Paid Social Media Jobs Is a Scam or Easy $700 a Week?



Paid Social media Jobs is a scam or not? What is this platform all about and can anyone really make decent money with it? These are questions that are being asked, so I decided to take a look at it myself to learn the truth about this online make money platform.

Let’s now review Paid Social Media Jobs and discover what this program is all about…



Paid Social Media Jobs Is a ScamCompany Name: Paid Social Media Jobs

Owner: Annie Jones

Price To Join: $27

My Rating: 6/10



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The modern world is ideal for anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur. The internet has opened up so many doors, and often you don’t even really need any cash to go after some money making opportunities.

Nowadays you can access a global audience from home 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Although the internet offers up so many good possibilities, it has a major downside when it comes to making money online. It’s home to many scammers, all looking for ways to take your money if you’re not wary. These people have mastered the art of simply telling people what they want to hear so we’ll fall for their hype and hand over our cash.

The whole idea behind my website is to help guide people on the right path to making money online while avoiding the scams in the process, plus anything else that’s simply a waste of valuable time. To help us all make good decisions, I write a lot of product reviews of training platforms and make money online (MMO) schemes.

As I said, unfortunately the internet is somewhat riddled with scammers, so we all have to be careful. Reviews help us make the right choices.

I kept seeing this Paid Social Media Jobs mentioned online, especially on Facebook, so it got me curious as to whether it was legit. And if it was, could you make any decent sort of money with it? I wrote my review based on what I found out.

I’m glad you’re here reading my review of this make money opportunity, as it shows you do some homework and digging before simply joining anything and hoping it’s legit. That’s wise.

Let’s now see if Paid Social Media Jobs is anything worthwhile or not.


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What Is Paid Social Media Jobs About?

With so many people looking online these days for ways to make money, or even to find a job, when something like Paid Social Media Jobs pops up, it’s going to catch their attention. People spend loads of time on social media anyway, so kind of sounds like a dream deal if you can make money doing what you already spend time doing.

When you visit their website you soon find out that Paid Social Media Jobs is here to help you become a “social media manager”. You get paid by businesses and companies to handle all their social media promotions, posting and so on. Other tasks might include something really simple such as liking posts, or more complex in the form of creating Facebook ads and monitoring the advertising campaigns.

Another claim the website makes is when they say you’ll likely be making $700 a week as a social media manager, and it can all be done in your spare time.

This isn’t employment, apparently, so let’s not get it all confused with actually being employed by any one company and earning wages. You’ll be working in a freelancer capacity, or contract work, getting paid either for your time, or a set amount to complete a series of predetermined tasks.

Some social media gigs might even be a one-off job, maybe not even paying very much. It all depends on what the clients want.

I do some freelancing from time to time myself, but not as a social media manager. I freelance as a content writer. It’s a similar kind of deal though.

This is not all about Facebook either. There are jobs for performing tasks on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and all sorts of stuff.

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Paid Social Media Jobs Is a Scam


How Paid Social Media Jobs Really Works

The Paid Social Media Jobs platform actually performs two functions:

  1. Training
  2. Jobs Marketplace

The idea of the training is to demonstrate the best ways to land these social media jobs, as well as be successful at completing the tasks when you do land a gig.

The Jobs Marketplace is where you can search for available jobs on the platform. Businesses who need some form of social media manager advertise on Paid Social Media Jobs, and people looking for paid work can apply to those job ads.

Now while this all sounds well and good, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Just like with freelancer sites such as Upwork, you are competing against everyone else who wants the gig. To apply for a gig you have to pitch the employer and impress them, making your pitch and resume stand head and shoulders above everyone else’s.

You also generally have to quote or bid on the job or task, once again competing with everyone else’s bids.

Another thing to make note of is you definitely need experience and be able to demonstrate proof of that experience.

Yes, we’ve all been on social media posting and sharing stuff, liking stuff on Facebook, or uploading videos to YouTube. There’s more to be a quality social media manager than what the majority of people do though.

The real key, and what will make you more valuable, is if you know how to promote or create content in a way that gets interaction, such as more likes and comments. This is the real skill people are after when chasing a social media manager.

Not just someone who can perform basic tasks online, although that’s a part of it as well.

Paid Social Media Jobs is essentially a content mill, and when you are in a position where you have to bid to get jobs, it generally ends up being a race to the bottom of the earnings ladder, rather than a rise to the top.

You end up getting paid less and less, even though you might be getting better and better at what you do.


Paid Social Media Jobs Is a Scam


Who Can Benefit From This?

To be honest these businesses are most likely looking for workers who are considered experts (or at least experienced) in a number of facets regarding social media marketing and management. I don’t think you can simply be a newbie and apply for this type of work and actually get a look in.

