30 Of the Best Ways To Make Money Online At Home



In this post we’ll be looking at 30 of the best ways to make money online at home.

If you really put some thought into it, there are loads of legitimate ways to make some cash from home on the internet in your spare time. Sure, there are lots of scams and other schemes that really don’t deliver results, but there are plenty of good options as well.

This post doesn’t offer an exhaustive list, but it gives you enough options to get started earning money online. I don’t cover these in great detail, as the goal is mostly to give you ideas of what you can do.

This list is in no particular order, but the first topic on the list is how I make a fulltime passive income online.


30 Of the Best Ways To Make Money Online At Home


#1 – Make Money Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the main things I do online to make an income from home. In fact, it makes me more than a fulltime income without me having to work at it fulltime. Much of that income is now passive income too, which is the best kind.

Being an affiliate is pretty basic in principle. There’s no buying and selling products. You simply promote or recommend the products from other companies and earn commissions if someone joins something or buys something.

You can do this on a shoestring budget, and no real money is required to get started.

Affiliate marketing has allowed me to live the true definition of the laptop lifestyle, and I wouldn’t have life any other way.

Great training showed me how to do it.


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#2 – Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is actually the world’s second biggest search engine next to Google, and as each day passes, video only continues to gain in popularity.

You can really post videos of just about anything on YouTube. The idea is to create videos that are popular and have the chance to go viral. Working out what kind of video will do that is the hard part, as you never really can pick it.

Apart from funnelling people from a YouTube videos through to your own website, product offer, business or whatever, you can also make money from people advertising on your YouTube channel, and if you get popular enough, you may even be approached for sponsored videos which can pay really well.



#3 – Write, Publish and Sell eBooks

This is something I’ve been doing online since 2010, and it’s an awesome source of passive income that continues to send money my way year after year.

Even if you’re not much of a writer, you can always outsource the work to writers on places like Upwork.

eBooks can be sold on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books (iTunes), Kobo, and loads of other online retailers. The great thing is, it’s all free to sell on these platforms. They just take a percentage of each sale.

Some writers are pulling in 6 figure a year incomes from being indie authors.


#4 – Become a Social Media Influencer

What’s a social media influencer?

Someone who either a large following on a particular social media channel or, more importantly, a very relevant and active following.

Instagram is one of the main social media platforms where being an influencer is a big deal. What happens when you become what’s consider to be an influencer, is brands and companies will contact you, wanting you to create sponsored posts promoting their product to your audience.

You can be very handsomely paid for some of these posts, depending on the brand and your social status. It’s similar to the way you might be approached on YouTube for sponsored videos.


#5 – Start An eCommerce Store

These are all the rage these days, and that’s why platforms that make setting up an online store super easy are so intensely popular. Shopify is one of the best known eCommerce platforms to help you achieve your goals, but there are other ways as well.

For example, you could build your own website and be in total control.

Of course, eCommerce involves having your own products to sell and ship out, so there is a bit to it and some expense required. Plus you’ll need to have a budget to spend on advertising to drive traffic to your store.

Still, a lot of people are making good money with eCommerce stores all around the world.




#6 – How About Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is very similar to running an eCommerce store, but with one major difference.

You don’t buy and stock any products.

What you do is team up with suppliers who allow drop shipping. People visit your website, buy a product and pay you for the product and the cost of shipping. You then send the order through to your supplier, along with the wholesale cost and the shipping amount.

Your supplier than handles the rest and ships the product to the customer with your branding on all the paperwork.

You put a mark up on every product you sell and simply pocket the profit each time you make a sale.


#7 – Sell Your Own Products Online

If you have created your very own physical or digital product, then there is potentially big money to be made selling it online.

This could be done via your own eCommerce store, or you could even join an affiliate platform and have affiliates sell the product for you. A good example is selling digital products on ClickBank.


#8 – Freelancing

I do a bit of this as well, offering my writing services online.

If you shop around there are all sorts of websites where you can offer your freelancing services, no matter what your area of expertise.

One of the most popular is Fiverr, and the great thing about sites like Fiverr is they are not just dedicated to writers or designers. Fiverr pretty much caters to all forms of freelancing.

You might be a writer, photographer, computer programmer, graphic designer, video producer or whatever, there are places for everyone to make money online with their talents.


Paid Fiverr Actor


#9 – Computer Programming

Programmers are always in demand worldwide. You could offer your services on the freelancer sites, as mentioned above, or you could aim to line up some clients direct through email outreach, or online advertising. Facebook Ads for example.

The world is only going to become more and more tech heavy, so the need for quality programmers is only going to increase, and so much of programming work can be done remotely from home.


#10 – Create Apps

If you have the ability you could code the app yourself. If not, you can outsource the work, and often it’s not that expensive.

A third option is there are platforms out there that make creating apps a breeze, places like Appsmoment and many others.

It is a highly competitive market out there for apps, and these days it can be hard coming up with a new idea. Another thing to think about is all the free apps available, but you can monetise a free popular app with advertising.

Apps are still worth thinking about.


