Smart Crowd Reviews – Smart Choice Or Waste Of Time?



Is Smart Crowd a scam or a legit platform to earn money online? While there are other Smart Crowd reviews out there, in mine I’ll be answering this very question and then some. We all want to make money online, but is Smart Crowd going to make that happen?

We’ll get right into the Smart Crowd review in just a second, but first I wanted to congratulate you for being here. What you’re doing right now – researching – is the very best way to avoid dodgy schemes as well as wasting your valuable time. You’re one of the smart ones.

Now read on to discover the truth about the Lionbridge Smart Crowd opportunity…



Smart Crowd ReviewsCompany Name: National Consumer Panel

Owner: Lionbridge

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 5/10



~ Smart Crowd Reviews ~


These days it seems like everybody is online looking for new options to make money. Some people are looking to make some extra dollars, while others are hoping to find something that’s more life changing.

One of the best things about the internet – apart from all the options – is it’s global. This means we can potentially make money 24/7/365.

I’ve been lucky enough to be doing just that for some years now. I get to enjoy the laptop lifestyle because all my income is derived from the internet. Now I want to help others do the same.

Nothing is impervious to negatives though, and probably the greatest downside to the net is the fact that so many scammers are online looking to take our money any way they can. We always have to be on the lookout and stay alert and smart.

In my experience, reading product reviews just like this one is the best way to avoid those scams and find all the good stuff that is out there. I write reviews on so many training platforms and make money schemes for this very reason. I’m here to help.

Smart Crowd caught my attention on social media very recently, so I decided I would do my research on it and write a review on what I uncovered about the platform.

Let’s now take a close look at Smart Crowd by Lionbridge.


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What Is Smart Crowd About?

The Smart Crowd platform has actually been around for a while now and it used to be called “Virtual Bee”. Parent company, Lionbridge, made the name change in favour of something that sounded a bit more updated.

Anyway, Lionbridge claim that their Smart Crowd platform is the world’s largest provider of online tasks that can be done from the comfort of home. Because it’s reach is so vast, it’s open to participants from right across the globe.


Smart Crowd Reviews


Based in the USA, Lionbridge has been supplying the world with work from home jobs for more than two decades. As I said, they are a global company that currently has more than 100,000 members signed up with the Smart Crowd platform.

The only real restriction is that you have to be 18 or over to participate.

Basically Smart crowd acts as a portal or middleman. Big companies across the globe need tasks done, and Smart Crowd provides a membership base that is looking for online jobs they can do in their spare time. The companies pay Smart Crowd for the completed work, and Smart Crowd pay the members that do the tasks successfully.

It’s very much a win-win situation for everybody.

Just a snap shot of some of the companies Smart Crowd has teamed up with includes:

  • Dell
  • Google
  • Adobe
  • Porsche
  • And many more…

You can make a little bit of money online from home performing the tasks on Smart Crowd, but it won’t amount to much.

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How Smart Crowd Really Works

You don’t need qualifications to join this platform, and joining up is free. I mentioned that it’s a worldwide opportunity, just so long as you’re at least 18 years old.

When you create an account and join, you’ll be put through some testing to evaluate your skill level regarding certain tasks. There are a variety of skills tests, such as reading comprehension, where you read some material, then answer a series of questions to demonstrate how well you understood it.

After completing the initial testing, you’ll then be put through placement evaluation. You’ll be scored on this. So long as your scores are above the minimum required level, you’ll be accepted onto the platform and be assigned tasks to complete for rewards.

These involve you being matched up with appropriate tasks based on your scores and skill level when they become available.

Not everything on Smart Crowd is about the English language, as there are tasks that require people fluent in Chinese, German, French and Spanish as well.

You’re not employed by Smart Crowd. You’re an independent operator, basically a freelancer. You can work when you like at any time you desire. It’s all about flexibility and being able to set your own schedule to suit your lifestyle.

All that’s really required of you is to complete the tasks that you take on and not just half do them. So long as you complete the tasks and produce quality output, you’ll keep receiving new gigs.

