Is Second Income Center a Scam or Easy $1500 a Day?



Is Second Income Center a scam or not? The platform is advertised as a fantastic work from home opportunity, but is this for real? Is it legit? These are questions many have been asking, and in my Second Income Center review I answer these questions and more.

We’ll launch fully into this review is just a second, but first I wanted to congratulate you for being here in the first place. Many people just blindly join opportunities like this without looking into them first, but you’re smart enough to do your research.

While those that don’t might get scammed, it’s likely you never will.

Let’s now take a closer look at Second Income Center and see what it’s all about…



Is Second Income Center a ScamCompany Name: Second Income Center

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: $97 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ Second Income Center Reviews ~


I have no association with Second Income Center, so my review is totally impartial.

The reason schemes like this one even exist is because so many people are turning to the internet in the modern age to seek out new opportunities and options to make money. There are legit schemes and training everywhere online, but there are also scams as well.

I’ve actually been making a fulltime living from the internet for a number of years now. Anyone can, and we can even make money 24/7/365 because the internet is global.

We can all live the laptop lifestyle and have time and money freedom. I’m here to help you achieve that, or at least find some part-time options if that suits you better.

I mentioned that lots of scammers are online because so many people are looking to the internet. These people invent money making schemes that are too good to be true, but yet still manage to suck people into their nasty web. We always have to be alert so we can avoid the scams.

I believe one of the best ways to do just that is by reading reviews like this one. The whole reason I write so many product reviews is to help my readers dodge the bad stuff and find the good stuff online.

I actually received an email recently that mentioned Second Income Center, and I was also seeing it talked about on social media. It sounded like a good scheme to do some research on and write a review about.

Let’s now see if Second Income Center is the real deal or not.


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What Is Second Income Center About?

Okay, so let’s get right into it.

The Second Income Center sales pitch claims we can make between $500 and $1500 per day with their scheme, and we can do this in our own time from the comfort of our own homes.

That’s some big daily bucks they’re talking about. Be great if it was real.

With so many scams online, that kind of statement just screams scam to me!

What you’ll apparently get when you op in to this scheme is a cheat sheet and a video that’ll tell you how you can make the $500-$1500 a day online. You’ll be shown a preview image of two well known news readers, making it appear like their opportunity has been featured in a news story.

I’ve seen this ploy used many times before, and we’ll get more into that shortly.

Anyway, we are told we can pick and choose the hours we wish to work, that we don’t need any prior experience and that no tech skills are required.

Sounds like a dream job. To make that kind of daily money in the real world, we’d probably have to be a doctor or something, which takes many years of study and training. But with Second Income Center, we can earn a doctor’s salary with no skills or experience whatsoever.


I reviewed something that sounds very similar to this a few months ago. That scheme (scam) is called “Computer Oasis”, and possibly it’s the exact same thing here with a new name.

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Is Second Income Center a Scam


How Does Second Income Center Really Work?

The way this mob first got my attention was through a spam email. I wasn’t on their list. It was just random. This is one method they employ to lure people in. They also post a lot of fake job ads on social media and so on.

These types of make money schemes always seem to push the same array of emotional buttons, with things like making big money, and that it’ll be all quick and easy with no work or experience required.

Masters of telling people what they want to hear, these people are, and I’ve seen the same ploys used over and over again in researching and writing all the reviews I do.

For many people landing on the Second Income Center website, just hearing how they’ll be making an easy $500 to $1500 a day would be enough to hook them in. They’ll be excited enough that they’ll want to get their hands on that cash as soon as possible.

And all people are required to do initially is input their name and email address to get their hands on the cheat sheet and video that allegedly shows them how.

Once this happens, your email inbox will be bombarded with more and more spam trying to sell you all manner of stuff.

Anyway, after surrendering your email address you’ll be redirected to another website where you’ll get to watch the news video I mentioned earlier. After the generic news clip finishes, then the sales pitch really ramps up.

Loads of hype will be tossed your way, trying to convince you that you’ve hit the jackpot by finding this opportunity. It’s sold as an easy get rich quick scheme, hence the high daily dollar figures they promise.

Now let’s put those dollar figures into perspective. We’ll work on the $1500 a day.

If you earned that for a 30 day month, that comes to $45,000 per month. Now let’s multiply that by 365 days in a year and we get a massive total of $547,500.

I think most people would be very happy making that kind of yearly income from home with very little effort required.

It’s all BS though, just sales talk to hook people in.


The REAL Scam Here!

If you do end up on their order page and pay the $97 joining fee, you’ll become a part of a program called “Personal Computer”, which runs a dodgy and useless link posting scam.

What this platform claims is that you’ll get paid – usually $15 – for every affiliate link you spam all over the internet. Nobody has to take action on your link either. All you have to do is post it somewhere and apparently they’ll pay you $15 a shot.

