My 10K Model Reviews – Scam or Easy $3K Per Day?



Is My 10K Model a scam or not? That’s the question I’ve heard being asked, so I wanted to check into this myself and see what’s on offer. The claim is you can be making up to $3k a day with this scheme, but is that really true, or just a sales pitch to hook you in?

Let’s take a closer look and discover what My 10K Model is really all about…



My 10K Model ReviewsCompany Name: My 10K Model

Owner: Michael Mansell

Price To Join: $25 To Start

My Rating: 5/10



~ My 10K Model Reviews ~



I created this website to help people find legit and positive ways to make money online. These days there are so many possibilities because of the internet. We can make money from home at any time of the day or night.

You can even make money while you sleep. I do, and so do many millions of others all around the world.

Unfortunately, because so many people are looking to the internet to find ways to make money, it’s given birth to lots of online scammers, who create products that can allegedly bring in truck loads of easy money.

These people just want our money, not the other way around, so we all have to be wary.

Much of my Laptop Freedom Living website is devoted to reviews of make money schemes and any training programs that proclaim to teach people how to make money online. Reviews help us all make wise choices because we end up knowing what’s good, what’s just average, and what to avoid like the plague.

There was a lot of chatter on social media about the My 10K Model scheme, so I decided to research it and write a review on what I uncovered.

Because you’re here reading my review, chances are very slim that you’ll ever become the victim of an online scam. You do your homework first and that’s a wise move.

Let’s now see if My 10K Model is any good or something to steer clear of.


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What Is My 10K Model About?

The name of the system might be “My 10K Model”, but creator, Michael Mansell, says we can make anywhere from $1000 to $3000 per day when we get on board. All we need to get started is just $25.

Another claim Michael makes very early on is that his system operates completely on autopilot, giving us loads of very generous passive income to go out and play with.

This all sounds really enticing so far, but is this really how it all works?

In reality, the My 10K Model scheme and website is merely just a sales funnel for another platform. Michael is an affiliate of a money making scheme called “Easy 1 Up” that’s been running for some time now.

Every time Michael refers a new member to the Easy 1 Up scheme, he earns a commission.

Well, nothing wrong with that aspect.

I’ll give the guy one thing though. He’s not merely funnelling people through to Easy 1 UP. Michael has created some training that he includes for new members, as well as some handy tools so his recruits can make more money with the Easy 1 Up scheme.

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My 10K Model Reviews


What’s Included When You Join My 10K Model?

Before we go ahead and see what Easy 1 Up is all about, we’ll first quickly take a look at what Michael has on offer for My 10K Model recruits.

Like I said, he’s not merely just feeding people through to Easy 1 Up like some feeder sites do. He’s actually offering more value than that.

Here’s a snap shot:

  • You receive private mentoring from Michael himself
  • Receive Michael’s free traffic generation strategy
  • Send free traffic to your sales page with Traffic Rotator
  • You get a sales funnel, landing pages and sales tools
  • The YouTube marketing guide
  • The social media sales funnel system

What he’s doing here is ensuring that his recruits will stay the course once they join Easy 1 Up because they’ll be better equipped to make more money with it. This then leads to more commissions for Michael, so everybody wins.

You’re not actually paying to join My 10K Model. Michael makes money once people join the Easy 1 Up scheme, so technically the tools and training above, Michael is giving you for free.


How Easy 1 Up Works

Time to see how this Easy 1 Up platform works and if you can really make any money with it. No point joining Michael’s My 10K Model if Easy 1 Up totally sucks.

Easy 1 Up is kind of like an affiliate marketing scheme that sells high ticket (expensive) levels of membership:

  1. Easy 1 UpElevation
  2. Elevation Elite
  3. Vertex
  4. Vertex Elite
  5. Vertex Pro

This kind of works similar to some other (now defunct) high ticket systems like MOBE and Digital Altitude, only there are no products on offer, only membership levels.

It’s a “pay to play” type of system, where you first have to buy into a level before you can earn commissions by recruiting others into that level. If you refer someone who buys a level you haven’t bought, you’ll forfeit your commission.

These schemes have to enforce the rules this way, because it’s this enforcement of having to buy levels to earn on them that actually makes the scheme work and keep it running.

You do get some training and tools to teach you how to promote it to others. This is in addition to what Michael gives you with his My 10K Model.