These companies need people who know how to get engagement on various social channels, because at the end of the day, one of the main reasons brands want a social media manager is to help the company improve its bottom line through social engagement and social traffic.

This doesn’t mean you need to be an expert on every social media platform there is. In fact, it’s probably more to your advantage if you are a specialist on just one or two platforms. You’ll be considered more of an authority and an expert if you specialise and know more than most.

As I mentioned earlier, some tasks might be really basic, like sending a few tweets on Twitter, or simply liking posts on Facebook. On the flipside a business might be looking for someone who knows a lot about Facebook ads and how to optimise advertising campaigns.

It really just depends on what the “employer” is looking for at the time.

Another point to note is that the simple social tasks will likely pay very little. It’ll be the more specialist jobs that will offer the most dollars.

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There Is Some Training As Well

I mentioned earlier that you get some training when you join this jobs platform, so we’ll have a quick glance at what’s inside the training modules.

This will help you better understand whether Paid Social Media Jobs is something for you or not.

There are 4 modules in all.


Module 1 – Understanding Social Media Manager

This is more of an introduction to the platform as well as explaining what a social media manager actually is and does.

Nothing too in-depth, but just an intro really.


Module 2 – Getting Started As a Social Media Manager

You will learn the importance of a social media manager and why so many businesses these days require the services of a good one.

In this second module more is discussed on the types of jobs you can expect to see on the Paid Social Media Jobs platform.

There are also tips on how to set up your own social media accounts so they look professional when you approach clients, and how to get started as a social media manager.


Module 3 – Getting Clients

This again covers the types of jobs, what kind of clients might need the services of a social media manager, how to get those clients and what you can expect to earn.

There is a lot of talk going on in this course, but not really much training that shows you “how” to do this stuff.


Module 4 – Advanced Training

At first this module basically just sums up the information from the first three modules.

You do get a little bit of training on Facebook marketing strategies in this last module, but nothing really in-depth.


Fake News

When you’re on the Paid Social Media Jobs Homepage, towards the bottom is a section titled “Social Media Management In the News”.

Here we are presented with a news bulletin video than runs for about three and a half minutes. The video talks up the social media management thing and how you can make really big dollars with it.

The problem is, the news report is totally fake. The supposed “news reader” is just an actor who hires his services out on the freelancer site, Fiverr.

This is not uncommon. Loads of sales videos and stuff out there have been put together by hiring Fiverr actors, but just because it’s common, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to lie and deceive people into thinking something is real.


Paid Social Media Jobs Fake News

Paid Social Media Jobs Fake News 2


Target Market

This seems to be targeted at beginners and people looking for simple ways to make some cash online. I really doubt that any inexperienced people are going to land decent paying work as social media managers though.

It’s targeting newbies, but I think it should be aimed at those who have prior knowledge of the ins and outs of what’s required, because the training that comes with this platform doesn’t really teach you much.


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What I Like

  • The social media management industry is growing daily
  • People need effective and experienced social media managers to build their brand
  • Paid Social Media Jobs has been around for quite a while now.
  • The platform does list quite a few paying gigs
  • You can make big dollars as a social media manager if you’re in demand
  • There is a 60 day money back guarantee


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • You actually have to pay a fee to join this platform and search for jobs
  • The training that comes with your membership doesn’t really teach you much
  • This is targeted at newbies, but brands aren’t going to pay inexperienced people decent money, or even consider hiring them at all
  • Any really simple tasks are only going to pay peanuts
  • Platforms like this one suck up a lot of your time in applying for jobs, bidding on jobs, searching through the jobs and so on
  • The “news report” on their website is fabricated, using a hired actor to fake the report
  • There also appears to be fake income proof on the website as well


Paid Social Media Jobs Calculator


How Much Does Paid Social Media Jobs Cost To Join?

At the time of writing this review, it costs $27. Apparently on occasion the price gets dropped to $17 I’ve heard.

The weird thing about paying to join this platform is that you don’t normally have to pay fees on sites where you’re looking for work.

Generally the fees are either covered by the advertiser, who pays the platform an advertising fee, or in the case of freelance work, you pay a small percentage to the platform from whatever you actually earn.

It appears that Paid Social Media Jobs is getting two bites at earning, by charging advertisers to advertise, and charging job seekers to join.

There is a little bit of basic training on offer, so you could argue that the cost is to cover that aspect.


Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam Or Legit?

Paid Social Media Jobs is legit, but the platform and the person who runs it use some deceptive tactics to lure people into paying to join.

The news report is fake and the income proof they show us is fabricated.

The platform is real though, and so are the jobs advertised on it. You need experience as a social media manager to land any gigs that are going to pay well. You’ll also need to be able to show some proof of that experience.

This is marketed at people looking for ways to make some extra cash online who don’t have any prior experience, but believe me, you’ll need it or you simply won’t land any paid work as a social media manager.


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