#11 – Sell Stock Photos

There’s honestly not much money to be made with this avenue, and there is stacks of competition, but you can make some passive income from selling your high quality photos or artwork online on stock image sites.

The real downside in my experience – apart from the low pay – is it’s very tedious doing the upload, as you not only have to upload photos, but write descriptions and add dozens of keywords to each image, and this is before they go through the approval phase.

If they get rejected, and the possibility is moderately high that they might, you would have done all that work for nothing.

It’s still a half decent option though.


Stock Photos


#12 – Sell Your Original Music

I realise not everybody is out there writing, composing, recording and producing music, but if you are, there are a number of possibilities to make money from your talents and passion. It’s one of my income streams.

There is the obvious route of selling music on iTunes and Spotify and co, but have you considered trying to license your music for use in projects, such as films, games, advertising and other avenues?

There can be big money in music licensing and it’s worth looking into. Some sync licensing libraries can be hard to get into, but you can also try platforms like Songtradr, which is free to join and there’s no vetting process to get accepted.

While the majority of licenses might only fetch prices in the hundreds, occasionally you can snare deals in the thousands or tens of thousands. Plus, you retain all creative rights to your music.


Music Licensing


#13 – Trade Forex

This is a risky option because you’re putting your money on the line every time you trade and try to make a profit, but it can be lucrative if you really know what you are doing. It can also be a lot of fun.

You can trade the Forex currency market 24 hours a day between Monday and Friday, so if you’re a night owl, you can even trade in the wee hours of the morning if it suits you.

Check out this free in-depth training over at BabyPips. There is a bit to it, but if it interests you, it’s worth taking the time to learn to trade and practice live trading on a demo account, where you’re not yet risking real money.

Keep this in mind though: Trading without training and knowledge is simply gambling.


#14 – Do Paid Surveys

No one is going to be able to quit their day job by doing paid surveys, but most legit paid survey platforms pay in real cash, and surveys are super easy to do.

One of the good things about surveys is they are a great way for online money making newbies to get their feet wet, and see that making money online is entirely possible.

If you do start off with surveys, just do it for the short term, because they are time consuming and a really poor trade off overall.


#15 – Join Rewards/GPT Sites

These all pay about the same amount as paid surveys, so not much other than a bit of pocket money or some handy gift cards.

The good thing about rewards/get paid to sites is that all the tasks are really no brainer stuff. Anyone can do them, and lots of the sites are open to participants from all over the world.

Once again though, if you want to make some real money online, don’t spend too much of your valuable time hanging around on GPT platforms. They just don’t pay well enough, not by far.

Still, another good way to get your first taste of making cash online.


#16 – Try Transcription Work

This is something that I’ve seen growing in popularity quite a bit over the past few years.

Working online from home as a transcriptionist requires you to join a platform such as Go Transcript, where you will be given short pieces of audio to listen to and transcribe into text.

It’s not hard to do, but once again, you really don’t get paid much for your time, and you will need to invest in a few tools to help you; such as a headset and a foot pedal to start and stop audio files, keeping your hands free to type at all times.

It’s a popular option, and might be worth looking into.


#17 – Get Cashback for Online Shopping

Once again, this isn’t an option that’s not going to bring you in a part-time wage or anything. In fact, in many cases it’ll be a matter of getting rebates and discounts off your next online purchase.

Cashback apps seem to be all the rage nowadays, and there are lots of them out there. Paribus is a popular one, and they pay in real cash instantly. It works a little different to some other cashback apps, but definitely worth checking out.

For more options, just do a quick Google search and loads of apps will come up in the results.


Is Paribus a Scam


#18 – Invest In Cryptocurrencies

I don’t have any experience in this field and I don’t pretend to fully understand how it all works, but what I do know is that in recent times people have been making a killing with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies.

In my opinion this is kind of similar to Forex trading in a way, because it’s still a currency, and currencies can be very volatile and often influenced by current world events.


#19 – Risk Investing In a Revenue Sharing Scheme

I use the word “risk”, because these schemes can make you money, but they do come with risk because you have to invest money at various levels to make money. You also need to do a lot of recruiting.

There are stacks of these revenue sharing schemes going around the internet, and they are extremely popular in some Facebook groups.

In reality they work like Ponzi schemes, where all the money is coming from new investors to pay pervious members and the person running the scheme.

However, most schemes try to avoid the illegal Ponzi tag by offer some form of digital product. This at least makes it appear that investors are actually getting something for their money.

Just keep in mind that these schemes are risky, like I said, and even if it’s a good one, you won’t be making a profit anywhere near as quickly as the scheme will make out.

Getting people into these schemes is not easy, plus, if the scheme collapses through lack of recruitment or gets shut down, you’ll lose any money you have invested in it.


#20 – Product Testing

UserTesting is a very popular platform at the moment because it involves testing products and creating a video review that details your findings. People seem to love making videos today, and you can do it on your smartphone, so long as the quality is there.

Not all product testing and reviewing is done through the video medium though. Places like Pinecone Research and others still offer the age old format of sending you a physical product, where you write up a review or answer a questionnaire.