Earnings vary on the platform and there’s no hourly rate you work for or anything. One task might pay fairly well, while another not so great. The more quickly you can get through the tasks, the better your hourly rate will be.


Smart Crowd Sign Up Form


Smart Crowd Tasks

From all reports you generally only receive a few jobs per month when you first join, but this rate can increase as you successfully complete more and more gigs to their satisfaction.

Let’s quickly look at some of the more common tasks you’ll be given to do should you decide to join the Smart Crowd team.


Data Entry Tasks

This involves collecting data from places like call centres and online forms. At other times you’ll be required to be a “data miner”, which involves doing research online to find the required data needed. There is also data analysis,  adding metadata and classification of data.


Global Testing

This is generally broken up into three phases:

  • In-Country Testing – Perform tests on phones, tablets, networks and payment gateways within a specific country.
  • User Experience Testing – This involves testing products or services to determine the user experience is satisfactory before these products go live on the market.
  • Functional Testing – Determine if products perform as they should and don’t break.


Language Services

This is mostly focused on translation services, plus the editing of copy in different languages. Translated copy needs to sound natural when read by people in the intended country.

This is one of the Smart Crowd tasks where there is a high demand, so you really have a leg up on others if you happen to be bilingual in the languages I mentioned earlier.

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How Much Money Can You Make?

This is what being a member of Smart Crowd is all about. Getting paid for doing some online work.

But how much can you realistically expect to make by doing these online gigs for big companies?

In all honesty, in my opinion, this platform is likely more appealing to people looking for work who live in third world countries where wages are notoriously low. For these people, the amount you can earn on something like Smart Crowd sounds like a step up financially from what they’re used to getting.

The best you can probably hope for is somewhere in the vicinity of $10 an hour, but for the most part you won’t earn anywhere near that, according to the reports and reviews I’ve read.

For people in Western countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and so on, you’ll be working for way less than the minimum wage for the most part, hence why I say it’s more appealing to workers in poor paying third world countries.

With some of the tasks, you’d be better off joining a survey platform, as you would likely make more money for an easier task.

Smart Crowd pays you weekly, so long as your account has reached a minimum balance of $30.


Smart Crowd Map


Target Market

Anyone across the world can get involved, and I guess the platform is suited to people looking to make a little spare change in their downtime from home.

If you are hoping to at least make a decent part-time career with Smart Crowd, you may want to look elsewhere if you don’t live in a country that already pays low wages. For the most part it just doesn’t pay high enough to be worthwhile in the long term.


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What I Like

  • Smart Crowd offers a global opportunity
  • Good option for low incoming earning countries
  • Lionbridge has been going strong for more than 20 years
  • The work is not hard and the hours are totally flexible
  • If you are fluent in several of the languages they require, then you can make much better money, because languages is in demand on the platform


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • You don’t get many tasks to do
  • The pay rates for the tasks just aren’t worth the time most of the time
  • Some of the evaluations can be quite difficult to pass so you can get accepted
  • You are in competition to get gigs on the site just like you are on any freelancer site
  • You have to be over 18


How Much Does Smart Crowd Cost To Join?

It doesn’t cost you anything to join the Smart Crowd platform. It’s totally free for participants wanting flexible online work.


Is Smart Crowd a Scam Or Legit?

No, there’s absolutely no scam here at all. Smart Crowd is a legit platform operated by a legit company in Lionbridge.

Like doing paid surveys, it might be a good way to start earning your first dollars online, but if you want to make really decent money, then you’ll need to move on to something way better.

Overall it’s not too bad, but only recommended for some temporary, pocket money cash, or people in countries where wages are low.


This Is Better Than a Smart Crowd Job!

Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyYou can make a bit of spare change by joining Smart Crowd or something similar, but it’s not going to be anything all that useful, and certainly not life changing. If the goal is making some decent money online, part-time or fulltime, then I have a far better alternative for you.

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