Survey Savvy Reviews – Will You Make Cash or Peanuts?



Is Survey Savvy a scam or one of the legit paid survey platforms out there? This is a very common question, and while there are other Survey Savvy reviews out there, I’ll be answering this question and more in my detailed review of the platform.

We’ll get right on into it all very shortly, but I first wanted to say congratulations on being here reading my review. You surely are one of the smart ones. You do your research so you won’t get scammed or waste your valuable time on something that’s simply not worth it.

Now read on and discover the truth about Survey Savvy…



Survey Savvy ReviewsCompany Name: Survey Savvy

Owner: Luth Research

Price To Join: Free To Join

My Rating: 2.5/10



~ Survey Savvy Reviews ~


You don’t necessarily need any special skills or tools to make some money online. Multiple millions of people across the world do it in one form or another every single day. I make my fulltime living on the internet.

One of the great things about it is all the lifestyle freedom it gives you, plus the fact that you can access a global marketplace at any time, day or night.

A lot of people are simply looking for something online that can bring in a little extra income in their spare time, and paid surveys are a very common choice for that. But surveys are just one small option available in a veritable sea of opportunity.

Everything comes with a downside though, and while the internet is awesome for finding new opportunities, scammers also see it as an opportunity to make a financial killing at our expense. This is something we will always need to stay aware of.

One of the best ways to keep yourself educated on what’s hot and what’s not is by reading reviews just like this one. Because I want to help people find legit options online to make some money, I write loads of reviews of training schemes and make money programs.

I’ve done surveys in the past, so when I came across Survey Savvy, I decided to dig into it and write a review on it.

Let’s now see if Survey Savvy is worth your time or not.


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What Is Survey Savvy About?

Based in San Diego, California, Survey Savvy is one of the older online survey platforms, having kicked off back in 1999. It is owned by Luth Research, which has been operating since 1977.

While some paid survey platforms are only available in either one country or a select few specific countries, participants from almost 200 countries can take part in the Survey Savvy platform and make some money doing paid surveys.

So why do platforms like Survey Savvy exist anyway? What is the purpose of these surveys and who pays for them?

Businesses, companies, government departments and so on all need data and market research. Some of the reasons why they need this data are:

  • To improve their advertising and marketing spend
  • To provide better products and services
  • To learn more about their target market

And a myriad of other reasons.

Now instead of these companies going out and trying to find people to complete these surveys so they can gather this important research, they employ places like Survey Savvy, who already have a ready and willing membership base.

The companies, government departments and whatever pay Survey Savvy a fee, then they share a portion of that fee with the people who successfully complete a given survey.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The big problem with doing things like surveys is they pay very little for your time. If you are looking for something to do online in your own time that makes real cash, then just do what I’m doing. Click here to learn more.


How Survey Savvy Works

It’s totally free to join Survey Savvy, so the very first thing to do is register your account with them. This is all a very standard process, but one thing that’s very important is to be thorough with filling out your profile and answering all the profile questions.

Reason being is Survey Savvy will use this data to match you up with surveys that are relevant to your demographic and interests. The more thorough you are, the more surveys you are likely to receive, and the more money you will naturally make.

From this point on you’ll receive invites to participate in surveys when an appropriate survey becomes available.


Survey Savvy Reviews


How Much Money Can You Make?

This is what it’s all about at the end of the day. What does Survey Savvy pay and can you make much money on their platform?

How much money you’ll make really depends on the length of the survey, but it’s never going to be much. The shorter ones, which may only take a few minutes to complete, will generally pay out about 50 cents. Longer surveys can range from 20-30 minutes and pay about $2-$3 on average.

The amount varies though, as some companies are willing to pay either less or more per survey. I’ve heard that you might only make 25 cents in some cases, or potentially more than $3 for a longer survey.

The one good thing is that surveys are easy to do and you can take as much time on them as you like. Anyone can do them. They are basically all multiple choice answers.


And What About Getting Paid

Most survey sites will have some sort of payment threshold before you can claim a cash out. Usually that figure is either $10 or $20. The good news with Survey Savvy is you only need to reach just $1 to get paid out.