There are a few glaring problems with this. Firstly, how do they even know when you’ve posted a link somewhere? And secondly, why would anybody be willing to pay someone $15 per link posted?

The answer to both questions is, they wouldn’t. And they don’t need to, because it’s all bogus and just a scam.

I’ve seen this same scam many times before, run under different website names and site owner names. It’s all one big con.

This is all just make believe, a way of luring people in, promising big money, just so they can steal your cash.

They won’t stop with the $97 joining fee either. Once someone is on the inside they’ll be bombarded with all manner of upsells, with the claim that you can’t make the promised money until you also buy products X, Y and Z.

That’s how these schemes work, and they only exist to squeeze as much cash out of you as they can.


Personal Computer Scam


There’s Even More To This One

The other exact same link posting scams I’ve come across in the past usually just offer the bogus link posting job, but the anonymous person hiding behind Second Income Center has added more into the mix.

This person is obviously also an affiliate of a whole host of other things, which they try to entice you to join through their cheat sheet.

The cheat sheet is merely a list of links to paid survey platforms and other offers to make money, some of which are also known scams.


Second Income Center Cheat Sheet


If anyone joins any of these through the cheat sheet, the owner of Second Income Center earns a referral commission.

Now there’s nothing wrong with an affiliate making referral commissions so long as it’s done honestly, but I just thought it was worth mentioning what the cheat sheet is all about.

By the way, even if you did join all the survey platforms and so on that they “recommend”, you’ll be flat out making $1500 in a whole year by doing those, let alone that much per day.

Copy how I’m making $1000s per day online and you can too!


Limited Spots Available? Really?


Everyone seems to use the fake scarcity ploy these days to get people to hurry up and take action. Even legit opportunities do it.

In the case of online scams like Second Income Center, the reason they adopt the fake scarcity tactics is they don’t want you spending time researching their scam, otherwise they’ll lose a sale.

They want you to land on their page, get excited about all the money that’s promised, then throw the limited positions line at you, so you’ll think you better act now or you’ll miss out.

They all try this. Just ignore it. It’s all BS.


Fake Testimonials

This is also another ridiculously common ploy, using fake testimonials to build trust so people feel confident enough to part with their money and join.

A real opportunity will have genuine testimonials to offer, but when it comes to scams, because there is no one who genuinely has anything good to say about them, they have to fabricate the testimonials and hire actors (usually from Fiverr) to make videos that sing the praises of the scheme.

That’s exactly what Second Income Center have done. In their sales pitch video there are a bunch of fake video testimonials that feature actors and not real members of the scheme. These actors are just reading from a script they’ve been given and paid to do a job.

There is also a prominent written testimonial supposedly written by a very satisfied customer called “Melissa Johnson”, only Melissa Johnson is just made up. If you check out the screenshots below, you’ll see her image has been lifted from a stock photo site.


Second Income Center Melissa Johnson

Second Income Center Fake Testimonial 1

Second Income Center Fake Testimonial 2


Second Income Center Has Never Been Featured In the News

Yet again, this fake ploy has been adopted by just about every scam out there.

Why do they do it?

Because if people think the opportunity has been featured in the news, then it must be legit.

Second Income Center was never featured on a news bulletin. That generic bit of news footage they show you in the sales pitch has been used by countless schemes over the past year or so.

The footage is real, and the two women are discussing work from home opportunities, but none of what they say has any direct correlation to Second Income Center. The place is never mentioned.

Again, ignore this “been featured on the news” garbage.


Target Audience

This is a scheme that will be of no benefit to anyone, not unless the goal is to continually lighten your wallet.

Scams like this are targeting the get rich quick mindset, and they obviously always suck some people into them; people who don’t do their research first.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like anything about Second Income Center


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • It’s just the same old link posting scam rehashed yet again
  • The testimonials are all fake
  • Melissa Johnson is fake
  • The “featured on the news” thing is fake
  • The limited positions available is fake
  • No one will be making $500-$1500 with this
  • Once you hand over your email you’ll be bombarded with spam trying to sell you other stuff
  • Some of the survey sites they refer you to with the cheat sheet are legit, but you’ll earn peanuts from those


Second Income Center News Video


How Much Does Second Income Center Cost To Join?

The initial asking price to join this scam is $97, but I can almost guarantee you that the spending won’t end there.

There will be upsells, and lots of them. You’ll be told that you have to purchase all these other products and services before you can make the money they promise. These scams all work that way.


Is Second Income Center a Scam Or Legit?

Yep, Second Income Center is a scam for sure. Don’t buy into one word of the BS they spin people. It’s all a con just to get as much money as they can out of you.

They don’t want to help anyone make money. They just want to take your money.

Give this a big miss.


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