketing basics, and to whet your appetite enough to want to upgrade to a Premium Membership and indulge in the other 6 courses so you can start making money.

Here’s a quick summary of what this free course covers:

  • How to select a niche
  • Finding products and joining affiliate networks
  • Domain names and website hosting
  • Building blogs, content and landing pages
  • Tracking your affiliate offers and landing pages
  • Tips on getting free Facebook traffic


Powerhouse Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

There is a total of 10 modules in the Bootcamp course, and it basically expands on what you are introduced to in the free course. It’s way more in-depth though, as well as including additional material.

Things like goal setting and finding useful business tools are included, as well as getting right into some traffic generation strategies.

Without traffic you won’t make any money, so this is vital.

There are no video lessons in Bootcamp. It’s entirely text based.


Affiliate Business Builder

Essentially the Affiliate Business Builder doesn’t offer much in the way of new information. Instead, it goes over what was taught in the first 2 courses but, instead of being text, this is the video versions of the lessons.


Powerhouse Affiliate Business Builder


CPA Display Academy

CPA represents “cost per action” and this course is all about making use of Facebook advertising and other forms of paid advertising.

Here you will learn how to use paid advertising to send prospects to landing pages they show you how to create effectively.

You can choose to either read through 10 text based lessons, or watch a two and a half hour webinar that explains it all.

So first you’ll learn how to create a landing page that’ll convert your visitors into buying customers. Then you’ll be shown how to set up a Facebook ad campaign to drive relevant traffic to that landing page.


CPA Cash Vault 3.0

There are 8 lessons in the CPA Cash Vault course, and what you’ll learn here is how to build an email list as well as a sales funnel.

You’ll need some third party tools here, such as autoresponder, as well as joining up with some affiliate networks, or products you want to promote that have an affiliate program.

Once again these lessons are all text based and no video.

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Website Traffic Certification

Once more we are greeted with 8 lessons in the Website Traffic Certification course.

This course, as you can probably guess, is all about getting traffic to your website and landing pages. Much of the focus is on paid traffic mediums such as Bing Ads, solo ads and so on.

Free traffic generation strategies are mentioned, but because getting free organic search engine traffic is a much slower and less certain process, they mainly focus on the paid strategies.

You are also introduced to an affiliate network called VaultMedia, which is owned by the creator of Powerhouse Affiliate. It’s recommended that you source products from VaultMedia to promote on your website and to your email list.


Powerhouse Affiliate Email List Building


5 Phase Email List Building

Here you will go more in-depth into building an email list, and to simplify the process, the course has been broken down into 5 phases.

Let’s see what they are:

  1. Phase 1 is all about choosing a niche (subject or interest)
  2. In the second step you’ll learn about enticing people to join by offering a lead magnet
  3. Phase 3 will take you through the process of setting up an autoresponder to automatically and periodically send out emails to your list on your behalf
  4. The fourth phase is all about getting traffic to your landing pages
  5. Phase 5 is about segmenting and organising your growing list


Become An Affiliate of Powerhouse Affiliate

If you want to be an affiliate for Powerhouse Affiliate and earn a recurring monthly income by referring others to the platform, you must first be a Premium Member, as the affiliate program is not open to free members.

You can actually earn 3 tiers deep with this program, which is a little unusual with affiliate offers, but can work out very lucrative if you can nail it down and get it humming along.

  1. Tier 1 – Pays a 50% monthly commission for as long as your referral remains a Premium Member
  2. Tier 2 – You’ll earn a 10% monthly commission on the members your direct referrals bring into the scheme
  3. Tier 3 – This tier earns you a 3% commission on everything your referral’s referrals make

There is a good chance of making some decent money with this affiliate program, and it’s actually one of the best aspects about Powerhouse Affiliate.

There are also bonuses you can earn, depending on how many people you refer in a month. Click here to learn more about their affiliate program.


Powerhouse Affiliate 3 Tier Affiliate Program


Target Market

This is good for anyone who is wanting to make some money online in their own time, whether it’s cash on the side or the hope of a fulltime income.

Keep in mind though, that with what’s taught in Powerhouse Affiliate, you’ll need a monthly advertising budget to drive paid traffic to your landing pages and website.

They don’t really focus much on the slower free traffic methods, but you can work on those as well.

Affiliate marketing is what I do to make a living online, so it’s worth getting into. Anyone can do it.


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What I Do Like

  • I really like the 3 tier affiliate program attached to Powerhouse Affiliate
  • There are no upsells, just a free membership and a paid membership
  • The owner has many years experience as an affiliate marketer
  • Paid traffic strategies can achieve much faster results that waiting on free traffic, which can also be uncertain
  • There is some really good affiliate marketing and email marketing training here
  • The membership price is very affordable and fair for what you get
  • Premium Membership also includes free web hosting
  • You can join free to check it all out


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Not much in the way of learning how to get free traffic is covered
  • You can’t successfully implement what’s taught here unless you have money to spend on advertising on a regular basis
  • You can’t be an affiliate of Powerhouse unless you’ve bought the Premium Membership
  • Most of the lessons are text based only
  • There is not a lot of focus on creating great content that converts
  • All recommended tools in the course are affiliate links


How Much Does Powerhouse Affiliate Cost To Join?

What I like about this, and it’s not very common, is you can first join for free, do the first course free, and basically check it all out first so you can decide whether it’s for you or not.

After that, if you decide to upgrade and go Premium, it’s just one simple $47 payment each month. There are no upsells and no nasty surprises thrown at you once you’re on the inside.

You will need to spend a bit more for some third party services, such as an email autoresponder. And you’ll also need a bankroll to spend on your paid advertising every month.


Is Powerhouse Affiliate a Scam or Legit?

There is definitely no scam going on here at all. Powerhouse Affiliate is totally legit and does offer some really good training and systems if you want to go the faster paid traffic route to get more immediate results.

Their affiliate program, being three tiers deep, is one of the best I’ve seen in this industry, so it might be worth getting involved just so you can be their affiliate. There would surely be some money to be made, and the monthly fee for Premium is decent.

If you have the cash for paid advertising and want to learn list building, I’d recommend a 2 pronged attack here.

  1. Join Powerhouse Affiliate to learn the paid strategies
  2. Join Wealthy Affiliate to learn the free traffic strategies

Once you’re armed with both, there will be no stopping you.


This Is How I Make An Awesome Living Online!

Lifestyle FreedomPowerhouse Affiliate definitely has its merits for sure, but if you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing without relying on paid traffic, but free search engine traffic, then do the training I did.

I manage to make more than a fulltime income online from my affiliate marketing gig, but very rarely do I pay for any traffic. I also don’t work fulltime hours on my online business.

Let’s look at a few advantages of being an affiliate:

  • Work from the comfort of home and be your own boss
  • No selling involved, just promote/recommend and earn commissions
  • No money needed to get started, just a computer and the internet
  • Have the potential to make as much money as you like
  • Work wherever and whenever you want to

That’s just to name a few.

Many people like to do affiliate marketing as a side gig for extra cash. Me, I prefer to have it as my main income earner because of all the lifestyle benefits it gives me along with the cash.

  • Live or travel wherever you like. You’re business is totally mobile
  • You can spend more time with the people in your life who matter most
  • You can live the laptop lifestyle if that’s the goal
  • Over time you’ll create more than one income source
  • Much of your money will be passive income
  • You’ll have money and time at the same time
  • Create your own work, life balance that suits you
  • And lots more…

If you want to make a change in your life and enjoy more freedom, then the time to make a change is today.

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