Often you’ll get paid for your time and get to keep the product too.


UserTesting Reviews


#21 – Proofreading

Proofreading is really another form of freelancing. To get some work as a proofreader, you’ll either need to demonstrate some previous experience, or have done some training.

Check out my review of Proofread Anywhere for some great training that shows you how. It also shows you how to get those clients and make some half decent money as a proofreader.


#22 – Become a Voiceover Actor

Probably not something everyone is going to want to do, but there are ways to make money doing voiceovers, particularly for audio books, which are really taking off these days.

Other options for doing voiceovers is to advertise your services on freelancer sites such as the one I mentioned earlier – Fiverr.


#23 – Sell On eBay/Amazon

eBay selling was the very first thing I ever did to make some money online. I started out just getting rid of stuff I didn’t want any more.

These days people have turned eBay and Amazon into fulltime businesses. You can even use the platforms for drop shipping or retail arbitrage.

FBA, or Fulfilled By Amazon, has become huge business right across the globe. This is where you supply Amazon with the products, which they then stock in their warehouses and ship out when you make sales from your product listings on their platform.

eBay is a little different, in that you have to send the products out yourself.

Both platforms, although competition is extremely high, still remain viable options to make some awesome money online.



#24 – Design and Sell T-Shirts

This is an ultra competitive market, but not that hard to get into, due to the fact that there are so many T-Shirt platforms that actually fulfil the orders on your behalf.

Two I’ve used are Teespring and Merch By Amazon. All you have to do is either use their online design tools to create your shirt designs, or design them yourself in Photoshop.

Another alternative is to hire a designer to bring your designs to life, then you simply upload them, add some details about the shirt and you’re off and selling T-Shirts online.

It’s not easy to get sales because there are so many people competing with you, but it’s fun and another possibility to make a little cash.


#25 – Crowdfund for a Cause or Project

Some crowdfunding sites, such as GoFundMe, are more for personal causes, like raising money for an operation and so on. Then there are other sites where you can entice people to contribute funds to bring your ideas and inventions to life.

Two great sites that cater to this crowdfunding market are Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

It’s not simply a matter of putting your project together and up online. You really have to work hard at getting interest in your fundraiser before you launch your campaign. Otherwise it’s likely just going to fall flat and get no funding.

You can make money with these campaigns, but like anything online, people first have to know about it and care about it, and that’s the hard part.


#26 – Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant or VA is someone who is hired to take care of everyday tasks for business owners and so on. Tasks might be things like fielding phone calls, replying to emails, handling social media accounts. That sort of stuff.

A lot of people prefer to outsource these tasks to a VA so they free up some valuable time to focus on more important matters.

Often VA work won’t pay very much, and the most common place people look to hire VAs is in the Philippines because it’s cheaper. Plus, most Filipinos speak English.

Still, even if you live in a Western country, there is the chance to make money on the side as a VA.


#27 – Online Gambling

Not really a money making avenue I heartily recommend, but some people do really well with things like online poker tournaments and the like.

You’ll need a bankroll to stand a chance of making a profit with this, and you’ll also need to put some form of self-disciplined risk management in place so you don’t just blow all your money in one sitting.

If you do this, you need to treat it like a business as much as possible and not simply gambling, otherwise you’re likely going to lose your money and your shirt.


#28 – Review Music for Cash

Just like testing and reviewing products for rewards, there is also the opportunity to review and offer your opinion on new music.

Now most of this music won’t be by artists or bands that you know. Many of these songwriters and musicians are upcoming indie artists who are looking to get more exposure for their music.

Websites like Slice the Pie offer music lovers the chance to make small amounts of cash listening to new music and offering their opinions. You never know, apart from making some pocket money, you just may discover some new artists you really enjoy.


Slicethepie Is a scam


#29 – Buy and Flip Domain Names

This approach to making money online can be very hit and miss, with missing out on making a sale or profit the likely result.

Having said that, some people do well buying up domain names and selling them at a higher price through platforms such as GoDaddy Auctions.

I had a go at it with a few domains, but didn’t have any success. However, if you take a look at some of the popular domain names at auction over there, some sell in the tens of thousands of dollars, and the owner might have only paid a couple of dollars for them to start with.


#30 – Sell An Online Course

This is becoming the go to way for online entrepreneurs to make money.

Seriously, you could create a course on just about anything that you think people might be interested in. Of course, you’ll need to have some expertise in the field yourself first, in order to be able to teach others.

Udemy is one popular choice as a platform to sell your online course. There is a lot of work involved putting one together, but the payoff can be quite lucrative if you can get enough eyeballs on it and it’s a popular subject.


The Takeaway

This post has only featured 30 ideas for making money online. Realistically there are countless more ways out there to earn some dollars online from home.

Some options only pay small change, while others have the potential to bring in a fulltime income and way beyond.

Like I said at the start, affiliate marketing is my main income earner. If you would like to learn how to get started, just click the banner below and read my free make money online guide.


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