Survey Voices Reviews – $300 for Doing a Survey?



There are many Survey Voices reviews out there claiming that the paid survey company is some sort of scam and not running a legit operation. As I’ve done some surveys before, this piqued my interest and I wanted to check it out, just to see if it’s legit or not.

Just before we get right into it, I first want to say congrats for being here and reading my review. It shows to me that you’re one of the smarter ones. You research and do your homework before you hook up with something like this.

That’ll likely save you from ever getting scammed or wasting valuable time on anything.

Now read on to discover the truth about the Survey Voices platform…



Survey Voices ReviewsCompany Name: Survey Voices

Owner: Reward Zone USA, LLC.

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 1/10



~ Survey Voices Reviews ~



The main reason I write so many product reviews on this website is to help people make good decisions when looking for ways to make money. That’s why I made his site: To help people find legit money making deals and opportunities. Researching and writing reviews of make money programs and training schemes helps us filter out the bad from the good.

The internet never closes, and that’s why it’s such a perfect vehicle for making money. You can target a global audience in real time, any time of the night or day. Now we all have the opportunity to make money online from home.

But because of this, and the fact that so many people are searching for money making ideas online, all the scammers have come out to play. They target online entrepreneurs with their dazzling “too good to be true” schemes that promise the world and deliver nothing. We all have to remain aware of this.

That’s where product reviews like this one can really help.

Because I’ve had an interest in surveys in the past, when Survey Voices came to my attention I just had to do some research on it and write up a review on what I uncovered.

Let’s now see if this survey platform is any good or a waste of time.


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What Is Survey Voices About?

Doing surveys online is not hard. They really are a no brainer kind of thing to do and are generally just a series of multiple choice questions.

So why so paid survey platforms even exist?

Because companies need market research for all sorts of things, like product improvement, better advertising and marketing campaigns and a whole host of other reasons.

Now, rather than these businesses going out and trying to find enough relevant people to fill out these surveys, they take the easier way and hook up with survey platforms. These survey websites already have thousands of people ready to do surveys, and they’ve all been previously screened to for their demographic and interests.

It’s kind of a win-win situation for everyone concerned.

Now Survey Voices itself is not your typical paid survey platform. In fact, this site doesn’t offer any of their own surveys whatsoever.

All this company does is act in the role of the middleman and refers members to other real paid survey platforms.

Why does Survey Voices do this?

Because the platforms they send you to all have referral programs and the owner of Survey Voices gets commissions for every new person they send to these sites.

This company really stretches to truth to hook people in too, with statements like you’ll be able to make up to $300 for completing a survey.

Doesn’t just happen and never will. No surveys pay that kind of money. You’ll be doing well if you make as much as $3 for a survey let alone $300.

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How Does Survey Voices Really Work?

First they want you to create your free account with them. After that you’ll answer some questions so they know more about you and then you’re in.

Now that you’re inside and a member of Survey Voices, they’ll present to you with all the platforms they want to send you to.

Some will be legit survey sites such as Survey Junkie, but this site actually recommends you join some platforms (surveys or otherwise) that are known scams.

Just be careful as you look through the offers. If you’re not too sure about something, then it’s safer to just leave it alone and move on to the next one. Just remember, this site isn’t giving you a selection of the best offers out there. It’s giving you a selection of the platforms that pay the owner of Survey Voices the most money in commissions.

There’s a big difference in attitude when things are like that.

The other issue is that Survey Voices now has a bunch of information about you. They could spam you with all manner of offers, good or bad, and possibly even sell your information to other marketers.

You’ll even start getting pop up ads served on your mobile device. They say this in their fine print. You may not want the ads, but once you join and sign up, you’ll be getting these annoying pop up ads all the time.

This platform only exists to serve its own agenda, and that’s making money for the owner.


Survey Voices Reviews


How Much Money Will You Make?

Well, it won’t be much. You won’t earn anything at all on Survey Voices itself, because it’s just a feeder site, but if you join any legit survey sites, you’ll still be lucky if you’re making as much as $3 an hour for your time.

Some of the other deals this site tries to send you too could just end up costing you a bunch of money if it ends up being a make money scam.

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How Do You Get Paid?

This will all depend on the survey sites you sign up for, because they’ll be the ones paying you. If they pay cash, it’s usually through PayPal. Many of them pay out rewards in gift cards though.


Limited Positions

For just about every third party survey website or offer Survey Voices wants to recommend you to, they’ll have some urgent message attached to it saying something like “only 4 spots left” or some nonsense like that.

I know for a fact that no legit survey sites use any scarcity tactics, limiting positions. It’s all BS designed to get you to take action.

Just totally ignore crap like this.


What I Really Don’t Like About Paid Surveys

I’ve done surveys in the past, but I just don’t bother anymore. They’re a waste of my time really, compared to other things I do online, and this first point why I don’t really like surveys is the #1 reason why.

The rates they pay you for your precious time – time you can never get back – is really pitiful to be honest.

Paying peanuts is also the biggest complaint by far you’ll find online about surveys. It’s something everyone complains about.

Possibly the second most common complaint would be about the number of screening questions and getting screened out. We all understand these companies want the right people to fill out the surveys, but when you have to answer sometimes as many as 20 question just to try and qualify, that’s highly annoying, and really irritating if you get screened out after all that.

Hardly any survey sites pay you anything if you’re screened out of the main part of the survey. Toluna Surveys is the only one that comes to mind that pays you something, but their overall survey rates are terrible anyway.

This doesn’t happen that often, but every now and then the survey you’re working on just won’t load the next page and glitches out. You can’t finish it so you earn nothing for the time you’ve already put into it.

Surveys are wasted time as it is without spending time on them for zilch.

Yet another regular gripe is that surveys are too infrequent and it takes forever to earn enough points to reach a payout level, after which you still have to wait some weeks to get paid.


Target Market

If you’ve never made any money online before, then doing some paid surveys probably sounds appealing, and I think that’s the crowd these sites are mostly targeting.

Surveys can be a good way to get started making something online. You might only earn some coins, but at least they give you the confidence that making cash online is actually real and doable.

However, if you are planning to find a way to make decent money on the internet, don’t waste too much of your time on surveys, because they won’t even net you a reasonable casual income, let alone anything significant.


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What I Do Like

  • About the only positive I can come up with for this one is that maybe the platform saves you a bit of time by already finding some survey sites for you


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There are no actual surveys to do on Survey Voices
  • Some of the platforms they try to send you to are known make money scams
  • This is nothing but a feeder site run by an affiliate who earns referral fees for every new member they send to the sites they recommend
  • You’ll get annoying pop up ads on a mobile device once you join
  • Likely your information will be passed onto other marketers
  • You don’t need Survey Voices if you want to do paid surveys
  • Even when you do legit surveys, they only pay peanuts anyway


How Much Does It Cost To Join Survey Voices?

It doesn’t cost you anything to join Survey Voices, and it won’t cost you anything to join any legit survey sites they refer you to.

But keep in mind that this website also tries to push unsuspecting members into scams, so be very careful. If you happen to inadvertently join a scam, it’s going to end up costing you money, rather than you making any money.

Which I assume is your goal here; to make money.


Is Survey Voices a Scam or Legit?

I can’t really say Survey Voices is a scam, because they’re not technically scamming anyone or ripping them off. But the site is really one big waste of time pretty much. Plus, they try to ship you off to some scam websites just so they can make a commission.

Seriously, if you want to do legit paid surveys, just spend a few moments doing a Google search and you’ll soon come up with more options than you’ll ever need.

Give this one a miss.


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