The bad news is they only pay by cheque, no matter where in the world you live, and all cheque payments are in US dollars.

I live in Australia, and the bank fees to cash a foreign cheque are $15 at my bank. So if I bother to go to the bank with my $1 cheque, I’ll lose $14 in the process.

Don’t think I’d be bothering with that.

Why they don’t have a PayPal option, I don’t know. Cheques are such an antiquated way of paying people in the modern world.

Apparently it can take up to 6 weeks to receive your cheque, which is a hell of a long time.

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The Survey Savvy Referral Program

Like many survey and rewards platforms, Survey Savvy has a referral program, where you can earn extra cash by referring new members to the platform.

It’s actually a 2 tier referral program, where you can earn money from your direct referrals, and a lesser amount on their direct referrals.

I honestly couldn’t find any information on how much you earn for referring people, so I can’t tell you anything on that score. I doubt whether it would be very much, but sometimes referring other people can work out to be more lucrative than doing the actual surveys.


What Is SavvyConnect?

SavvyConnect is a tracking tool that’s an optional extra way of making some money with Survey Savvy.

With the internet being so popular and massive in the modern world, companies don’t just want data on your buying preferences. They also want to know about your internet surfing habits, and that’s where SavvyConnect comes in.

What you get paid is $5 per month for having your every move on the internet tracked for a whole month.

No thanks. I’d give that one a miss. Imagine all the spam you’ll be getting, not to mention possible breaches of your privacy.

So not worth it for a lousy $5 a month.

Besides, despite Survey Savvy’s global reach and audience, you have to be a USA resident to qualify for the $5 a month with SavvyConnect.


SavvyConnect Banner


The Downside To Paid Surveys

The biggest downside to doing paid surveys, and usually the biggest complaint, is how little they pay for the amount of time you spend doing them. Maybe you might average making about $3 an hour or so if you could do them consistently, so it’s not a lot of bucks.

Probably the next biggest gripe would be the qualifying questions and constantly getting screened out. With most platforms, if you don’t pass the qualifying questions you make no money.

Another fairly regular occurrence is that surveys can bug out part of the way through and you can’t finish the survey. When this happens you’ve just wasted time on it, because you don’t get paid anything for an incomplete survey.

Unless you’re a member of a number of legit paid survey platforms, you just won’t get that many surveys to do from the one platform.


Target Market

Surveys are aimed at anyone who wants to make a few dollars here and there online in their spare time. It can be a good way for beginners to get their first taste of online income, but if you hope to make real money, then don’t do surveys for very long, as they really do waste valuable time that you can never get back.


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What I Like

  • Survey Savvy is open to participants in almost 200 countries
  • It is a legit survey platform that pays in money and not gift cards
  • The payment threshold is just $1
  • It’s free to join
  • There is a referral program
  • The company has been going since 1999
  • There are monthly sweepstakes draws for chances to win prizes


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • SavvyConnect is only available to USA residents
  • The only option to get paid is by cheque in US dollars, which is pretty useless for foreign participants
  • You can’t get paid by PayPal or have any gift card option
  • The surveys don’t pay very much for your time
  • There is no information on how much you make with their referral program, which is poor form
  • It can often be hard to get past the screening questions and qualify for a survey
  • The SavvyConnect app is a potential breach of privacy
  • It can take a long time for the rewards for a completed survey to be credited to your account
  • It can take up to 6 weeks to receive a cheque after requesting a cash out


Survey Savvy Survey Police


How Much Does Survey Savvy Cost To Join?

It’s completely free to join the Survey Savvy platform as a survey participant.

If you ever come across a survey site that does want to charge you a joining fee…RUN! It’s more than likely a scam.


Is Survey Savvy a Scam Or Legit?

Survey Savvy is a totally legit survey site that has been successfully running since 1999.

Does that mean I recommend it?

Actually, no I don’t.

There are several reasons. If you live outside the USA, you’re going to get paid by foreign cheque, which will attract heavy fees to cash, making it not worth it to do the surveys.

Secondly, the amount you get paid for completing surveys, even if you reside in the US, is pitiful at best.

It’s just a very poor way of spending your time online if you’re trying to make money and not just waste your precious time.

There are far better ways. Read below.


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