The main reason they offer training and some tools is so the scheme looks like members are actually receiving some sort of product for their money. This is an attempt to try and deflect a potential illegal Ponzi scheme tag.


The Easy 1 Up Compensation Plan

When you make your very first sale on Easy 1 Up, you get to keep the commission. However, the commission from your second sale is passed up to your sponsor (the person who recruited you into the scheme).

That’s why it’s called Easy 1 Up.


Easy 1 Up Compensation


Once your 2nd commission has been passed up, you get to keep every other commission from that point onwards.

The same thing is repeated for all 5 membership levels, not just the very first level. So if you can recruit people on all levels, you’ll pass up a total of 5 commissions to your sponsor, but you get to keep everything else.

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It’s Not As “Easy” As It Sounds

The system itself sounds simple enough, but you have to remember that there are no actual products on offer here, and the tools and training they give you aren’t really much of anything.

Another thing to keep in mind is that after the first membership level, the price keeps increasing and it starts to get really expensive.

You have to be able to sell these expensive memberships over and over again if you hope to make some decent, consistent money from something like this.

Most people fail miserably when attempting to recruit for high ticket schemes like these. They look dodgy and most people don’t trust handing their money over to join them.

You also need loads of traffic to your website or landing pages to constantly draw in the new recruits. So you’ll need to find ways to get that traffic. You might get some for free, but chances are you’ll be paying out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars trying to recruit people.

It’s way, way harder than it sounds, hence the reason why Michael Mansell wants to add more free tools to help his recruits (and himself) succeed.


Is This An Illegal Ponzi Scheme Then?

I’d be inclined to call it an illegal Ponzi scheme, yes, because there aren’t any real products. Like I said, the tools and training are more there to look like there are products.

Ponzi schemes make all their money from recruitment. New members join, put their money into the pot and everyone gets paid. If members stop joining, the scheme folds and most people just lose their money.

I’d say Easy 1 Up relies solely on recruitment to stay afloat.

Chances are Easy 1 Up will end up getting shut down by the authorities at some point, so just keep that in mind.


Target Market

This is targeted at people looking for quick and easy ways to make money online. It’s sold that way, but the reality is altogether different.

Easy 1 Up is really targeting the get rich quick mentality.


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What I Like

  • Michael provides additional training and tools to help his recruits make more money in the Easy 1 Up system
  • Michael seems like an okay, genuine guy, and he is trying to offer value with My 10K Model
  • My 10K Model is actually free, so you get access to Michael’s training and tools complimentary


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Easy 1 Up is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme and is at risk of being shut down at some point
  • It’s way harder than it looks to recruit for high ticket schemes
  • You lose every second sale for each membership level
  • You have to buy a particular membership level yourself first before you can earn commissions on it
  • You might just end up losing money with this scheme
  • The structure of this scheme is not sustainable
  • You need to be a master recruiter to make good money with a high ticket Ponzi scheme
  • It would be extremely hard to make $3k a day with something like this, and the system won’t work on autopilot


How Much Does My 10K Model Cost To Join?

My 10K Model doesn’t actually cost anything to join, but the main program does.

Here’s a breakdown for the 5 levels of membership in Easy 1 Up:

  1. Elevation = $25
  2. Elevation Elite = $100
  3. Vertex = $250
  4. Vertex Elite = $500
  5. Vertex Pro = $1000

Remember, too, that you’ll likely be spending some dollars on paid advertising to get traffic.


Easy 1 Up Memberships


Is My 10K Model a Scam Or Legit?

I wouldn’t call My 10K Model a scam, even though it’s funnelling people through to a Ponzi scheme.

Ponzi schemes are scams, but the fact is you can actually make some money with them if all the stars align in your favour.

What Michael Mansell is offering with his My 10K Model platform is actually quite good considering he isn’t charging people, just hoping they’ll join Easy 1 Up under him. It’s just a shame he’s not doing all this to send people through to something more legit and sustainable.

Michael also doesn’t hide the fact that his site feeds people through to another scheme, so I like that.

At the end of the day though, Easy 1 Up is what it is, and will likely collapse or get shut down in the not too distant future.

It’s also way harder to sell these high ticket money making schemes than what it’s made out to be, too. Way harder.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on the MY 10K Model / Easy 1 Up platforms.


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